“I don’t think I’ve seen two people like that make it this far. There’s always one person that gets dragged along but now there’s two” [Enzo and Nicole]

1:38 pm Memphis and Tyler
Memphis – I’m leaning towards voting you out.. You’re a beast and you scare me. Honestly, between me and you, the only way I am going to make it through this f**ing thing is if I win 2 vetos. This coming veto and the next one. That’s the only way. I think everyone is looking at me the same way.
Memphis – If my a$$ is on the block it’s the same way and if they don’t they’re idiots
Tyler – I think you’ve rubbed people in the jury the wrong way that is why I wanted run through this thing with you. But I do thin you can win
Memphis – with Enzo and Nicole still in this house there’s no way .. whoever is making that decision with the veto there’s no f***ing way they are going to keep me that would be dumb does that make sense.
Tyler – yeah those two

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