Big Brother Canada PUNISHMENT Hot water cut off for 48 hours and Games taken away “F*** you Big Brother”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Gary, Alec

I’ll be streaming feeds tonight for US viewers


10:31pm Bedroom Liza, Gary and Danielle

Liza is really worried about the showmances in the house. Liza mentions that today she’s seen Emmett/Jillian and Topaz/Alec flat out kissing. She doesn’t think Emmett and Alec will cut their women. She tells them that Tom is the type of person that wants to make BIG MOVES. Gary says he’s really starting to like Tom and he sees him allying with him earlier. Liza mentions that Tom really opens up to her.
Gary: “It would be perfect if Tom can do our dirty work and put Emmett and Jillian up”

For the 5th time today Danielle tells them that Jillian and Emmett would acted like they are not “returning the favour” for her going up as a pawn.

Gary wants to see Aneal leave this week and see what happens in the next HOH. Liza agrees, says Aneal has to go. They wonder who Emmett will put up. Gary says Tom, Liza and danielle think it’s too early for him to make that move…

Liza tell them even though Andrew talks and Jokes around with the “Cool kids” club he’s a outsider. Liza: “Andrew talks to me a lot and he’s more about the misfits.. “ (New alliance it’s called the misfits and it’s run by Liza)

Danielle about the Misfits vs the cool kids “We’re funner.. “ Liza tells them that Andrew and AJ are getting close. Danielle about Aj “I can’t stand the f**** c***” Both Gary and Liza agree they don’t like AJ and he needs to go. Liza says AJ will vote with the “Cool Guys” but he’s not really part of them. Gary feels that Peter is “Fiddling” With them but is playing very much for himself, “He’ll f*** the cool guys over in the end..” Gary explains that Peter is with the Cool guys (AKA Bros) and will use them to get to the end.



11:00pm Kitchen AJ, Alec and Aneal playing cards (There’s a chess game and a card game going on in the House. Both Games took a awhile to make and are now being played almost constant)

11:12pm Living room

Big Brother Calls the house guests into the living room. Tom is really excited he thinks it’s going to be food. (He’s on slop and hurting) They are about to get the prize everyone has been talking about.

Attention Houseguests

“many of you have been reluctant to respond in a timely manner.. as a results all hot water to the house has been cut for 48 hours… future repercussions will be severe.. Games are not permitted in the big brother house.. Topaz please collect the games and leave them in the storage room.. have a good night “

They players are loitering around topaz is taking her time.. collecting the games. Production starts speaking through the speakers telling her to hurry up.

Topaz is freaking out that Big Brother singled her out for something everyone in the house was doing.
(Video uploading)

11:20pm Hammock Liza and TOM Liza is trying to keep Tom safe becuase the other side doesn’t like him. Suzette, Gary and Danielle. Liza is trying to get close GAry and Danielle, “Suzette can F*** herself”. Tom is confident AJ, ALec and Peter will vote to keep him in the house. Liza warns him that he’s not playing smart enough he’s up against some strong players.


11:32pm BAckyard Liza and Aneal Aneal is crying up a storm. He brings up that Jillian was his best friend and she stabbed him in the back.
Aneal: “I feel like I let my Mom down”
Apparently Aneal’s mom spent a whole chunk of cash buying him clothing etc etc for being on Big Brother. Liza tells him Jillian is her number one target. She tells him that he’s the target this week because Jillian and Emmett want him gone.



11:30pm Hallway Peter and Tom

Tom wants to take Danielle out and go after Aneal. He says Liza was talking to Gary and Danielle and they both are trying to break up the showmances. Tom: “Right now we’re making moves for the 9 .. F*** the 9 lets make a move for the 4.. We send fucking Danielle packing we bring Aneal in and we take over this game.. I need to talk to Emmett ”

Peter:”I can talk to Emmett.. Lets talk over the votes”
Tom: “If we can send DAnielle out Gary has noone..” Tom wants to tell Aneal he’s got to f**** take out Suzette if he wins HOH”

Peter says if they can sway Liza they can pull it off and if she doesn’t side with them they know there is a girl thing going on.

Peter says he’s onboard with taking Danielle out. (Lisa is a major player in this game)


12:04AM Laundry


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all the bbca eps are posted on youtube just hrs after aired (even after dark) but I am having a really hard time watching them as the cast seems like they are fake actors and I like for them to be themselves. also the gay guy takes gay to a whole new level and don’t get wrong I have nothing against anyone as long as they are being themselves but Gary the gay guy is a bit too much for me to watch. just putting my observation of the show so far . maybe once gary glitter goes the others (especially talla) will tone the drama down.


Why cant they cast Big brother US like this! I feel like I’m watching BB and the real world! I love it!


what real world? the show? that show hasn’t been “real” since season 1.


I have been a BB fan for years and was anticipating the BBCAN for months. I am so far not very impressed but it is just the beginning. I am finding that the use of foul language on BBCAN is rediculous. It seems every other word is foul. And calling people F*****G C***S is a phrase I absolutely detest from anyone. I will give props to BBUSA because the house guests censored themselves with the language. It really is giving canadians a bad reputation. Not all canadians are like this. To bad BBCAN producers cant speak to the house guests to let them know that it is offensive. This is my opinion anyway.


Angela i agree with you (not about the swearing i could care less about that) but about the show being somewhat boring and contrived. maybe its cause the cast have literally grown up watching BB so they are not being genuine to play up to the cameras. everyone knows on BB the louder, weirder or obnoxious you are you get a lot more camera time and attention. I cant take Gary anymore not because he’s gay but because he’s GAY like too gay. LOL anyhow either way i watch so I can’t complain.


I have to agree about the bad language….it is very off putting to say the least. Danielle’s mouth is especially vile which is odds with her appearance. They all sound very uneducated although the opposite is actually true. I think the girls swear more than the guys.

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