“I was told in the before that I was a country Laura Croft “

10:10 am Final 3 Champaign breakfast
Nicole mentions how she didn’t do “that Great” in the Competition last night but says it was an amazing set.
J – That was an experience
H – that was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in my life
N – like when in your life will you jump from rotating pilers
N – It was very nancy drew, Indiana jones-esic and I love it.
H – I felt like Laura Croft
J – you looked like Laura Croft. I say that to you all the time
H – I know. I was told that in the before that I was a country Laura croft
Nicole says they are the “bionic woman and man” adds that they looked like they were moving in “fast motion” and she was in “slow-motion”
N – they’re not your average people. I don’t know what the f* they are some kinda robot people

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