Big Brother 11 Official CBS Website is up… 12 Houseguests

Heres the link Look like theres going to be 12 houseguests!

Some more feature on the CBS site

  1. New Big Brother 11 Fantasy League
  2. photo album like ?The Girls of Big Brother? and photo Gallery ?BB Through Their Eyes?
  3. Best of BB 10 videos
  4. Big Brother 11 Forum
  5. Mobile Alerts
  6. Games


Big Brother 11 Rumors Exposed, interview with Robyn Kass

In a recent interview with Robyn Kass she sets to rest some rumors

  1. Not a short a season maybe a couple days but not a big deal, “no rhyme or reason to how it was schedule”
  2. Stop reading into the promo videos because the marketing people don’t have a clue about whats going to happen in the show
  3. Apparently great people being casted this year “A lot of Pro players in the casting process”
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