To Keep Gary Ika suggests “we can just lie and say we thought it was backwards week”

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9:00pm Bathroom Demetres Ika and Gary

part 1
Ika thinks Sindy wants to get in with them.
Demetres – She’s already in with Kevin and Bruno .. our alliance is going to change..
Ika – and when it does change I want her to like us more than Neda
Ika says Neda is a “Spoiled brat” “Poorest Sport Ever”
Demetres – I know
Demetres – Neda when her shit runs out.. I feel like the other people left in the house will go after her
Ika lists Emily, Dillon, her and Dmetres.
Ika – Gary will go after her for sure, Dre will do it..
Ika – I feel that Dre will target Bruno and Kevin before she targets Neda
Demetres says Neda is better to take to the end because she’s worse at comps. (Neda will win all the fan twists)
Ika – She’s won.. and she’s tiny
Demetres – she’s weak as shit
Ika- these people all hate us and they all like her
Ika – better if we take someone like Dre or Sindy she’s not well respected
Ika – Jury people are so bitter
Ika – is getting rid of Gary the right thing? He’s a strong player and will always be a target.. and he’s always gong after NEda he hates her
Demetres – yeah but it looks bad
Ika points out they don’t want it to lok like “they” (they other side) is controlling everything they do.

Ika – I don’t want Gary to go.. he’s a big target

Part 2
Ika – I feel that Gary has more revenge in his soul
Demetres – he has more firepower
Ika – I don’t want either of them to go
Ika – when do we draw the line (Pick a side)
Demetres – we have to get rid of Dillon and Em first
Demetres – if we draw the line with our own alliance they are going to snag up Dillon and Em (Too late already done) and now we have the entire house against us
Ika – we can just lie and say we thought it was backwards week
Ika – all the good entertaining people are leaving we’re left with a bunch of dry toast people
Demetres still wants to keep dre
Demetres – if Will goes with Jackie
Ika – we’re f***D
Demetres – who is Jackie after
Ika – Me

Ika – I like Sindy a lot more than I like Neda
Demetres – every week we’re changing
Ika – we have to make Sindy feel a lot more appreciated on our side.
Ika – have you told Neda you valued your opinion
Demetres – I told her this morning..
Ika – don’t throw me under the bus too much because she is concerned about image on live feeds.
Ika suggest he tell Neda that Ika is a bit irrational and he felt that Ika was about to turn on him and that he feels that Neda is more level headed.
Gary comes in “I need water”
Ika – Bitch you need a pitcher of water for that thirst (HAHA)

Part 3
Gary mentions that it was “shady” that Neda was so rude
Ika – Neda is a rude person
Gary – she showed her a$$
Demetres – Showed her a$$?
Ika – means she showed her true colours
Ika says they have to translate these things for Demetres.
Gary says once Neda wasn’t getting her way she sat in the corner, “So that’s how it is when you don’t get your way.. When you’re not in the winning lane. You’re going to quit.. “
Gary – I never once said I was going to quit bitch and I’m in the bottom of the barrell.
Ika – I hate all these people
Ika – Jackie thinks I’m the biggest villain in Big Brother history.. That’s what she told Sindy..

Part 4
Gary says “the tea” is the info and the gossip.. Spilling the tea is spilling the gossip. 7
Gary asks Demetres – what’s don’t come for me? Demetres – like verbally attacking someone. Like I’m going to say s*t about you. Ika – so don’t come for me, I didn’t send for you. Gary and Demetres laugh. Demetres – I’m grinding here. Gary – what does that mean? Let us in? Demetres – that means like I’m thinking. Ika – what is showing your a$$? Demetres – showing your true colors. Ika – ahhh… he’s learning. Gary – what’s giving face? Means your giving me a dirty look. Ika – what’s a queen? Demetres points to Ika and Gary. Ika – I’m going to drag you? Demetres – I’m going to beat you up? Ika – no. Demetres – I’m going to drag you by your weave? Ika – no. Its I’m going to tell you off so bad that you’re going to rethink your entire life.

Part 5
More translations

Feeds are down again.. they’ve been down for most of the day.

12:33am Feeds still down.. no idea what is going on. In the past they’ve shut the feeds down for parties.

*** Feeds were down all night becuase they got massive amounts of Alcohol ***

This happened for BBCAN3

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26 thoughts on “To Keep Gary Ika suggests “we can just lie and say we thought it was backwards week”

  1. It seems to me none of these people are really considering good jury management. When I say that I mean none of them are considering who would be the most poisoned jurors, and what placement to try to eliminate them in.
    Case in point…. do you want to be in jury house for 6 or 7 weeks with Karen? would she ever vote based on the game as it was actually played, or the alternative universe game she’s playing in her head. If they had brains, they’d toss her pre jury. Karen is bad jury mojo. There is no convincing Karen, she already thinks she knows everything.
    Secondary case in point… do you want Neda to be the first juror? Do you want Neda to be welcoming every juror and getting the time to work them over and twist them up so that you no longer have a fighting chance in front of the jury? Toss Neda overboard, sure, but don’t let her be the voice of the jury to the other jurors. Get rid of her in 5-7 position. That way someone else is already giving a narrative to the jury.
    While consensus appears to be nobody wants to take Neda far in the game, I actually think it’s pretty important not to give her too much jury power to blow up your game to the jurors. Therefore, get rid of her, sure, but don’t get rid of her the moment her immunity is over, get rid of her with the thought that there was no alternative.

    1. Neda….oh girl, what happened to you? I really LOVED her in her first season, but she’s not making me feel good about watching her this season…To your statement ‘anothername’ – does it really matter if Neda is on jury earlier of later? She only wants Neda to win, so how can she convince incoming jury members to vote for her to win when she’s out? Who could she turn them to? Bruno? Kevin? Cindy? it wouldn’t be Ika, for sure. Maybe Red, (doubtful) DuhduhduhDillon? phht. Emily? uh uh. I don’t remember her showing any real respect for any other players – I’d be happy to see her turfed at the first opportunity, and I’m disappointed saying that, because when the season started I was ready to root for her to win this time.

      1. Neda would be a very bitter juror. because she wants the redemption win so badly. So, if you are her alliance, and you actively take part in evicting her, she is going to poison every juror against her alliance members as they walk through the door.
        She would tell every juror that walked in the truth about the alliances in the house, and turn the reason they were evicted into a betrayal. Consider it. Neda welcomes one of Ika’s pals from the underdog side. She has the dirt to bury Ika to them. One of the Bruno newbies walks in. She has the dirt to bury Bruno to them. The members of the six that back stab Neda early in jury when it isn’t a necessary move: she will make sure every juror knows. Given Neda’s ego this time around, her spite would be just as bad. Better to let a couple jurors get into the jury house, and start to form their own opinion of what happened in the game. As much as they say that jurors aren’t supposed to discuss game before the finale, don’t believe it. The jurors usually have their votes and temperments pretty much decided before finale ever comes. The longer the bitterest pill is in the jury, the greater the chance her bitterness will spread.

  2. BBCan is going to sh!ts now. Big Brother isn’t being played how it used to be. After Cass leaving, its do what the house wants. WTF.
    R.I.P BBCan. Was nice watching, time to say good bye ?

    1. What season were you watching? Neda has always been self centered scum… Jon was ALWAYS the brains and Neda got got… Now her true self is just more apparent.

  3. According to Feeders, Dillon and Emily licked juju candies and fed them to Demetreus and Kevin. Dillon even rub some jujus on his smelly private parts. The feeds have been down ever since. Oh yeah BTW when Neda found out she laughed about it.
    My hope is that they kick those two savages out and replace them with the last evictees Cass and Dallas, or even bring back all 3 evictees and add a double eviction. They should also eliminate Neda’s safety for laughing
    Fu*king Pigs – That’s how hepatitis is spread

  4. The most disappointing part of BBCAN5 so far has GOT to be all the “fans” who turn on the show once their favourites are out or cornered. It’s so ugly. Either you love the game or you don’t. It’s like sports fans that only care when their team is winning, and leave the game early when they are losing. Those “fans” to me are far worse than anyone who has ever played BB including all of BB15! Such a shame.

    1. i agree, you have to adjust to the new dynamic. also, you never know if a twist is bringing someone back so you have a 2nd chance.

      in this year, i wanted neda to do well, but i am not enjoying her doing well at all. i wanted ika and gary to go first, because i never liked ika and gary already won his season, so why is he here at all. i understand winning bbcan is very little money, but still most people playing don’t win anything at all, let alone get asked to be a cohost for an after show .

      this year, i’m liking Ika and wish her a longer season at least to jury rather than what happened her own year. also not sure why she keeps talking out loud during things like the nominations, we all consider the Ika Shredding Incident , along with Topaz’s Quickie HOH Fiasco as the most iconic moments of BBCAN, in terms of what not to do (as in talking while alone doing a BBCAN thing lol

    2. i do believe you are one of these people Anny the Anus
      Such a general proclamation sounds like you are not informed
      Please drink your`Kraken`Watch the shows again

  5. Every week it comes down to a decision from Ika and Demetres whether to be poop heads or not, and without fail every week they make poop head decisions that make me want throw up. Gary will probably leave this week feelsbadman.

  6. This is by far the worst season of BBCAN… I doubt we’ll see a Season 6. It had a good run for the first 4 seasons. First mistake was having vets come back. Four seasons is not a long enough run to introduce previous players into a new season. I don’t know what the casting department was thinking. I would hope they had a better more diverse poole of contestants than what they cast. Secondly, the immunity power that Neda received was ridiculous! Completely unfair to the new players and it was put into play too early in the show. The show is too predictable to the point I doubt the producers can fix it. I’m looking forward to this summer when BB USA starts. A much more entertaining production with a more diverse group of players.

    1. the ‘fans’ voted for neda to win the immunity power…myself, I voted for Gary, as he was ripped off in his season due to Topaz being so foolish. Neda lost because she trusted the wrong dude. And then she moved in with him, and likely helped him spend his meagre winnings. Now, she’s back to try to get some more cash. Not really ‘on’ BBCan…sets it up for a bit of a yawn of a season.

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