“People are scheming in this house bro.. People are scheming” -Corey

2:20pm Corey and Paulie kitchen
Paulie says he talked to James about Natalie and said the sh1t she’s doing is typical Jersey Girl moves. He’s warned him about Jersey girls.
Paulie says James was telling him he really cares about the girl.
Corey – we played 21 games of pool yesterday .. ya ..ya

Corey – People are scheming in this house bro.. People are scheming

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Natalie “Paulie is playing the f**king house.. OPEN YOUR EYES!” James “I sleep!”

12am London Bedroom – Natalie says I don’t trust him (Paulie). James says you don’t trust him but you didn’t give me any reason not to trust him. Natalie says well that’s the reason why. James says now after how many days later when you find out he was talking crap about you. Natalie says I don’t want you to do anything about it. I’m so over it. What if someone was making fun of you.

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Meech “If I do leave, I will definitely go calling him [Paulie] out as I walk out the door.”

5pm HOH room – Meech and Vic. Meech asks who do you want to go home? Vic says I honestly want Z to go but I don’t vote. Meech says I honestly think we can do it if James uses his thing. Vic says yeah, it just depends on who he uses it on. Meech says I think he is scared to use it on certain people. Some people want me out because I said I would blow stuff up or something. Meech says you know I’m not coming for you or Bridgette.

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Michelle – “Do you think anyone see Paulie as a threat.. It feels like no one does.. people are dumb”

10:18am backyard James and Michelle
James – what’s up MEE-chelle..
Michelle – soaking up the rays

Michelle says she’s going to campaign today and tomorrow, “I dunno”
Jam es- well no matter what happens you’ll be in jury it’s a good experience to go to Jury.. I did it..
Michelle – I’m counting on you to win.. Get to final 2. I would love to see you win.. I would love to see natale win.. I never thought I would say that

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Paulie “Its official, Natalie’s finally admitted about her FT’s” Corey “Worst liar ever!”

6:15pm Backyard – Paulie tells James its official, Natalie’s finally admitted about her FT’s. James asks what? Paulie says her FT’s. James asks what are FT’s? Paulie says fake t!tties. James says well they were kind of.. Nicole says obvious. James says yeah. Paulie says she held on to it for 50 something days that they were real. James asks oh they are real?

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James “We can send Z home. Me, you & Paul that’s all we need. I could cancel Paulie’s vote out.”

12:30am HOH room – Vic and Paulie. Vic says yesterday I was talking about how perfect it is that your boy f**ked up because if a double evict comes and one of us gets it. Right? Like you or him and you put up him (James) against Natalie. We have, Michelle doesn’t like him. Bridgette would get him out. And then me and somebody else. You or Paul .. that’s all we need.

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