Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Getting to know the Houseguests, STALKER EDITION

Big Brother Spoilers
A quick hunt through the internets has revealed some more information about a couple houseguests this year. Braden Bacha is the actor/model casting, looks like he’s done a lot of gay drama. I’ll bet a bottle of beer he is the “Populars”. Chima Cimone is a reporter for and most likely in the POpulars group and Ronnie Talbot is Brainiacs foo sure. This leaves Laura Crosby the 21 year old model….. “Populars”
Big Brother Spoilers

Braden Bacha, A poet, model actor whose got “intelligence, looks, charm and overall desirability” has decided to slum it up in the Big Brother 11 house. Heres some info we were able to track down about him. Here is a expert from , His myspace page and his freewebs page.


Braden Bacha, born September 13, 1981 in Dana Point, California, is an American model, actor, surfer, and poet. Photo courtesy of Braden Bacha Online Poetry is one of Bacha’s passions. American Poet Elite has published and honored him for his writings. He has also contributed to articles in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Surfer Magazine, and is currently working on two books of poetry called “Moods for Life” and “Unrealistic Relativity.”


Big Brother Spoilers
Chima Simone, Reporter for

Edgy, passionate, and always ready with a witty retort, Chima Simone brings an urban, fun, Having traveled the world, Chima Simone has been fortunate to experience a myriad of cultures and lifestyles, but she finally settled down at the University of Texas long enough to attain her Bachelor?s degree in Communications.


Big Brother Spoilers
Ronnie Talbot…. trying to get onto the show Solitary

The show’s theme is based on solitary confinement; accordingly, the contestants are placed in isolated pods, with only an artificial intelligence named Val to communicate with. In reality, Val’s voice is a computer-modified human voice. In season 1, Val was likely voiced by a male, whose voice was altered. In Season 2, Val is voiced by a female, with little computer modification. However, some “corruption” can be heard in the voice pattern where Val speaks a word or two in a similar voice to Season 1. In the recent rebroadcast of the Season 1 episodes, the producers have replaced the computer-sounding voice with the more feminine voice that was used in Season 2.

Big Brother Spoilers
Laura Crosby, west coast model with some nice photos and heres some bikini shots. Laura Crosby myspace page

  • Eyes blue
  • Height 5’6″ / 1.68 m
  • Weight 119 lbs / 53.98 kg
  • Measurements 34D – 22 – 35

I’m Laura.
I am 20 years old, and a softmore at West Central College. I am some what new to modeling.I consider myself a very outgoing person with leadership skills. I have been chosen many different times to be the lead hostess at tradeshows and events. I am reliable, punctual and the type of person that would go the extra mile for companies that I represent. For the past 4 years I have been volunteering at a local recreational park coaching a youth cheerleading squad.

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Big Brother Spoilers

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