Big Brother 11 Cast has arrived

Big Brother 11

Big Brother 11 Cast has been released looks like a interesting bunch, still don’t know how the 13th houseguest is… maybe Sheila! The final houseguest will be revealed July 7th





Born and raised in Dana Point, Calif., Braden spends his time surfing and has experience working as an international model and an actor. This bachelor lists his favorite activities as sleeping and talking to girls. He is a cocky surfer who, ironically, is afraid of drowning. He constantly boasts about his self-perceived intelligence, looks, charm and overall desirability.

Braden calls himself a fashion icon and thinks anything creative is totally rad; he even designs his own jewelry. But he hopes that he is not placed in the house with “fashionistas who think they are too cool for school.” Braden has a very laid-back, California vibe and is concerned that the stress levels in the house will mess up his mellow personality. His fellow Houseguests may be thrown off by Braden?s vocabulary as he tends to make up his own words.

Aside from winning the cash prize, Braden hopes to have new experiences and gain the virtue of patience. He plans to win BIG BROTHER by being two-faced.

Braden?s favorite color is blue (because, according to him, it compliments his eyes) and his favorite food is sushi. His birth date is September 13, 1980.



Fifth grade teacher by day and DJ by night, Casey will rap for anyone on request. Funny, outgoing and intelligent, this teacher is most proud of having a career where he has taught at schools located in low-income areas for more than 15 years. He takes great joy in knowing that he has the opportunity to work with good kids who are not growing up in ideal situations.

Casey calls his wife “terrific” if for no other reason than she puts up with him. An understanding woman, she will miss him during his stay in the house, but she realizes that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Casey. He feels the most difficult part about being in the house will be being away from his family, and he is worried about the milestones he might miss in the lives of his 19-year-old and nine month-old sons.

With the BIG BROTHER cameras surrounding him at all times, he is quite nervous about his nose-picking habit. He’s pretty sure that the cameras will eventually catch him. Other than that, he really doesn’t have any fears and quips that there are only two things that he is afraid of: his “wife and the IRS.” He is looking forward to getting outside of his comfort zone which will end up in self-discovery, adventures and awesome experiences.

One of his life’s mottos is, “refuse to lose,” and if he encounters any whiny people in the house, he will simply say, “life isn?t fair. We?ve all had tough times. Suck it up and move on.”

Casey’s birth date is February 16, 1968.



An exotic beauty, Chima is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Educated and independent, this freelance journalist is currently single and looking for a man who is tall, considerate and has a great sense of humor.

Chima is extremely close to her ailing mother and expects she?ll be taking care of her in the future. The fact that her mother?s health is no longer at its best greatly concerns Chima, but she plans to happily provide the same care and love to her mother that her mother has provided to her throughout her lifetime. She is also very close to her stepfather, and fondly recalls him as the man who taught her how to ride a bike, swim and was always ready and willing to help her with her homework.

Adaptation, the ability to not be intimidated and an extremely disarming smile are all tools that may get Chima far in this game. In life she has proven that she is strong and has the will to win. Her plan is to create and break alliances and annihilate her competition. With her keen mind and plan at hand, she hopes to walk away with the cash prize.

Chima is a military brat who has lived all over the country. Her birth date is July 28, 1976.



This single advertising salesman, hopes one day to find his perfect mate, and is looking for someone who is fun, beautiful and looks great just hanging around the house. He wouldn’t mind a “showmance” with one of his fellow Houseguests if she fits his criteria.

Jeff is a guy’s guy who loves to be outdoors and play sports. He especially likes competitive football, which he played in college. To date, the accomplishment he is most proud of is playing running back for Benedictine University.

He describes himself as curious, adventurous, spontaneous, witty and outgoing. If he ran for office, he would like to be Mayor so he can be his own boss and, to some degree, get his own way. He lives by the motto “treat others as you’d like to be treated,” and hopes others in the house will live by that too.

Jeff is ecstatic to be selected for BIG BROTHER, but hopes not to do anything on television to embarrass himself or his family. He has a big heart and he wants that to be the thing the audience notices most about him.

Jeff?s birth date is June 5, 1978.



This small-town girl’s motto is to “live life to the fullest, without holding back,” and is certain that competing on BIG BROTHER will have her doing just that. Unfortunately, her na?vet? may be her own undoing. Jordan is confident that no matter what happens in the game, she will stay the same sweet person she?s always been.

Easy-going and laid-back, Jordan says she?s game for anything, short of eating an insect, but she’s also always up for a challenge and that?s something this game will surely give her.

It will be very hard for her to be apart from her mother and brother for such a long time (she also has one sister), because she is very close to them and describes her mother as an extremely strong person who she considers her hero.

Jordan describes herself as an outgoing friend and party girl who likes to hang out with her female friends — all tools she?ll use to gain the trust of her fellow Housemates and, if the situation calls for it, she’ll flirt with the guys for votes. But she won’t have sex on television, or as she calls it, “bugger,” because her grandpa will be watching the show.

With nothing in her hometown holding her back, she is ready to play the game and ready to be the last Houseguest standing.

Jordan’s birth date is November 21, 1986.



Kevin’s proudest accomplishment comes from one of the most trying times in his life, growing up a Jehovah’s Witness. He was eventually excommunicated at age 21. Cut off from his family and friends, he didn?t let it destroy him. Instead, he found happiness and thrived. He currently works as a graphic designer.

People are sometimes thrown off by his exotic look and cannot determine what nationality he is. He affectionately calls himself “blackanese” as a tribute to his African-American and Japanese heritage. He describes himself as ghetto, fabulous and inappropriate, and warns his fellow Houseguests that, although he doesn’t have a temper, he can get bitchy. He knows how to find the slightest flaw in a person and magnify it for all to see.

Kevin believes the most difficult part of the game will be its duration, but he?ll overcome it by setting mini goals and pacing himself. He?s also not too proud to throw a few battles if it means winning the war. After growing up in the closet, he knows he has the tools to deceive anyone who gets in his way.

Aside from the money, he has a bigger prize in mind: it’s his hope that somewhere the parents with whom he lost touch can smile knowing what their now grown-up son has accomplished.

Kevin?s birth date is September 18, 1979



This 21-year-old bikini model knows how attractive she is and uses it to her every advantage. Laura is very active and enjoys working out, cheerleading, kickboxing, running and gymnastics. She feels that her determination and sassy, outgoing attitude will get her far in the game.

She finds her work as a model rewarding due to the fact that she is able to meet fascinating people, has received crazy gift offers and has been able to travel to amazing places for free. This work has resulted in her appearance in several tanning product advertisements and gave her the opportunity to win the 2008 Planet Beach Title (a pageant) where she also competed in the World Finals.

She enjoys going out at least once a weekend. She doesn’t feel that she is extremely temperamental but, once while out and about, she went toe-to-toe with a woman who gave her a nasty attitude. She can?t stand when people attempt to make her feel inferior.

While in the house, she plans to live in her bikini (which will surely show off a lower back tattoo that she refers to as her “Tramp Stamp”) and feels that her body will be her secret weapon. For her, the hardest part of being confined in the house will be abstaining from sex.

Unafraid to hurt feelings, lie or manipulate in order to win, she feels that her advantage is that she is a genuine BIG BROTHER fan who truly knows how to play the game — she can even name the Head of Household winners from every season.

Laura?s birth date is December 21, 1987.



Lydia, this single woman has been up-close-and-personal with fame as she used to be a nanny for a high profile couple, which surprises people given her tattooed body and eccentric personality. Her fellow Houseguests may judge her by her looks, but she says, “don?t judge a book by its cover.”

She describes herself as unique, colorful, silly and mellow, but liars and disrespectful people really get under her skin. Thinking of what her mother would tell her to do really helps calm her down.

Lydia has a very close relationship with both of her parents. Her father, a police officer, isn?t fond of her body art, but he loves and supports her no matter what. She refers to her mom as her best friend. She is extremely close to her siblings as well.

Her hobbies include bowling, swimming and yoga. She does not like to watch any sports whatsoever.

Lydia hopes that her stay in the BIG BROTHER house will bring her many new kind-hearted friends. She loves nice people and knows that they will share a lot together, especially during this experience.

Lydia?s birth date is March 8, 1985.



Hardworking, creative and intelligent, Michele is most proud of earning her Ph.D. in Neuroscience. It’s a tool that could help her enter the BIG BROTHER house with an edge over the competition. She’s a neuroscientist who has extensively studied the mind and is sure she can spot a lie a mile away.

Michele’s motto in life is “don?t sweat the small stuff,” which is something she needs to continually remind herself. In the past, she?s had a tough time controlling her emotions and was often extremely stressed, but she was able to overcome her issues and get back on track.

She described herself as a news-junkie and is not sure how she?ll cope without the Internet, but is sure her fellow Houseguests will provide hours of entertainment.

Michele is a self-proclaimed nerd and former band geek who is always the smartest person in the room. She used to get beat up in school for being too smart and is now ready to get revenge for all the smart kids.

Michele’s strategy going into the game is to try to win challenges without actually dominating the competitions. She figures that will help her stay under the radar, while her people skills will her keep her a favorite in the house.

Michele was born and raised in Iselin, New Jersey. She has been married for three years. Her birth date is June 16, 1982.



Natalie wants people to know that nobody can intimidate her! This feisty Latina has no problem lying, cheating and stealing to win the game. She’ll do whatever it takes to keep the heat off her and turn it onto others, and believes her petite frame will throw off her opponents.

Natalie is a World Champion bronze medalist in Tae Kwon Do. She knows how to protect herself and she says she can handle anything that comes her way. She’s also a big poker player and is confident that her ability to pick up on her opponent’s “tells” will serve her well in this competition. One would be foolish to underestimate her and she invites them all to “bring it on.”

The rock in Natalie?s life is her father. His unselfish nature is something she?ll never forget and believes that being out of contact with him for such a long time will be the most difficult aspect of this game.

Natalie is a strategist and plans to deal herself a good hand in the house as she is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Natalie was born in Chino, Calif. Her birth date is March 3, 1985.



Ronnie, a married man of five and a half years, will miss his wife tremendously while he is in the BIG BROTHER house because she puts up with him, and he worries that his Housemates may not. He describes his wife as his hero and says she is one of the kindest people he has ever met who embraces everyone in the world.

He is obsessed with video games and often plays more than six hours a day, even to the point of ignoring his wife. Ronnie is a collector of all things sci-fi, especially Star Wars collectibles.

Ronnie is an ?ber BIG BROTHER fan who can recite the order of every person ever evicted from the BIG BROTHER house. This student is most proud of being a national champion in speech and debate, as he feels this activity is where he excels.

One of the most interesting things he learned from one of his previous jobs as a travel agent is that you can purchase a personal blessing from the Pope.

Ronnie’s birth date is January 15, 1979.



Known to his friends as “Russell the Lovemuscle,” this commercial real-estate broker is certain to be a favorite in the BIG BROTHER house. Loud and brash, Russell holds nothing back and is always ready for a fight. In fact, his brash personality is probably his biggest asset outside the house, where he is a mixed martial arts fighter. He claims nothing scares him and that includes the game of BIG BROTHER.

Russell’s biggest pet peeve is people who don?t think before they act, but only because he’s made mistakes while doing just that. In college, he was in a motorcycle accident while trying to impress a group of girls. The crash left him temporarily paralyzed and it took six surgeries to get him back into fighting form.

Now Russell is ready to tackle a new form of competition against his fellow Houseguests. It’s a challenge and he’ll do it with a smile on his face because, according to Russell, “if you?re not smiling, you?re not living.”

Russell has previously lived in Southern California and Lebanon. His birth date is September 1, 1984.

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291 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Cast has arrived

  1. OMG… I can’t wait til BB11 starts! Come on July 9th! These sound like some very interesting house guests for sure. WOOT! WOOT!

  2. I’m also thinking the 13th HG is Sheila. She’s “traveling” for 3 months (which is same time as BB11). Sounds interesting… (Although, I believe they’ll give her the boot right off the bat).

  3. WTF I never saw any of these people in the episode with Jen in it!!! Hey where is the asian lady and Rosanna Tavares from Reality chat???

  4. Please no Shiela. She is so annoying. PS No Natalie either (cuz i know that was a rumor.) People who are rumored that I would like to see are Crazy James, EVEL DICK (WOO!), or Chelsia. I also heard that Eric from BB8 is a choice. I think that would be good thing for Big Brother to do since he did not get to play the game his way. As much as he was not my favorite, it would give him a chance to play the game not based on what America thinks.

  5. Please have Evil Dick come back on. Especially, after deaing with last seaon which was horrible
    Hope they cleaned house in the Casting Dept. & now lloking forward to season 11
    Can’t wait until July 9th WOO HOO!!!!

  6. Wow….not a diverse cast at all. Where are the African-Americans!? Big Brother is so stuck in the same old same old. The ratings are going to get worse and worse.

  7. Just because there is not many african americans does not mean it’s not diverse.. There are other ethnicities up there…

  8. There is a chance for any of the past house guests to come back. My personal hope though is Evil Dick or Eric.

  9. I don’t know about this cast…..its always so hard to tell just from pics and bio info…..I can tell you right now I’m soooo sick of the bitchy gay guy….so Kevin is already on my radar to get out…..also, do we always have to have the hot 21-22 year old “Jen” type?? I’m gettting a feeling she’s gonna be a ditz….anyone who says they will live in their bikini in the BB house and says her body is her secret weapon is pretty much on her way out…..before the game even starts!! Geez…’s almost too predictable but I’ll be fair and reserve my complete analysis for at least the 1st episode….and I’m looking way forward to it….except hearing about maybe Sheila coming back? C’mon….not only is she an annoyance, she’s one of the worst BB players ever! I mean did she even make a move until like the final 2 weeks? Please…..not Sheila!!

  10. some of these people look like they were picked from a sears flyer. Lydia is the only one who seems semi-interesting to me, however still waiting to find out who this 13th houseguest is going to be. hopefully there will be some serious drama this year… maybe vin diesel over there will round house kick someone to the face!

  11. how can you judge from just pictures?wow. I have never known people that make such racial and prejudist remarks.they are pictures!maybe you should think about your life alittle before you judge others.who cares if he is bi sexual.That doesnt mean he is going too start crap.You guys know nothing.they are just pictures.crackstar should lay off the crack. Sam: they are pictures.dumb f**k

  12. lol you’ve nevre known people that make such racial and prejudist remarks? haha your definitely new to this site. just wait until the show kicks off and every body judges every persons move. this section is for comments based off the pictures we have seen. people will make judgements accordingly, thats what happens. this is whats awesome about big brother, a bunch of people are put under a microscope and we get to rip them apart/ and or admire them.

  13. I love Chima <3 She doesn’t seem to be “the token mad black woman” that most shows go for. I also think I’ll like Lydia. She looks like a badass :)

    We’ll see what the twists are, and you never know- we all may hate the people we say we’re rooting for and vice versa. Can’t wait to see!

  14. So far im going to have to say im not liking the ?brains?. Especially the two girls. I like Lydia the best going off first impressions. I must say though the cast this year defiantly isn?t the greatest but hey who knows I still have a whole season to wow me.

  15. Jessie and Russell already turn me off with their continual admiration of themselves..Jessie cannot walk past a mirror or window without “gazing” at himself……they have the “ugh” factor for me! So far I’m liking the subdued Jeff and the attention seeking Lydia…Laura is a turn off for me as well …female version of Jessie and Russell ! Blasian Kevin does make me laugh…..Ronnie is a little creepy….he’s probably innocent…though he reminds me of a pedophille ! Chima’s laugh is like fingernails on the chalkboard……Jordan is dumb like a fox……Natalie will be a big target , she’s a lil’ cocky…Casey is interesting ……

  16. The gay guy & token black is getting a little old. I say we have a international big brother with me a canadian in ther.

  17. This is a riot, I already have my first GEM of the big brother house actions. Remember last years GEM, April saying “She only hates me because I am prettier than her”, lol Of course she was speaking about Keisha, who as most of us agreed, was 100 times better looking than pasty face April.

    Now this year, the first GEM was Russel, making fun of Jeff’s attempt to make a word that doens’t actually exist, however Techtronics is a word that does exist, yet even so, Jeff admittedly is a bad speller. But Russel after successfully spelling, “Shotgun” rotf, paraded around like a proud peakcock over his word. Trying to humiliate Jeff by repeatedly asking Jeff, but who spelled their word right huh? Huh? ROTF

    This guy is a moron. Jeff’s best response would have been yeah you and every other 3rd grader would have spelled that one right lol

    I never thought, I would dislike someone more than I disliked Jesse last year but you know what, Russel proves there is another moron right around the corner, I can’t wait till he is evicted, the sooner the better!!

  18. Opps, Let me correct my last post before I get the lashings I deserve lol

    I meant the term Techtronics exists not that it is an actual word. So I wanted to correct that, in any regard, I am sure everyone in the house including Jordan knows how to spell ShotGun lol

  19. Bob, when I watch this show, you see all types of people. as a 45 year old man with a 19 year old daughter, I am grateful I brought her up to accept everyone for who they are and not a bigot like you seem. Could you possibly be a born again bible thumper from the south? I think so.

    1. Good Lord…what’s your problem….every year they have some pumped up chavinistic pig and a cry baby but that’s why we all watch it…..Leave the guy alone…..What an ass you are…What if all of us said…..look we have another idiot BOB criticizing the gay guy…..Get over yourself……

  20. In all fairness, I am getting sick of the over flamboyance of some of the gay guys they get on the show. I much prefer when they get a less irritating gay guy like Steven was in the show.

  21. Russell, is the most argonaiast asshole on BB ever. he is worse than Jessie. get rid of his sorry bully ass. he is definetly gay

  22. How is is Chima a Michael Jackson clone? She is black, and he was… oh wait, never mind. Brain lapse, forgot he was ever not as white as snow.

  23. i hate russell i hate chima i hate ronnie i hate jessie i hate kevin i hate lydia nd i hate natalie! jeff, jordan, michelle, laura, and braden i love u all ur my favorites i hope 1 of u win bb11

  24. I just started watching Big Brother, and I’ve been watching the CBS episodes and the After Dark on Showtime.

    I agree with Samie above! I only like Casey, Jordan, Laura, and Jeff… Once Jeff or Laura are gone, I doubt I’ll continue to watch the show.

  25. OMG I hate ronnie. does anyone else notice that he has no upper lip and no spine to his situations. He’s scared that russel or jessie will beat him up if he doesn’t do the right thing. NEWSFLASH ronnie, this isn’t REALLY high-school. :)

  26. Big Brother bring Jesse, back was sick. Not sure if the show will keep my husband & I watching. Jesse was enough the last time. And he loves himself way more then anyone in the world. Even Mommy. He will not make it to the end though, as the last time he could not handle hard work. Remember him & the wall, he was worse then a baby. He is far from being a good looking man, if you want to call him a , man ! He has already started making the others do his work. Wait for him to eat slop, that,s when his true colors will show. Someone else should have gotten the chance, to do B.B. When they keep bring back the old ones, then that,s not fair for the ones who take there time to try out. Jesse, has got to go, as soon as possible, & I hope the house will soon see that. Good Day.

  27. I love Nat and Jessie. Jessie is back and is bigger and better than ever. Natalie is a strong competeter and dosen’t care about what people say. They are a total POWERHOUSE!

    1. I can ‘t believe your favorites are nat and jess. You must be very young or naive.They have litterally stopped me from watching the showtime.

  28. i just love big brother i like the jessie and russel and natalie and chima they know how to play the game as for laura she is a snitch i hated her thats why she had to go and ronnie and jordan and michelle should be the next ones to go home bye bye and if you do not believe i am only 14 and i know how everything works out on big brother it is awesome thank you big brother love ya i will go in big brother in a couple of years myself but i can not have someone screaming in my face like chima did oh hell no i would to had to knock her out one good time in the face but i still like you chima and yes i am a girl

    1. To jakayla3 shut up you must don’t have many friends cuz you’re just like jessie poor thing i don’t care if your’re 14 or not! You don’t know a damn thing about the game! Don’t get mad cuz jessie is not in control this week! HAHA GET OVER IT!

  29. I cant believe jessie is so stupid to keep ronnie off the block!!!! the dude needs to go home. could be jesies downfall in the end.

  30. I don?t think that Jessie is stupid to keep Ronnie in the house, because Ronnie do what he wants. And this works for him. Casey is against Jessie. And Casey is a bigger competitor for him as Ronnie. And this is the reason why he keep Ronnie and nominate Casey.

    This is the best thing what Jessie can do for his game. He kicks all his enemies out from the house. He is playing the game in this season very fine.

    1. I’ve been saying that since it became obvious that the girls were into him and he wasn’t responsive to either…..

    2. I believe jessie is gay,I even commented that the last time he was on Big Brother. VOTE JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jessie is playing the game and he’s doing great so back off haters and stop dwelling on the weak links that left…remember its a game and only the strong will survive……

    1. To Tasha shut up! Don’t get mad cuz jessie & his flunkie’s are not in control this week! I bet you can sleep at night! Poor thing get over it!

  32. Jessie is king douche and doesn’t have the brains to win the game. Sure he’s flexing his muscle now, but he doesn’t have the staying power. Ask Lydia.


    1. And what were you doing looking at Jesse’s nude picture??? Guess it turned you on a little bit, huh????

    1. Ronnie sucks don’t you think and you know how he said king cobra’s can eat the mangoose I
      looked it up in an encyclopedia and the mangoose eats the cobra. I like jeff

  33. God, Russell needs to get a clue – he knows Jessie is trying and/or going to screw him over starting next week. He needs to get Michelle to use the POV on Lydia and then turn around and nominate Jessie or Natalie – that would burst their power trip!! And it would get “FAT RAT” Ronnie out for sure (which by the way-he’s going to be crying when he reads these posts on how much he is disliked) – Chima would never vote out Jessie!! Oh, how I hope Jeff gets the Wizard Powers! LOL

  34. I despise RUSSELL. He is and has been a BULLY! He is the sneakiest of all the houseguest and most certainly the least trustworthy–and yes I know it’s a game. These comments are made comparative to all the other Big Brother houseguests I have loyally observed in the past.

  35. Russ is HOT!!!! I hate jesse, natalie, chima(that big haired bitch), HATE, HATE ronnie. The others I am cool with!!!!

  36. I dislilke all of ’em. How or why anyone would be friends with any of these people are beyond me. They are liars, cheats and just below any basic moral code. They are awful people who are SO MUCH FUN TO HATE :)

    1. Thats The game Moron, to lie cheat and lie somemore, and make everyone think your with them and never get caught, good luck with that, I used to think I would be good in this house, but I would most likely get the boot, I would surely kick someones ass in this house, most likely HiroChima, GnatSlumdogg just needs a good slapping around, you know like your Mom did back in the day, she is so NASTY, SMELLY and shes got COOTYS.

      1. I agree with you Cathy I would have beat somebody’s ass by now I couldn’t stay in that house, i can’t stand NATALIE, JESSIE, CHIMA OR RONNIE! The other 3 only wanted ronnie to go to the jury house so they can have a vote just in case any of them made it to the final 2, I would’ve rapped Chima’s hair around her neck, I would have beat jessies’ ass with 1 of his on muscles, & natalie i would beat her ass with those annoying slippers she wears!

        1. you mean chima’s wig. and yea,i agree with ya…those 3 (jess,nate especially) are soooooo annoying to watch. i always hit the mute button when jess is talking or …….eekkk……when he’s creepily trying to eat something. like when the pig jess started eating from chima’s gift basket/ seems to me he wouldn’t share his baskets with anyone but he sure likes to eat from the others baskest. my theory why jess is being such a b*tch to kevin is he is resentful towards him becxause kevin is out of the closet and jess is not (yet).

          1. I agree I can’t stand the way he was eating those pringles on BBAD he drove me up a wall & why did nat’s ass have to leave after jessie’s bitch ass left oh yeah she wanted to make sure he didn’t run & talk to lydia i believe he really likes lydia but he’s scared his pitbull nat will bite his head off those 3 bitches CHIMA, NAT & JESSIE need to go ASAP, If chima puts michelle/rusellor any of the othersl on the block I believe jeff will use the power to pull them off & put NAT/JESSE’S asses in the hot seat what did jess say to casey move your seat you got a new seat, I HOPE JEFF SAYS BOOYAH BITCHES!

  37. Big Brother fans rejoice!! Ronnie is OUT! I just wish he would have cried more… He was the most annoying and worst player in history… and the cherry on top is that Chima’s HOH will mean nothing this week since Jeff has control… Who’s going this week will it be Jesse or Natalie… Niether will be missed!! Today’s episode was the best ever! :)

  38. I know Jeff and Jordan are going to make a cute couple…
    Jeff is hot and I’m so glaad that he won the {Copu D’Etat}.
    Jordan she make me laught ALOT.
    I hope one of them will win BIG BROTHER 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now Jeff will yse the control cause Chima said that she’s putting up Russel, and Jeff has a path with Russel. So the game will change this week hope i don’t miss ONE episode…

  39. i just hope russel doesnt screw jeff over …i hope jeff take russel off and puts up jesse and nat then jeff will prove himself to russel and i hope jeff jordon stick with michelle and russel its a good team

  40. Hey, did you guys notice Natalie tried to wear the same colors as jessie last night & last night on BBAD soon after jessie’s bitch ass left his lapdog natalie followed him my god what is he doing to nat & lydia……well lydia is just dumb i would have beat jessie’s ass with one of his muscles if he put those bruises on me & natalie with those annoying slippers she wears i can’t stand her!

  41. great… the power gets awarded to someone who doesn’t even play the game, really america? really? just because he’s so cute?!?! and as much as you all hate him without ronnie this season wouldn’t have been as exciting, he basically was the start of the 2 sides you see today. If you watch big brother and not expect people to lie, manipulate, and backstab then go watch bachelor or some shit because that’s what the game is all about, and i love it!

  42. I agree with Arcturus, I wished Ronnie would have won. I think Jeff has played the game but Jordan …….now that is a tail coat rider.


  44. ummm…..Jeff hater!!!!!!! Floater??? What show are you watching??? Ronnie is that you typing this????? You are such a dork loser!!!!!

    1. Jeff couldn’t win a competition to save his life. He is a floater and floaters need to go. At least Michelle is playing the game now. Jeff and Jordon just sit around acting all cute and sweet. Gag me with a spoon

      1. ohhh my gosh hahahahaha

        if there is one person in the house who doesnt give a rats ass about becoming a ‘star’ its jeff. did you not hear the night he was talking about how he got to the semi-finals to be on the real world then decided not to do it because he thinks theyre all fakes who just want to get their 15 minutes of fame at being a celeb?

        jeff is one of the most down to earth in the house. if you’re any sort of intelligent, you can clearly as day see that jeff is laid back not up in the camera and show-offish like some of the other houseguests.

        but then again… the things you’re saying arent exactly worth proving wrong at this point… you said jeff couldnt win a competition when apparently he can because the only two times he actually NEEDED to, he did and he would have had he not made the deal with russell.

        hahaha youre cracking me up, man.

      1. Whoa!!!!! What does ‘so gay’ mean??? Why the hate? Kevin rocks… not to the extent that Jeff and Jordan do, but I still love him and hope he goes to final 3 with Jeff and Jordie.

      2. -sigh- who cares if he is gay, don’t bring race or sexual orientation into the game play or into life. call him an asshole, make fun of his clothes, pick on his square ass but leave out the gay

  45. russell is a pathetic person. He knows how to charm you and then turn it to benefit himself. He needs to go ………………

    1. I like Russel overall, but I ddn’t like how he kindof turned on Jeff a bit there trying to save his own ass. I understand, just don’t like it.

    1. Jeff if using the CDT and their is a tie he holds the tie breaker vote,
      but note Chima has no vote at all.
      How sweet this is, and how pissed she will be when it comes time to vote.

  46. haa okay anyone whos going to sit here and say that jeff is a floater clearly does not pay attention to the show…

    just because he isnt running around talking behind everyones backs and lying to people and trying to get others to turn against one another, does not make him a floater. hes playing the game from a strategic stand point and if you know anything about big brother, hes doing a very good job. he has no real enemies, he hasnt been in any serious drama so far (the fight with russell wasnt serious at all).

    and ‘Rockstar’, sorry but you’re just making yourself look stupid. jeff cant win a competition to save his life? what show were you watching when his back was against the wall and he won the POV to save himself? or did you miss the episode where he came second in the HOH competition only because russell wanted to make a deal? clearly russell was ready to drop and thats why he was in such a rush to make a deal. jeff was just relaxed and prepared to hang on. this was also a very smart move on jeff’s behalf because not only was he safe that week, but he could also compete for HOH the next.

    so… floater? just stop talking because i made all of you look incredibly dumb. sorry :/

  47. jaycane – it is okay to be a Jeff Lover. I’m not holding it against you and your blind attempts at trying to make Jeff sound like a decent guy who is playing the game. Of course Jeff could hang on along with Russell during the comp. They are both athletes. Not only that, they are strong and as any one could see, that comp was quite rough. Anyone with endurance could last and be for for ages. Not a compeition to put money on because you’d lose. Jeff wanted to be on the show to become a star, to have a showmance and to be another loser reality tv star who believes they are important in the world. At least Jessie has a goal.

    1. ohhh my gosh hahahahaha

      if there is one person in the house who doesnt give a rats ass about becoming a ?star? its jeff. did you not hear the night he was talking about how he got to the semi-finals to be on the real world then decided not to do it because he thinks theyre all fakes who just want to get their 15 minutes of fame at being a celeb?

      jeff is one of the most down to earth in the house. if you?re any sort of intelligent, you can clearly as day see that jeff is laid back not up in the camera and show-offish like some of the other houseguests.

      but then again? the things you?re saying arent exactly worth proving wrong at this point? you said jeff couldnt win a competition when apparently he can because the only two times he actually NEEDED to, he did and he would have had he not made the deal with russell.

      hahaha youre cracking me up, man.

      1. rockstar – u seem to be 1 of those ignorant ppl who think just becuz some1 is good looking means that they want to be a reality tv star. get a grip already u sound stupid

      2. once again, I do not care if you are a Jeff Lover and you can repeat over and over how great he is but he only came on BB to become famous and make a name for himself. He is indeed using Jordon and will never win BB. He will be kicked out of the house very soon and I will be very happy as well as everyone else that he is gone. He is a floater and had no game play whatsoever until people gave him a free pass. No one will ever vote him to win. He should pack up and go home now. Jessie will win or Ronnie as soon as he is voted back in.

        1. Rockstar -once again – no one here cares if you care if they are Jeff lovers or not so stop worrying about it. No one here really cares what you think – now that makes you feel better????

          1. Oh and who is going to “vote Ronnie back in”??? The American public who despises him or maybe the crowds in your mind????

        2. your are beyond dumb jessie is not goin to win BB he;s goin home in 18 hours and rat boy will not be coming back he’s at home playing video games or he’s in the corrner crying that while he was in the house helped jessie instead of helping himself in this game HAHAHAHAHA….and im gonna love it when wwe hires him and make him a “jobber” for 5+ years, because he , and i don’t care who wins BB but i know who won’t be winning Jessie…. he should try out for WWE their always lookin for dumb muscles to be “jobbers” for the real stars

        3. I stand with the ROnnie return part! Everybody hated James and he came back!
          Everybody hated Jessie last season and they gave him a shot and here he is.
          The returning House Guest is a part of the game if BB chooses! and it will change the entire game and Bb likes to do that! It keeps us watching and talking.

    2. Your right, Jesse had a goal alright. I think it was to try to make thewhole world think he’s really allllllllthat!
      I don’t think so. I liked him at first but, he’s a candy ass in the long run. Shouldn’t have hung with Natalie like he did. Dumb!

  48. I truely hope this is just an act with Jeff, he can’t possibly change his plan. I hope he didn’t forget that Jesse backdoor Casey after the whole house wanted Ronnie out, except of course Jessie, and then of course Natalie after Jesse gave her her thought.

    Week 2 Ronnie was HOH and everyone in the room was a fraid of Russel, everyone including Chimapet, wanted to backdoor Russel, (Humm, Guess Chimapet only remembers what she likes, she did say that huh? lol), But Jessabelle was afraid of Laura? lol So he convinced everyone that getting Laura out was better because he was threatened by her.

    So like fools, they say yeah it’s better to get Laura out to make Jesse feel safe than it is to get Russel out and make the other 5 of us feel safe. lol Morons !! This was when Ronnie… err… or Jesse? was HOH ? Yeah Ronnie, same thing. Guess who got evicted? LAURA.

    Jesse, gave the orders, Ronnie did all the dirty work and took the heat, and Natalie gathered info even info she prodded out of people and made them say what she wanted so she can say it wasn’t a lie that they said it, and then brang it back to the leader Jesse.

    All three of them need to go, they had a divided house week 1, everyone that stayed up in the HOH room 24/7 kissing Jesse’s ass was on their side, and all the backyard people that refused to put their heads up Jesse’s ass like them were put on a hit list. Jesse must have a wide Assh**e because Ronnie and Natalie have bene up it since the begining.

    Jeff is number 4 on the list and his turn is coming up, Jeff knows this, I just hope he remembers it. Do the wizard dance and get Jesse out, he is a liar, and a backstabber, he said he would have alreayd put Jeff up if he wasn’t on his clique, and then right to Jeff’s face tries to lie that he never considered him for the block, yeah right Jesse.

    I hope you have a solitary week in the Jury house, at least you made it 1 week longer than last year. Go Home Jesse, Wooooooooooot.

  49. Hey, jaycane and I were conversing. You didn’t have to follow me and respond. Someone is standing outside the door and listening in again. Oh Russell. When will you ever learn.

    Jessie will never be voted out. He will win.

  50. Ronnie are you still mad after going home and finding out your wife left you for Braden!
    you should have left him in the house a little longer Pal!

  51. Jesse’s Funeral?

    OMG, First I watched and laughed, then it turned into staring disbelief, then to utter sympathy.

    I am talking about the funeral that Chima, Natalie and Lydia held for Jesse.

    As I watched these 3 grown women, (Ok, so that might be a stretch), cry uncontrollably, I started to think I missed something, that perhaps while I ran for a cup of coffee, a representative of the Big Brother show had informed them that on the way to Jury house and there had been a horrible accidnet and Jesse was killed or somethintg.

    I listened intently, waiting for them to mention it. I watched as they saluted his memory and the accomplishments and goals, and they sobbed uncontrollably, reflecting on getting to know him and each sharing their stories as they touch glasses of wine in his memory.

    I began to feel terrible that this young man, no matter what I though of his ignorance, and childish demeanor, was gone. Had perished in some sort of horrid accident.

    I watched their metl down of tears and commradary, sharing tissues and weeping like someone that lost thier family member unexpectedly.

    THEN! I find out nothing had happened, that these poor pathetic women were actually crying like this over his eviction. In a nationally televised TV show, that at this point made me absolutely sure that these women had either never seen a single season of Big Brother or, they are all in serious need of professional therapy.

    Lets start with Natalie: As you already seen, she is almost brain dead, since Jesse left she no longer has a brain, Jesse is not there to tell her what to do, so she stands in the middle of the room and sways, like a a dummy with an empty cranium.

    Teary eyed, she has lost her brain, ok that is valid enough.

    Lydia: Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Jesse was 1 of 3 votes that voted against her when she was up against Ronnie and by calculation she had to know that Jesse voted her to be evicted. This week if Jeff had not used the Coup d’etat, Russel would still be there regardless, Jesse and Natalie were voting to keep Russel.

    She has heard Chima several times tell Natalie right in front of Lydia, that Jesse really liked Natalie. Yet, Lydia is the one that did oral favors for Jesse, made him Breakfast , Lunch and dinner, even offered to take his place on slop, while Jesse slept 12 hourts a day, ordered the both of them around and abused and trashed Lydia ever second he had the chance.

    Yet Lydia, talks about him like he has passed away and that he was one of the greatest men that ever lived, lol

    Now Chima: She started to ball uncontrollably and say how much Jesse did for her and how much she cared about him? He put her up first week, he never had her back, she bearly knew him.

    They are on a damn reality game show and knows him about a month!

    ON his eviction Jesse congratulated Jeff on the best move he made, he went out knowing he lost, he did it honorably, far better than I would have given him credit for.

    But folks after all it is a game and these women are in serious need of some kind of professional therapy.

    If Chima’s story of sexual abuse is true and I have no way of knowing that or that it may have been a sympathy act. But I am going to go on the fact that it is indeed true.

    This woman has clearly not overcome it as she said. She has not depicted herself in the light she thinks she has. She doesn’t come off as a strong woman survivor of a sexual abuse or a role model for anyone, she comes off as an angry bitter, racist, man hating, uncontrollable mentally and emotionally unstable young lady.

    I truly hope they evict her this week, so she can get out of the stress of this house and after the show I wish her the best of luck getting the help she needs.

    She will have it even harder, becasue she didn’t present the image she had planned, she single handedly destroyed her own reputation and is seen by America as a very weak and trouble woman.

    Big Brother in the the future needs to do a more comprehensive physcological background check on its houseguests, as this years seems to be full of mentally distrubed or emotional troubled people.

    All I can say is, UNBELIEVABLE!

  52. Oh one last thing I forgot, Lydia the pot calling the kettle black had said jordan was a ho doing what ever her pimp wanted, LMAO

    She is not the one thta gave Jesse a blow *** or cooked for him or ran around like a puppet. Just goes to show you how messed up she is, like I said, UNBELIEVABLE ! LOL

    1. Shes Gone! and the program was not cancelled like some fake CBS poster tried to get you to believe. now the Funeral!

  53. I could not have said it any better. I sat and laughed and laughed last night. To tell you how stupid Lydia is, Jeff saved her.

  54. Russel is kinda growing on me. I like him more and more as the show goes on. And i HATE Chima more and more as the show goes on!! She doesn’t know when to shut up, and she is extremely rude. She needs to act her freakin ageeee already.

    1. The guy is not exactly growing on me. However, Chima has the wonderful ability to make you root for ppl as long as they give her a hard time. I can’t way for this girl to be out and to figure out that America really hates her and that America is liking a “terrorist.”

  55. Michelle lied to chima. Chima said stuff about russell on week 2 and michelle told russell that. When russell told chima what michelle said, michelle said she didn’t say anything to russell. OMG just after that they showed on tv that chima did say that! Gee russell didn’t do anything in that situation.Chima needs to go because shes so rude .

  56. CHIMA Quit! WHAT A LOSER! did not want to be voted out as a loser, she thinks a QUITER can hold their heads high!

  57. No need for double ev ction this week! no no need to replace chima since this week was scheduled for double eviction. what a change to the game!

  58. there is a new name for lydia,chima,natalie and kevin (if he starts acting like these females)
    in our house.


  59. I wonder if they’ll ( natalie and lydia) cry for chima the way they did for jessie? What a joke. I would’ve have liked to see this crew go a little further, just to see them turn on each other. That would’ve have been fun to watch.

  60. I am glad to see that Chima was removed from the show. Her behavior as a contestant, , and an intelligent woman of color was terrible, and in bad taste. I could see this coming as I have been watching the power start to change in the house. Ronnie was the start of it, but it got worse with Chima. If anyone acted like a terrorist in the house Chima did her part to bully and cause choas in the house. Her dislike for men , especially like Russell, with his physical build, and boisterous / excitable personality, was evident, and as producers of a show like Big Brother they need to look at the safety of their show’s houseguest s first, and not always about how the shows ratings will improve if we show tension and fighting on this show.You need to put the safety of the contestants first, not the ratings. Chima’s demands, and threats went on to long, and comments like she was going to talk to the producers ,becasue she didn’t like their decisons went on to long. Tossing personal things of houseguest in the trash was bad behavior, and taking their close out of thier rooms becasue she didn’t want thiem there was also a stupid , and childish move on her part. yes it sold airtime for the show and CBS, but I think that you also need to look at the integrity of your show’s reputation. I look forward to the show each tim it returns, I would hate to stop watching it becasue it will continue to let contestanst like her in the show go on for to long. Re-evaluate your contracts and hold them accountable for their behavior. I think that in the long run you will still seel big numbers, tension is good in the show, but I do not think that her behavior di anything good for the show or for her. She made herself look very bad, when she had an opportunity to show off her talents as a woman of color, and that she could be professional. I think that in the long run she needs to be accountable for her actions.

    1. Are you aware that, in the past, Chima was raped and beaten beyond recognition. That poor woman shoudl never have been put in that house. I think, were I in her shoes, I would hate men too… I am glad that she doesn’t call herself a victim, but she is still one and obviously not past what has happened to her. If one can ever get past such a thing.

      1. No one gets a free pass to act the way she did. Most people have been through some sort of trauma in their lives, but Chima only used hers as an excuse to act like a horrible person. I’m glad she’s gone and I hope we don’t have to see her again.

            1. I personally was thrilled to hear that Shima is gone. I think her behavior was rediculous! As far as her past, she knew the demons that haunted her before she ever signed up for the show…if she couldn’t handle it she should have stayed home to begin with. Now maybe the show can go on without all her ranting and raving all the time! She was probably going home this week anyway and I think she knew that.

              1. You didnt even spell her name right you moron! Chima NOT Shima its Chima, anyway she was mouthy and narrow minded and now i hope her grandmother who “was proud of her” chews her a new asshole destroying company property like that she wont be on any talk show unless they want there things destroyed. And another thing Natalie can go the heck home to her jessie baby.


      1. I agree with you,Mitch…’woman of color’ indeed. Let’s call a spade,a spade.right Mitch? The only acceptable way to refer to Chima is,’ that bossy,pompous,delusional black bitch,right Mitch?

  61. chima got what see deserves, she trips to much, and has no home training. Newsflash, you are not cute with them big ass pussy lips.

      1. Oh,you mean like when Chima incessantly pointed out Russell’s flawed ears and tried to emasculate him talking about his genitals? But you’re right,people that act ugly and say ugly things to people,are ugly on the inside themselves…just like Chima.

  62. HAHAHAH….CHima got sent home….sorry but what happend to Chima in her life in the past is PERSONAL PROBLEMS. One day she gonna go off on da wrong person!!!! Happy JOrdan won hoh!!!!

  63. My heart goes out to anyone that goes thru something unpleasant, however, that does not give Chima the right to insult and bring down an entire race with such hurtful comments. It is sad that she is filled with so much hate and anger.
    She really needs help.

  64. It is just a game people! These contestents are similar to caged animals. Put yourself in their shoes. It’s survival of the fittest!

  65. Can we all let CHima go now. SHe’s gone. What you wanna attack her some more because she’s black. Let it go. If you ask me, this show is racist and rigged. Just three season ago you had a brutal man who poured alcohol on a womans head, and burned her arm with a ciggarette yet CHima is a monster. Your sure it isn’t her color you guys hate, as oppose to her actions?

    1. While ED did pour the tea on Jen’s head SHE put herself in the way of the cigarette by trying to slap it out of his hand (mouth)……Jen was also a rule breaker but did not go to the extremes that Chima did. Sooo u have 2 women here ..(one white /one african american) that played the game n’ lost…their actions got them evicted from the game… skin color had nothing to do with it. I do agree that after tonite’s show Chima should be a mute point…she is gone let it go..

      1. How exactly did she put herself in the way of the cigarette??? That didn’t even make sense. He blew smoke in her face, she reacted by trying to slap it out his hand (who wouldn’t) and then he burned her. She didn’t start that fight, Dick did. AND YOU KNOW HE DID!

        1. WRONG!!! While Evel Dick did egg her on constantly she hit the lit cigarette to try and knock it out of his hand and that was how she got burned. And it was iced tea he poured on her head!!!!

          1. What is it suppose to be acceptable because it was ice tea???? are you serious stupid!!!! a drink is a drink. so what it’s okay to pour ice tea on a womans head now, is that what your tellin me????

          2. She did try and slap the cigarette out of his hand because he blew smoke in her face, but he burned her on purpose. That was no accident. Second hand smoke does kill so he shouldn’t of blown it in her face.


          I know happened b/c I saw it LIVE.

          ED is outside MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS while smoking, Jen goes outside of her own volition, JEN DECIDES to sit right in front/next to ED WHILE he’s ALREADY smoking, Jen DECIDES to start bitching about ED smoking (MIND YOU she voluntarily sat by him when he was ALREADY smoking while there was ample room to sit over there to where the smoke wouldn’t be drafted into her PLUS there was the WHOLE rest of the BY for her to be in), ED is annoyed but holds back, Jen CONTINUES to complain about the smoke, ED has had it & blows smoke on purpose at her (as where up to this point he was NOT blowing it directly at her), a “blow-up” ensues, Jen SMACKS ED’s hand (which should have gotten her kicked out b/c she HIT him…never mind that it was just his hand w/ the cig in it…she STILL hit a body part of his) and that’s why she got burned. End of the story. Moral of the story is: MYODB but Jen apparently WANTED to start a fight & remember the saying…”Be careful what you wish for b/c you just might get it”.

          And take your “the show is racist” & go pound sand b/c it is OBVIOUS that you either post about things you don’t have 1st hand knowledge about OR you do & PURPOSELY twist or lie about it. BTW, IMO Chima is an EMBARRASSMENT to her RACE, GENDER, BB/CBS, non-CBS employer, hopefully her family & friends & the whole human race.

          1. You people are taking it too far! Chima actions is a reflection of herself. This is one woman, regardless of her nationality, on a reality tv show that put together for ENTERTAINMENT. Chima is not an embarassment to her race because this show is not that deep. She is not that important to where her actions can reflect a whole race. She might be an embarassment to herself, and I still don’t see why because ITS JUST A GAME so get over it already.

  66. I’m glad that chima is gone…I was tired of her drama…she was actin like a typical black woman…trying to get a reality show out of this with the way she acted….too bad CBS owns part of VH1 and MTV…so don’t expect her to get her own show…lol. As for Lydia, I didn’t get why she was crying when Jesse got voted off, isn’t he the one who put her up once before for eviction?…oh well, glad to see the way things are turning out.

    1. If she’s a typical black woman, than you are a typical punk ass racist who’s afraid to let his thoughts be known in public. instead he hides behind his computer like a little female dog. (I refuse to say what i really mean)

      1. Sounds like YOU are the racist here,Mitch. Racism goes both ways…racism towards Blacks,racism
        toward Asians,racism toward Native Americans,etc…and racism toward White People,like you have expressed in YOUR comments.Now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? (or do you prefer,
        ‘kitchen implements of color’ ?)

        1. Excuse me, but i don’t remember ever saying that racism didn’t go both ways. But when it’s going one way stronger than the other, it’s very wrong. Don’t put words in my mouth jr. I’m not the one that said CHima acts like a typical black woman did i!!!!

      2. No one is hiding behind their computer any more than YOU are! That’s what blogs are for,dimwit….
        a platform for expressing opinions,ideas,points of view, and criticisms…even from haters like YOU !

        1. do not care for Chima but I think its very sterotypical for u to say she behaves like a typical black woman in that same respect we can say Jordan behaves as a typical white woman by not having her own opinion and Lydia by giving hand jobs on national televisoon I would rather chima with her attitude than those two examples. Chima behaves like a spoiled brat not a typical black woman, how can you generalize a whole race?

    2. How does A TYPICAL BLACK WOMAN act??? Like A FIRST LADY!!! Chima acts like Chima. A typical black woman…………..thats a very racist comment….ASSHOLE!!

  67. I do not care for Chima but I think its very sterotypical for u to say she behaves like a typical black woman in that same respect we can say Jordan behaves as a typical white woman by not having her own opinion and Lydia by giving hand jobs on national televisoon I would rather chima with her attitude than those two examples. Chima behaves like a spoiled brat not a typical black woman, how can you generalize a whole race?

  68. I’m the hater, yeah right. The only dimwit here is you. Don’t accuse me of hiding behind me computer because I don’t roll that way. Apparently you do jr.

  69. Come on guys, it’s a TV show and a game!!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion here. And whether or not Chima was acting like an idiot (which she WAS) I don’t think anyone’s opinion had ANYTHING whatsoever to do with race. Mitch, you started that all on your own making false accusations about people hating her because of her race. No on ever said that, they said she deserved to go because she violated rules and acted cruel and a lot of her comments were out of line? What about HER racist comment to Russell?? She didn’t deserve to be there, end of story. Don’t have a pity party for yourself because you are sad she’s gone and need to justify it. Let people have their own damn opinions. She went because she was a MORON, not because she was black. What about Justin Sebik when he had to leave because of the knife incident?? Are we going to start saying that he left because he is WHITE? Grow up!! Or the other dude that threw furniture?? I forget his name…but ALSO white. Get over yourself and stop making excuses as to why Chima left and get over it already. She won’t be back, period, so get over it already.

    1. Correction…Chima called Russell a terrorist because he terrorizes people in the house. He is the biggest bully on the planet. He should have been kicked off long ago. In a society that supposedly takes bullying seriously, he should have been penalized. While Chima was behaving in an immature manner, she should not have been kicked off. She was not threatening to any person in that house. She was however, smart enough to pick up on a lot of things that the others missed in regards to the producers of the show and the way things were going down. She should have stayed. I have seen far worse behavior in past years.

      1. Well I thought the Chima issue was over but apparently not. Just one quick correction.

        Chima tried to cover up the racist remark after the fact. But what she originally said was He is a terroist, there I said it, they won’t hate me because all americans hate westerners.

        That had to do with his race not the terror in the house!

        Then shortly after used a term completely void of any respect for the families that lost people in 911. Calling herself the twins towers and Russel an airplane was a little much.

        She was a deeply disurbed woman, had a ,lot of anger , bitterness and hatred in her heart, and should have never been in there in the first place.

        Done with Chima… Just note the correction :)

      2. I know this is old but we all know chima comment was not said because he terrorize everyone in the house the show states expect the unexpected if Chima would have gotten the power she would have use it and been happy if the tables were turn. As far as Russel talking crap it’s game play. Evil terroized people to no end when he was there, no were close to what Russel has done and he won the game. As long as he does not put his hands on anyone it’s fair game get a grip. Chima should have been kicked off that’s your job for the moment and if your boss says to do something over and over again and your not compliant what happens i dont care if you think your boss was not treating everyone as an equal, if you want your job for now you do what you have to do.

    2. What!!!!! I’m having a pity party of Chima leaving. Do you know how STUPID you just sounded. And don’t accuse me of starting racism my friend. As a matter of fact, before you start trying to bash me, maybe you should take your one-sided self and look at the posts above mine. And ohhhh…..I got one, pay particular attention to “Chima acts like a typical black woman” quote and then come and talk to me. So before you start runnin at the mouth, make sure you have your facts straight jr. I’ve said this once, I’ll say it again, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION: I DO NOT CARE FOR CHIMA, AS A MATTER A FACT I THINK HER ATTITUDE SUCKS EGGS. BUT WHEN I HEAR RACISM I’M GONNA BLAST IT. You come on here and try to moderate the situation and then immediately attack me, HOW DARE YOU. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE JR., KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKIN ABOUT BEFORE YOU EMBARRASS YOURSELF, YA DIGG.

    3. I agree that it wasn’t about race. I am african american and I think Chima acted like a spoiled brat and had a bad attitude when she didn’t get her way. She made herself look bad on tv.She may think she is a diva but she forgot that she signed up to play a game.

  70. ooopsie dooosie that did not com out right, lmao! I meant to say as long as Natalie, russell nor michelle wins i’m cool with jeff , jordan and mayb kev. win he has slicked his way through pretty good through out the game.

  71. Um Chima DID deserve to leave because she broke the RULES. No she didn’t threaten anyone but that’s not why she left. If you watched the live feeds you can see that Natalie at one point has a RULE book. Chima broke numerous rules which is why she left, and I think that’s fair. And yes Mitch, I agree that saying Chima is “a typical black woman” is unfair, however, I JUST went back through the comments and you accused people of being racist before anyone ever said that. So get your stories straight. And everyone get over it, she’s gone. And she’s gone because she broke ruels…WHO CARES, she would’ve went home that week anyway.

    1. And, i never accused theses people on this board of being racist. I accused the producers and makers of the show. get you facts straight Jr.

          1. yes. Chima left because the producers are racist against black people. it didnt have anything to do at all with her ignoring big brothers commands “Chima please put on your microphone” “Chima, please come to the diary room” and it most certainly had nothing to do with her throwing her mic in the water. and as for Chima’s remarks against Russell, we all know that wasnt racist, because only white people can be racist, and only against black people.


  72. Oh an one more thing. Did you not read about Chima’s apology for her “racially charged comment”? Those are exactly her words, so don’t make excuses for her just because that’s what you heard on the show and read the apology.

    1. Apparently you have a readin and/or seeing problem. Listen to me care fully. I DON NOT AGREE, NOR DO I LIKE CJIMA. I THINK SHE IS SPOILED AND HER ATTITUDE SUCKS EGGS, BUT WHEN I HEAR RACISM I WILL BLAST IT. YA DIGGGG, JR.

  73. Anywho, on a more positive note….I am rooting for Jeff and Jordan all the way. Jeff is a very good gamer and he totally deserves to win. No need to argue over Chima anymore as far as I’m concerned. One question though, why are you calling me jr.?

  74. Hello people, just wanted to join in the chat! I am a huge fan of BB and look forward to it each time it’s on (don’t know what I would do it it were only once a week lol).
    The person with the post name ‘CHIMA’S STILL LYING’ – I totally agree with you 100%. I heard she was a journalist and I also heard she wanted her own show to come of this BB experience (before the expulsion). I do think that her “apology” was only for own gain (at least judging by her actions in the house, that’s what I would assume) and not at all genuine, otherwise she wouldn’t have taken it a step further with the Twin Tower comments. It’s really too bad that some people who enter the big brother house have to act that way and completely take that experience for granted, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime and you would think that they would go in with more class then that (especially with being fans of the previous seasons). With that said, I am glad she is gone and I am glad Lydia is gone, I think the whole atmosphere in the house will change now for the better. It’s getting down to the nitty gritty and the competitions (veto, HoH) are more important than ever! I look forward to seeing what will happen next!! :-)

  75. I’m not using harsh words. as a matter of fact i appreciate the fact that you disagree with the “typical black woman” comment. but when i hear racism i’m gonna blast it. people that post here know who mitch is, i have a reputation for justifying injustice, even if that means correcting a racist quote on a simple blog. i don’t want to be made out to be a monster for what i believe, and i’m sure you don’t either.

  76. well im still hoping for jeff and jordan there going to back door russel DUH!! then either kevin or natalie is going to win and nominate jeff or jordan so BAD

  77. I am sooo glad glad glad they back doored russel.. it was a smart move.. everybody was / is going after Jeff and Jordan it was all a matter of who and when it would happen. However Jeff had to get russel out now he is the best pshyical competitor in there other then himself…and Michelle and jordan can hold their own.. WITH Russel gone Michelle will be TRUE to Jeff and Jordan.. but with russel there she can follow russel for final two.. and since his punk ass wont be there anymore michelle has to stay with j/j…. Anybody who thinks it was a dumb move to back door russel is not paying attention very well and shouldnt open their mouth.. NO way in hell if Rus was HOH jeff wouldnt be on the block and or back doored.. Rus has only said time and time again he would back stab and do whatever he had to to win. and that would of been it take out Jeff.. You think Jeff is dumb enough not to know that EVERYBODY besides Jordan wants hime out you gotta be outta ur dang mind.. Jeff is hella smarter then that. either way GO JEFF.. win this show.. or Jordan…no no noooo way in hell i want Kev or Nat to win.. F that..

    1. Wow am I even watching the same show. I like the drama that the s***-disturbers cause. Chima (as much as I hate her play) made the show interesting. Jesse and LYdia added the sexual flair and Ronnie was the person everyone loved to hate. I think we should be hoping the get rid of the boring people.

    2. Since Jeff is making a stupid move he deserves to go home next week Russel wanted to honer the final four deal Kev and Nat dont give a damn is the win Jeff and Jorden will be up next week. He is trusing Nat and Kev over Russel what. Ok lets see what happens next week if Russel leaving was such a good move.

      1. Russell and Michelle were going to put Jeff on the block first chance they got, so NO, Russell had no intention of honoring any ‘final four’ deal!

        1. If Jeff was smart he would have worked Russell more and kept him to the final 2 so he could get the half million. Afterall that is the purpose of the game. If he (Jeff) takes Jordan which he can’t he will be settling for 50,000 for sure.

  78. Since Jeff is making a stupid move he deserves to go home next week Russel wanted to honor the final four deal Kev and Nat dont give a damn if they win Jeff and Jorden will be up next week. He is trusting Nat and Kev over Russel what. Ok lets see what happens next week if Russel leaving was such a good move. Darn don”t prove read after you send

  79. no he doesnt deserve to go home even though he made a stupid move cuz everybody makes dumbmoves and besides hes hottt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Hey beleieve me im really jeff’s neice i can get a pic with him and everything!!!!!
    oh whatever nobody ever believes me anyway if only i could prove to you


  82. re: Chima —100% of White people are racist absoluately no african americans are racist against whites. We are owed eveything that we were given for free, welfare, food stamps, free medical care, we are owed this and we are not racist. Who cares if hardworking white people pay for us to live, this is our right as african americans.

    1. Shaniqua, just to let you know that my family is multiracial. We are black, Mexican, Indian and white. We don’t see color and we are NOT racist and to say that is soooooooooooooooooooooooo ignorant!!!!!!!!

    2. the (white folks) do owe blacks for unpaid wages. And they wonder why black folks are so angry, because of the way they were treated in the past. No other minority race went threw slavery and alot of other racial shit black folks experienced. For that they are owed. What do people think its easy for black folks to just forget about how their people were treated. Thats like your mothers boss working her to death and then didn’t pay her for anything she did all while she was working there and his company’s net worth is millions of dollars. You’ll be mad at that boss forever, long after your mother died and you’ll want to be paid for the work your mother put into that company.

      1. last time i checked, there was no slavery in our life time. Get out of the past. That was over 200 years ago. Life is what you make of it, I for one have never been mean to anyone no matter what color or faith they happen to be.

  83. Shaniqua, I’m sorry but white people don’t owe you or anybody else a damn thing. Get off your butt and work for what you want. I or anyone else should have to support you so you can get free stuff. That is what is wrong with the world. Its people like you that think everyone owes them something. You are ignorant and I fell very sorry for you.

  84. Simon, I was away on the night this stuff all happened, I been trying to read the posts to figure out what happened but I am not getting any satisfaction.

    Could you explain what happened with this key? And how it went down with the HOH room and such” I feel like I missed a big chunck of the show lol

    I have been following it religiously and now I feel like I missed the entire season :O

    Thanks for any help ..

    1. Just want to applaud Jeff, Kevin and Jordon for being stand up role models as fine people.
      They are the healthiest contestants that have been on any big brother.
      No doubt one of them will win….just cuz they know how to play the game with integrity,
      and authenticity. Jeff is charming, caring, witty and smart. Kevin is adorable with a heart of gold. Jordon is just real and need not be anything else. You go girl.
      Thanks guys for showing our youth how to be to win in any situation.

      1. “Ms MEME says.Just want to applaud Jeff, Kevin and Jordon for being stand up role models as fine people.
        They are the healthiest contestants that have been on any big brother.”

        Jeff said Russel was very disrespectful to women and he didn’t like him at all, in Russel’s leaving message. That same night on BBAD i watch and listen him speaking nat, jordan and michelle cussing like crazy. F word every other word out his mouth. Guy has a trash can mouth. He saved russel only to back stab himself thats why he’s leaving next.
        Jordan was running around the house on the second night in lingerie. Flashing her bobbs at the camera and Jessie for his wine. She use to be all up on russel, but i don’t think he was interest in her. Now jeff is carrying thru the game
        Kevin is the one who vote against Natile and lies about it. She is so dumb she’s blaming russel.
        Very poor role models.

  85. BB 11 should be renamed. Jeff and Jordan’s show
    Main cast::
    Jeff: -the gangster
    Jordan: the bimbo blonde-
    Other HGs-supporting dummies

    On tonight’s show J and j occupied 90% of the screen. All the cute, sweet stuff–none of the nast stuff.
    BB will NOT let Jeff and Jordo go It’s all a big huge set up.

    Also, did anyone notice how Jeff is not worried anymore????Hummmmmmm! Did production tell him something they didn’t tell us or the others???
    The change in his attitude is soooo suspicious.He is not worried.

  86. why is it ok to use the “F” word so much? Are you people that ignorant you don’t know how to express yourself without it?

  87. I think Russell is coming back tonight and maybe there will be a Diamond Veto in the midst to throw the Jeff/Jordan nominations out the door, depending who gets it. Hmm…we’ll just have to tune in tonight to find out!!

  88. i am soooo upset about jeff leaving tonight! He is the ONLY one that has played this game on which it was founded. yes,anything can happen but he has played this game not only striticily but holding to his word which is extremely rare.(first time I have ever seen in the 11yrs i have been a fan. if jeff dosen’t be a “always expect the unexpected” I will lose faith in this game..Love this game and I hope it won’t be my last one! Please’please give Jeff another chance. If he doesn’t make it at least I’ll feel better and can then can stay a fan next year!

    1. What do you mean, lying is a part of the BB game, backdooring others is the name of the game, staying to the end is what it is all about. Some of you are really confusing, since this game is about lying and lasting the longest.

  89. I think it is really strange that NOW the gold room comes into play once the finder of the key is gone. Poor choice by AG to keep this going. BB11 will probably be the last BB I am going to subscribe to. I guess that future contestants will see this and know that you can be a slider and still win if production wants you too. Maybe they should have kept Chima !!

  90. OMG, Natalie is HOH. Please Michelle, win the POV!! You know that she will put you on the block, you’re her biggest threat. I am so mad that Russell is gone!! It would have been entertaining to see R and J in the final 2. I hope Jordan goes home Sunday.


  92. Can’t believe Jeff is gone. He is the only one who was truly playing the game and earned his
    place there. With Jeff gone I sure hope Jordon wins the rest of the players are just not worthy!!! BB is now pretty boring with the four who are left and is not one of my “don’t miss television shows” anymore.

  93. I’m pissed that bb let Kevin cheat on the play dough that Gnat and Kevin made, so he could win the POV. Now Michelle is gone and that is not right. These two cheated their way into winning. I will no longer watch BB unless BB does something about this. It is not right at all. Michelle and Jordan did not do that, and probably would have been called out for doing so.
    I have no respect for Kevin or Natalie for cheating and for BB to let them get awy with it.
    So long bb will no longer watch.

  94. I think that bb is fake cause is it fair that nat and keven made a calander with the dates it didnt make the comp fair this is the worst bb ever. cbs get some real people to go on the road people who are honest not back stabbers or real people who need the money . A lot of people out there are hurting just to put food on the table.

  95. omg jeff is my fav and now thts hes gone go jordan!!!!! eww i h8 natalieee i hope jordan wins if not michelle then kevin then natalie which is worst case senerio

  96. i am soo sad that jeffie left!! not only was he a hottie to look at but he was such an amazingly smart/cute/outgoing/PERFECT SEXY MAN!!! it is soo funny because my husband and i watch and i was obsessed with jeff and he with jordan! but honestly i hope jordan or michelle wins…if not i just wouldnt feel right about the others winning the money! i wish u all could hear my impression of natalie!!!! hahahah just imagine… * ALL IN VERY LOUD WORDS!!!!* ( UMMMM….. KEVIN IS MY ALLY..AND UMMM I JUST LOVE MY BOYFRIEND (by the way which was sooo fn awkward him proposing….hahahaha) anyway….UMM I WON HOH WITH MY WORD KEVIN LOL AND I JUST COULDNT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT MY WORD AHHHHHH ( im sorry but u have to hear it….it is sooo fn funny she is the dumbest 20 sumthin year old ive ever heard honestly u shouldve just really said you were 18 u dumbass… i cannot wait until u see how dumb u look on tv!! well everyone be on the lookout for me on BB MY name is ASHLEY!! i am i mother of a gorgeous 14 month old and still lookin sexayy!! hehe ya right well im gonna try to get on there and hopefully u all vote for me! anywayyyy DO NOT VOTE FOR NATALIE OR KEVIN IF U DONT HAVE TO!! and if you have to vote for kevin!! i really want jordan to win now tho that jeffies gone !

  97. It’s so interesting that Natalie can point out how much of a back-stabber and lyer Michelle is. Well, what about her? For the whole season, she has lied about her age and that sad story she made up about Pandora’s box and how first lied about what really happened, has shown her true colours too. It’s so interesting, that everyone pretty much in Big Brother has been lied to, and they all accept it as being part of the game. But then there’s always people who have been lied to – and who also lie in the game – and end up putting up a big stink about it, and begin throwing it in people’s faces (example Ronnie and Natalie). Before attacking other people for lying, first check yourself. First check the log in your eye, before checking the speck in someone else’s. I also think that Natalie believes that she has the $500 000.00 in the bag. Well Natalie, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. And if she does win, it would be truly sad, because they’re basically rewarded a player who did absolutely nothing.

  98. I think for the pics up on top of the page there should be a horse showing it’s teeth for Laura’s pic…. Lincon for Jff, Taz for Chima….think these new funny pics are way better i love them

  99. Question, I’m not understanding how this 3 part thing works…. now that Kiven won part 1 what happens next? This is the 1st season I’ve ever watched BB…. can someone please tell me…. I hope Jordan can still win!!!

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