LOLO WINS the Power Of Veto! “I am glad that it was one of us!”

Dina – what do I do during that? Ricky – the veto ceremony .. Lolo will get up there and she will say I’m using or not using.. Dina – she’s keeping the veto ..obviously. So then I get that but what do I do Tuesday? Kandi – we don’t do the vote until Wednesday. Dina – oh so I’ve got to wait!? Kandi – everyone leaves the same day. Dina – so I don’t have to play the other games though right?! So I don’t have to do the thing tomorrow right?! Ricky – the HOH? Dina – no, yeah! Ricky – tomorrow is the veto ceremony. Dina – oh! So I still have to do that? Ricky – do what? You just have to sit here.. that’s all you have to do.

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