Paul – I personally think Jason should be the first to go..

11:00pm Still one showmance in the house..

Raven – I’m ticklish on my forehead.. It’s a weird Tickle
Paul joins them.. Hints that from his Diary rooms he’s feeling they are moving forward fast in the game. He thinks tomorrow night is an eviction with another one on thursday.
Paul – I could alo be wrong (You lie)
Raven and Matt both fell they’ve been moving forward faster than usual in the Diary rooms.
Paul asls point sout that they did Xmas’ blog and tweets early.

Paul – I’ve been feeling them Kevin for a long time..
Matt says that Paul was right they have to take the first shot.
Raven says Alex and Jason thnk they have Josh and Xmas which they don’t

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Mark “If I stay I go to the bat for you. I’ve never given my word and broken it.”

Christmas – she (Alex) is 100% on board with you being in the top five. Josh – you spoke to her? Christmas – yeah we were just talking. Christmas – she is really wanting Kevin out. Josh – she wants Mark, Matt and then Kevin. Christmas – and then Raven. Christmas talks about how Mark was willing to do anything to stay. Alex was like f**K that. As he starts to realize he is going home he will try and stir the pot. She was like I’m not believing anything that f**ker says. It will probably be good to get out any more secrets if there anything to get. Josh – I could talk to him. Christmas – Is there any other information we need? He doesn’t have any information on me.

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“I can ping pong back and forth between my pairs & weasel my way out of anything.” – Paul

10:45am Backyard. Jason and Kevin are walking the yard. Kevin – so everything is fine right? The way we want it? Jason – Damn right! I don’t thing there is any stopping it now. Kevin – unless Matt and Raven win an HOH. Jason – Yeah that would suck. Kevin – because Alex, me, you and Paul… although I haven’t won sh*t. But I can tell you one thing.. if a spelling competition comes up I’ll be ready, that’s for sure. Jason – that’s good. Kevin – as long as the four of us are on the same thing it should be fine. Right?! Jason – yeah. Its seems like there would be no way for it to go wrong but you never want to think that. Kevin – no one is afraid.. at that point its the game you know what I mean. J

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Jason to Josh- you ever have a hurts do-nut .. you want a hurts do-nut ..

Big BRother Spoilers 1:08am Stop that… stop that… stop that..
Jason – you ever have a hurts donut … hurts don’t it
Jason jumps on JOsh gives him a Hurts Donut

Josh complains that there’s a dent in his head now.
Josh – I have a migraine..
Jason – you want a hurts donut .. it’ll make him feel better.
JOsh – my head hurts I won’t be able to sleep

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Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Whistle has to go!”

All of the house guest Paul – that’s the comp that everyone wants to win but it f**King sucks a$$. Matt – I would rather do the wall comp. Kevin – everyone had their own way of doing it. It was a lot of fun. Very entertaining.
HOH room – Jason is showering. Paul comes up and says good work bud! I was chilling right behind you. Just in case you slipped. I am glad you went for the little one because last year I couldn’t get mine out.

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“Don’t think because I have blonde hair & my name is Christmas that I won’t f***ing cut your throat open!”

2:30pm When the live feeds return the house guests head out of the HOH room. Its time to pick the havenots for the week. Mark – alright, I’m going straight for the key again. Paul – are you really? Mark – I would unless someone else wants it. Christmas reads the card. Christmas – as head of household I must choose 2 havenots for the week. Alex – oh my god thank you!! Josh – only two? Christmas – she thinks she’s safe? Alex – I had mercy on you when I was HOH. Josh –
I’ll be one of them. Christmas – any other volunteers.

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“People are like, you’re 35 and not married, I never found anyone that was worthy”

Big Brother Spoilers 10:00am Xmas, Jason and Matt
Matt complains that the coffee maker is crap.

They’re joking around..
Xmas – It’s really like lord of the flies in here..
Matt – it’s Elena’s Birthday
Xmas – awwww Happy Birthday Elena.. I know we voted you out but we still wish you to have a wonderful birthday..

Xmas – just make that clear because other people we don’t want to have a wonderful time..
Jason – like dumb a$$ (Cody)
Xmas – I hope they give you a cake.. no not a cake.. Ice Cream.. all your favorite Ice cream..

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HOH & Nomination Results! “Matt, I just don’t like you. You’re guilty by association.”

Raven talks about Derrick Levasseur (BB16 winner) coming into the house. Raven – Matty is like a block star right now .. its so funny. Three in a row. If you’re going to do it, do it. Christmas – Someone said that was the most peaceful nomination ceremony. Did you say that? I thought about saying Matt I just don’t like you. You’re guilty by association. I was actually having a hard time figure out what I wanted to do. Raven – you did a good job. Raven – I feel like this next competition will be endurance. Christmas – I feel like I won’t be able to compete. Raven – you can’t because you’re HOH. Christmas – Oh yeah.. sometimes I’m just pretty.

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Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 7 Summary and Double Eviction Results

Well folks.. Here we are the Double eviction. True to form CBS is treating us to no feeds, “But it will be worth it” they say, hardly. All that juicy awesomeness that happens after the double will be missed. I had some fun with this recap that I know will cause some of you great distress. the comments are there for you to vent at me. It’s just for fun. Enjoy ;)

Here’s how things went down

Jessica was evicted by a near unanimous vote. Cody, of course being her one vote to stay. In case you are wondering Jessica is not coming back, she’s on twitter. Julie also mentioned no Jury members will be returning. So hopefully this means there’s a damper on the late game twists. They’ve done enough damage already.

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Big Brother 19 Week 7 Top Animated Gifs

Big Brother Spoilers Top Gifs of week 7
Typically Gifs always go to our Twitter accounts (@BigBspoilers) and most times they make their way to our facebook.

It’s starting to slow down. Matt is just too good of a player his command of the game means nothing goes on without his say. This has a damper on the game. Until these houseguests can give us more than just sh1t talking Matt’s cereal eating is now what these Gifs will focus on. ENJOY! (I’m 1/2 joking btw)

  • Raven and Matt engaged in s$xual acts at night as they usually do
  • Paul gives Josh a little tickle.. JOsh seems to enjoy it
  • Jason tells us how psychotic most days are with Alex, Xmas, Paul, JOsh in the house
  • TONS of Matt game updates.. he’s a game powerhouse his strategy is what guides the game

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“If I win, I’m upsetting the applecart, Matt and Mark” – Jason

Big Brother Spoilers 12:44pm Kevin and Jason
Their complaining about Matt and Raven.
jason – that’s why if I win, I’m upsetting the apple cart
Kevin – who you putting up her and Matt (Raven/Matt)
Jason – Matt and Mark
Kevin says everyone is going to tell him “Don’t do that”
Kevin – what the f* man
Kevin says Matt and raven are too comfortable in this game.

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