Madaline “Imagine if we can pull this off & blindside Chris like he did to you guys. That’s a big f**k you!”

11:20pm Hot Tub – Micheal, John Luke, Hira, Madaline. Micheal – Like I think that Ang is not going to tell anyone how she is going to vote but when she gets in there she is going to be like “Micheal”. Hira – vote out Micheal? Micheal – no like vote to keep me. Hira – yeah you have to go with them. Work them hard! Even Jamer .. work him! Micheal – but Sue and Vanessa are the ones that .. are the f**king snakes man. But I am not threatened by Sue. I am threatened by Vanessa. Hira – yeah Vanessa is a beast! Micheal – the only thing that I know Vanessa is not good at is mental sh*t. Hira – yeah, physically she is really good.

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