big brother 13 twist

Big Brother 13 Spoilers “Dynamic Duos from the past play a significant roll this season”

Confirmed The Theme of the BIG BROTHER 13 House is Venice Beach Julie is interviewed by ET Canada:
Julie Chen “What do you think of when you go to venice beach… Tatoos, Tarot Cards, Palm readers” ..”There is a Bedroom that Julie Chen calls the “Katy Perry” bedroom”.
Julie Chen Spills some Twists saying it’s “Dynamic Duos From the Past that Play a significant roll this season” So it’s confirmed Jessie and Natalie are coming back.

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Big Brother 13 House 1

Big Brother 13 House Pics Part 2

Holy shit here’s a giant chunky monkey of new BIG BROTHER 13 House Pics. I’m really liking the graffiti and the fortune teller.. Hmm possible Tom Hanks “BIG” twist.. lol

BB13 Cast Revealed Thursday – 6am PST

BB13 Starts July 7th pounds out the spoilers from July 7th to the second the feeds are cut in September support us get the live feeds for cheap $29.99 for the entire season it’s going to be a riot. early bird special. heres a direct link
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Big Brother 13 Rumor Control Part 2 – Ragan Fox and Daniele Donato expose BB13 RUMORS

Get Ready For Big Brother, Tuesday 3pm PT/6pm ET

Ragan Fox and Daniele Donato rev up the Big Brother 13 pre-season with their new show Rumor Control. There will only be three shows, so catch every one! Tuesdays June 21, 28 and July 5! Call in and ask your questions: 1-877-448-6639

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** Rumors will be updated as we hear them live **

• Dani and Ragan think the new houseguests might get pregnant from the round bed because it’s been used and abused.
• Ragan says that he read the theme is supposed to be a Venace beach theme.

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