Big Brother 13 Live Feeds

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: News Recap from the Internets (2011-06-15)

A lotta BIG BROTHER news hitting us these last 2 weeks. Firstly we finally find out what features are coming out for the Live Feeds and what Mobile devices will support it. Secondly all the feed fanatics out there (@dawgsbigbrother and @bigbspoilers) have to wait until Friday for the BB13 EARLY BIRD specials to be available. Thirdly launched our Big Brother 13 Wrap Party contest everyone should enter it’s easy peesey.

New Live Feeds and Mobile Devices

We’ve outlined the Big Brother Live Feed Features in a past post. Essentially they’ve added a bunch of tools which will let you experience a richer chat experience, make comments on videos posted and write your reactions to houseguest activities. There is also is a heap new live show Commentary like former fan favorites Ragan/Daniele and the Chelsia/Missy. The feeds themselves are not going to be changed, sadly a move to HD was not in the cards this year :( . There will still be 24/7 coverage, 4 Cameras, and Specials like The Big Brother Wrap party and finale shows.

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