Michie and Holly Flip? “If they’re smart enough to be thinking long term, not these next couple weeks”


2:17 pm Cliff and Nick
Nick – I would put up Christie/Sis or Christie/Jack, I don’t know if I want Jack to play
CLiff was thinking of not putting up Jack and backdooring him.
Nick – Christie is 100% going up if I win (NICK FOR HOH)
Nick – she’s been cocky again, oh no one will ever put me up. She just said it again today. I’m going to have it (her power) for double eviction. I’d love her to eat her words.
Cliff – Bella was giddy talking about it and if she can make it work it would be HUGE
Nick – bro 5-5, I said if it goes 5-5 and Cliff goes Sorry Bella I’ll f*ing walk out the door with you
Cliff – yeah, No. Here’s the deal if it gets to that point and I didn’t go ahead and pull the trigger and make it happen not only have I screwed you over, I’ve also screwed over Jess, and Nicole, and Michie and Holly to some respect. Everyone who stuck their neck out this plan suddenly is done.
Cliff – I don’t see how I couldn’t do it

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