Big Brother 11 – After Dark Confirmed

big brother 11 afterdark

Yakkity Yaks did some investigative reporting and discovered that Big Brother 11 After Dark is a Go.

Thank you for contacting us! Showtime has announced that ?Big Brother After Dark? will return in July 2009 (a premiere date has not yet been set). Keep checking back for updates, and thanks for watching!

Showtime Customer Service

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Customer (SassyGal) 05/24/2009 09:35 PM
Will you be showing Big Brother After Dark for Big Brother 11?

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Thank God! Without this the show is not worth watching. After Dark IS the show!!!


i love bb after dark you get know what the house guests are realy like not what cbs says they like


There should be a couple of twists this time, as BB 10 was one of the dullest. It was hard to follow Evel Dick, but come on. I liked Eric as Americas Player, the existing relationships like in Dick and Danielle.


LOVE LOVE LOVE Big Brother After Dark! I keep Showtime year round just because of BBAfter DArk!


I subscribe to Showtime just for BB After Dark!! BB would not be the same without it. I would lose interest if I didn’t have After Dark!


I really enjoy watching after dark. I agree the show will not be the same. Hopefully showtime will always pick up the after dark…..


anyone know the channel for bell satelite? PLEASE!


does anyone know what channell for Starchoice or i guess it’s now Shaw direct????? Please help!!!!


channel 310


if it wasn’t on show time i wouldnt watch it………………….and I hope jeff doesn’t get evicted!!


It must be just me, but these remaining people are about as interesting as it is to to watch paint dry.
And if Jordan and Michelle dont stop “scrubbing” their teeth, I swear Im going to lose my mind. It is like they dont have anything else to do, so they brush their teeth for 20 minutes.

They dont talk, so you hear every chew, sigh, lip smacking sound that they make.
Someone needs to have the hygiene talk with Natalie. She looks “dirty”. Maybe its her heritage (not sure what that is but she looks like she is greasy. She is so non-girly that no wonder she and Kevin get along so well, he is girly and she is manly. Weird.
OH GOD…NOW KEVIN IS CHEWING INTO HIS MICROPHONE in the HOH room. CANT TAKE IT.,,,as much as I want to watch the BBAD, I have to do it with sound muted or i will throw myself off my balcony..thank heaven i live on the ground floor.
Do these people ever talk? I only hear one or two real conversations in about a 15 min period. Somebody better do something to livin up the atmosphere, or there may not be a bbad next year. OMG…jorday and jeff are making bird noises. I gotta mute it again, they just switched to Kevin and he is STILL chewing. Im almost missing Jesse….but I;d still rather watch this than have CHIMA the psycho back.
Has natalie FINALLY come clean that she isnt 18? Im sure they all know, because she looks about 35. There is no way she can be even in her 20’s…but maybe if she would take a bath sometime, she might pass for 30.
I am almost glad to see the season come to an end. And I never have felt that before.
SAD-My favorite is Jeff and Jordan…even with the loud chewing


I am actually missing shows for the first time ever during a Big Brother season…I just don’t care because everyone seems so dumb. Michelle at least tries to make some moves but she is not too lively! Boring…I agree with your comments. Who cast this unlikely lot of disinterested humans? They don’t clean up their environment or keep themselves in good hygiene and tonight we had to watch Jordan pound back frozen cookie dough!!! Is she 2 years old???Oh well, I give up! I hope Jeff can get someone to make a move.