“Are you guys really going to let Christie survive the block three times in a row. you can’t beat that in the end “

2:35 pm Nick and Nicole
Nick says to stick with Michie and Holly “they are trustworthy. Tommy will never vote for you he’ll do whatever is best for him”

Nicole – I love him but I know what you are saying
Nick says use Michie and Holly as a shield “they like you and they know you are super loyal”
Nick – if you win HOH next week and I’m not here hook up with them
Nick saying that Tommy was all about getting Christie out last week now he is not mentioning anything about it.
Nick goes over all his points to campaign to Tommy. He Adds after he gets evicted Jess will put up Cliff and Tommy because she’s probably made a deal with Michie and Holly so she will put up Tommy and Cliff.

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