“I win, I am more hated. You have to continue on. I will go home.”

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9:01pm Bedroom. Tyler and Angela. Angela – Girls hate girls. So lets count. I have Bayleigh, Rockstar, Sam, Haleigh and Fes. You have Brett and Scottie. Tyler – so you get Rockstar hating you and I’ll get Bayleigh hating me. Angela – no I backdoored her. You had nothing to do with her backdooring. Tyler – yes I did, I put on sunglasses. She hated it. Angela – I made a speech about her being the hacker. You just told her. I win, I am more hated. You have to continue on. I will go home. This is the way it has to go. I should just tell Kaycee. Tyler – no. Angela – no look at the numbers, there is no way.

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Spoilers and final week Big Brother 20 Wrap up

Thursday 20th episode will have the veto competition followed by the veto winner casting the single vote to evict. This leaves us with the final 3 for the season.

Final 3 HOH break down 

Part One will be started on the Thursday Sept 20th show. This one is the endurance and is sometimes shown on the feeds.

Part Two will be played on Saturday Sept 22nd. This one will be shown on the finale night. It’s usually an athletic puzzle

Part Three will be played on Finale night live Sept 26th it’s a questions crap shoot

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