Final Feeds “Do you think she feels played”

2:49pm Kaycee, Tyler and JC
Talking about Kaitlyn running around telling everyone she fallen in love with them (Fes, Brett and Tyler)
Tyler brings up that KAitlyn thought Brett had a power and was able to flip two votes. this was during the “Winston and Brett vote”
T – I just looked at the camera..
Kaycee – they probably show her following you around
T – yeah
Kaycee – like on your a$$… on your a$$
T – all the time constantly
JC – poor Kaitlyn, do you think she feels played
Tyler – Yeah
JC – do you think she’ll talk to you
Tyler – Yeah
Tyler says he likes Kaitlyn as a person, ” I enjoy her company.. she’s fun she’s crazy”
Kaycee and JC agree she was funny.
Kaycee – she’ll be cool at the club and sh1t

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