Big Brother 13 Kaila Booker

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Houseguests Move in, Jason Thomas Speaks, No Jessie/Natalie and Kalia Booker superstar

8 BB13 Players Move into the house July 2nd

Today the Big Brother 13 Cast moved into the house were they will spend the days leading up to the premiere July 7th getting use to the Big Brother House. Rumor has it that the Mystery Six is in sequester and won’t be introduced to the regular players until Thursday. Follow @BigBspoilers and @Dawgsbigbrother on Twitter for recent crazed out spoilers. There is also a Facebook page here . Don’t forget The early bird special last until July6th this is going to be one of the greatest season of BB in history, imagine what couple happen with Dick and Rachel in the house… AWESOME! Get your feeds early get them cheap $29.99 limited time offer

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