Angela “Brett should say in his GBM – Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Haleigh.”

10:55pm HOH room. Kaycee joins Tyler and Angela. She breaks up their snuggle fest. Kaycee talks about how Fes is going to lose it if he leaves on Thursday because Haleigh is going to be here with Brett. Haleigh is in the hammock with Brett right now. Fes is watching him like a hawk. Him being outside the house.. Tyler – oh damn, I didn’t even think about that. Angela – Brett should say in his GBM (goodbye message) – Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Haleigh.

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Havenots Picked! “I already take cold showers, I don’t give a f**k!”

5:52pm Hammock. Haleigh and Fes. Haleigh – have you talked to Kaycee? Fes – no, did you? Haleigh – no, I am going to. Fes – what are you going to say? Haleigh – I am just going to ask her what she is thinking. Its worth asking. Fes – I know its just.. I am just over it already… this game. Like we f**ked ourselves so many times. Not we but our group. Haleigh – Fessie you can’t beat yourself up over it. You can’t be over it. Fes – Why, either way one of us leaves. Haleigh – we could see if the veto gets used. That’s number one. Number two.. Fes – that’s it. Haleigh – maybe theres a battle back.

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Sam “If I leave, you better partner up with Angela & win or I’m going to slap the sh*t out of you.”

12:13pm Bathroom. Sam and Tyler. Sam – she scared the hell out of me in the very beginning. I was really intimidated by her, just like Brett and Winston. But once I got to know her, just like you said its not what it seamed. And I really love Angela so I’m not worried in the least. IF anything I thought I was going to go up as a pawn. Which is scary but I would have done it. Tyler – That’s what Haleigh and Fes wanted. Sam – I felt good, I was like I would be okay with that. But now that we get smaller and smaller we’re fast approaching the five, so I am afraid that people are going to get nastier and nastier … and I am ready for it.

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“All four of them are working together You, Me and Sam are the odd man out”

**Updated to NOON *****

Big Brother Spoilers Fes’ goose is cooked.. Now all we need is Scottie to win the battle back.

Fes is blaming their predicament on Rockstar again saying if she hadn’t given Tyler the POV he would have never sent Scottie home.
Fes says he’s ready to go home now he doesn’t want to go to jury, “I don’t want to sit in jury for 20 days’
H – think of it as a vacation.. STOP we don’t know you are leaving
FEs – one of us is.. I would rather be the one that goes anyways
H – don’t say that ever again
JC – you never really know what will happen
FES brings up his veto performance – I don’t drop balls I DON’T Drop balls..
JC tells Haleigh if she makes top 2 he’ll campaign for her in the jury house.
Haleigh – all four of them are working together you me and Sam are the odd man out
Haleigh asks if Tyler is going to sleep in the HOH all week. JC thinks he will says he told him that after he’s done being a have not he’s moving in up there.

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Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Fes is done! Fes is going home!”

10:35pm Bedroom. Haleigh and Fes. Fes – I dropped so many man! How the f**k did she beat me?! I dropped so many! Haleigh – you did better than I did. Fes – I don’t want to be on the block with you. I just want to go home today. Haleigh – no you don’t. Fes – Yes I do. AHHHhh I’m so mad Haleigh. How the f**k did she beat me! This is so embarassing. Haleigh – why? She’s an athlete too.

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“Literally out loud say Pick Sam. makes him look like a complete a$$hole.. He’s selfish”

***** uPDATED*****

Big Brother Spoilers Fes is the target. Haleigh picked Sam for Veto under instructions from FEs.
11:11am Angela, Kaycee, BRett and Tyler
A – I just told HAleigh she made a really bad move she was like F* you are right
A – she just realized it
Angela adds that Sam has a better relationship with Fes Haleigh didn’t think of that.
A – just told her if you are sitting next too fes on eviction night you’re staying
Angela adds that Halegih thought she was the target after Angela’s Nominations speech
Kaycee goes on about how Fes isn’t going to look good on TV telling Haleigh to pick Sam .

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FES “F**k Man! We suck at this game. You sent home Rockstar & I sent home Scottie!”

7:35pm Bathroom. Fes and Haleigh. Fes – best case scenario if one of us pulls ourselves off .. then we’ve got the other one, JC and we have to convince Brett. That’s the only thing. Brett is at the bottom of the totem pole over there. If he jumps ship and comes over here. (to the bottom of your side?) That’s the only one. And even then I don’t know. F**k Man! We suck at this game. You sent home Rockstar and I sent home Scottie! We should have f**king kept Scottie. Maybe they’ll like us for being so dumb.

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Big Brother 20 Nominations! “Welcome to the block Fes!”

6pm Angela in the HOH room by herself. Angela – AHHHHGGGGH… I hate Fridays! I hate Fridays! Tyler joins her. Angela – My heart is beating so fast! Tyler – that was incredible. That was so well spoken! It was perfect! Angela – did it make sense. Tyler – yes, 100%! You crushed it. Angela – do you think he (Fes) expected it? Tyler – not at all. Angela – I walked into the storage room and laughed .. this was so evil! Tyler – this was the exact move that you should have done. Welcome to the block Fes! Tyler — what did you say? Angela – Angela a day late and a dollar short.

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“Why would I want to work with someone who just sent home someone they’re working with”

Big Brother Spoilers

2:52pm Haleigh and Fes
FEs – you think she’s putting you up
H – yeah, Why?
F – I was trying to talk to her I was trying to do it where I wasn’t too pushy but she’s..
H – it’s justified ..
H – How is she going to justify putting Sam up
F – she was thinking.. a lot..
H – she was freaking out just now also JC cornered her I don’t know what he said
F – Yeah ..
H – I don’t know if he was pro me or pro not..
F – he probably threw you under the bus
H – I know
Fes says he talked to JC and he said Angela is going to do something to not get blood on her hands
H – it’s me
Fes – you don’t go home next to her
H – I go home
F – You got me, JC ..
H – and that’s it

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“I can’t say who I’m putting up, it’s against the rules, I can say it’s not looking good for HAILS”

Big Brother Spoilers Haleigh/fes are going up and Fes has no idea he’s the target. These weekend feeds should be good.

11:42am FEs and Angela HOH
Fes – what are you thinking about doing
Angela – Halegih’s a pawn.. I’m leaning that way but I’m still going to have a few conversations I didn’t talk to anyone last night really
Fes – if she takes herself down
A – I will cross that bridge when it comes
Fes – if Brett wins will Brett take Sam down
A – I figure I could threaten Brett to do whatever I want him to do
FEs – if Sam and HAleihg sit next to each other do you think Sam goes home
A – totally.. Yeah
A – if I don’t put Haleigh up people will be like WHY .. it won’t make any sense.. people will be suspicious of me

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Fes – If Sam goes home this week I look like a f*ing genius

*** updated ****

1:39am Fes and Haleigh
Fes – what you tell Tyler.. just now
H – he told me to sleep easy.. I was like I’m freaking out
H – he told me she’s thinking about and to come up in the morning to talk about it
H – I don’t want you pushing because that is another thing she said to me before I said any of that she’s like I don’t want to feel like I’m being pressured to do something
H – I really don’t appreciate the way you spoke to me in front of Tyler (Baby bird)
Fes – why are you interrupting
H – I don’t appreciates it.. Are yo hearing what I am saying.. I don’t appreciate the way you spoke to me
F – I’m sorry..

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Big Brother 20 HOH Results! “Second HOH .. like a BOSS!!”

9pm Kitchen. Brett, JC, Angela, Fes and Haleigh and Kaycee. Angela – that was another all luck. All luck! Haleigh – no it wasn’t that was skill. Brett – are you a carnie? The bearded lady. That was hands down the funnest I’ve had in a competition. Haleigh – Scottie would have won that. Brett – the best was climbing on JC. Angela – I think my letter will be from my best friend. I wanted to just chill this week. Fes – 72 days guys! 72 days! Guaranteed until next week. JC – there has to be another twist.

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