“The crazy thing about the alliance we’ll create two. We’ll create them with the exact same name.”

10:50 am Enzo and Memphis
Memphis talking about how different Ian was talking to him the other day “He’s a persuasive person”
Enzo – he’s wearing jeans now..
Memphis – he was putting on an act these past weeks.. I’m like Dude you literally are talking to me like a completely different person.. Dude this f***ing guy.. Obviously I want to send his ass home I just hope we have the votes.
Memphis thinks they should have the votes this week.
Memphis – I have an idea that I have been mulling over it has to do with me and YOU and it has to do with two other people.
Memphis – me and you making the final. it has to do with us creating two different alliances, me and you and one other person.
Memphis – two separate alliance but me and you are in both with a person on the side.

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