Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Is Sheila going to be on BB11?! Pro’s vs. Rookies season?!

big-brother-sheilaRecently posted on Big Brother Sheila’s MySpace blog was the following plea for help; Sheila is looking for some one that can take care of her Dog “kitty” for 3 MONTHS while she is “away traveling”.? Could CBS be planning a Pro’s vs. Rookies season, it seems extremely coincidental? that big brother starts in less than 2 weeks and lasts for 3 months and she is going to be away “traveling” for the same period of time.? May be just a coincidence or may be a clue to this seasons twist!?? Is she some how going to be involved in the show? I for one, truly hope not, I don’t know about you but I found her to be pretty annoying. But as CBS says “Expect the Unexpected!!”? What do you think?!? Honestly I think its just a coincidence and nothing more….

Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Ok, Mick has a great place near his school!!! But, Kitty needs a good home!! She’s a great dog! But, she can not be with other dog’s!! I will be traveling for 3 months and don’t have a place for her!! Please, Help!!! I have 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?Love Sheila & Mick & Kitty ?ID A0767515 ?1(888) 452-7381 ? ?West Valley Chatsworth Ca. 91311

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Sheila specifically said before that she would NOT go on big brother again !