Celebrity Big Brother 3 – Mirai Evicted with a 7-0 Vote!

Head Of HouseHold Winner: Chris Kirkpatrick
Nominations: Mirai & Chris Kattan
Power of Veto Players: Chris Kirkpatrick, Chris Kattan, Mirai, Todrick, Cynthia and Shanna
Veto Competition was called: “Marry Me” The house guests saw images with large crowds of people where only one fan was holding a sign saying “Marry Me”. They had to answer 7 questions about the different photos and say what section of the photo the fan was in (A/B/C). It came down to a tie breaker between Shanna and Todrick. Todrick went over so Shanna won.
POV Winner: Shanna
Veto Ceremony: Shanna did not use the veto
Evicted: Mirai (Evicted with a 7-0 vote)
NEW HOH: Miesha

10:20am – 11:07pm The live feeds have been blocked all day for the above to happen.. The feeds are still blocked…

11:17pm Still nothing..

11:38pm Still kittens…

1:30am The feeds return.. the house guests got pizza after the HOH comp.
Kitchen – Chris Kirkpatrick – is it just me or does it feel like Miesha has been HOH since we moved into this house? Carson – it feels like she’s been HOH for my entire life! Chris Kirk – it feels like she’s been HOH since my mom was born. Carson – Since the Reagan administration. Since the dawn of time!

NEW Head of Household: Miesha

1:55am Bathroom – Miesha, Chris Kirk, Todrick, Shanna
Shanna – you were only off by 5 hours off of the veto (tie breaker question). Todrick – I know… but I don’t really need to win these things because I feel like it will put a bigger target on my back. I just want to have a really good big brother experience and I know my parents are watching and I just want to win something while I’m here. I don’t want to be like Mirai and get sent home without winning something like HOH. And I don’t want to get it because someone threw something. Miesha – yeah and I know that some people who don’t win anything ..end up winning the whole show. That’s how it works a lot of times. You did amazing. Todrick – you did too. Miesha – you should feel really good about that. Todrick – I do. Miesha – today was just WOW! A Lot! And then all the waiting waiting waiting and then Bam! I feel like I’ve been hit upside my head. Chris Kirk – yeah good job guys! Miesha – thank you. Todrick – you too. Chris Kirk – I didn’t do anything. Todrick – you hosted. Chris Kirk – that’s not what I heard. Someone told me I was horrible.

2:32am Bedroom. Chris Kirk and Cynthia
Chris Kirk – this house don’t like her. I love you and Carson. Shanna and I were just sitting here talking like .. can we have a redo!? Can we start again at the top and go okay! This is how its going to go. Shanna – I don’t dislike Miesha. Chris Kirk – no she makes it difficult. I understand. Cynthia – and she just doesn’t make an effort to connect with the girls. She is just kind of like a lone wolf… with you guys kind of .. which is fine. Chris – just so you know .. that was just tonight that this all happened. We would be fine if I went up this week.. but with Meisha as HOH .. I don’t think I would go up. Cynthia – right. Chris Kirk – you know I do have a really good standing with Meisha because she trusts me. If I come for her .. the two headed dragon and chop one of the heads off.. but you know I couldn’t do it Todrick because he has been good to me for the most part.

3:25am The house guests are sleeping..

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Won’t miss her.

another name

Are we thinking half way party?
Another overnight hotel break for a houseguest?
Somebody gave Lamar too much milk again?
Or it’s taken this long to explain the rules to the next HOH and they keep having to call every round a trial run, because the wrong person keeps winning?

another name

The problem with planning a blindside and choking? Well everyone you told about the blindside is still there, and so are they ones you were going to blindside.
Miesha has won HOH again. She got the impression last night that Nsync views her as a threat not an ally, and quite a few people know Nsync plotted to take out her ride or die to weaken her. Imo the countdown clock is ticking.
In this season, where everyone is ratgaming about everyone else with overly dramatic exaggerations (sometimes it’s perilously close to making up extra just to be extra)… how long before someone spills to Miesha and Toddrick?

That’s the problem with not taking the shot when you tell multiple people. Sure, she’d be HOH and know for sure if you took the shot, but the goal would have at least been accomplished without the added stress of wondering who or if or when someone is going to snitch… in a house where everyone has diarrhea of the mouth (STILL not a Lamar joke).

For storyline sake I hope it does get revealed. I’m sort of bored.

another name

post nomination, Cynthia told Todrick that Nsync wanted him on the block as a target.
Would have had more power if she’d told him before, but the countdown clock reached zero less than 24 hours after the new HOH was seated.


Initially I was thinking Carson/Cynthia wouldn’t spill the beans on Kirk but they have this irrational trust in Todrick even though they KNOW they can’t trust him.

Part of the issue is Shanna/Kirk haven’t fully spilled the beans to Carson on how much Miesha/Todrick want him gone (OR that Todrick was the one who initiated that focus). I think it’s partially b/c Kirk/Shanna were okay with keeping the two duos focused on targeting each other & beleive they have whoever stays attached to them.

Lamar/Todd were assumed to be tied to Miesha — BUT — maybe one of them isn’t — Lamar told Shanna if he wins HOH he’s putting up Miesha/Todrick. Man, why couldn’t Lamar win HOH lol. Todd seems to just want to take out anyone who isn’t him or Lamar as he’s telling negative things to Kirk about Todrick & negative things to TM about Kirk.

Kirk already knows he F’d up by not having Shanna use the POV now that TM has won HOH. He’s figured out once Carson goes he’ll be the next target (and that feeling will grow this week if he discovers Todrick knows Kirk considered ousting him).

Todrick is already working Miesha having discovered the news so it might not be surprising if TPTB pull their typical BS to keep Carson (who is TV gold fwiw) either via a fixed POV for him or Shanna to win. I wonder if Shanna realizes if she wins POV & removes Carson that Kirk will likely be the renom.

Did you catch Carson talking about how “they agreed” Kattan would be the target this week bc he wants to go? It sure sounded like the entire house agreed that would be the move this week so TM only agreed to save themselves but had no intention of honoring it.

I also found it interesting that Miesha told Kattan not to worry he’s safe “FOR THE INITIAL NOMS”. That’s essentially telling him you’re the re-nom.


That for a fat back up dancer to go


I just feel really old, I am, and confused.