“In Some ways the best thing that can happen is Nat doesn’t use the veto”

9:23pm Tom and Kato
Talking about them winning HOH back to back..
Tom – it looked like he fell for real
Kato – Ricky? That’s what I’m saying..
T – I don’t know if he was bluffing when he kicked that ball. It didn’t go through the hoop.. I don’t think he’s the biggest threat
T – these games are not just about being an athlete.. It’s about analyzing the game..
T – I think also because we’ve been on Television more than anyone in the house you’re sorta like a little bit more aware of how this all works..
K – you’re right
T – I think we might win these games a lot
T – My thinking.. OK.. We should probably get Joey out of here anyways.. He’s probably the best player other than us Including Natalie and LOLO (lol)

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