Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Lydia demands the Truth, so Jessie lies and she believes him

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:30pm HOH Jessie and Lydia. Lydia confronts JEssie about the conversation she had with Natalie. SHe accuses him of telling Natalie everything and telling her nothing. Jessie remind her that soon everyone is going to be turning on each other so its not going to be a party in here. Lydia says in a matter of 10 Fucking hours JEsse fucked her big time. Jessie doesn?t think so and asks her how did he do this. Lydia says JEssie betrayed her which she considers worse than lying. Jessie demands she tells him what she’s talking about. Lydia says last night you told Natalie everything?s about our conversation. Jessie denies it. Lydia proves that he did, she says Natalie confronted her in the storage room and told her everything Lydia told JEssie last night. How else would Natalie know that unless you told her and now she is going to go on a huge rampage and trying to start a shit storm. Now she wants a house meeting to oust the “LIAR” . Why did you do that? Jessie still denies that he said anything, he claims taht its common knowledge that Lydia and Natalie don’t like each other. Jessie tells Lydia Kevin is starting stuff and trying to blame it on Lydia. Lydia says she gets the crap because of what kevin says. Jessie says just like he gets with Natalie. Jessie says everyone thinks Lydia is the schemer not Kevin when it really is KEvin doing it all. Lydia says there is going to be a new division in the house and its going to be caused by Natalie calling everyone out. Jessie disagrees saying Natalie already knows your not on her side. Lydia demands that JEsse admit he told Natalie everything but he won’t.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Lydia: “can you just admit that? can you?”

Jesiie: “no because I didn’t say anything”

Lydia: “not one thing?”

JEssie “who are you closest to ?”

Lydia: “Answer my question!”

Jessie: “never mind i know who it is, Kevin”

Lydia: “can you answer? ANSWER ME!”

JEssie: “am i right is it KEvin”

Lydia: “can you answer? ANSWER ME!”

Jessie raised his voice and says “NO!, how many more times do you want me to answer” Jessie tells Lydia in HOH that he is the one that sticks up for her when everyone else wants her out. Jessie says how did you and Kevin get to not on the radar to being primary targets? Lydia says it was all KEvin. Jessie saying Lydia could get in trouble for Kevin’s actions just like she told him he would for Natalie’s actions. Jessie says that he thinks Kevin will be the next person to leave the house. Lydia says its good to know I am going up. Jessie says NO. Jessie says if he goes up against Ronnie he is good, but against Russel or Natalie he is fucked.Jessie tells Kydia that Natalie is really hating the fact that we hang out and that is causing her to act this way. Lydia says she doesn’t care when he hangs out with Natale but then again she isn’t the one who has a boyfriend at home. JEssie changes the subject and starts bashing Kevin saying he’s been throwing Lydia under the bus every chance he gets.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:00pm Backyard Natalie, Chima, Michelle and Jordan. General chit chat. They are talking about guys and mention that Jordan and JEff have hooked up. Jordan says they haven’t “HOOKED UP” yet. Natalie tells her if Jordan and Jeff want Jessie will let them stay in HOH for room in private for a bit…. They all giggle, (man i’m getting sick of Natalie and Jessie).. They asks Chima bout Russell and she says he’s sweet but leaves it at that. Chima comments on how much harder the game is once you in playing. They agree that watching it from TV makes it look easy but it’s really hard. They start bringing up Ronnie and how much of a freak he is about this game. Chima questions if he has every talked non game before. JOrdan adds that he talks game 24/7. Natalie says she just talks to him becuase she feels sorry for him. Jordan brings up how much it sucks to be up on the block every week. Natalie tells Jordan she is safe this week and she won’t put Jordan up next week (first Natalie needs to win HOH)


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Big D

Woah! Flash back , I think it’s 1990 all over again. Who the he’ll still wears overalls, like there cool. Oh snap wait a minute, she got the one buckle hanging off, she’s gangster. Omfg. Oh I’m talking about that disgrace of a human, natiele , during the POV tonite on tv. Could she hurry up and die already!


get everyone out in the open,let everyone know what has been said, and what has been told to you. the rat will just walk around claiming they haven’t heard it, or said anything. pull them off their square before they get the chance to pull you down!!


I am so sick and tired of Jessie and his motley crew. Please get these people out of the house. I hope the big announcement Thursday is that they are bringing someone back. Something has to change.

Mr. E

Natalie’s a rat. Michelle’s a rat. Lydia’s a rat. Ronnie’s a rat. Now even Jessie’s turned from smug douche to full on rat. Truth doesn’t matter. All it is now is what you feel in your gut and who you think needs you.


it says a big trist on thursday!!! omg i hope it involves jessie going home!!!!!!!please cbs hear our cries we are tired of jessie!!!!!
noone should have 2 chances at a once in a lifetime chance and now he is powering it all because of how the cards fell please please please let him get the shaft do anything to see that happen plus he will go home again on week 4 like last season “im praying”
one can only hope”


You said it. Go Home Jessie. CBS should let America vote him out AGAIN!!!!

Mike Boogie rules



TOTALLY SUCKS!!!! Wouldn’t it be great if Nat and Jess could both go home the same night. Maybe Michelle from BB10 could be waiting for them when they leave!


that would be a manly 3 sum lol

Randy Wolfgang

I think the annoucement will be no more cliques.

Evel Russ

I think so too. In which case, hopefully Jeff or Jordan win HOH.


I’m torn. I want to see Jessie go home week 4 again because I never could stand him and I know that’s his biggest fear. But really he’s just playing the game and I can’t fault him for that. The one that really needs to be knocked down a few pegs is Natalie. Calling herself “Co-HOH” and talking about Jessie’s decisions like they’re from the both of them…then talking like it’s already been decided that she’s going to be HOH next week. Hopefully Jeff or Jordan wins HOH and puts up Nat and Jessie. Worst case scenario, one of them wins POV. Then they put up Russell or Chima or someone that no one really has a beef with, and either Nat or Jessie goes home. I’d be happier to see Jessie gone because I think Natalie will be powerless without him.


I hope Casey gets to stay and Lydia and Kevin come over to their side and vote out Pitbull Natalie, Jesse the dick and Ronnie the rat. I’m am SO sick of those three. Jesse tries using big words and has NO idea what they mean and is using them incorrectly


I hope Nat and Jessy get put up and doubled evicted, maybe then the show will be watchable.


Jeff was right why does Jessy get a another shot at 500K. Its not right.


we should all go to and petion they do something to get rid of jessie or they loose ratings lol i have seen more people mad about him coming back then mad about anything on bb in 11 seasons CBS needs to know this was messed up !!




It’s obvious that a lot of people on this site don’t like Jesse and that’s fine. My problem is everyone saying he doesn’t deserve another a chance at 500,000. Why? because you don’t like him that’s not a legit reason. There have been many players over the years of big brother who have gotten second chances to win the money. Look at bb all stars everyone on that season got a second chance. And its not like CBS just randomly stuck him back in the house his clique had to win an endurance competition. Jessica, Brian and cowboy had equal opportunity to be on the show their cliques didn’t hold on long enough. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t make it unfair that they have a second chance to win the game.

The Original Jim

Except Jessie’s by no means an all star. People hated him last year too. America voted his ass out in week 4 because he’s a enormous, narcissistic douchebag. And let’s be realistic, Brian, Jessica and Cowboy did not have an equal chance to get back on. BB skewed it so Jessie had the best chance of getting back on by making it an endurance competition, which the athletes would be most likely to win. If the first HOH competition was more of a game of chance it would have been fair. Also, they should have given whoever won that competition HOH and let Jesse in the house, not let him in and give him HOH without doing anything.


i think most of you hate this season because the people u want to win are not winning


I agree with Jim, its bullshit saying the others had a fair chance to get in.


This is by far the worse BB I’ve seen and I’ve never miss the show, so do something soon or I will stop watching, the only one in the house I even like is Jeff, Casey is getting a bum deal and Jessie is an ass, he thinks he king of the show, hes not, the women are terrible all of them, no guts no glory all of these women, so I’ll give it another week and if nothing happens I’m done, believe me I’ll miss it but I cannot support this boring show any longer. A True BB Fan


i agree this is the worst season ..the twist so far have done nothing but benifit jessie im starting to think things are rigged and i use to pride BB on being a real reality show thats why i loved it but i agree if things dont change im done with it too


Why is everybody turning against each other.. its too much to handle.. i would be suprised if jeff or jordan turned against each other


nah jeff and jordan are different kind of people.i realy like them.


I refuse to watch anymore if Jessie doesn’t get evicted soon. This season is incredibly boring as it is, but to listen to that arrogant jerk for ANOTHER season is far too much for me to handle….

Randy Wolfgang

If Jeff goes, then there is not one person I would root for to win – a bunch of spiteful, vain and stupid backstabbers – like watching a traffic accident.

Jeff&Jordan 2 the end

I agree that this is one of the worst big brother seasons ever. The only ppl I like is Jeff and Jordan…. and Casey, but he will be out the door tomorrow. Casey’s whole deal is really upsetting – he got screwed and it sucks. I felt bad watching the episode, knowing that he won the house a margarita party, trying to be nice guy, and then they go and backstab him. I don’t think that winning a margarita party should keep you safe, its just that you could see how he really wanted the ppl in the house to be happy so it sucks that they back stabbed him. I want jessie out of this house SO BAD! I can not wait for jessie to be gone, and I hope and pray that it is week 4, just like last year, so he can sit at home and know that he is the loser that lost in week 4 twice in a row! I am hoping that Jeff, Jordan (not likely) or Kevin (also not likely) win the HOH this week!


its the beginning things are boring now ..because the game isnt really set up yet. When people start going to sequester is when it gets interesting. each week should get better as players get knocked off and alliances change . But , all of them are stupid if they sit there and let jessie direct traffic .

but the next hoh needs to draw the sword and swing at jessie’s neck…then all the lil followers will scurry to find new alliances.
Nat is the one i like to see go, shes a coat tail rider and half truth teller.