Where’s the alliances? Graig – “I think it’s all the nerds.. the gamers”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Bobby Next HOH April 1st
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Jordan, Brittnee, Naeha, Godfrey
POV Players ?

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11:51pm Bedroom Sarah and Brittnee

Brittnee and Sarah trying to figure out who Bobby is putting up. Sarah says he needs to put up someone strong someone who is a threat to him. Brittnee says guys are way more of a threat because of their “bodies”. She adds that nominating underdogs is a cop out.
Sarah thinks he’s going to put up nice/weak people because he doesn’t want blood on his hands, “Someone nice.. I won’t be nice.. that blood on my hands comment it makes me nervous”
Sarah – I’m going to feel around.. ask Cindy what Graig tells her
Brittnee – Graig is in his ear… already
Sarah – you know it

Bruno rolls in tells Sarah asks him how his thumb is, “It’s better”

12:00am Williow impersonates Sabrina from Big Brother Canada 2

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-03-26 21-25-02-429

12:15am naeha and Graig

Naeha says she’s concerned about some people. Graig “We got a good core”
He’s saying he has no idea what Bobby is doing all he knows Is Bobby told him he doesn’t want blood on his hands. Naeha asks if it’ll be Godfrey, Graig thinks so.
Naeha says she needs an alliance, Graig says he does to.
They assume there are alliances in the house.
Graig – “I think it’s all the nerds.. all the gamers you know what I mean.. Willow, Kevin, JP you know.. Jonny.. Jonny is lethal..
Naeha – ya
Graig – Jonny is lethal… Jonny is lethal.. Lethal
Naeha – I think so too
Graig – See I think you were working with him .. I want him out
Naeha – ya
Graig – I love Jonny he’s a awesome guy but in this game he’s lethal.. too social
Graig – Willow is a little much sometimes.
Graig says Kevin and Jonny must be together “100 100 100” ..
Naeha agrees
Graig says everyone is so tired because they pumped “that oxygen in the backyard.. and we haven’t been out there”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-26 21-28-37-461

12:28 Willow and Jordan (Lots of game talk here watch the video)

Talking about the three of them with Zach make a run for it “just lay low.. keep it small keep it within the three”
Jordan says him and Zach hate Graig SO MUCH
Willow says Graig is this years Devin he talks game to everyone in front of everyone
Zach rolls in they start discussing their “Dream team”
Willow and Zach leave Jordan starts talking to himself “I LOVE THIS GAME I LOVE IT”
Zach comes back in

They agree to keep rolling “with it”. Zach says Graig is a good guy they will be friends outside of this house “I’m not trying to be an a$$hole.. I’m just playing the game as smart as I can play it.. In 4 or 5 weeks i’m getting him out”

Zach – should I go for HOH next week
Jordan thinks he should.
Jordan says Graig has the intellect of a 12 year old.
Zach – Bobby is scared to make a play
Jordan – Bobby is so scared right now.. he’s not even going to put up God
Zach says the only way Kevin can stay is if he wins that Veto.
Zach – Kevin or Jonny who do you pick.. to keep
Jordan – Keep Kevin.. we’re the fortress
Zach says he’s scared of Cindy if he wins HOH she’s going up. Jordan says Cindy likes him.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-26 21-49-28-540
12:47am Storage room Zach and Graig

Craig – No one flip bro.. like Arlie last year..

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33 thoughts on “Where’s the alliances? Graig – “I think it’s all the nerds.. the gamers”

    1. IKR, it was so uncomfortable watching when she kept saying no over and over and he just keep s on touching her, when I say no and a man is still pawing on me, he is getting knocked out with the lamp next lol

    2. Graig List …
      . Disrespecting women
      . Nose Picking/Digging on TV
      . Nasty Feet on the kitchen counter
      . Doesn’t seem to be able to wash his hands after going to the bathroom.
      Who raised this guy?
      and its only …what .. day 1-2 of live feeds

    3. My goodness! I could only stomach two minutes of that video. That Greig fellow is a class A perv *now, if you’ll all excuse me while I go scrub those images off my brain*

  1. How much with an “M” is Sindy getting off on all of this attention from the guys in the house. I’m starting to feel like Peter eating a salad watching this…..

    1. I know – that creepy hairdo makes him resemble an Iguana lizard, which appears to also match his personality.

    1. Willow is too much sometimes .. kind of annoying at times. I feel like she tries too hard. she needs to start laying kind of low. I guarantee you she will start rubbing people the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong I do like her, I just don’t want to see her leave the house cause people find her annoying. Any who my opinion you guys don’t have to agree. Hope Godfrey wins veto, I want to see the houseguests squirm a bit.

  2. Sindy is playing the game like a hormonal teenager…she is becoming the boys “blow up doll.” I really wish she would get her head in the game.

    I really like Zach for now. He is ACTUALLY PLAYING the game. Jordan has head in the game as well.

    And newsflash Bobby…the game requires you to get “blood on your hands.” If you have to nominate someone..they are going to be mad regardless. Geez.

    Signing Off,
    Sindy, with a “S”

  3. completely confused. on after dark it sounded like risha and sarah were discussing g. making waves and making willow and pilar cry. sounded like they meant godfrey… now it sounds like they meant graig. so why is godfrey being considered unstable. besides sleeping what has he done?
    still finding that kevin is coming off as too cocky (almost as cocky as Jordan), but actually disliking Zach more. I think his strategy is basically sound, as is his gamesmanship. what’s bothering me is his hypocrisy. if he says he ‘takes pride in his loyalty and integrity’ and that he ‘doesn’t want to be seen as the mole-type’, he should either stop being the mole trashing his fake alliance behind their backs, or commit to the fact that after 4 days his loyalty and integrity are already out the window. if he were to own an anything to win attitude that matches his game style, he’d probably be one of my favorites. until then he’s just a douche trying to con viewers with false charm.

  4. I kind of hope Godfrey wins veto. I want to see the houseguest squirm a little. And I like willow and all but I feel like she’s too much sometimes .. like she tries too hard. she needs to lay low for a bit, I guarantee you that this is going to rub some off the houseguests in a wrong way. Don’t get me wrong I do like her she just needs to control herself just a little bit. Any who this is my opinion you guys don’t have to agree.

  5. Not liking Willow at all, not because of her personality but because of her position in the game, slowly she will become the “christine” of this season. She’s placing herself as the third wheel in the duo of Zach and Jordan and chopped liver in her “chop alliance”, hopefully she’ll be ale to distance herself with Zach and jordan because I can already predict that Canada will start hating on those two soon.

    1. I agree, im quite surprised how many people like her…i for one thought she would play like Neda, when in fact, she is playing like Christine…after watching all these seasons, you think the girls would know better than to insert themselves into a dominant male alliance, but no…it continues to happen. ..just wait til top 7 or 6, she will be disposed of…time and time again. ..

    2. Um..it’s week two, and that alliance may not make it two more the way it’s going. You’re really reaching with these comparisons. A girl can’t ally with strong guys or she’s Christine? Also, Willow just saw that season too, you realize.

  6. Why in the hell will be not put up BOTH Johnny and Kevin if everyone wants them up? This could easily backfire on Britney. Bobby is the Caleb of this season, but nicer. Everyone is going to use him.

    Graig is really annoying, and is trying so hard to fit in.

    I am shocked half of the house did not talk to Bobby about nominations yet.

    1. They must think Jonny won’t win a damn thing which is very likely. ..in the very unlikely event that Jonny does win the veto (no pun intended) and does save Kevin..i still don’t think Britnee goes, that third person will probably go…

  7. They just told Zach pretty much who him and Jordan need to have for HOH to take out the Chop Shop. Let’s just hope that Naeha wins HOH.

    Willow/the other girls/Sheyld 2.0 needs to get Ashleigh out sooner than later. The girl who allies with the other guys and has the biggest influence on the guys is always the most dangerous. She easily has the most influence on Bobby.

  8. Unless Kevin wins the POV (or maybe boy crazy Jonny)…we’ll be laughing at Peter Brown’s predictions on Wednesday. …seriously, what a joke…last year, he said Jon had no chance to win…this year Kevin….Hahaha. ..

  9. Wow! So Bobby’s a virgin according to Graig and Cindy. Did anyone else catch that convo? I didn’t see that coming. Makes him that much hotter ;)

  10. Graig… LOL he’s going to give us some strange feeds for teh first couple weeks then find hmiself evicted.

    Willow saying he was the Devin of teh season SO true.

  11. so they’re nominating Johnny??
    ah I see how it is
    it’s always a gay guy that needs to be nominated first on BBCAN am I righhhhht?!
    you have a rapist (graig) lurking in the house who likes to stick his fingers up his nostrils , and they’re going to take out the clean flamboyant gay guy!

    this house is nothing but a bunch of dirty homophobic , racists (Godfrey hate) , rapists, misogynistic bigots!

    1. Please wait two months and troll the bbus comments, you’ll get a way better reaction then. Just leave r nice bbcan comments alone, okay? Thank you!

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