Joe says F***ing get off your high horse, Frank you Mayberry piece of s**t, you are a f***ing punk!

11:30am Big Brother ends the HOH lockdown. All of the house guests except for Shane and Danielle head down stairs. Frank and Ian are in the arcade room. Frank says that it definitely thinks they were setting something up outside. Boogie joins them and asks Ian, so no clues? Ian says no, I checked. Boogie says that they told him specifically that they would only be locked down for a couple hours.
11:45pm Joe heads up to the HOH room. Joe says so you are the only person that has not had a dream of winning this f***ing thing. F***ing get off your high horse. Frank you Mayberry piece of shit. You are a f***ing punk. Ian you loyal motha f**ker you were the first one to throw them under the bus when you saw them cheating. It took everything inside me to not go off on him. Joe talks about how Frank and Boogie were the first ones to celebrate and rub it in our faces. Now you are nice because your team is whipped.
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Boogie says that going the ugly route isn’t good for the evolution of Mike Malin..

8:40am Boogie and Frank are talking. Boogie seem complacent that he will be leaving this Thursday. Frank says that he thinks if he gets a chance he will send home Dan home first. I think he is acting like the Shepard up there. Frank says that its hard because there are so many targets. Boogie says that he know that he isn’t going to like to hear this but, I think you could pull Shane if you get rid of Dan. Frank tells Boogie that Ashley and Ian were crying last night and really upset. Boogie says that he wonders if he should call a house meeting and tell everyone that I am going on Thursday and that I am fine with it.

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Joe throws a pillow at Britney and says snowflake, you are on my sh*t list!

12:50am Britney and Ian go to the arcade room. Ian is upset and crying. Britney asks do you realize who you are feeling sorry for? She says that the guy that put his hair into 6 ponytails for a Power Of Veto, the guy that makes homemade t-shirts at the age of 41. Ian is upset that Boogie is going home. Ian says that he is feeling bad about Frank and Boogie getting played by Joe. Britney tells Ian that he doesn’t need to feel this way. Britney says that she felt bad when she had to lie to Janelle, but that she did what was best for the Quack Pack. Ian says that he isn’t changing his vote, that he just feels bad. Meanwhile, Frank is talking to Ashley about what Joe had talked about with him. Frank tells Ashley to talk to Joe and say she won’t talk to the other side of the house. Ashley says that she won’t talk to the other side of the house because it makes Joe paranoid when he sees her talking to all sides of the house. Ashley says that Jenn has to understand that she has to lay out all of her options and that Jenn is going to play with Danielle. Frank tells her what to say to Jenn in her defense of voting for Boogie.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Joe: “Ashley’s words not mine, I’m with Ian and Frank because I love them”

8:55pm Cam 1-2 Joe and Jenn in storage room Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Joe telling Jenn that he thinks Ashley is with Boogie.. She was campaigning to Joe earlier trying to get joe to keep Boogie. Joe wants to know if Ashley is lying to him or Jenn.
Jenn is worried she is the only one trying to get votes whereas Boogie has Frank and now apparently Ashley. Joe: “I know you go Britney, Danielle, Dan… Ashley is the only one I don’t know.. I think they got to her” Joe explains that it’s really upsetting him that Ashley would do this sort of thing to Jenn. They both agree to try and uncover where AShley’s vote at.
Ian and Danielle enter the Storage room.

Joe and Jenn leave .. Joe talks to Danielle in the kitchen alone says that he’s starting the process of telling Boogie he;’s going home.

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Danielle the Ambassador to China and Jenn is ready to play washed her *** and put a smile on her face

5:28pm Cam 1-4 Hammock the 4 Girls Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Britney asks them what has been happening in the house.. she’s been sleeping all day.
Jenn: “I washed my a$$ put a smile on my face and got over the 24 hours of Rage.. “

Danielle and Jenn climb off the hammock because it’s about to collapse under the weight.

The girls decide that the Yoga last night was a great idea they are thinking about doing it again.

Danielle now telling them in High School she spent a summer in China as an ambassador from the US to spread good will.. She had to learn Chinese.

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Boogie Offer to Joe “Final 3, my own restaurant, statue of liberty, Land back from the White House”

3:45pm Backyard Joe, Shane, Danielle, Shane

Joe is saying he’s having trouble with his blood pressure because Frank, Boogie and Jenn keep cornering him. Joe says they are offering him all sorts of deals saying he can lie to the other side and that they will cut him loose when they get to 5.

Joe saying that tomorrow boogie going to offer him the statue of liberty.. Dan :’He’ll offer the land back from the white house”

they said to Joe: “If you vote for me We can be friends on the outside.. and I can help you”
Shane: “He’s done that before offering jobs”
Dan :”You would much rather conquer that journey on your own”
Joe: “I’ve been swindled before.. I told him ‘ve been swindled before”
Joe he says if I do give boogie his vote Boogie told me I can still hang out with your guys then back stab you on Thursday. Danielle: “Like he controls who you hang out with.. that is so juvenile.. They want the target on you”
Joe brings up how Boogie wants him to backstab you all which will rattle them for the HOH. Joe: “I can’t believe they think I don’t come tell you everything.. They don’t know true loyalty.. Final 3 and my own restaurant..He’s offering me more than the prize for one week.. people will got deep”

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Ian tells Ashley no one would know if she gave him a h*** j** under the covers & he could help her out too.

11:30am Frank, Boogie and Ashley head into the kitchen to make breakfast. Dan is in the arcade room reading the bible. Ashley says that she had to ask for early stipend just to pay her bills and says that her parents who had no means to help her said that maybe she shouldn’t because it will look like you are too greedy and they might cut you. Big Brother cuts the live feeds.

11:50am – 12pm Ian is out in the backyard talking to Dan. Ian tells Dan that Joe is supposed to give them an answer today about who he is working with. Dan says that no one will figure it out and no one will rat you out. Ian says that we will just blame Joe, no one will believe Joe, right? Ian says that Joe’s word dirt. Dan tells Ian that he will be fine as long as he doesn’t sell incriminate himself. Ian says oh no I wouldn’t, I just feel dirty. Ian says that he just feels bad about it and that he had to talk to Britney about it last night. Dan says that he would pay to see Ian’s diary room message.

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Boogie says he wants to get Jenn riled up to flip out on Joe today to get her to dig her own grave.

9:10am Frank, Ashley, and Boogie are talking in the backyard. They tell Ashley that they talked to Joe and he said that all he needed was to know that Ashley would be voting to keep Boogie and then he would work with them. Boogie says that it will be awesome if we make this happen because then Jenn will be evicted and they will tell us it’s time for the HOH competition. He says they will be so stunned and have to come out here and compete. It will be You, me, Frank, Joe and Ian against Danielle, Britney and Dan.

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Boogie says draw a line.. we dug a mother fu*****g trench! We are calling mother fu*****s out while they read the bible!

12:15am Shane and Dan are up in the HOH room talking. Dan tells Shane that he wants to leave it to the last possible moment to decide between Ian and Joe as their fifth alliance member. Dan says that he doesn’t think Ian wants to work with the other side. Shane agrees but says that Ian doesn’t want to pull the trigger. Dan says that thinks Ian knows once the other side is gone, Ian will be the first to go. Dan says that he doesn’t know, because Ian is close with Britney. Shane asks if Ian is close with Dan. Dan says no, they play games but Ian admires Britney, not in a sexual way but Ian has said he would want to date a girl with Britney’s sense of humor. They also talked about how Britney, Ian, and Joe are golden. In that they are not being targeted by either side. The conversation turns to talking about Shane moving to LA to model.

12:45am Boogie and Frank are sitting out on the backyard couch. Boogie says that he is glad everyone is going to bed so he doesn’t have to look at their faces. Frank complains that Joe is still up in the HOH room. Boogie says the Shane di*k rider! Boogie tells Frank that Shane and Dan need to go home first.
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Big Brother Spoilers – Boogie is going to offer Joe Help with a Cooking TV show for a vote

10:44pm Cam 1-2 Boogie, Frank and ?

? Tells them from here on in it’s kamikaze for her. Frank: “you know what we should have done.. last Monday.. Put them up”

Boogie says Julie is going to ask him if I regrets playing for the 10K she is also going to ask him if he regrets not putting Dan up last week. Boogie has no regrets he doesn’t play that way. Boogie: “I’m going to make more than the person who comes in thrid.. douces cool”

Jenn leaves to go inside. Frank says as soon as they get a good footing it feels like they are kicked down.

In the end tomorrow night.. Boogie is going tell Joe that he’s in the “Business” and he can help Joe out if Joe is wanting to produce a TV Cooking Show. Boogie will point out that the other players can’t help him out with that. Frank wants to talk to Joe first before they start pulling that out.

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