Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Is a second house being built on the CBS lot?

Rumors are spreading around the internets about a second house being set up for filming of Big Brother 11. Could this possiblly mean that the jury house is going to be filmed this year?

I met this one guy and I told him I worked as an intern for CBS. He did not believe me, but his friend walked by as I was leaving and sarcastically said “who’s idea was it to build a second %#@^ing house this year?”. I said “WAIT A SECOND HOUSE!?” and the guy goes “Yeah. An exact freaking replica”.

Interested, I walked around the lot and asked everyone I could about the new season. I talked with a woman who claimed to be close to the show. She explained that this year, there are apparently two houses with 12 people in each. They both think they’re in the original (and only) house. The idea is that it’s a battle of the houses. Each week, one person from each house is evicted. And at the end, America decides which of the two winners (one winner in each house) gets to keep the money. Posted by doctorwibbles on jokers


The rumor about a second house seems to cycle through the BB rumorsphere every year or so. Big Brother 11 is filmed at CBS Studio Center located in the Studio City district of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. 4024 Radford Avenue and takes up a triangular piece of land, with the Los Angeles River bisecting the site. The lot, which is not open to the public for tours, has 18 sound stages from 7,000 to 25,000 square feet (2,300 m^2); 220,000 square feet (20,000 m^2) of office space; and 223 dressing rooms. Theres obviously enough room for two instances of Big Brother being Filmed. Looking at aerial shots you can see the Big Brother backward and the “Big Brother House” which isn’t really a “house” just a filming stage. So I really doubt given the economic climate ( and the fact that CBS is Bleeding money at the moment) that CBS will be building another outside compound to fit on to one of the adjacent film stages, but you never know “expect the unexpected”… LOL This is most likely just another crazy Big Brother Rumor.
Live feeds of Big Brother 2009 jury house? another rumor that could have some truth if they are really setting up another house. Some years the Jury house is probably more exciting than the real Big Brother House.

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Tony A.

Are the houseguest put in seclusion before the show? If not, they now know about the 2nd house.


That would be way too hard to keep track of, lol. And the logistics with the feeds… Ugh. Well, I like the idea of a second secret house but I’d much rather have the jury there being filmed for the live feeds than a whole second set of House Guests.

How about… There are 12 in the original house, and 8 people are put in a separate house. Those in the second house have to undergo some set of challenges or votes to dwindle the number to two, that will be put in the main house?

Or is that a little to “Big Brother UK”?

Mark Norman

I will be in LA on Thursday the 30th and would love to be in the audiance. I watch the show and watch the live feeds. I think the show is the best reality TV show on. I only need one ticket. Please call me any time. My cel # is 561-762-3226 and is always on.

Many Thanks;

Mark Norman