Big Brother 13: Shelly Moore & Jeff Schroeder are now BBF’s! Death threats have died down..

Big Brother contestant Shelly Moore says she’s now best buds with former housemate Jeff Schroeder — despite last month’s feud that led some crazed fans to threaten to kill Shelly and her family.

In case you forgot, Shelly voted to evict the fan-favorite Jeff last month — and a handful of psychotic viewers REVOLTED … calling Shelly’s house and issuing DEATH THREATS.

But last night in L.A., Shelly said it’s all in the past — the threats have since died down … and she’s now on great terms with Jeff.

Shelly tells us, “This is a game … Some fans get really excited, some get really crazy. It is what it is. We are fine. We are wonderful … Jeff and Jordan and all of us, we’re all buddies … LIFE IS GOOD!”

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