Kenny tells the Gremlins “We just need to win HOH and watch the other side folding on each other”

10:06pm bathroom Kenny and the gremlins

Kenny tells them they are in a good position because there’s lots of people on the other side with smaller secret alliance and as long as they get the power that entire side will began fighting within itself.

Sabrina says she doesn’t feel bad for lying because she’s learnt Neda told Jon about the girls alliance called the stupids.

Kenny thinks Sabrina shouldn’t feel bad it’s a game all they need to do is win HOH and watch the other side collapse.

Kenny explains everyone is lying and everyone is playing vicious they just happen to be on the losing side for right now.

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Heather burns the cookies “they taste like sh!t…. Ohh but with Nutella that’s a great idea”

7:50pm Heather burns the cookies :( she says she was too busy doing other things in the kitchen. No Worries Heather made plenty of batter and puts another couple dozen in the oven. This time she sets the timer.

Heather – “I’m making my dinner, unloading the dishwasher, doing the dishes and baking cookies and still cleaning the kitchen at the same time”

Adel says the cookies taste great he keeps eating them, pours nutella on them and makes a cookie nutella sandwich.

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Neda & Jon confront Sabrina and then Sarah SNAPS on SABRINA..

3:35pm Sabrina heads down to the living room – Sabrina tells Neda and JOn that she was not after Jon until two weeks ago. Sabrina calls over Arlie to clarify who the first five were after and Arlie tells her we were going to put up Jon. Neda and Sabrina start getting into it.. Sabrina then tells Rachelle that I can’t believe I was threatened to vote against you. Neda brings up how Rachelle talked about how Sabrina manipulated her. Jon and Neda ask Sabrina straight up .. would you have put Jon up after you swore on you family that you wouldnt? If the first five told you to vote me out would you? Would you have put me up if you won HOH and the first five told you to put me up after you swore you wouldn’t?? Sabrina dodges the question. The talk turn to s*x talk.

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JONs worried his girlfriend will leave him for KISSING ALLISON. Arlie asks have you cranked one out lately?!

1:30pm Out in the hot tub room – Jon worries that his girlfriend might leave him because he apparently gave Allison two pecks. Adel says that he saw them kiss a couple times when they were drunk. Jon is stressed out. Neda and the others tell him that they don’t think its bad and that she will still be there when he gets home. They talk about how Allison can’t even remembering it happening. They realize the house is opened up again and they head inside. Jon says I wanted to experience this with her and if this is what it takes for her to break up with me then so be it. Arlie tells him that he can think like a girl and thinks he is fine. Neda goes and talks to Allison in the storage room about it. Allison says that she honestly doesn’t remember it happening. Neda says that Jon is really worried that Janelle will break up with him.

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Heather’s 1 Hour Photo Task: Sabrina says that’s a good one! I used to model, I know!

Heather comes out of the diary room with a camera and tells them that she has to take their photos individually. She says that they have to be nice photos. She says you can look how you wanna look but they’ll be used later on. Heather heads out to the backyard with Rachelle to take her photos first. She takes a head shot first and then gets Rachelle to pose. Adel is next and he sits on the laundry box holding the pucks. Sabrina is next. She asks if Heather knows what the photos are for? Heather says yes. Sabrina asks if its fun? Heather says yeah. Jon compliments Sabrina and tells her that she does have a nice body. Big Brother tells the house guests that they’ll be on a backyard lock down, the house will be off limits. In the bedroom – Sabrina tells Adel that he has a way of making people feel good.

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Bloody Tampons in the shower & Neda’s Syrup Prank Hits the Havenots. “Mustard is the new Maple Syrup!”

9:15am In the bathroom – Adel gets into the shower. Soon after he says ewww.. there’s a bloody tampon in the shower! He grabs Kleenex and throws it in the garbage. Jon says eww. He goes into the bedroom and tells them that someone left a bloody tampon in the shower. WHo’s on their period? Neda says I am but it wasn’t me. Allison says I’m just starting but I haven’t used one yet. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Sabrina says aw.. I think it was me! It was me.. Aw I am sorry Adel. I took a shower last night and took it out. Adle says just deny it. Deny, deny, deny! Sabrina says I was taking a shower last night and cleaned myself. This is so embarrassing. Sabrina ask Adel who found it? Adel says I did. Don’t worry about it. Sabrina says but they’re in the bedroom telling everyone! Adel says it doesn’t matter just deny it.

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Adel’s “Weakened” power gets revealed “I Love Deli.. can we be boyfriend and boyfriend”

12:32am Bedroom crew Arlie, Adel, Neda, Jon and Allison

They calculate there is 5 eliminations and 10 people. Allison says it doesn’t add up there’s 10 people in the house with 4 full weeks left.
Adel – “There is no way next week Kenny can play in the veto”

Adel tells them about his power.

Adel tells them that after the third week his power weakened, “on the power of veto ceremony I could just replace anyone I want”
Allison – No you can’t”

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Sabrina “This is the meanest season ever.. do you think I’m like Amanda”

9:55pm Poolside Gremlins, Kenny and Sarah.

they are talking about the game the other side was playing in the kitchen picking who they would marry. Sabrina is pissed by it. (Nobody picked her)

Sabrina says Neda would make a despicable wife at least Sabrina can cook food and clean dishes.

Sabrina – “it’s a compliment nobody chose me I would not choose any of theses people except you Kenny”

Sarah leaves

Kenny tries them to stay positive tells them they will win the next HOH, they just need to sit back and find the humor in it. Rachelle thinks so many of the the HOH’s were by chance.

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Sabrina deeply hurt by the personal attacks against her “I wasn’t mean I’m only playing the Game”

8:16pm Sabrina and Jon

Jon asks her for no bullsh!t during this conversation
Sabrina agrees but wants no bullsh!t from Jon, She says it’s all real she is not going to bullshit

Sabrina now claims that she saw Arlie flipping 4 days ago.

Sabrina – “I’m upset you think i’m mean.. it hurts my feeling’
Jon says she’s playing a very manipulative game he doesn’t think she’s mean she jsut said a lot of things.

Sabrina says she heard that Jon said she was a “Backstabbing b1tch” and he wants her gone next week.

Jon doesn’t recall saying that say it’s not really in his character to say something like that.

Jon says at the time when he supposedly said that he didn’t want Sabrina gone., he wanted Andrew gone first, Kenny than Allison .

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Sabrina denies talking behind peoples back “I didn’t say anything horrible. wait until you see this at home”

7:20pm Bedroom Sabrina and Allison

Sabrina breaking down into a tidal wave of tears. Says she cannot believe that Allison has done this to her because she trusted Allison and loved her, “I’m not pissed I’m hurt cause I really liked you.

Sabrina – “I was honest to you … “
Allison explains to her she had no choice she was going home and Sabrina knew that.
Sabrina – Yes I’m not going to lie to you but I was honest about where my vote was.
Sabrina whimpers – “You are having fun up there when you know they all hate me and they are bashing me”

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Heather says Sabrina’s an evil wh*re! I just want to call them the evil side and we’re the good side.

4pm – 4:20pm In the kitchen – Allison, Neda, Jon and Heather talk about what to do if they get HOH. They talk about whether or not to put up Kenny right away with one of the Gremlins or if its better to put up the Gremlins and back door Kenny. Jon says its way better to put up the Gremlins first. He says if you put him up you are giving him a 100% chance to play in the veto whereas if you don’t put him up theres a chance he can’t even play in the veto and he will go up no matter what. (If one of the Gremlins won the veto they would take themselves off and Kenny would go up. And If rlie, Jon, Neda, Allison, Adel or Heather won the veto they would use it to take a Gremlin off and they would put up Kenny in their place.) Jon says at least with us we have all of use to talk to and enjoy but there’s only 4 of them .. that’s got to suck. Heather talks about how much she hates Rachelle. Jon tells Heather that Rachelle was laughing at her when she got her HOH room and she was dancing. Neda tells Heather that they called her Chucky’s Bride for like the whole season.

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THE LINE IN THE SAND IS DRAWN – Rachelle says I’m going to cut Arlie’s d**k off!!

1:40pm Sabrina and Kenny talk about how they know Arlie is flipping. Sabrina says that she told Arlie the 5 of them are in a perfect position. Sabrina says that Arlie wouldn’t even look her in the eye. They both talk about how conflicted Arlie is with the decision to flip. Rachelle joins them. Kenny talks about Arlie was planting seeds to blame Sabrina when he flips. Racehelle says that she is going to cut Arlie’s d**k off if he flips. Kenny says WHOA!

In the bathroom – Arlie talks to Sarah about how hard this decision is for him and tells her that he loves her dearly. Sarah goes into the bathroom stall and starts to cry. Arlie heads into the bedroom with Jon and tells him that he just told Sarah that he’s going with the other side 100%. Arlie says that he feels bad but that he begged Sarah not to go with Kenny so I don’t feel that bad about it. Arlie says its out .. and now Kenny will come after me .. but that’s fine. Allison and Adel join them and he tells them about how he’s told Sarah he’s flipped. Arlie says we’ll have to have a talk with Kenny .. but I don’t give a f**k about Kenny.

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