Big Brother 11 SPOILERS: Inside dish with Ross Mathews, BBHoH twitter, & first impressions video! *Updated*

big brother hohSo it appears as though even the Big Brother HoH winners will be announced on Twitter.?? Not sure yet if CBS has opened up a twitter account for the HoH to send tweets out or just to announce the winners so we’ll have to check back in July 9th.? Here is a link to the account, Don’t forget to follow our Big Brother Twitter Account too.

Here are two videos, the first one is Host Ross Mathews is welcomed into the Big Brother family with an official photo shoot on the steps of this year’s Big Brother House, and the second video is made by youtubes hellataz, its their first BB11 Video based on their first impressions of the new house guests using music.

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Here are two videos, one of KGMB9’s Grace Lee and Steven Uyehara talking to host Julie Chen live via satellite, and the other with “Great Day Saint Louis” KMOV TV.

Below is the first live feed screen capture of the Big Brother 11 live feeds.? Right after the season premiere on Thursday July 9th at 8pm EST the Big Brother 11 live feed streaming video. of the

Big Brother 11 live feeds

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