Neda and Heather want to keep Sabrina, How will Jon take it? “Of course I’ll get pissy

11:00pm Bathroom Heather and NEda

Talking about who to send home.
Heather – “Jon knows Adel stays he’s safe”
Neda – “that is why I don’t want to go by what he says I want it based on us”
Heather – “me to”

NEda thinks Jon is regretting putting Adel on the block and not her, “That is what is scaring me”

The reason is JOn knows that Adel will vote the way Jon wants him to and he could get rid of Sabrina this week.

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Adel tells Sabrina when he finally falls asleep after 36 hours to not take advantage of him

Adel has put an ice bag under his hat to help him stay awake. They start playing a game where they each say one attribute they like about the people left in the house. Adel has difficulty making sense. Neda asks him if the cold back is helping. Adel – “I think so that or makes me more nuts”

What Adel thinks of the other houseguests
Adel likes HEather’s teeth, a$$ and whole face
Adel to Neda – “I like your hairy body keeps me warm at night” (Neda laughs says keeps you warm in the winter”
Adel says he likes NEda’s look
Adel says he likes Jon’s one big tooth. “It’s so beautiful.. I just want to suck on that thing”
Adel likes Sabrina’s crazyness.. “Ya you’re a wacko”

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Adel says BURRITO wants to make love to me! Sabrina says OMG! Adel says don’t lie you little perv*rt!

3pm Jon convinces Adel to go get his bathing suit on and go in the hot tub in the rain. Adel says Sarbina is like a little puppy dog in heat chasing me around the house! Adel goes out to the hot tub room and turns right back around and says there’s no way he can go out there. It’s like ice cold drops that burnt my skin!! Adel says I’m so bloated I feel like a little penguin!! Adel screams NACHOOOOO! BURRITO loves me! She wants to make love to me! Sabrina says oh my god!! Adel says don’t lie you little perv*rt! Sabrina yells if those thoughts are in your head ..that’s what you want!

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Jon says I’m not mad at you! I’m mad at your punishment! Heather says F**K OFF JON!

1:20pm – 1:35pm In the bedroom – Heather comments to Jon and Neda that her punishment of not being allowed in the HOH room for a week is hard. Jon gets mad and asks you think not being able to go in the HOH room for a week is HARD?! Jon freaks out and leaves the room and heads to the diary room. Jon comes back and asks how being locked out of the HOH room is the hardest thing in the world to do. Heather says for me its hard to do. Jon says I’m not mad at you! I’m mad at your punishment! Jon keeps pushing at Heather asks how its the hardest thing to do. So you would rather have anyone else’s punishment than your own? Heather says yes! Heather says that each of the punishments are tailored to us. Heather says the HOH room is where I feel at home. Jon asks again so you would rather have any other punishment over yours? Heather says F**K OFF JON!

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Heather says Sucks to be you! You got evicted! We took your sh*t & we’re the final four!

11:25am Neda, Heather and Sabrina are talking in the kitchen. Sabrina is telling them that its karma what is happening with Adel with his eye infection and having to stay up 36 hours straight. Sabrina says that she is happy how Adel is being treated. He really affects a person and that is how he really is. She says after the way he treated her he deservers it. She says no one understands how bad he treated her. Sabrina says imagine if it was you and your sister was sitting at home watching. Neda says yeah she would be pissed. Sabrina says I am not one to talk bad about religion. He is so rude! Heather tells Sabrina whoever makes it through this week .. it doesn’t matter who has been mean to them, who has made fun of them, who has teased them, who has done horrible horrible things to them. I’m sorry but sucks to be you .. you got evicted and we’re still here!

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Big Brother Canada 2 – ADEL Got His Second WIND! WAKE UP CANADA!! Lets do this!

8:40am Adel heads into the diary room and we get a quick diary room leak of him looking completely exhausted. When Adel comes out of the diary room he tries to escape from the cameras to sleep in the kitchen cupboards with a pillow. Some how he crammed himself inside and shut it. Not long after he climbs back out looking just as tired as he was when he went in there. Adel goes into the diary room and then comes back out and says I’ve got my second wind! Wake up Canada! Lets do this! Got my second wind! Big Brother gets Adel to take the batteries for the other house guests. Adel is excited that someone else is awake with me. He heads up to the main bedroom and talks to them. He says that his eye was so bad he was walking around with a towel over his eyes and big brother turned the alarm on..

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Sabrina says Adel secretly Loves her, Adel calls her the Old Wicked Witch “Thorn in my a$$”

8:30pm Sabrina, Neda and Heather

Sabrina – “Question.. i’m acting like I’m going home right”
Heather and Neda say yes.
Sabrina says she doesn’t’ understand the “Pit Stains” says she’s not feeling wet. (See image)
Neda points out it’s not like they’ve been doing anything active today.

They start talking about going to the Calgary Stampede. They all plan to go with Rachelle and Andrew.

Neda says she plans to go to Newfoundland in August.

Adel joins them, Heather starts talking about William’s current job where he sells municipal equipment

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Sabrina about Sarah “Shes’ the wicked witch of Big Brother” Neda – “We are all wicked witches”

7:22pm Heather says she didn’t like how Arlie treated Women he wasn’t very polite. Mentions when he would burp right beside them, ‘He didn’t care what he did”

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Neda says Arlie’s manners were really bad.

Neda says Sarah hated Andrew but wanted to keep him around because she needed him for her game.
Adel – “Andrew talked the worse way to women I have every heard”

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Sabrina says we’re like oil & water! Adel says you wish! Sab says you don’t understand, they don’t mix!

4pm In the HOH room – Jon took down his fort. He then rolled around on the furniture trying to not touch the ground. Meanwhile – Neda, Heather, Adel and Sabrina are in the bedroom talking about past events of the season. They talk about how disgusting Andrew was because he would burp and fart around them all the time. Neda and Heather say they both used to tell him he’s disgusting all the time. Heather and Adel leave the bedroom. Sabrina says she won’t leave us alone. When I ask if you want to come out side.. come! Neda says okay. Sabrina starts talking about jury votes and who she thinks they will vote for. Sabrina wonders if Neda will take Jon to the final two. Neda says that she isn’t decided yet. Neda says I just want to be able to talk for awhile but its so hard.. now that there are less people in the house its so hard! Sabrina says that everyone has a better chance of winning against me.

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The PUNISHMENTS have Officially Started! “Jail would be brutal! Maybe I can have a conjug@l visit?!”

1pm – 1:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the feeds return – Jon is on solitary confinement in the HOH room. Jon says to himself – “Jail would be brutal! I don’t know what I would do if I was in jail! Save me! Help! Help! Maybe I can have a conjugal visit?! NOPE! Worth it but it still sucks DAD!” Meanwhile Sabrina and Neda are in the bathroom. Neda comments on how Adel said this was the worst puinshment ever. Sabrina says at least its going to be super easy for you to get ready in the morning. Neda says I am going to be super depressed I’m not going to move all day. Neda says the worst thing is .. I have to stay in the onesie all week. I can’t wash it. Sabrina says oh that is bad. Maybe you could wash it while you’re in the shower. Neda says yeah that’s a good idea. Neda and Sabrina pack up all Neda’s clothes and makeup and take them to the storage room.

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Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS! “He smells of sh*t, that’s how much his head is up your a$$!”

10:10am – 12pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Veto Ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return – we learn that Heather used the veto to remover herself from the block. As Head of Household Jon then nominated Adel as the replacement nominee.

In the bedroom – Sabrina campaigns to Neda and Jon. Sabrina says you have a bigger chance of winning against me in the end. Jon asks in comps or in the end? Sabrina says in comps and in the end. Jon says No. Sabrina asks you don’t think you could beat me in the end? Jon says I don’t know. Sabrina says if you send me now, I cannot fix any of the damage that Adel does in the jury. Jon says so you’re saying send him now and you after? Sabrina says they will listen to me over anyone else. I am not going to allow the bullsh*t that he has pulled in here and there! He will go after people that you are closest to. He smells of sh*t, that’s how much his head is up your a$$. I am more trustworthy over him.

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