Big Brother 14 Rumor Control Part 2 Cast and Mentors Discussion

The SuperPass Rumor Control is an exclusive live segment that you have access to with your Big Brother Live Feeds. The rumor control segments are live, but you can re-watch them at any time.

The rumor control segment begins with Chelsia and Laremy introducing the show. Chelsia says that both Rachel and Janelle aren’t there for the show today. She says that they don’t have any guests for the show, but then corrects her statement and says that they have one guest. Laremy is the man behind the pre-season interviews and today he is going to give inside information about the Big Brother 14 cast.
Chelsia says that Mobile for Iso devices goes live on July 12th and you do not need Flash to play the video. (You do not need to download Flash or an App to watch the live feeds.) She says that you will have access to watch the live feeds and the live shows. For android devices you will need Flash 11.1 to run Superpass.
Chelsia talks about the rumor about the mentor’s photo that was released by superpass and she states that they just randomly picked photos because they had to a few days prior. She says they have no idea who will be entering the house.

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