“Everyone is going to vote out Sam. If you hear anything different can you tell me I don’t want to be blindsided”

POV: Kaycee HOH KAycee
POV Used No Noms: Sam & Haleigh

9:10pm JC and Brett
B – have you talked to Tyler yet
JC – no .. tomorrow..
B – have you talked to Sam
JC says no brings up how Anegla is acting strange.
Brett – Angela is acting weird
JC – you think she’s acting weird
B – can’t tell.. but she can not win tomorrow..
JC – she is completely use to having everything her way the way she wants..
JC – she is a spoiled girl.. she really is a spoiled girl
JC says they are good with Sam but he’s unsure about Tyler. says the only one out of those three that he can talk to is Kaycee but she’s not playing for HOH.
B – what do you think Sam would f*ing do
JC – Angela for sure
B – you think

JC – whatever she do if it’s not you and me and she puts Angela up we’re fine
B – I agree.. I’m just saying I don’t know what she would do she’s f*ing …
JC says Sam listens to Brett.
Brett – have you noticed Angela acting weird
JC – 2 weeks.. after she won HOH ..
B – no today.. she’s been acting weird towards me
JC – people are in a low mood.. you are being extra loud she’s probably annoyed by you
B – alright .. people are being as boring as f* dude.. I’m just trying to liven the place up because everyone is so tense
Brett says if they lose each other “this place will suck” because of the boredom
Brett says it comes down to is it Game or is he annoying Angela
B – what I really want to know is if she’s acting like that because of game
JC – it doesn’t really matter I think she already knows what she is doing (in the game)
B – yeah
JC – there’s no way you are going to change her mind .. what is she telling KAycee
B – what is she telling Kaycee.. I don’t know
B – I could be going crazy but what if Sam low key was working with Kaycee and Angela
JC doesn’t think so “Kaycee put up f*ing [Sam]… no bro”

9:34pm JC and Kaycee
JC thinks it’s going to be a double tomorrow

JC – I’m going to go with the flow
JC says he’s got no deals with anyone
JC says he’s got idea what is going on in Brett’s head. JC says BRett never talks game with him he. if Brett wins HOH he might be on the block with Kaycee. He asks her if he’s on the block tomorrow he hopes he has Kaycee’s vote. Kaycee says he does.
JC says that he’s been good with Angela and he knows Angela is close to kaycee. He ‘s always been okay with Angela and hopes she doesn’t do something F*ed to him. Adds the worst thing he she can do is think he’s with BRett and put the two of them up.

Kaycee – Haleigh said she spoke to you..
JC – to me.. no .. in the kitchen she said I need to talk to you and I said I need to shower .. I walked in here
kaycee – she f*ing lied oh she said that you pretty much were like everything is going to be fine
JC – me..
Kaycee – you said it’s supposed to be a unanimous vote like to keep her here..
Kaycee – Haleigh lies.
JC – I’m surprised she’s still here
JC back to saying he has no idea who Brett will put up
kaycee – he’s not winning HOH
JC – I need to win HOH..
JC says if Brett wins they can push him to stick to the plan Haleigh first than Sam
Kaycee brings up how I want it to go smoothly
JC – I really don’t think Brett is coming for you
kaycee – I don’t know maybe
JC – Sam really annoys him..
JC says if she goes up as a pawn she has his vote no matter who she is up against.
Kaycee says she’s got his back also.
Kaycee – tomorrow is going to be a good day I don’t want you to stress
JC says Kaycee ran a good HOH everyone was happy

JC brings up Angela being moody he doesn’t know what is in her mind he’s worried she’ll snap at him so he hasn’t gotten close to her
JC asks about the Tyler/Angela showmance.
kaycee doesn’t think so they just hang out a lot.. “there’s only a few people left in the house”
JC complains about Brett following him around it’s a good thing him and Kaycee don’t talk too much because now him and Brett are going to end up on the block together.
Kaycee says it’s like Brett has attached himself to JC.
JC points out how Brett does that a lot brings up Brett attaching to Winston, Scottie.. “he always needs someone”
Kaycee – totally understandable he just needs a close friend..
JC brings if Brett wins HOH he doesn’t know he might do something crazy.
Kaycee says she doesn’t see Brett putting JC up he’ll put her up before JC.
JC – he’s good at lying ..

Jc taking a shower
Haleigh hands
Sam ironing

Showmancing… kinda..

10:25pm JC and Haleigh
H – where’s your head at for tomorrow.. where your thoughts are
JC – I haven’t talked to anyone today
Halegih – I talked to Angela and she thinks that everyone is going to vote out Sam. Brett told me similar he wants me to stay here..
H – Tyler told me he wanted me here and he thinks everyone is going to vote to keep me.. this is what they are telling me so I don’t know
JC – I haven’t talked game today
Haleigh says she talked to Kaycee and she said if it’s a tie she’s keeping Haleigh.
JC – ok
H – so maybe just talk to Brett if you want for that confirmation
Jc – yeah of course..
Haleigh – if you hear anything different can you please tell me I don’t want to be blindsided..
JC – yeah for sure.. people make up their minds Thursday morning that’s for sure if I hear anything I will come tell you that’s for sure
H – what do you want to do
JC – I want to keep you here ..

H – hopefully everything goes ok just sleep it off and be quiet.
H – I don’t think Tyler will lie to me like that not to my face. He’s the type that would just avoid me.. (poor wounded bird)
H – he came to me and told me that.. I didn’t ask him
JC – what did he tell you
H – that I can calm down everyone is voting for me I’m going to be fine.
H – so I have your vote as of right now
JC – I just wanted to see if you’ve heard anything
JC says he hasn’t talk to “them” at all
H – the way they are talking to me is similar as the last 2 weeks
H – she said that she was waiting on Kaycee to tell her to vote..
Haleigh adds that Kaycee told Angela that it’s Sam’s time to go
JC – when you put them up as HOH whose Idea was it to put them up
H – it was a combination ..
Jc says he’s worried the whole house is voting against her in that case his vote won’t matter.
Haleigh – I feel really confident I have Brett’s and I feel really good after Angela and I spoke.. (A FOUTTE to the end)

JC says if Fes had listened to him a little bit Fes would still be here.

10:45pm JC tells Tyler

JC – she thinks it’s unanimous..
Tyler – to keep her
JC brings up Haleigh going around telling everyone she’s staying ..
JC – I don’t know what game she is playing
t – I have her feeling safe..

11:38pm Angela and Tyler
A – I’m in love with you
They kiss
T – wait we have the same secret
A – what
T – I can’t believe we have the same secret
A – I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth
T – I can’t believe that just came out of your mouth

T – how did I get so lucky
A – how did I get so lucky
A – what is happening to me..
Angela says she’s going to hate having to talk about this in the Diary room. Tyler says they don’t have to anymore.

T – I can see you can you see me
A – I can see you
T – this is real life.. I love it

7:43am lights on

8:24am Kaycee, Sam and Tyler are up. Feeds get cut for the HOH lockdown.

9:08am Feeds come back it wasn’t the HOH lockdown. They were shown a video which I assume will be used in a competition tonight.

Brett says he doesn’t want to win it “I’m trying to prep everyone up”
T – yeah
Tyler says Sam and JC might know.
Brett- Sam didn’t even come close on the gif that keeps on giving
T – Angela is not going to get it
B – she won the gif that keeps on giving
t – she’s not going to win this one..
T – we might have to go out the first question .. watch the first question just decides it
T – do you know the order and sh1t
Brett – yeah kinda.. the one upstairs is messed up a bit
Brett – I don’t know 100%
Brett – I guarantee this is Sam’s

9:29am Sam tells Brett she’s not going to get too carried away with getting ready until she finds out if they will be wearing their own clothes or “dressing up like a bug”

9:32am Studying together..  (they were shown video clips of competitions. studying what was shown and the order)

The girls laugh at Brett that he doesn’t know the order of the videos.
Kaycee – his order is so f*ed I knew he wasn’t paying attention
Tyler – he knows he says I feel like I’m the only one that remember sh1t right now but I don’t want to win
Kaycee – this is his (order) right here.. and it’s f*ing wrong
Tyler – he’s f*ing with you
Angela mentions how Brett came up here and told him he didn’t pay attention to any of it he was just laughing.
Kaycee doesn’t believe it says Brett wasn’t even paying attention during the video he was too busy laughing.
T – he told me.. he told me I feel like I’m the only one that knows..

10:00am Brett studying with JC. Doesn’t look like JC is even going to try. Tyler, Anegla and Kaycee in HOH studying.

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Fraggle Rock bottom

And people here still insist Haileigh is the smart one of The Foutte Klan…..Good grief.

Buh Bye

It’s not really “FOUTTE” anymore, more like just “TE”.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively



I’m going with FOUITJ (Five Of Us In The Jury).


Pass the yawnpaste. This is going to be boring for 3 more weeks

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I never thought any of FAUTE were smart related to the game. Real life, Bay supposedly is a member of MENSA; ego killed her game and she can’t remember her own lies. RS blinded by her hatred. Haleigh, there are glimpses that she’s a smart girl. But how can you blindside someone at this point in the game, who ISN’T in an alliance with anyone left in the house??? Only if they truly are blind. Then every day is a blind side. (Bless her heart.)

Banana split

Bless your heart too.

another name

according to family visit Bay was one point short of genius level, which would not meet the MENSA threshold, but does mean that she would comprehend and pick up on new thought processes and tasks quickly. If only she’d applied that to her game instead of playing by ego.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I once knew a programmer who had won a Grace Hopper award for software. The guy was literally a genius but he had absolutely no common sense and very little real world experience…and came close to getting himself killed in a fisherman’s bar on Kodiak Island over their lack of white wine.

IQ is a measure of intelligence that doesn’t always reflect how smart a person is…such as sleeping with Sgaggy.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

That is actually very common. The old saying, “Common sense is not very common.” Book smart isn’t street smart.


Almost a member of MENSA. She just missed by 1000s of points


I kind of want Brett or JC to win HOH tonight…..just for the drama lol.

Roll Tide

Brett for the win! Rock Tyler’s boat!

double D

…or Sam…I agree…they need to go after the other 3 while they have the numbers.


Ty needs for Brett, JC or Sam to win to put Angela and KC on the block and evict one or the other. OR he needs Angel to win to put Brett and JC on the block and evict one or the other. If Ty wins, he has to cut ties with one of his FT and incur their anger. Ty can’t win HOH or POV until the end unless he has to save himself from the block. He is backed into a corner.


Well she was kinda the smartest of that group but thats a pretty low bar to begin with. LOL Poor Haliegh, doesn’t she realize that being blindsided is part of the foutte experience?


I honestly don’t get y they just don’t tell her st this point out of kindness

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

You know what is really scary Fraggle is that Hayleigh probably is the smartest member of Foutte…….Ouch!


Hmmm..For someone who thinks she’s staying (Haleigh) , she hasn’t stopped eating for about 40 minutes/ I mean Non-stop.
I would think she would notice how relaxed and happy Sam is.
Haleigh has been breathing through her mouth a lot…and desperately trying to listen by the Geo room wall.
Personally…I don’t think people should say she’s safe. They could just say they haven’t decided yet..or something indecisive.
However…tomorrow night…back to Fess…and who follows right behind her?
I;m thinking Brett.
He has done JC’S work…and now Tyler knows FOR SURE they are working in tandem.
Anyone know when feeds are down..and for how long?

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Poor Hails. I wonder if they will serve “FInger Food” at the Wrap Party?


Yeah ladyfingers…..


Can we call he Naileigh?

Haleigh's Melanoma

She painted her nails so no finger snacking. She’s bound to be hungry.


I feel kinda sorry for Hailey and Brett ( if he goes in DE) she goes back to the pawing and possessive clutches of Fester and Brett thrown into the den of horror that is Rockstar and Bayleigh. Scotty will be a quivering pile of jelly in the corner afraid of his own shadow………this year the jury house will be a living nightmare for those two and they did it to themselves lol.


OMG how is she biting her nails? Sgecabt possibly have any left!

My Take

Angela just whispered in Tyler’s ear “ I’m in love with you.” He said he thought he was the only one. They’re in their separate beds holding hands. Tyler said when they get out of there they’re going to tell the world. ?

BB Fanatic

So sick of that Fakemance. Production keeps pushing them into it but no one is buying it.


Here’s my take and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, both Tyler and Angela are competitive people playing to win $500,000. They are thrust into a house known for deceit, trickery, and falsehoods. I’m sure they both have some concern about the truthfulness of this whatevermance, is one of them being played by the other, Is this the real life, is this just fantasy? Or is it just a couple lines from Freddie Mercury. The BB house just isn’t a good place for blind trust and it shows in how they react with each other.


Excellent post! Lmao Funny, witty, ripe with clever detail and classic song lyrics. Your post has it all. It even has some gameplay truth and great observations. We posters all enjoy playing this game inside the game. We create the online forum back-and-forth banter and daily comment section to the game of BB, and I must say, this year we have created a great backdrop, complete with our own brand of poetic competition, snarky rebuttals, and even a few out of line jabs at some of the HGs. Simon and Dawg give us a canvas, and we provide the paint. So, from one poster to another, I tip my hat to you, sir.


I’m allowed one good post a season so I guess I’m done.


I disagree, i think its the most authentic romance i’ve seen on the show in awhile. Its developed naturally, hell it didn’t really even get going til two months in. You can tell by the way they look at eachother. You can’t fake that stuff.

Don’t know why you are saying production is forcing it? Maybe if you don’t watch the feeds it might seem that way to you. But then if you never watched the feeds you would also think Haleigh was a smart player the way she is edited.

Club H.O.H

Me too! It’s to the point of pathetic! Love my ass! As soon as the get out of the house and Ty realizes the people JC knows and hangs out with its Mangela WHO! And he’s going to be JC’s groupie. Mangela is convinced Ty might win the 500k so that’s why that HiltonCockSucker is even liking him! She needs another Range Rover!

Roll Tide

Camera’s are every where….world knows.

Botox Pelosi

Tyler keep your mind in the game. The 500 K is your goal now. if Angela really loves you she will still love you once the game is over.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Lord have mercy, Haleigh has practically cleaned out the fridge … where does she put it? Must be stress eating.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Uh oh, it’s love now! Could this mean that KC is definitely in F2 jeopardy? If Tyler chooses KC in the end, will Angela ever forgive him? Will Sam and JC have a complete meltdown when the object of their desire makes his declaration of love to his princess public? Will the hive implode when Angela gets what she wants, yet again? Tune in and let the drama begin!!!!

who me?

More like…Stay tuned for the next edition of As The World Turns! Most viewers don’t give a flying fig except to say Tyler has ruined his game over this.

My Take

Ruined his game? Like the rest of them are leaving him in the dust. LOL

Roll Tide

Tune into “As The House Turns” to keep up with the drama.


I’m not sure that Tyler working up Kaycee to take-out Brett is the smartest move for his game. He needs someone sitting next to him that the jury hates. That means Angela (best bet) or Brett (second best bet). If they clip Brett in DE, that leaves Tyler possibly sitting next to Kaycee, Sam, or JC, all of whom just may beat him in the end. We’re talking about the Hive as jurors here.


Agreed. Kaycee the once useless player has proven us all wrong and come out as a formidable opponent. And she will win if she gets to final 2, rightfully so. I’m surprised Tyler hasn’t realized this.


That’s gonna be the move of the season for Tyler how to get KC out without blood on his hands……that’s why Tyler kept JC and Sam in the game to do just that……or at least be the votes he needs to do it himself.


I don’t think it’s so much about blood on his hands but a target on his back. Plausible deniability.

Roll Tide

JC hasn’t won anything, Sam won an HOH (physical). I don’t think JC will win HOH in order to get rid of Kaycee. Sam doesn’t like Angela, but really likes Kaycee. Tyler getting rid of Brett is wrong.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Who Tyler intends to take to final two (now) remains as much a mystery as what is going on in the jury house; we’ve not had any solid information in a very long game time. I would be very shocked if Tyler, who has been able to evaluate and react to game changes on the fly so far, hasn’t thought and rethought his final two.

As for setting Kaycee on Brett, I see it as great game play. Thanks to Scottie, everyone in the house knows that Angela is the prime target of the juries’ bitterness, anger and jealousy. His best game play is to be sitting next to Angela in final two. That means he has to get rid of both Brett and Kaycee, while protecting Angela.

He already knows that Brett wants to target both Angela and Kaycee, and while Brett isn’t a great comp threat, with JC and Sam still in the house Brett could control their votes. To just sit back and do nothing to target Brett would jeopardize his final two plans and by having Kaycee targeting Brett, he keeps his final two deal with both of them in play; regardless of which one takes out the other he’s sitting fairly good.

Worst case scenario for him is Kaycee win final HoH and takes him to final two; in which case we’ll see how good his oratory skills really are. Although I believe Kaycee has the edge, I wouldn’t count Tyler out quickly either.


Notice how Tyler didnt say “I’m in love with you too.” Let’s see if this showmance survives double eviction.


I think he was surprised and just rolled with it…..nothing against Angela I think he likes her but he’s just got his mind on the money not more complications lol.


He did say it but about 30 minutes later. I think he was just caught off guard. Guess their final 2 is sealed.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It’s been nice seeing their relationship grow, particularly seeing Angela able to open up to him like that. Not bad grounds/start to build a long term relationship with.

I wish them well outside the house; that will be totally up to them.


Ditto! I think they are a great match.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Same – the feelings and friendship seem to have come before the physicality. I give them more long run chances than the other 2 “showmances”.


In spite of how it’s impacting their respective games, I’m rooting for these crazy kids to make it IRL. But Tyler, wake up and play the game!! His blind spots could be his undoing.


Love L6 and am glad the Hive has been totally demolished, but this is an unnecessary blindside. I mean what is she going to do if they tell her she’s going home? It’s not like she will flip the house upside down and reveal secrets. I know blindsides are the motto of L6 but this time, no. Not necessary.

And Haleigh is buying it. Yes she should realize that she put up Kaycee, Tyler and Angela before and people tend not to forget these things, but I can understand why she’d believe them.
Recent history has seen her on the block twice, be told she’s safe twice and then actually be safe twice. So now she’s on the block a third time and being told she’s safe. With recent history, it’s not that stupid of her to believe them. What she doesn’t know is this is finally her time as the last remaining Hive.

JC better be booted next. It would be fun seeing him get a taste of the block and go crazy.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I believe the blindside is more a self-defense mechanism. When Haleigh feels threatened she suddenly becomes overboard sociable; very clingy, repetitious and annoying. I wouldn’t want to put up with (another) week of that.


You’re right, classic conflict avoidance. But come on Hayleigh, get a clue. It seems absurd to even call it a blindside at this point.


I really want JC OTB and gone too, sadly if it happens on DE he wont be OTB long enough for any real entertainment. I wonder who he would be up there with. I am hoping they aren’t dumb enough to put sam with him, it would have to be Brett. Then maybe a couple of minutes of JC whining about all the work he has done and how Brett was targeting them and the things he has said to JC about them all without knowing that Brett already told Tyler who told Kaycee who said they were gonna tell Angela (today – not sure if they told her yet though). I have wanted JC gone for weeks, truly hoping this happens with the DE.


Level 6 all the way to final four!!!! Yay!!!

Who said that!

Pay attention!


MY personal preference too, but I think Tyler and KC have others ideas…


Lol not happening.


Personally I think JC should go next. He is a very good con man. But I guess once Brett is gone there will be no one left for him to con.


I can’t wait for JC to leave. Creepy guy. Don’t know why Tyler keeps him safe. JC b/4 Brett and threat to L6 neutralized.


I would love to c Tyler and Angela make it outside BB!


Hopefully they will go on Amazing Race!!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

One of the most important factors for the race is attention to detail and they both have that, they respect each other and work well together. They would be a great choice.


I hope Tyler and Angela get to do Amazing Race. Or Kaycee and Tyler.


I hope Tyler and Angela get married and have babies lol


I would love to see Tyler and Angela make it outside BB!!!

The real rockstar

After Haleigh joins the hive I would hate to be the next person in the jury house alone with the hive.


Probably worse than hell

Swaggy's Missing Brow

For as much as BB has primed everyone for Sam to curb stomp and rip doors off this m@(#*fu&$ing place, I’m thinking it’s going to be JC who delivers mayhem when he’s nominated and evicted.


He’s going to be hopping mad!


Running thru some scenario’s in the unlikely event that Sam, JC, or Brett win HOH they put up Angela & Kaycee? If Tyler wins he pulls one of them down and they the votes to take out the replacement, but if Kaycee or Angela win veto would Tyler go up?
If Tyler or Angela win HOH they put Sam & JC, and try and backdoor Brett. Anyone BUT Brett has to win veto. If Brett wins he could pull JC off and Kaycee or Angela/tyler (depending on who wins HOH) would go up the replacement nom and they won’t have the votes to keep the replacement nom. Should be a crazy DE.


If one of them come down, Tyler would have to go up if any of them want one of A or K to go. Hope they see that. I know JC and Brett have to.


No point for a BD anymore, it’s only one person who wont play in the veto. Hopefully they just put JC and Brett together, telling Brett he is the pawn and tell him something JC said, even if it’s not true. That way they will make sure that either Brett or JC goes. They can say, JC said that if he ended up on the block with anyone and Brett won veto he promised he would pull JC down. They tell Brett they were worried it was true because of how convincing JC is and then tell Brett all the things that JC said Brett told him. It also wont matter if Brett is pissed off at any of them next HOH, they will start going after each other anyways. I think they will take sam to F4 because they know they can all beat her. I am still hoping that JC is gone tonight, but if he’s not, I can’t wait to see what BS he will spew that whole week because he will end up OTB with sam who they will keep over him.

Just sayin'

The slowness of this week seems even worse after the rest of this season was so good. So boring, and Angela and Tyler (ugh this is big brother not the bachelor) they will take each other to the final 2 for sure

Haleigh's Melanoma

I guess it is time to stop watching then. This happens every season. Tyler has had a F2 with everyone left in the house for weeks (not Haleigh), if not Day 2, so why not Angela? It still doesn’t mean they will take each other all the way. None of the BB couples went to the end, someone always got cut, the World didn’t end. Not all BB relationships are based on sex and sloth like McRae and Amanda. I hope this works because they are 2 nice people. And you know what they say, Big Brother has a better marriage record than the Bachelor.


I REALLY hope Brett stays or else the next few weeks are going to be REALLY boring!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’m not sure that nominating and evicting JC and Sam will be all that boring.


JC’s segment on the show last night did tug at my heart strings. But, do you think that maybe his family might be disappointed in him in his choices and actions, rather than the fact that he’s gay? We seen on the feeds many questionable things.


I felt so sad for jc. And while there has been many questionable behaviors. I can’t imagine myself not letting them know I love them no matter what. It hurt him. You could see that. I could never hurt my child like that. No matter how much they may have hurt me. Who knows their family dynamic. But it was so sad to me.


I agree!

Miss Conception

It was all another JC con job. Look closely at “Regina”,(his friend in the video),I do believe that she was a “he”!(Not that there is anything wrong with that).


What’s that got to do with that being part of a con? Do you know what the T stands for in LGBT? Not exactly a shocker that one of JC’s closest friends happens to be trans.


Or a crossdresser, I’m not sure of the proper term but there are straight guys who wear women’s clothes and aren’t trans. Considering JC the options are wide open. I can easily see JC’s family not being willing to participate in the show.


My statement had nothing to do with who his friends are.


I hate the sneaky bastard but was crying for him. Last night dammit lol


I think his over-the-top behavior is his way of fitting in. When you’ve been told long enough, especially by family, that you’re not good enough, you will try to make yourself something else, even if it comes off badly. His real self seems to come out when he’s alone with Kaycee, whom he probably feels safe with as they have something in common. I worked several years at a summer camp for abused and neglected kids and saw a lot of similar, inappropriate behavior that they use as a self-protection mechanism. By the end of the week they would feel comfortable with the staff and other kids and wouldn’t have to “hide” themselves, and would come out of their shells, put aside what hell they have lived through. and just be kids for a little while. If he was treated like any other late-20s average man I don’t think he would act the same.


Thursday night will either be dull and predictable or crazy town. I don’t think we’ll get anything in the middle.

who me?

I’m pretty much going with dull and predictable

Roll Tide

It will be same old same old. Would be great if Hayleigh stayed. That would spice up the game!


What would be great is if they showed Hayleigh joining all the other Hivers at the jury house.

Haleigh's Melanoma

DE’s are usually frantic and anything but predictable, and usually kind of sad.


Yeah, but if they go with the Sam and JC in round 2, it’ll be the veto that gets crazy. Especially f they still want to take out Brett.

who me?

Rules of being in BB:
#1. Don’t get into a showmance..it actually turns viewers off and works against you.
#2. Don’t believe ANYTHING anyone tells you.
#3. If they say “don’t worry” “don’t stress” “you’re fine”…then worry…stress..you’re not fine!


The showmance is nearly always a negative for gameplay. Whether viewers like it or not depends on the personalities. Tyler is a fan fave, so he can weather a showmance in viewers eyes, maybe he wont survive game wise now that’s its down to the nitty gritty.


And Angela was/is on a lot of people’s “do not like” list, but I think her relationship with Tyler has probably softened some of those hard edges or even pick up lots of the Tyler Love Runoff.

who me?

Rookles…I actually thought the timing was off for it to be real from Angela, I think she chose the timing to be convenient for her, so Tyler takes her to final 3 and she hopes F2 and in her eyes she would win it. JMO

Haleigh's Melanoma

If viewers are so turned off by showmances, what explains shows like The Bachelor? Why do BB and CBS promote showmances, bromances, etc, if they turn off viewers? There are BB royalty that swear by their showmances. I would replace your #1 with “Never call a house meeting.”

who me?

Dumb analogy. Bromances aren’t actual “romances” they are a team to hopefully make it to F2 together. The Bachelor is for romances…Big Brother wasn’t meant for that.

Haleigh's Melanoma

And yet the BB marriages are more durable.


Sad but true…Chris and Bayleigh can look forward to that.


Wow, that’s funny! I don’t really follow the Bachelor franchises, but it’s true that B.B. has resulted in some marriages that seem genuine. And that’s beside the point of the game, so, a nice bonus. Go, Tangela!


I am scared for Angela tonight. She has a real chance of being evicted. It is like a game of chess, because the queen is the most dangerous piece. I hate showmances, but I respect ty/ang. They are very controlled with emotions.

I dont agree with everyone that says Ang is a shoe in for 2nd. Depends how she approaches it but come on. 2 males tried to paint a target on her back, she made crazy bold moves, and was a physical threat. She didnt have to pretend to be their best friend… If it is a bitter jury, she knows that is on them, not her. I honestly think once a L6 member comes in to spill the beans, she will be more respected than Ty…. I know personally, I would be more bitter of someone pretending to be my ally-then fucked me, than someone who has always been a clear foe… Just my opinion.


Rooting for Brett to win hoh tonight rooting for JC to go home though lmao. Excited about tonight!


JC is a master manipulator! Talks Brett into the line of fire….then throws him under the bus to KC to make sure Brett goes up & not him (shades of Fessie). Then sets himself up for AFP with the DR “I didn’t get to see my family. Everyone else got to see their family….boo hooo hooo”….feel sorry for me America. Now WE are who he is trying to manipulate! He could sell ice at the North Pole & make a living out of it. Only one thing he didn’t count on…..Tyler.

I think Brett goes in the DE. (I would prefer it if JC goes. Brett will then cling back to Tyler or Sam) Tyler needs to ensure that Sam or JC wins HOH. Just need to make sure that only one of the three goes on the block. At this point in the game, winning HOH is secondary. Veto & votes is what counts. JC goes next (that’s going to be a great week for the feeds), Sam last.

I’ve said it before…..Tyler wants an F3 with Angela & Kaycee. That way in the final comp, if he doesn’t win, both KC or Angela will bring him to F2. And he’s guaranteed $50k at worst if it’s with KC & he screws up the final speech or a win with Angela.

IMHO….this has been a GREAT season!!! The game play from most of the HGs…awesome! And the other (FOUTTE) HGs gave some stunning drama (hope your mouth is healing Bloody Bay) & terrific moments of comic relief (thanks Fessie).

JC Meltdown

The only good thing about JC is when he gets put on the block and implodes. It is sad that his family didn’t leave a message but not going to give a pity vote.


I hope Tyler puts the moves on Hay now. A cat fight would be fun



who me?

I guess they don’t expect anyone else to attempt to play the game. They assume themselves superior they just feel everyone else should just roll over and cease to play the game or petition for themselves. They project their own fakeness onto others so they don’t have to own how mean they are. That these four mock Haleigh for merely attempting to remain social and involved says more negative about those four than it says about Haleigh.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

For a moment I thought you were talking about FOUTEE and The Hive.


If you have an insta, please go watch what Hayleigh said about the Hilton Heads during her HoH. Don’t play dumb… she & rockstar we’re the worst at throwing out trash about people


I didn’t like A/K calling her fake either but you’re way off on these 4 IMO. Haleigh and hive have ALL attacked them time and time again. Watch some videos of it if you don’t have live feeds. Nothing the hive has ever said about brett/angela/tyler was game play it was ALL personal attacks. rocky being the worse of them all. Haleigh has made comments about people trying to pitch to her to try and keep them so, to say they think they are superior is BS. They aren’t doing anything that haleigh herself hasn’t done as well.


Waiting for eveyone to start comparing notes and finally call JC on all his shit.
JC will loose his mine when they finally throw his ass up on the block.
Everyone in that house has been on the block except JC


Scottie to Brett: “the jury hates angela, nobody is voting for her”
JC to Brett: “their (ang & ty) in a showmance for sure.” (repeat several dozen times.
Hai to Brett: “their in a showmance”
Scottie to everyone: “tyler’s getting that Hilton head”

Brett & Tyler: “are you in a showmance?” “I swear dude, i’m not in a showmance, trust me.” Brett: “ok…I think we should evict angela during DE, ok?”

Me: still dumbfounded a day later. Also, apparently the key to a successful lie is to prepend it with “I swear dude…” and end it with “Trust me.”

Swaggy's Missing Brow

“I am General Peanut. I shall watch my friends destroy the enemy, destroy, and then join them in battle!!!”

Someone is pumped up for tonight. Kaycee won’t be taking prisoners.


Kaycee is a beast, she may win the HoH and she isn’t even playing.

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

She can’t compete for HOH tonight.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

If it’s a double eviction she can.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, she can play in the following HoH after the DE, but more importantly for tonight she can compete in the POV.


I’m aware she can’t compete in the first which is why she’d have to be real good to win it…


All brett has to do is win veto and sam, brett, and/or jc could send an L6 member to jury, right? brett could use it and have two of those 3 down, one of kc, ty, and ang would have to be up. I feel like ty should have gone more along the lines of “it’s too early” and chilled brett out a little instead of pumping him up for the savage blindside.

another name

I’m still in shock that there hasn’t been some big d/r push to save haleigh yet. That i’m aware of.
I’m not shocked that Brett has drawn a big target on himself. His game personality is to go for the big shock tactic moves. He’s most comfortable in a position of leadership. He requires a bro to stroke his ego. He requires the feeling of being the linchpin within the group dynamic. The moment he became the double agent, he was bound to become tempted to turn on his alliance.
The d/r commentary in episodes to the contrary isn’t as twilight zone edit as haleigh’s, but it’s coming close. What does that tell us? Unless they include Brett talking to Tyler about targeting Angela and Kaycee in this episode, the editing will make it look like Brett has been betrayed without cause, and JC has set up the betrayal as part of the pitiful ‘mastermind’ edit they’ve been giving him all season. I’m really starting to wonder what happened in early seasons before i had internet connectivity, and therefore knew nothing about the difference between episode edit and feed reality. Darn… maybe people whose game i respected were actually jerks and morons. lol.

Golden machine

Tyler is a terrible liar. How not one of the HGs haven’t seen through his bs is beyond me.
He gives himself away all over the place, body,face, eyes. Yet, no one catches on?
How can they be so blind?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

So what you’re saying is that Tyler is the only one who is there to actually play the game and go for the win while everyone else is there just to putz around.


Who do you think Tyler was talking about when he said he may have to use the POV if he won and put someone else up ?? JC ??


When he is lying to defend himself about something, he gets very expressive and moves his arms wildly, and always says “I swear to god dude…” and finishes with “Trust me!” It is working for him though.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’ve mostly noticed that with JC and only a little bit with Brett; particularly when JC is beating a dead horse.

He was completely different with Scottie, with Sam…he seems to tailor his approach to the individual and to the circumstances.


I love Kaycee!!

Who said that!



I don’t see her as a great game player. She just so happened to get in with a very good alliance but she is a follower. She has never orchestrated a game move. She is very good at comps and has most people liking her so if that wins her the game then good on her.


Anyone- wont they do a Saturday and Sunday night pretty quick- I cant wait for 8 tonight —

Who said that!

I’d like to see Faysals face when Haleigh and Brett walk hand in hand through the door.


Brett and JC better stop dicking around and win HOH or else one of them is going to jury! If Angela or Brett goes, they’ll definitely tell the rest about L6; it’ll piss them off even more and vote for someone like JC or Sam (if either one is sitting next to Tyler…strong possibility…next to Kaycee…slim chance). Oh well, let the REAL battle begin!!

Butters Mom

The reason Haleigh is going home is because she lacks the ability to notice detail. This is why she did so poorly in the comic comp. She has missed details all season and its been her entire alliance inability to pay attention to details that destroyed them this season. Im hoping Angela wins HOH or Sam wins HOH (probably giving her more credit than she can handle with that) but, I dont think its in Tylers best interest to win this one and I dont think he will try. I think he’s covered no matter what. Im giddy with excitement about watching tonights show to find out what will happen. This season has been great so far. The new comps made it better, the basically nice people this year compared to last season, the loyal alliance… its all been good in my opinion. I’ve even found myself starting to believe the showmance between Tyler and Angela and would like to see them on Amazing Race after this if things work out. Thank you Simon and Dawg for giving me a daily dose of updates. I really appreciate it!

Kathy Boyce

Does anyone have the link to watch tonights eastcoast episode? Did it one time before but forgot it. Thanks


Team Brett. This house needs a serious shake up.


That was savage omg