Jeff Schroeder Exclusive Live Feed Interviews with the Cast of Big Brother 17

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Next up is James Huling. He says that he currently works retail. What are we going to see from you, what are you bringing into the house. He says I am bringing all sorts of qualities into the house. I’m a people person. After you win it what are you going to do with the money. James says set up a trust fund for he daughter. He says he also inherited a son as well. Jeff asks if it will be a downfall missing them? He says he’s been in the military and as a correctional officer so he’s been through being away from them before. What else do you want to take away from the game? He says to just be in the big brother house and take it all in. What is your biggest accomplishments? James says getting into the house. When was the last time you cried in front of someone? James says last week when his daughter said she loves him. Would you rather be loved and lose or hated and win? He says win the money and be hated. That’s why I came on the show to win the money. Any message for the fans? James says “First hill-billy Asian to be on Big Brother – Support me!”

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Clay Honeycutt is up next. Jeff asks if he is single? He says yes. Are you coming in to find a wife? He says he’s coming in to play. He says he never heard of Big Brother before and in the last 4 months he’s become a superfan and fell in love with it. He says that he’s going to play it at 100% and loves the competitiveness of it. He says that his mom and Grandma are going to be watching so is going to be mindful of that. “Mom I love you… Dad too!” What are you going to do with the money if you win? He says pay off grad school. What is your biggest accomplishment? He says graduating from A&M university and getting his diploma. He says that he hope Zing-bot doesn’t get him too bad. Would you rather be loved and lose or hated and win? Clay says I would rather be loved than hated .. and at the end of the day its just money. Jeff tells Clay that when looking at him it looks like he is looking into a mirror. If you were an animal in a zoo what would you be? He says a wolf. Any thing you want to say to America? Clay says “America I love you and I hope I win this game and you’ve got my back”

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Up next is Steve Moses. He says he is the epitome of a superfan… every season, live feeds, blogs… everything. He says that he is going to play off the geek little kid. A nerdy little guy that others will trust and want to be in an alliance with … then at the end I will put a knife in their back. Is there something you’re leaving behind that you’re going to miss? He says definitely his family .. this is going to be the longest he will be away from them. Are you single? Steve says yes I am. Being in a relationship puts a target on your back but if it helps my game I will.. the chances of that are few and far between. If you were a zoo animal what would you be? He says a monkey. Would you rather lose and be loved or hated and win. Steve says definitely win. Anything you want to say to the live feeders? He says thank you for your love and support and I hope I can do you proud. He then tells Jeff congratulations on his engagement and for finally going through with it.

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Liz Nolan is next. She says she is excited to be in front of Big Brother royalty. She says she is currently working at a marketing start up in Miami. She says she is going to show the other house guests who Liz really is and Kill it! She’s bring in lots of bikinis and a pair of tight little shorts. She says she is single ready to mingle and eat some pringles. Do you ever go on the live feeds. She says I go on the live feeds all the time. Anything you want to tell the live feeders? She says Miami is in the building and I am ready to shake things up. What are you going to do if you win? She says get her masters, pay off student loans and give some to her mom. When was the last time you cried in front of someone? She says I can be emotional but I am not going to cry on tv. I’m not going to pull a Rachel and cry in a bush. I am an ugly crier so I am going to try not and do it. If you were an animal in a zoo what would you be? She says a bengal tiger.

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Next up is Da’Vonne Rogers. She says that she’s a poker dealer. Jeff asks if she’s going to tell the other house guests. She says no. She says that she’s been watching Big Brother since season 1. She says that she doesn’t want them to know she is poker dealer because in order to be a one you need to be a great poker player. Are you single? She says yes, I just got out of a 8 year relationship. What will you do with the money if you win? She says I has daughter. I want to start a foundation for her so she can go to college and have more than what I had. How long have you been away from your daughter? She says a week. How far will you go to win? She says all the way. If you were a zoo animal what would you be? She says a tiger. I think in my past life I was a buff man. What would Zing-bot zing you for? She says probably my weave but I’m going to try and keep it tight.

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Jace Agolli is up next. He says he skates and surfs. Jeff says so you’re the surfer guy! He comments on how he is in front of a Big Brother legend right now and then asks where Jordan is? Jeff says she’s around. He says he loves this show. He is a really personable guy that has a lot of courage. He says how long have you done this thing? 2, 3 times? Jeff says including this time 3 times. Any downfalls to your game? Jace says a downside that can be an upside. You have to expect the unexpected and know that at any time you could be walking out that door because of a twist. What are you giving up? He says the waves. Do you have any guilty pleasures? Jace says he is addicted to adrenaline. If you were an animal in a zoo what would you be? He says a lion. I’m the king of the jungle. Would you rather be loved and lose or win and be hated. Jace says I would rather be an Evil Dick. I am going to do whatever it takes to win.

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Next is Vanessa Rousso. She is a professional poker player. She says she’s a huge big brother fan. Being a poker player she is used to being part of a tournament where people are eliminated to get to the big prize money. She says she’s really good at reading people. What are your disadvantages? She says she’s played on a lot of poker on tv so she hopes she isn’t recognized. She says if she is she has a backup plan that she used to be a poker player but transitioned into being a DJ. She says she is giving up being in a world series poker tournament to be in the big brother house. It will be there for the rest of her life though and the big brother opportunity is a once in a life time opportunity. She says that she is going to invest the money and give some to her parents. She says she has a girlfriend that is taking care of her life while she’s in the house and will have to make it up to her. The hardest thing will be being away from her. She says that she’s hoping for a small cast to minimize the odds of someone recognizing her. If you were a zoo animal what would you be? Vanessa replied “are horses in zoos?” Jeff says all animals are in my zoo. She says a horse. She says her nickname in poker is “Lady Maverick”

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Last up is John McGuire. “Johnny MAC!” He says he’s a dentist that plays the guitar at night. Any strategies? He says he’s going to pretend he doesn’t know anything about the show. What are you giving up to be here? John says just being a dentist… that’s what I do 9-5. What are going to do after you win the money? He says that he is a quarter of a million dollars in debt so its going to pay that off.. the interest is insane. He says he could be physical threat but will play it down. People think I’m dumb but I’m really a pretty smart guy. When was the last time you cried in front of someone. He says less than a year ago at a hospital when there was some medical stuff going on. He says people love talking about teeth and dentistry. If you were an animal in a zoo what would you be? He says a badger… because a badger doesn’t care he would fight anything. What will zing-bot rip on you for? Johnny says probably being skinny. Would you rather win this game and be hated or loved and lose. Johnny says win… people usually hate me anyways .. I’m a dentist.

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I am having problems getting the feeds. I am using a proxy and can access all the video’s on CBS, but I get a “selected content has not yet started” on the live feeds screen. When I try to change my host file on my laptop, it refuses to. PLEASE can anyone help me?


I don’t watch the live feeds, are they going to upload the interviews for those who don’t have it?


I hate how obsessed I am with this show already and it hasnt even come out yet -_-
Studying and watching live feeds, already have my summer planned


I hope shelly from bb13 comes for the girls and for the guys i hope its eric stein from bb8. I picked those two because i think they are very underated


Shelly was a very crafty BB player.


I agree Simon! I feel like Shelly gets a bad rep, but I still feel she would have won her season if not for that duo twist being unleashed on the house with only 6 people left. Very crafty player, and she had people believing all her lies for so long.


I like this cast a lot! I just hope that the interesting players stick around longer than the boring ones.


Gotta love all these “super fans”. The transparency is pretty clear for most fo them and I appreciate the one guy who was straight up and said he never watched BB until 4 months ago.

I expect someone who actually knows this game will come out in top (Last couple seasons Derrick, Andy, Ian, Dan, Rachel…. It’s not a coincidence people). When you truly live and breathe BB compared to people that don’t know it odds are you will be pretty successful.


Yeah except for the fact that he still claims to be a superfan! Hardly. I was alittle skeptical after reading the cast profiles and seeing they are all relatively the same age range… but after watching the interviews I have more hope for this season. I think they picked a lot of pretty intelligent people, should make for an interesting season.


seems to be lots of interesting ppl on this cast! or at least “real people”. i just wish there was more diversity in terms of ethnicity and age. and there’s a least 5 houseguests from the south!