Paul “Matt is a f***ing weird motherf***er, when we use him as a pawn, that’s when we backdoor him.”

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9pm Josh and Christmas in the HOH room.
They’re talking about the fight yesterday. Christmas – Mark said f**king nothing. Paul .. unloaded on him. Unloaded on him. Josh – I can’t f**king stand Mark. He’s a f**King douchebag, burley, d**khead, f**king contradicting f**k. And he’s putting up that front like he’s not f**king with that sh*t but he is only doing it for his game because if he really had the choice he would protect Cody and be on Cody’s side. But for his game he knows that’s not smart. F**K You! Josh – its going to feel so good to see her walk tomorrow. In my DR I said you played yourself. I wasn’t really gunning for you. You put yourself on the block. They personally attacked me but now I’m going to show them..

Josh – top four… me, you, Paula and Kevin. Me and Paul are going to turn it the f**K up on Mark. When the shift in power happens they’e going to need to run. Christmas you better Josh – and when these three pull in off. When this sh*t happens.. Christmas – Josh – when this stuff happens they’re going to have to run because sh*t is going to go hay wire. Christmas – you’ve seen how I preform. I’m a stone cold b***h. Like you don’t bug me. I don’t get bothered. I got tons of smiles for your. I’ve got a ton of crazy Christmas that I haven’t unloaded yet. When the house flips because it will in the next two weeks… because I have a ton of Crazy Christmas to unload. Josh – I love our six. Matt and Raven didn’t talk to me until day 35. Christmas – we were down in the APSR (Austin Powers S*x room) and Paul was saying that one of the four of us need to get it. Paul said if it comes down to me, him, Jason or Alex .. Then they should throw it to me or Jason. As much as I want Jason to find out about his thing I’m not going to have that many more opportunities for HOH and I won’t get to play that many more. Josh – yeah you should get it because then it allows for Paul to compete in the temptation, Jason to compete in the temptation, Me, Kevin. So that you have strong competitors against Cody. It is is the elimination you have to beat. Christmas – we need someone to throw it, so that Cody can’t throw it. Josh – I’ll f**king throw it. Christmas – no, because you are on target for so many people. It needs to be a neutral person. Josh – I get so excited when we talk because you seriously calm me down. Christmas – you can’t take it personally. Christmas – she (Jess) wants to play the constant victim. Josh – oh her victim thing is done, DONE! Christmas – I broke my f**king foot, do you see me f**king complain!?

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9:35pm HOH room. Paul, Josh and Christmas.
Paul – I think they next ones out are Cody, Elena, Matt because that stacks it so if those three are in jury and then we send Mark after that .. then they all have to fight each other to come back into this house.

10pm HOH room.
Matt, Jason, Alex, Christmas.
Matt the most dangerous people in the game and the people that need to go are those that are more likely to win HOH. For me you can take very thing else out of it.

10:10pm Kevin and Paul.
Kevin – is everything good? Paul – yeah. There is something up with Matt. I don’t trust him. Kevin – you don’t trust Cody’s word? He doesn’t know . Paul – you need to be careful man. Kevin – since the fight I haven’t spoken with him. Kevin – if we can get Cody, Matt and Mark.. the others will be easy.

10:50pm Josh and Jason.

Josh – we need Matt and Raven right now for the numbers. If we turn on Matt and Raven and Mark and Elena .. then guess what they go with Cody and than’s 5. Raven and Matt make me want to f**king run out of this house.

11:25pm Paul and Alex in the HOH room.
Paul – the reason why I don’t want to win this week is to play in the double eviction HOH. Then we could send Matt and Raven out after. They’re getting annoyed with Christmas, and Christmas already f**King hates them…. so for some reason if things go wrong, you and I are out of the loop. In a perfect world we could send Cody and Mark out back to back. If not Matt is a f**king weird motherf**ker. When we use him as a pawn, that is what we backdoor him. If you and I want to make it to the very end … we need to keep.. Alex – Christmas, Josh, Kevin.. Paul – then we can steamroll .. Josh can’t win anything, Kevin says that he can something but.. Paul – I think we need to put Kevin in check and put him up as a pawn.

12am – 1:30am Bedroom.
The house guests are hanging out chatting about random things.

1:24am HOH room – Paul’s friendship chat with the cameras..
Paul – I am going to try and make it the other half without being put on the block. Josh joins him. Josh – I want to slap the sh*t out of Jason until my hand hurts. Paul – the fool is a f**king cowboy, he can’t do anything. Josh – that kid can’t do sh*t. Paul – he’s punched and been punched more times combined than you have. Josh – I want to punch him one time for good. I really think that he thinks I’m a bull. Paul – I really bet he could kick anyone’s a$$ in this house. Josh – oh 100%! He could f**k up Cody and Mark at the same time. Paul – yeah he can. Josh – he could legit f**k up both of them. Josh – I like our group.

1:30am – 2am Alex hides in the garbage can in the storage room. Elena goes and asks Mark for help in the storage room. He heads in and Alex scares him. Mark says he was getting relaxed for bed and now they got him worked up. Mark and Elena head back to the havenot room. Mark tells her that earlier he tired to give her a hug and kiss in the bathroom and she blew him off. She kisses him and asks if he’s all better now. Mark plays a little grab a$$ as they make out. Elena – thank you for sleeping in here with me this week. Mark – did you enjoy the company? Elena – yeah. Mark – good, I didn’t want you to have to sleep alone. Elena – you’re too nice to me. Mark – you deserve it. Elena – no I don’t. Elena lies with Mark and they make out in bed.

1:55am Havenot room. Elena grinds on top of Mark and then gets off to go back to her bed. Elena tells Mark he can j@ck off if he wants. Mark – I kind of have to, is that weird? Elena – no. If you c*m, I’ll catch it in my mouth. Mark – what? Elena – I’m kind of not kidding. Mark – f**k. Elena – hows it going? Mark – really good. Elena – but you’re silent. Mark – I’m just thinking about you and me in here with no cameras and no mics. if you let me know you can do it

2:30am Mark heads to the washroom, then stretches out his calfs, farts and then washes his hands.

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215 thoughts on “Paul “Matt is a f***ing weird motherf***er, when we use him as a pawn, that’s when we backdoor him.”

          1. Doubtful. This season has been entertaining. Can you imagine the season without Paul and all these people following that boring douche Cody. Jody vs Paul has been fun to watch, but Jody are such horrible game players. They think they can just win win win and not strategize or build relationships. Once Cody is out it’s going to get even more interesting and entertaining. We will see the house split and the entertainment will be up a few more notches. It’s BB you all…

          2. Without Paul in the game, the space-time continuum would have changed and Xmas would not have a broken foot. Josh, Ramses, and Cameron would be the final 3.

            1. actually how i see it…
              if Paul wasnt in the game…
              Cody, Mark, Christmas, Jessica, Raven, Matt, Dom, and Elana would be running the house
              Alex, Kevin, Ramses, Jason, Jillian, and Josh would be outsiders….
              and the game would go
              Cody wins hoh puts up Megan and Jillian….
              Jillian would have probably not gone home
              then HOH would have gone to Ramses bc he found majority of the balls…

              the game would have been much more entertaining to wtch

        1. I don’t know how Jody fans can’t see that if Paul got evicted Jody have the same control over the house Cody is a former Marine & a asshole he would rule that house with an iron fist nobody would dare go against him. This season would be shit with or without Paul because the house is full of idiots, dying to be led. I say this season is part 2 of Season 15, where One alliance control the house most of the season, remember things, didn’t get entertaining til they started turning on each other, we’re almost there.

      1. I wish no vets I would like the season to be new personalties relating or not the way they would if nobody knew anyone. Then it’s more likely way to observe interactions by house activities comments and competitions. This crap is boring one sided and too manipulated to be interesting. FIGHTS sure lots of em but sooo stupid they are my friends this cast who thinks they are cool and popular and so facsinating NOT !

    1. Can cody please put on a shirt. this isnt wwe and ur not at the beach. he is such a prick. you can tell by his facial expressions he’s a real jerk. i loved it when xmas used her ring. made me so happy to see his face go from pumped up to save jess., “fuk i got screwed by xmas” he pouts bc he has the mentality of a neanderthal bc if he doesnt get his way he only knows how to fight bc he’s a aggressive shit head. he thinks he’s so smart and the toughest guy in the world and im glad jessica is playing the shit out of his heart. they are in the honey moon phase and he’s already saying i love u and u can tell she’s the hottest chick he’s ever been with so hes super insecure and protective over her and he’s not gonna be able to handle what she does for a living. he doesnt understand that she’s a name dropper and the 8 cities she lived in were all at home of some client she met at work that flew her out for a few weeks to bang her. The second he goes to her work he’s gonna get into a fight with her “clients” .. i hate when she says that. bitch they aint ur clients. ur just some chick with big tits that serves bottles. dime a dozen. someone said that she expects to be taken to saks within a week of fuking. known digger in the greater LA area. she’s been banged by multiple NBA PLAYERS but she prefers hockey players cause she doesnt like black guys. she said they are too big and they stink. she’s a total racist and should be blasted on here everyday on everypost by everyone.. hookers shouldnt be on big brother

      1. Don’t be such a hater. Jessica is a queen and Cody is a hottie that served our country. Cody is a hero! Ur just jealous of the hottest couple in Big Brother history. BYE HATER!

        1. Cody and Jessica are horrible people that are too narcisstic to realize their own flaws which will cost them the game

          1. I hope Josh asks Jessica how to spell Karma when she’s on her way out that door. That little spoiled b is the epitome of how pretty young woman feel so entitled and think they deserve to have their ass kissed. She has zero empathy, and her ginormous ego couldn’t find the modesty to campaign for herself to stay. Josh was her ticket to safety. At least he could have rallied some votes for her. Horrible little thing, her and Cody deserve each other.

            1. Josh wasn’t going to do a damn thing but what Paul told him to do. Him not wanting Jessica to go to and it not happening was only going to happen in his head. These people are too stupid to do a thing unless Paul tell them they can do it . Just like Xmas didnt want to use her temptation but Paul told her to use it and what happened she used it.

            2. I have to say, during their fight when she told Josh she can’t stand to hear his voice any longer, I had a “Valley Girl” flashback.
              “Don’t speak to me”
              “Don’t address me”
              “Get away from me”
              If that voice of hers wasn’t annoying, well, then just “barf me out man”.

          2. Thank you, Veronica I feel the same way as you. Neither one has any idea how to play the BB game. Jessica shouldn’t have used the hex and sent Cody out. She would have had 2 more weeks per Paul’s plan. Cody is a big bully and a dumb ass, I hope he goes home next week followed by mark, raven then matt.I am hoping the last two are Paul, and Kevin.

        2. I’m not hater. I would hate to be either one of them with their horrible attitude. Jessica may have a nice body but once she shows her true colors, no thank you.

        3. a hero????? you must be sniffing glue……………….. he and his dishrag gf are the ones who are haters, they are full of jealousy and hate

      2. Guess I am confused about something,Christmas used her hex,i thought she could pull someone off to play veto but she would have to take their place,and she did not play in the veto.

        1. She didn’t have to play. It was a replacement which she did. Then once the competition was revealed, she was not able to play. The temptation was not that she had to play, just she could take someones place.Just like when her chip was pulled and she could not play.

        2. She didn’t play because she was not cleared medically. The Temp said she could pull a picked HG only. Thus HOH and noms could not be removed. Basically that’s it.

        3. She is injured and she was not cleared to play in the veto. The hex still stood where the person she replaced could not play either.

      3. Cody’s baby mother is kind of ugly and he thought she was gorgeous, so yeah Jess has to be the best looking girl he ever even got attention from by far. He’s actually not that attractive (he’s not ugly but just average) so I wouldn’t expect beautiful girls to flock to him. Weird thing is Jess’s ex boyfriend is amazingly hot – which further mystifies what she sees in broke down Cody.

        1. there is more to just looks. They have both showed how ugly they are on the inside. Shouldn’t judge a book by its covers. Calling someone ugly is just wrong. You don’t know his baby momma, but we have seen Cody and jess and they are just horrible people. Cody will not like Jessica’s job and will be very jealous and Jessica likes the spotlight and money, she won’t like living in a small town with Cody. they work together in the house because real life has not effected them yet.

        2. Simon and Dawg, do the comments some people post on this site ever surprise you? I thought Paul was villaneous. He doesn’t hold a candle to some of the those who put stuff on here.

      4. i agree with everything you said, except that shes a racist because she said theyre too big and stink.
        She could be racist, but the fact theyre too big and stink doesnt make her a racist, just means she has preferences.

      5. Some of the guys are encouraged to not wear shirts to be eye candy for the viewers. That may be why Matt only has 2 shirts, he thought they would want him shirtless more.

        1. I sincerely appreciate Cody’s service, I truly do. However, he is not a decorated Veteran – as in Medal of Honor, or medals presented for above and beyond service, and bravery. He has the regular awards everyone service member receives for serving. You can read it in the Internet. Believe me when I say, Marines do not pat themselves on the back, like Cody does. They are silent about their service, including if they were in a war zone. They are proud, but they do not brag, or put themselves on pedestals. I have 16 Veterans in my family. I am married to a Marine. I work at MCRD, San Diego. One of two Marine training bases. Thank you for serving, Cody……but please stop embarrassing the proud codes of the United States Marine Corps.

      6. omfg i thought i was the only one who hated JODY. guess other people hate them too. the thumbs up must be the people who get bottle service and the thumbs down must be the scrubs who line up to get in and line up for a drink at the bar and try to pick up a girl and try to buy her a drink only while her friends stand there and watch. here’s a tip. when ur at the bar and wanna pick up a chick. buy her and all her friends a round cause she’s gonna ask them what do u think about that guy and u want them to say he’s nice and not he’s a penny pinching rabbi who cant fork out a few bucks to make himself look good. when girls go to the club they dont wanna spend a single dollar. the good looking ones atleast.. if ur a total grenade then your gonna have to buy your own drinks. bitch’s are so shady

      7. You’re just a flat out dumb troll. You have no respect for the military and a man that served for years to protect our feeedom. Cody isn’t a sheep and stuck up to Paul therefore Paul had to cast him as the villain. You’re just a Paul lackey who buys his BS. Cody is a good looking dude so I’m sure he’s had good looking women before before Jessica. He might eventually have a problem with her career choice but in sure many guys would. It has nothing to do with insecurity. It’s obvious that both of them genuinely like each other as people. They probably won’t make it outside the game but that doesn’t change the fact that for the time being they are “in love.” Your sources that say these things about Jessica are just completely made up. You don’t know her and you have no idea about her life. You can’t say for sure that she demands Saks or has screwed a bunch of “clients.” That’s just ridiculous. She could just be a bottle server who I occasionally dates the guys she serves. It’s l not your life to judge if she does or not though.

    2. Exactly! What happened to have not comps? What happened to luxury comps? Wheres Americas vote to choose 2 slop foods for the HG? Where’s the pool mascot ducky? I think the 3 week safety (on week one) for a HG was by far the worst (no matter who won). It would have been easier to accept IF the HG knew they were competing for 3 weeks safety instead of leaving it to America to vote. There are so many things missing from the BB show that made it fun and interesting. The only thing viewers should be able to vote for is have not food options and Americans Favorite.

        1. i want the pulling keys nomination ceremony back. Remember how intense it got? the suspense? The strategy of placing keys so certain players would pull certain players keys? The strategy of placing keys in certain order? The looks? The way they thanked the HoH?
          So much lost with the way it is now!

      1. Agreed. It seems pretty obvious that BB production gave out all 3 of those temptations to the HG’s that were in need of something. I bet even Paul asked for something like that to give himself a head start. The onlinebigbrother poll alone shows Kevin and Alex dominating the ranking during the week that Jessica received her convenient hex.
        The slop thing is a joke now, that used to be a thing that would effect their energy levels and overall mental state.I do miss the days when the house guests didn’t take themselves so damn seriously.

      2. I want the luxury comp where they burned each other’s ugliest clothes in exchange for a shopping spree. Would love seeing the HG’s burn Matt’s 2 shirts so he could get some new ones.

    3. Paulism is a serious religion in the house. Stop attacking my son or he will send his followers to smite you. Also, please stop calling the followers of Paul minions. The are Paulites and they are the best. Praise be to Paulism and it’s teachings!

  1. People talk about Jessica being slutty but at least she really likes Cody but Elana offering to catch Mark’s semen in her mouth while he jacks off is a bit much

      1. I would eat Matt up any day. I would catch all the men in the house in my mouth. I’m so turned on by Big Brother this season with all the action happening in the house. Paul is the HOTTEST :)~

    1. Jessica,Raven & Elena scandalous lol

      Mark the lucky one tho… Elena bad

      Elena kinda owes Mark 1 or 3, she been rubbing on Paul all season sending mixed signals to Hull.

      1. and Jessica thinks she’s auditioning for a soap opera role with that constant dumb pouty, puppy dog face. Sorry Jessica, youre no victim, you’re an arrogant turd, not a damsel in distress.

      1. There is no evidence of Jess doing that. There for sure would be a compilation on YouTube of her doing it. Paul said that, then others jumped on the bandwagon to expand the lie. AND not a single person has come back here to describe HOW she does this. You’re another Paul’ puppet eager to spread his lies.

          1. Yeah and he was laughing…..they were fooling around. Sure, it’s a little inappropriate BUT they were fooling around. Jess wasn’t doing it for any other reason than to be funny (and NO, I didn’t find it funny)….. After the fact they were just upset because it was Jess that was doing it and they all hate her and wanted to talk bad about her for the live feeds. Do you think they would of made as big a deal out of it if it was Raven or Alex?

            1. well yeah you laugh because you can’t believe someone even thought of shoving 2 fingers up someones butt. It’s nasty and the fact she did it shows she’s done it before.

    2. Elena is one nasty female. Can’t even call her a lady. She will shake her floppy disc in all the men’s faces so they will keep her around. NASTY NASTY NASTY. Mark’s grandparents must be shaking their heads in wth did we do wrong in raising that boy. I think they should scare Elena in every eviction now & keep her on slop. Put Mark back on it too, cuz he can’t think straight while on it…he looks like a zombie LOL. Peeps need to drop Kevin’s name, so that he stays true to his alliance, cuz he is a bit shady. No one can take him to the end, he would win.

  2. Elena just took me to a whole new level with that comment.

    Seriously I just made a mess and she isn’t her to catch it.

    I can’t imagine how turned on Mark must have been in that instant.

    Somebody hand me a towel please.

  3. I’ve had to stop watching this season which sucks but I hate to be constantly annoyed and thanks to the producers letting Paul back in and giving him so much help I am. Plus it does not help that the idiots are all up in his ugly behind. Sick of him and his ways. When he is out I can perhaps go back watching because I can’t imagine he would ever take a back seat. Arrogant twat

  4. There is something weird about Matt like he’s weird weird I don’t know what it is but he’s weird he’s just an odd duck . The other night on after dark he was making out with Raven but he just kept laughing like a fool he is just weird or maybe he’s not cool I don’t know what it is but anyways weird .

  5. Chrismas- “you have seen how I perform, I’m a stone cold bitch” really? You have not one a single comp. You are begging for them to throw an HOH to you…. I’m tired of these HG acting all big and bad but they have done nothing….. I really wish Paul wouldn’t have returned, this would have been a great season without him, I think.

    1. Christmas is an idiot! She can’t win sh!t, complains non stop and is needy as h$ll. Boyz2Men really broke off some knowledge didn’t he? Anyone that can win HOH is dangerous. He just figured that out? Go back to your ho and cereal bowl! Stopped watching CBS. I’ve never done that before. Thanks for the updates Simon and Dawg. I don’t know how you do it. F@CK PAUL!!!

    2. Christmas MIGHT have done some damage (i.e., win some comps) AT SOME POINT had she not injured herself. Some HGs pick and choose what to win or excel at because they don’t want to be an early target by appearing strong or influential / untouchable in the game.

      Christmas is the ONLY houseguest who treats Josh like a human being in all aspects… and she has since the beginning of the game. I have mad respect for Christmas in that regard.

      BUT her declaring herself as a “stone cold b**ch” is confounding to me. I’m just a regular person with a normal ego and I can say with absolute certainty that I would NOT stand idly by (meaning observing without emotion or reaction- and I don’t mean a physical reaction) while a human being I treat as my little brother and “ride or die” (Josh) is being attacked in the way that he was by Jody.

      Yup, I watch the feeds (not religiously because I work and do things that require my presence both mentally and physically), I catch up on things I miss by following plenty of blogs on Twitter, at times I re-watch certain things on Youtube. That is my precursor in now saying that I am well-informed about Josh and his antics.

      The thing is, everyone calls everyone a b*, mf’r, a**hole, etc. behind their back or to their face so much that it’s menial. Josh is no threat to anyone. He is harmless and he can be annoying. Pots and pans or singing and dancing in a tutu (regardless of the message) is NOTHING but an annoyance to Jody and entertainment to us.

      My point is that saying these things: FAT F*K, WADDLE WADDLE, PUDGY A**, UGLY, FAT GROSS BODY, etc. to a person who clearly is making several unacknowledged attempts at having a respectful conversation with the intent to deliver a message that he wants to help them is above crossing the line. SAYING THOSE THINGS TO ANYONE IS CROSSING THE LINE.

      Jessica and Cody are vile human beings. NO QUESTION. I know so many armed forces members (Marine, Navy, AF and Army) who have served and who suffer from PTSD… but they aren’t pieces of sh*t people who act the way Cody acts or say the things Cody says or anything remotely similar to any of it. Displaying narcissistic qualities is their true character… they believe they are better than everyone else (since day 1 Cody referred to himself and the couples as better because they were the most attractive… he chose his alliance based on that characteristic alone).

      I don’t expect a HG to physically fight in the defense of another. They have contracts to uphold and it is a TV show. But damn… are we not empathetic human beings? I could not have sat there and experienced it without unleashing on Jody. THAT IS THE EQUIVALENT OF WATCHING TWO PEOPLE SPIT RACE RELATED, SEXUAL-ORIENTATION RELATED OR PHYSICAL HANDICAP RELATED HATRED ON ONE UNDESERVING PERSON.

      So Christmas, honey… a “stone-cold b**ch” you are not.

      1. slag off already. calling people “meatball” is what exactly, and what exactly was the intent? you’re too stupid to see that pointing to something you see as bad behavior isn’t an excuse for… bad behavior.

      2. problem with what you are sayin…… is you arent ok with what they did to Josh but are ok with what they did to Jody last week….
        they called Jessica a Whore….
        they called Cody a Disgrace
        they Questioned codys manhood on multiple Occasions…
        they said that Jessicas dads death isnt as important as their problems so she needs to grow up……

        are you forgetting this or did you only see Jess and cody attack a dude whos been antagonizing them for WEEKS

        1. RNDM, the problem with your response to me is that you didn’t have the capacity to understand that my monologue (lol) was ONLY a response to CHRISTMAS IS A KITTEN. It was plainly and obviously my thoughts on why Christmas shouldn’t refer to herself as a “stone cold bitch” because her inability to defend a close friend reveals the opposite about her.

          I don’t agree or condone or feel good about any of the HGs attacking Cody about his military service or even questioning the validity of it. His service to our country (I have read) was nothing short of honorable. As to Jessica and her honorableness… that’s a non-issue to me. I don’t care to defend it because she has control over how she behaves so that the public doesn’t form those opinions of her.

          Tell you what, though… should another HG proclaim an idiotic, inaccurate or hypocritical quality or statement about themselves (like Christmas did), I will write a more in depth monologue as to why that person and every other HG doesn’t fit that bill and the reasons why.

    3. GUESSI am confused aboud her hex she used,i thought it was she could pull someone off to not play the veto AND SHE WOULD HAVE TO PLAY IN THE VETO, AND SHE DID NOT PLAY IN THE VETO CHALLANGE.

      1. Right before they competition started, they said her doctor didn’t clear her so she couldn’t play, which is why there were only 5 people playing.

      2. The temptation was a replacement. She replaced Cody and then they told her she couldn’t play. It said nothing about she HAD TO PLAY!!!!!!!

  6. No wonder Jessica and Elena are friends.

    Fingering buttholes and Elena’s words of choice now.
    Hoeriffic cast. Disgusting women.

  7. I don’t get most of the people commenting on this site! How the hell can any of you support Jessica and Cody? How are they ranked 1 and 2 on here? They have absolutely no game and have done nothing but lay around and play house all summer. This was the week for Jessica to put in some work, she could have easily saved herself with Josh’s wishy washy thinking wanting to get Elena out! Did Jessica try? No she did not, she did nothing but talk about babies and rings. Her and Cody have no respect for the game, and she knows better but chose the loser instead of trying to win and to the person who said shes not a slut cuz she really likes Cody? Please, she banged him and fell in love week 1! Thats a girl who went on the show to find love, smfh! Not to mention they suck even worse as people! Screw them and anyone else that supports them! Y’all suck!

    1. Well, it annoys the crap out of people who seem to care how people in a house far away are ranked.

  8. Kevin trusts Cody. Paul is already talking about fucking Kevin over. Cody Jason Mark Elena and Kevin can end this Paul shit right now. Alex Matt Raven Xmas Josh are dust once Pauls game that they followed blows up. Little dwarf mommas boy lying beard boy is done!

    1. Nothing will end this ‘Paul shit’. Production won’t allow that too happen. He’ll be in the game until the end.

  9. If that gaming gig doesn’t work out for Alex she can work in a nail salon (no racial pun intended) she is constantly picking at her nails and everyone else’s. Trim, clip, file, pick, repeat

  10. I’d like to comment in this section but I think I need Paul’s approval before I say anything. They need to change the name from Big Brother to the Paul show. I’m going to run to Paul now and ask him if I can comment.

    p.s. anyone want to bet me that UNFORTUNATELY!!!!! Frankie will be the next veteran to play next summer. Talk about a self centered little man!!!

    1. Paul is bad enough. If they bring that loser Frankie back it will be game over for me. Let’s face it nothing is forever.

    …well that’s it for Mark..any chance he had of distancing himself from her and avoiding any future heartache is out the window now! LOL…
    good luck Mark!!!

    1. Would love to help ya out thee, however you are in a majority not a minority! But I have noticed the past couple of days that the ant alliance is growing very rapidly so I am starting to lean towards them! #TEAMANTS

    2. Cameron for America’s Favorite House guest…

      Please, for the love of sweet, baby Jesus, tell me he hasn’t said or done anything stupid on social media!

  12. Paul managed to take a promising cast and turn them into a bunch of ugly minion dwelling trolls, i wish he never came on. It’s honestly horrible that Grodner isn’t fired yet.

  13. Vanessa needs to enter this house now. Paul would sht a brick and self evict and run home to mommy and his blankie.

    PAUL (ringleader)



    1. This whole season is just a big scripting and production failure and there are absolutely no victims in that house as everyone has talked shit or claimed physical violence on each other (of course behind each others back).

      It would seem that Big Brother has turned from a strategic gameplay into who can act and portray the biggest victim. Plus casting Raven, what was CBS thinking with her? How can a network cast a terminally ill human being, then send that person on the show to play up her illness, Its like the producers on Big Brother are completely clueless to think people love these false and fact storylines. Now Raven is going to face a big backlash all because CBS thought this storyline of a sweet terminally ill human being would attract viewers? If anything it makes the CBS brand of Big Brother look like its heading down the toilet and there are absolutely no victims, there are just terrible storylines and script.

    2. No one is a victim in that house. They all have talked crap about everyone. Open your eyes if you think Cody and Jess are victims, they are just as nasty as the rest.

  15. I guess I was the only one that caught the Matt/Raven Intimate scene about 45 minutes prior to Mark rubbing his chub??

  16. So Paul has a final 2 with Kevin, Alex, and Josh, and final 3 with Mavin and I think Josh + Christmas. Unbelievable that these idiots think they could possibly win sitting next to Paul. Only one that might have a shot is Kevin. The worst betrayal is Alex showing no allegiance to Jason. She’s OK with keeping Josh and Christmas over him and that’s sad.

    1. Alex the dud! Please get her out. Sucks that Jason is so loyal to her. She has been helping his game, but he needs to take what she has taught him and turn on her and Paul. Paul isn’t letting Jason into final 6 for sure. Jason could actually beat him at some comps.

      Jason the only HG left to like? Seems like it to me.

  17. Notice how Paul is starting to just bring up how Matt is weird? He wants to continue his whole house vs. few routine and he now is focusing on Matt but Matt is so bland all he can come up with is weird. He never lists reasons but “Matt is weird.” If he would focus on anyone being weird it would be on Raven but Matt is a better candidate for eviction because Raven is hopeless without him. And the minute Paul says something they all just chime in and agree without thinking about it.

  18. CBS needs to show all the cuddling between Kevin and Christmas, just like they did with Christine and Cody a few seasons back. She was married and the only reason people booed her was because of that. Don’t try to show him justa like a COOL guys. Double standards

    1. I feel the real double standard here is those people that care so much they want another persons life destroyed without knowing ALL the details, that is some disgusting and sick mentality to just draw conclusions. It is only people that are already “hurt” inside that want to see others hurt also. Not one single person knows any kind of agreement Kevin and his wife have and yet so many draw conclusions because they feel like justice warriors protecting some fake image of marriage.

      1. Hey Kevin’s family, nice to see you again. Kevin sucks! He’s a criminal and a low life. Run now, before he gets out. You can still get into witness protection.

      2. Like i have said before..we don’t actually know his relationship status.
        They could be separated , they could be divorced, like you said they could have some pre-arrangements in the plan worked out already to be on the show. They could also be married but just friends ..we just dont know…so we shouldn’t judge!

        1. Sure you are correct all those things might be true. I’m not judging, just saying it’s a “reality tv show” where they are suppose to show everything that happens. Just odd that they haven’t showed nothing at all. When with Christine they did a whole segment about it and even ask the husband how he felt about it, i believe. Just an observation.

  19. Tired of the showmances. Kevin is playing all sides and he is good at it! Paul haters…get over yourselves. You might not like it but two words: Evil dick (and I’m not talking about the showmances and their constant sex capades). I’ve watched BB since it started and I do not remember this much porn in one season. So as much as some of you might enjoy it – I am over it. BB takes too much time in between HOH and eviction night. House guests are bored and only a few are game playing the others are sucking each others whatever. BB use to have contests to become have and have-nots – whatever happened to that? BB needs to do more activities to keep house guests entertained and well as those watching.

      1. He took it because he’s the oldest in the house and the oldest usually goes first. Good for him for taking it. At least someone is there for the money and not just to get followers!

      2. So you think production had Paul sitting on the sidelines, friendship bracelets in hand, expenses incurred and contract signed, only to not have him enter the game? How naive. If it wasn’t rigged then, he could have come in as a punishment any time.

    1. Evil Dick did NOT have a 3 week advantage, was NOT the only vet in the house and was NOT given the opportunity to give out “friendship bracelets” day one that gave him the advantage of having people owe him AND 3 weeks of safety after that!

      Big difference!

      1. You’re totally right and your reasons are spot on.. it’s a huge difference.. Paul is a great player we saw it last season when he was robbed and again and this season but never think that he didn’t have massive help from Production.

        1. Yes he did get help which you would think it would have put a bigger target on his back. He playing a great social game because he was able to navigate through all this extra help. Another vet may not have been able to get the other houseguest to overlook this help.

      2. ALSO, the 3 week safety, for a vet, week one, with friendship bracelets WAS A BLINDSIDE! No one was even aware what the details of the temptation were.

        1. Also… and this is a BIG one… Paul acts like an a$$hole because he is an a$$hole. Evel Dick acted like an a$$hole specifically so he would be a huge target and get evicted before his daughter. Huge difference in motivation.

    2. Agree. So tired of showman’s in the game. Having vets in the game is more entertaining then showmances. Vets come into the game wanting to play. Showmances come in for camera time only. Game rank second or third. So without Paul in the game, think how dead this game would be. You have 6 people who entered this game for camera time and not game.

  20. Anonymous, is there anything wrong with Kevin having a showmance if he’s not doing anything too
    physical? Cameron said he would have a showmance although Cameron has a girlfriend.

    1. I told my man to go get the money because momma is tired of supporting him. So he can rub and have girls rub on him all he wants if that will get him the $500K.

  21. Come on production save Jessica from eviction tonight, this season really sucks with out Jody. Save this season production and keep jess and cody together

    1. That won’t save the season….Jody needs to be split up. But Jessica should be the one staying because she will play the game without Cody. Cody won’t to anything but physical comps. Once that is not an option, he is weak.

  22. Christmas~”Im a stone cold bitch”

    Now on stage giving you your motivation for the evening on how to be a bitch, how to make violent threats behind peoples back and how to get a really super duper edit from CBS to actually hide my terrible bullying attributes.

    Get ready America, Christmas Abbott is coming to a town near you to teach you how to really be a stone cold bitch!

  23. It’s a game of Paul says. Paul says Matt is weird. Everybody thinks Matt is weird. Mark talk to Cody. Oh Paul didn’t say Mark talk to Cody. Mark your out.

  24. I wish someone in this game would do something without Paul’s approval. I am so sick of the “Paul Show”!! Wake up people you are playing for 500k!! Who cares about your following! All of them will be very surprised to see what people really think of them.

  25. Everyone is afraid to go against paul because they don’t want to be trashed on social media. Its soo fkn annoying!!! Use your brains people. You are there to win cash! $$$

  26. Well,that is it for Elena and thinking of being able to kiss any men on the outside. I can just hear it now”Oh,now I recognize you,you are the , I’ll catch it in my mouth girl”. (really look good on her resume’)

  27. I am begining to think Boyz-2-Shirts told Mark “dude if you wear the same shirt EVERY day you will start to blend in with the background and won’t be a target” I guess we can be thakfull he is not pairing it with those pink Daisy Duke’s lately. If they do some haircuts/styling session today like they do on Thursday’s i hope the can convince him to knock down that “high hat” he is sporting.

  28. Exactly! What happened to have not comps? What happened to luxury comps? Wheres Americas vote to choose 2 slop foods for the HG? Where’s the pool mascot ducky? I think the 3 week safety (on week one) for a HG was by far the worst (no matter who won). It would have been easier to accept IF the HG knew they were competing for 3 weeks safety instead of leaving it to America to vote. There are so many things missing from the BB show that made it fun and interesting. The only thing viewers should be able to vote for is have not food options and Americans Favorite.

    1. I think they are continuing the Pablo is missing thing for Paul. Production wants you to remember that he was once a fun guy. They had no idea he would cone in and be a pompous bully when given a little bit of power.

  29. I think that Elena is worried that Mark is considering voting her out. So, she stepped up the teasing game to keep him on the hook.

    Poor Mark…….

    1. Definitely! She only did that in case Mark or Cody win HOH. If either of those don’t win it she will be jumping back to the other side and once again pushing Mark away.

  30. Congratulations Elena, if you wanted a job in Porn you will probably get one now.
    She is only catching more air-time !!! – I can’t stand that Fake B***H.
    I am pretty sure Mark is using her at this point, because he knows she will go before him. She made it clear she needed to distance herself from him and the talk he had with Jody the other day, he said he wouldn’t see any of these people on the outside except jess and Cody. He’s just using her now for a Vote and a shield.

  31. With football on tonight, where can I watch the eviction live? It’s not airing until 1am here.

    I remember being able to do this a few years ago.

    1. Im happy football is on tonight, it would be awesome flipping in between games and seeing, instead of one house guest getting evicted the whole CBS Big Brother show is evicted from the CBS schedule. That would be the best ending possible for this season!!

  32. If Jessica would have just let Cody get evicted last week she could have taken this game. God why are people so stupid? He is going to be a bigger @$$ outside the house…
    He wasn’t worth losing a chance at 500k

    Maybe they will bring her back again and next time she will play smart and not heart.

    1. That would have worked if Paul didn’t tell the house to vote Jess out if she didn’t use it. I was hoping she would let Cody walk, but Paul wanted the hex out of the game…either used or walked with Jess.

    2. While we cannot fully know what Jessica’s game would have been without Cody — Jessica’s social game sux. She prods and pokes in all the wrong places, literally & ‘fingeratively.’

  33. This has been a really amazing and exciting season- having ONE exceptionally savvy second place player return and run a house filled with the former inhabitants of the island of misfit toys . (socially stunted, or dopey, or ridiculously soft hearted, or bionic and incredibly annoying, or delusional broken followers, or desperate for attention or Jess etc) by any means he sees fit. Total radness. Let’s do this every year. Bc it really brings out the best in people… yay!!!

  34. Christmas jumped on Paul’s bandwagon by saying Mark did not defend Josh. Christmas was standing right there the whole time and did not say anything. She’s all talk!

  35. I’m confused. Why is everyone so butt hurt that Mark didn’t step up and say something to Cody and Jessica when they were fighting with josh? Why is it only Marks responsibility to step up? Mark doesn’t even really like Josh. Paul confronting Mark was bullshit. Paul said he thought Mark would say something because Mark had been bullied himself. But Paul also said it really bothered him because he went through the same sort of stuff with his sister. So wouldn’t you think Paul should have stepped up just as much as Mark should have?? Not one person stepped in when they all should have put a stop to it, EVERYONE!! And if you really want to get down to it it’s Paul’s fault Josh is being attacked because Paul was the one that relentlessly pushed Josh to torment Cody and Jessica. Did he not expect them to retaliate? Not a fan of Cody and Jessica but Paul is the true trouble maker.

    1. I think because Mark defended Cody and Jess when everyone was against them….. From my understanding, Mark wasn’t even in the Kitchen with the fight was going on…..Paul and Christmas were and neither one said anything….. And I agree – Paul is a trouble maker.

  36. On a positive note, I’m really very glad Mark washed his hands. Way to go! We’re all proud of you!

    Please encourage a healthy sanitary regimen whenever you can.

  37. Going back and watching the first few episodes that aired because basically things have gotten all blurry with Cody and jess started the whole thing. Or Paul and josh started the whole thing. So I went back. What’s odd to me is even if Jessica was faking it. She was friendly. She hugged people. She laughed with them. She interacted. With everyone. Not just the pretty people. Cody was rude to everyone that he considered the outcasts. If he decided you weren’t equal to him, he wasn’t going to fake it. Which in some ways is good. But most ways not in my opinion. You don’t have to like someone to just be decent to them. Your actions say everything about you. And when you don’t even know a person and you decide you don’t like them because they don’t look like you and your type. But then to see Jessica blindly follow his behavior. It’s just sad. Then josh starting everything with Meghan just to cover for the fact that he took the safety and screwed his team over. Honestly to me. I’m a firm believer in karma. What you put out into the world. You will get back. I don’t really feel one side is more to blame than the other. They are just all getting back what they give. I don’t remember any other season where I honestly could not pick a hands down favorite to win. These kids have some serious growing up to do

  38. come on bb production please find a way to keep both Cody and Jessica safe in the game, hopefully next weeks special episode has to do with something like that.

  39. Paul “unloaded” on Mark. Ha. Mark squashed him like a bug. Paul wants to go to Harvard Law School? Maybe he could learn to form a coherent argument instead of conceding all of Mark’s points. Then again I could see Paul as a venal prosecutor framing people to get convictions.

  40. Last night on BBAD, Josh found ANTS in the salad. He proceeded to put some on his plate, put the bowl back in the fridge and then eat the salad…I threw up a little in my mouth. He is disgusting………

  41. Not a Paul lover but why hate on a Vet , the brought Rachael and Jordon back until each one won and were helped along the way by production . In my opinion neither should have won .

    1. Production always help the veteran, but the houseguest are too stupid for not getting ride of them. Well at least Cody tried in getting Paul out in week 1, but Productin step in and gave him 3 weeks safety

  42. If we all are posting our “wish lists” here, I would have loved to see Jessica, Elena, Alex and Christmas team up together. They all have a good grasp on the people in the house, and could have done some serious damage. This could have only happened though if Cody hadn’t returned to the house.

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