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What Should Dani Do


When will JJ and BR duke it out


What should Jordan do


Jeff and Kalia fight over Dumbledore being gay

Jeff doesn’t think a Gay headmaster for little kids is right Kalia does you decide for yourself who is wrong who is right Here is the Flashback time July 12 @ 6:45pm CAM 1-4 Here is the post covering the event and you can view the video on


Big Brother 13 Most hated houseguests

POll of the week

Big Brother 13 Returning Allstar Poll

June 30th, which allstar do you want to see back


Big Brother 13 House guest Poll

June 30th, Whose the biggest douche Check out the Big Brother 13 Cast Bios

Big Brother 13 Poll June 13th

Out of all of the twists, which one do you think was the best?? If you don’t remember all the twists or need a refresher, review all the Big Brother twists.

Big Brother 13 Poll March 12

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Wow! I can’t believe the “Summer of Sabotage” has received 12 votes. The only thing (in my opinion) that redeemed that twist was when Ragen was the Saboteur. Too bad it was only for a week.


Oops. I accidently voted summer of sabatoge but I liked the “Big Brother All Stars BEST!” Mainly because they decorated the room like the persons personality. (:


Dick *if he’s still alive* made me laugh. (well unless he’s not, then I’ll feel bad)

Brenden followed closely by Dick for my vote


dicks gonna win and if he doesnt he is atleast in the final three and doms going the furthest of the newbies and lawon is crazy


Actually DOM and Dick are out.


what happen to Dick?


Go to his website to hear his comment.


I hope Domonic gets affected next thursday:)


i think cacci,and adam and dominic is not to b trusted at all i dont think there playin the game good at all. i might b a lil. late on votin but i did it all the same……………..


I dont think domink needs to go brandon and racheal of all for themselfs they just need to do there own thing and the fights are childish :/ And rachel needs to stop crying because she is so annoying and i HATE BRANDON i think domink should never went home he choyld of stad in the game we a danielle needs to fight really hard if she wants to win!


So much pain —What a fake!!!!!!! Real pain that bad would be going home!!!!!!!!!


“So “SICK” of seeing, “RACH” “WHEN” will “SOMEONE” PLEASE KICK HER OUT!!!! BEFORE, the JURY HOUSE!!!!!!!! So over HER!

lola c

amen to that !!. I think that we are all fed up with her .she thinks that she is the best of the best .but I don’t think so and her Brenden does’nt help .he is starting to act just like her .I used to like him but not now.

chief c

rachel is like an accident on the highway some people rubberneck to see but any one with a sense of humanity hurries by unwilling to watch because its tragic .NOT ENTERTAINING


This is the worse big brother yet. I am tired of seeing the veterans win they already had their chance to win last season. I would like to see the newbees win. I wish they would get rid of rachel or porsche first then just go down the line with, shelly, kalia. and so on… My favs are lawson, cassi and dom. I would like to see dom and cassi go to the end and win!!!.




THANK YOU!! totaly aggreed, shelly act like she doesnt lie and she sets examples but shes a liar cheeter and manipulater,and who in the hell decided to bring rachel and brendon back, the most hated couple of big brother history?? i love jeff jordan danni dom cassi and lawon, if any of them win than thank you america




Big brother needs to shake things up. I felt like I was watching a re-run. The same old story of Jordan trying to win but Jeff lets her anyway. I like them both but that was last season. I can’t watch another episode with the same people running it. The newbees need to grow some balls and try to win. Shake-it up so they can get rachel out! or at least make her anxious or worried about her postion in the house.


i want jordan and jeff to win but rachel has skills and knows how to play the game,i think the newbees dont stand a chance they blew it the first week b cause of keith.


I agree with Shannon!

chick from louisiana

Why was Brendon not listed on the biggest Douche poll? I had to vote all of the above. LOl, @ dynamic duo- I vote Simon & Dawg!


I can’t wait for Rachel to get thrown out of the house she is sickening to watch her and for Brendon to put up with her fake life.


Everyone pray that Rachel gets sent home next week PLEASE I can’t wait till Brendon freaks out.


I wish Jordan would have back doored Rachel this week—-she just makes me sick with her annoying laugh—-she is so fake—they should have brought Janelle back instead.


Linda I couldn’t agree more get rid of Rachrat. One thing good about Jordan she isn’t picking at her skin all the time I guess she did get the medicine for that.


ate tsay it but jordan and jeff needs rachel and brendon at least for another 3 weeks or they wont stand a chance if they backdoor them to soon but i agree w/ u linda she gets to me to in a bad way…………..


Who cares! it’s everyone for themselves!! Brenchel needs to go!! I’m so over them. This game is getting out of control. Rachel is the WORST! Brendon is just an IDIOT!!!


Jordan should have gotten rid of Rachrat when she had the chance. Kalia needs to go now.This golden key thing sucks. Makes the competions a bore. Porche should have been first slug to leave. At least Keith had loyality to newbees. This game is so slanted to the oldies especially the gold key to Dani. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!


i hate rachel all she does is start drama and talk stuff that she can’t follow her laugh killes me and i want brandon to get rid of her and never talk to that faker and cryin in the bush LAME oh and america does hate her


kick rachel out and bring evil dick back i know what happen to dick and he’s sad but at the end he will be back


I agree, I’m sick of the Rachael show…can’t wait until someone has the guts to send her packing. Brendon would make a good “Herman” in a remake of “The Munsters”. The ones that seem to have the most class are JJ. Give credit to Jordon for telling Rachel she needs to control her mouth. Beware of Dani her father taught her well in playing this game.


ya but i want dani gone she sucks and a trader so early in the game


What a crock! Do you think we are all stupid or what? Big Brother is a joke. Their is no way the people in big brother house would have kept Rachael there. You kept her because America loves to hate her and it helps ratings. As an American I’m here to tell you that we are not as stupid as you think. We are all sick of Rachael and she is not worth hating anymore cause she is nothing but a joke……..a bad joke! By the way, why did you have everyone fake crying on the last show, Did you think that would increase ratings too. I won’t waste anymore time watching because everything is scripted. Come on America let them know we do NOT appreciate being treated like idiots.

Marla says:

Vickie, You took the words right out of my mouth! There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how nauseating Rachael makes me! Brandon too! No class! Following Rachael around like a kiss-ass puppy. How pathetic! I just wish “Bill O’Reilly from “FOX News” could read your comment on the air!


If you believe this show is for real you need to think again. It is all scripted and they are playing all of us for fools. Do you actually think the people in big brother house would have kept Rachael if they weren’t told to. The question is how much are they being paid to do whatever they are told.


Vicki ~ I love and agree with all of your comments ~ you are so dead on right !




Ok, “HOW many “think”: this years “BIG BROTHER” show has completely gone to the dogs!” ) (Rach/Bren) And, the comment Rach made: “I Always Get My Way and/or I Always Get What I Want!” SICK!!!! To me, “Big Brother 13” has turned into: “THE RACHAEL SHOW!” This year is “NOT” even close so far, to being the “BIG BROTHER” show! It is, “THE RACHEL SHOW!” And, “WHY” would “Big Brother”, “ALLOW” all this MESS she (Rach) is doing!!!!!!! Plus, I would still love to know: “WHY”, Jordan was NOT made to PICK someone else to backdoor! Last year when Bran put up Brit and TOLD her, she was going home, just as Jordan told Cassi she was going home, Bran was made to pick another person, due to telling Brit that! (JORDAN EVEN SAID: “ON, LIVE FEEDS, SHE WAS “NOT” SUPPOSE TO DO THAT!” (Tell Cassi) Has “Big Brother”, NOW “GIVEN” this entire show to: “RACHEL”!!!!! I must admit, I have stopped watching the: “LIVE FEEDS and SHOWTIME 2!” “NO Chatting”, etc….. “AT LEAST UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE ABOUT THIS!!!” “NOT worth it/her or the money!!!!!!” (I TRULY “saved money”: To able to “MAKE SURE”, “I was able to get the FEEDS/Showtime 2”, and FOR “WHAT”!” So VERY SICK!!!!! (And, as bad as the economy is, I AM SURE OTHERS HAVE DONE WITHOUT ALSO< TO MAKE SURE THEY HAD THIS FOR THE SUMMER!) Someone NEEDS to, SEND: "RACH and/or BREN HOME": "BEFORE" one of them get to "JURY!" "OMG", "Big Brother", ARE YOU evern watching, can you NOT see they (the Vets) are all just on there and are also, just doing what they can, "SO THEY CAN SPEND THE SUMMER TOGETHER", for a "FREE Vacation!!!!!!?????????" "WHICH I KNOW SOME OF "OUR HARD EARNED MONEY IS PAYING FOR"!!!! "SOMEONE NEEDS TO GO HOME!!!!" "NOT JURY!!!!!!!!!" "OUT OF THE FOUR!" (Mainly: "RACH/BREN") OR, IS "BIG BROTHER" scarred of them also!!!!!???? I would hate to see J&J go, as they really are trying to play the game, but they too are tooooo, "DANG SCARRED of BREN/RACH", to make a move tooooo! "THE WORST SEASON EVER, BY FAR!" "IF", something does not give, I will "NOT", be getting the feeds next year, for sure! I could have watched: "LAST SEASON OVER"!! "IF", I wanted to see this MESS, again!!!! And, I am upset due to, "Cassi" got sent out: "NOT BECAUSE OF THE GAME", BUT, "ONLY DUE TO: "RACHAEL" and her cattiness and personal reason's!" (THIS IS NOT BIG BROTHER") PLEASE, "BIG BROTHER", get a grip!!!!!" It is sad when the: "BEST SHOW EVER", has turned out to the "WORST" in "ONLY TWO WEEKS!!!" And, "ALL" the people who have the "GOLDEN KEYS" are "NOTHING" but "FLOATERS!" (NOT EVEN, PLAYING THE DANG GAME!!!!!) With the exception of Shelley! But I am now, "even questioning her actions! "IF" I wanted to pay all this money to WATCH: 'THE RACHEL SHOW", I would have "NOT", have: "PAID MY MONEY" for the feeds nor showtime 2 and just watch "NOTHING" or the reruns from last year! I noticed that: "Cassi nor Keith" was on "THE EARLY SHOW" and I can "ONLY PRAY": that "CASSI and/or Keith", "MAINLY CASSI", will be brought back, (But: "NOT to just walk back in and be thrown right back out!!!!!!") But, "HOPEFULLY" to get the "Finally GOLDEN KEY" and that: "THIS KEY, "WILL HAVE": "POWER"! In hopes, to keep "HER SAFE", at least: "TILL HOPEFULLY the FINAL FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ("LOOK HOW LONG THESE OTHER's HAVE FLOATED THROUGH!) "IT WOULD "ONLY BE THE "RIGHT THING" TO DO!" And, that TWO people can get evicted! (HOPEFULLY: RACH/BREN) Due to: ED went home also! MAYBE Cassie can get back in there, "Send RACH/BREN, BOTH HOME!" "NOT TO JURY"! "BUT HOME"! And, "THEN" and "ONLY THEN": "WE can and will", have: "OUR BIG BROTHER SHOW BACK!!!!!!" "I do NOT think I am ALONE", in this either! IF, "Big Brother": "REALLY" thinks that "WE" want to see: "THE RACHAEL SHOW" and/or "THE RACH/BREN SHOW", "WHY NOT ASK US????", "THE PAYING PEOPLE", "WHO WATCH EVERY YEAR", "WHAT WE THOUGHT/THINK"!!!!! "WE THOUGHT WE WERE PAYING TO WATCH": "BIG BROTHER" "NOT", "THE RACH/BREN SHOW"!!!!!!???????????? "I CAN ONLY HOPE/PRAY "BIG BROTHER" WILL SEE AND READ THIS AND "RETHINK" THIS SEASON!!!!!!!!" "PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!"


I really didnt understand your comment. All i know is your have a lot of Hate towards Brendon and Rachel. I really like Brenchal & I understand we all have opinons but I think that the reason everyone hates Brenchal is that she is a Very big Threat. She wins 99% Of all the Compitions she does..and she found a guy. & Some people even said at the begining they wouldnt mind finding someone.


i addmit i liked rach at first but she wines 2 much, if she would stop wineing and play the game and stick 2 the plan rach/bren and jeff/jordan final 4 and fight 2 the death, just kidding lol………….


Thankyou…finally someone real. I agree wholeheartedly. It really shows how many souls out there concentrate on the outside of people. Especially the ones that are outside. I really wish that it was understood that the people that are talking crap about Brenchel are the ones that look bad. I may not agree with how things get handled by them sometimes. But reactions change with age and knowledge. What exactly do people keep saying they are afraid of them for?Afraid of what? I really like that for the most part, Rachel has really tried to hang onto her emotions and not react as badly as lastyear. It not only says alot about her character but it says ALOT MORE about the people who assume they know her every reaction. I give her alot of credit for going back on the show for this season after the humiliation dished out at her lastyear. I am praying that she can prove that she doesn’t NEED Brendan to keep her real, but instead that anyone can be Better than thier best with loyalty, trust and love. Who doesn’t want that??


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Britney isn’t it!


You really dont pay attention to the show do you. Or you wouldnt be saying things you know nothing about. Watch the show and you will know what going on. Shelly, Dani and kalia are running the show. Rachel plays a good bitch and a good game. So why do you hate her, because she laugh funny, maybe just maybe you have traits that people dont like about you. So stop being so hateful. Or get on bb14 and let us watch you, and see what people say.Not nice at all, like my hubby said everybody got an opinion just like an a-hole.


Big Brother sucks What a crock! Do you think we are all stupid or what? Big Brother is a joke. Their is no way the people in big brother house would have kept Rachael there. You kept her because America loves to hate her and it helps ratings. As an American I’m here to tell you that we are not as stupid as you think. We are all sick of Rachael and she is not worth hating anymore cause she is nothing but a joke……..a bad joke! By the way, why did you have everyone fake crying on the last show, Did you think that would increase ratings too. I won’t waste anymore time watching because everything is scripted. Come on America let them know we do NOT appreciate being treated like idiots.


Agree 100% !
BB has manipulated this season for their ratings and have made compatitions for who THEY wanted to win ~ all of my bb fan friends are disgusted with the show this summer
The last comp for HOH getting the most doughnuts was MADE !!! for Rachel to win & they temped Porshe
so they could bring back double twist and keep Rachel & Jordan !!!

Ok call me stupid. But who is Jason Thomas. He is one of the names listed as “who is the biggest bouche bag…………….. I have never heard or seen him. Can someone answer this question for me? Am i just missing something?? Please help me out!!


Does anyone remember how good looking Brendan was? He proves ugly is a virus he caught from Rachrat. He looks terrible.
Rachrats makeup takes about 30 to 45 minutes and then she looks like a Picasso painting.


I am such a Big fan of Brendon/Rachel. I dont want to see them go home. Jordan already won money, and Daniele too (Sorry for spelling)
Rachel may have a very Very annoying laugh But that isnt a reason not to like her…She Is probably the BEST person there. I mean if Brendon could Finally win a HoH Then they will be doing Dick’s plan Shooting them off one by one (:
I loveeee Big Brother

hollis byrd

i dont like the show this year. i don’t think you should bring in old house guest because the fun is seeing the new faces and watching them learn the game. and if you bring in old house guest don’t make it somebody that is hated so much cause it turns you off the game. Rachel’s laugh, talk, movements, and how she is so in love with herself makes the how hard to watch. we find ourselves fast forwarding more of her so we miss a lot of the show. RATINGS has to be down this year.

Rilo Callow

I cant beilive most people disagree with jeff


i agree w/ everthing jeff has said soooooooooooo far…………


i think brendon is a baby and rachel is no better they deserve ea. other cause no one else would want such idiots.they r so much alike its not funny.


Maybe that is what they say about you. Shannon

Nick B

Uh, Jeff’s a total homophobe, I would hope most people disagree with him. He’s ignorant and poorly educated.

Jeez, u guyz r becoming ridiculously monotonous. WTF….! i’m starting to think that u guys r now stupid! i dont necessarily “die hard” for Brenchel, but all the comments are jst crazy, seriously! these pple r jst playing the f…..k’n game, so let them! everybody else is faking, y shudnt they? come’on now, relax..!


I fear for the future if Rachel and Brendan actually get married. He is a controlling idiot and she is a pathetic woman for putting up with him and his temper tantrums when she doesn’t do what he wants.
If they think they are fighting now, just wait…….


Brendan only proposed to Rachel because he cheated on her and never wanted to lose her. With all their fighting and the fact that they haven’t even been together that long will not make a successful marriage.
I hope Jeff and Jordan go far but I don’t want Jordan to win since she already has. I want a new player like Lawon or Shelly to win.


i ever knew brendon cheated on rachel, that explains alot,but i do love jeff and jordon but ur right i want shelly to win ,but jeff and jordon arnt there to win anyways there only there to spend the summer together…


I am not sure what show some are watching this year, but all I have seen “UNTIL last NITE, when DANI WON HOH, was “THE RACHAEL SHOW!” And, I am really sick of it! This year has NOT even been a “GAME” nor has been “BIG BROTHER!” All I have seen is “personal attacks” from Rachael/Brendon/J&J/Shelly (THE SNAKE), this year! I can only pray that CBS/BB13, will infact keept his “game’ at a flip! Otherwise we go back to watching “THE RACHEL SHOW” once again! So many of us, are die hard, “BB” Fans’ who get the feeds plus showtime 2 each and every year! This is our SUMMER! We save and we wait all year for BB! This has been the “worst season ever’, so far of BB! And, I pray that BB will do “something” to make sure that Dani/Lawon gets some kind of “special power” or else this season is over! I did not pay to watch RACH/BREN get a “wedding” nor to give J&J a Vacation for the summer! Why can’t BB leave these people OUT of the NEW GAMES!?! We had enough of Rach/Bren LAST SUMMER! “IF” I had known this would be another summer of Rach/Bren, I would HAVE NEVER PAID MY MONEY FOR THIS MESS! There NEEDS to be a “double Eviction” and Send Rach/Bren packing! Then, GET “SHELLEY” the snake out of this game!!!! Bring the NEWBIE’s back in, “IF” they will even come back, after all the personal attacks, and lets have a REAL BB GAME/SUMMER! It is the same ol’ thing with Rach, “IF” she does not get her way, she cries in the corner, THEN “BIG BRAN” acts like a “Fool” to so called protect her! Jeff has did a 180′, and he is now as bad as Rach/Bren are also! All of this group needs to be sent home packing! Bring back the “newbies” and let’s have a “real game”! I really do not care for Dani that much, But at least she “IS” playing the game! She is not running around with her head in the clouds, trying to have a summer vacation off of someone’s hard earned money! Like these others are! I think that “Shelley” has just gotten caught up in the “star struck” thing with Rach/Bren/J&J and she is NOT even thinking what she is doing! She is lying with every breathe! And, yet runs around like she has done NOTHING wrong! What a bad example for her child! “IF” BB is planning on continuing to keep the game like this, I do beleive that CBS/BB will infact LOSE ALOT OF THEIR FANS!


Will “BIG BROTHER” ever let Rach/Bren KNOW “THAT BIG BROTHER is “NOT” their HOUSE nor THEIR SHOW! Rach must be crazy “IF” she really believes that American Loves Her and/or Loves to Hate HER! WE just Plain DO NOT WANT HER nor BREN on there, NOR Do we WANT to EVER see them again! THEY BOTH NEED TO GO! The SOONER THE BETTER! “Please!’


I am so glad that Brendon is gone now to get rid of the cry baby girlfriend of his should be the next one to go. She is so fake and very ugly. They deserve each other


Yo Simon/dawg, you guys should really consider making a ‘Which houseguest do you want back in the house’ poll


Nice, thanks man


Familiarity, indeed, breeds contempt. Could Rachel be any more annoying? I barely made it
through last season – and what did CBS do, but stick her back into the house…what a psycho ~ and what a freaky couple she and Brandon are. They constantly need reinforcement from each other. (REAL healthy relationship there.) I have been hooked on BB since it started, but you must have run out of contestants or something. I looked forward to this season because I’m having sleep issues and needed some company in the middle of the night, but this season makes my stomach turn. It will be much improved once Rachel and Kahlia hit the door, and I’ll keep hoping that is sooner than later (Kahlia is just as nasty as Rachel). Please, CBS, do NOT encourage or even invite Rachel or Brendon to participate again…its disturbing.

I have a serious question. Is Rachel Bi Polar. She seriously acts like she has an emotional disorder. She is completely focused on herself and has no regards for others. That’s a little crazy! I truly think something is mentally wrong, no joke.



Roll Dog

Is it because you are just like her?


I think Jeff and Jordan are fun to watch. They are the new Ken and Barbie. These to should have there own show. Jordan should be in commercials or make up ads. She is so cut and funny. Jeff does all the decision making and Jordan just follows him around . What a great coulpe made in heaven. I think Jeff,Jordan or Rachell should win the whole thing they have all worked the hardest to win. CBS do somthing with this couple,they are GREAT.


i also think jeff and jordan should have their on show…jordan is great…..and jeff is somebody i could hang out with…seems down to earth…. shelly didnt care bout that phone call jordan gave her… thats a snake if i have ever seen one… and really looks like leather face…. kalia is a joke… porche has done nothing…. but cook slop and he took her off the block…..fake ppl…..give jeff and jordan their own show and your ratings will b better


I absolutely love JEFF & JORDAN. I would love to see Jordan win it all now. I hope Jordan or Rachel win Thursday. Just because Jordan won BB 11 DOES NOT mean Jordan doesn’t deserve it this time. Jordan is the sweetest &really pretty person. I would love to see her win. Por & Kalia doesn’t derserve to win because they don’t do anything. That is what so screwed up about the game, People who win don’t really deserve to win because they don’t do anything. and people who really play the game don’t won that’s not fair. I the jury people need to vote on who really played the game and not vote against someone because they are mad at someone that’s noway to be. They have got to vote for someone who played the game. Just like survior they do the samething. Survior is outwit, outplay, and outlast. BB 14 should have Dani, Dick, Jeff and Rachel and other vets to play that would be cool. I am rooting for Jordan and Rachel Thursday to win HOH. f2 Jordan and Rachel.


I am glad to c Shelly gone. That was dumb for Shelley to lie on BB. She taught her daughter not to lie. U Should be ashamed of urself,Shelly. U will learn a lesson from ur dau ghter.


LOL!!!! To all the Rachel haters I bet now you are changing your minds or are you rooting for the person Porsche who spikes peoples Muscle Milk. Rachel is gonna win this seasons BB 13 I gotta admit last year I hated her too but, after Jordan befriending her Rachel has showed some maturing and I’m glad because i was so tired of the crying…Hopefully she has changed and will win big. GO! Rachel!! Win!


If I had my choice I would vote only for Jordan she played the most honest game as for the final 2 w/o her I would not vote no one deserves it no one not in the ones left they used lied and kissed butt and Rachel cried so others would save her and leave for her.. she has a Psychological disorder.