Big Brother 11 Spoilers: Braden is a model for “True and complete romance is what Braden?s after!”

Big Brother 11 braden BRADEN’S VITALS
BIRTHDAY: September 13
HOMETOWN: Dana Point, California
LIFE’S GOAL: “Give thanks and praise to the Lord, my provider, for all my days.”
This romantic Virgo wants to look into the eyes of a girl who?s nice, sweet and true. It doesn?t matter if she?s tall or short, big or small, as long as she?s someone he can laugh and enjoy himself with. True and complete romance is what Braden?s after!
Saving the whales, the beaches, and the environment in general are important causes for Braden. He does his part to make sure the ocean and beaches are as clean as possible by picking up, and throwing away trash whenever he sees it. He enjoys camping, mountain biking, and swimming, and his hobbies include collecting Puka shells and playing chess. He?s not big video games or watching TV, unless of course, the Lakers are playing.

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