Porsche Briggs is in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

Porsche Briggs is in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition! Since 1964 Sports Illustrated has been publishing their popular swinsuit issue and this year is no different. The issue ordinarily features fashion models wearing swimwear in exotic locales all over the world, however this year Big Brother’s 1st place runner-up Porsche Briggs made it into the popular swimsuit issue.

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Dominic the destroyer Vs. Brendon

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8:10pm Backyard Couch cassi and Kalia Cassi is saying she felt sorry for kalia early on because she seemed like she wasn’t doing well. Kalia explains that her body doesn’t adjust well to changing of routines and sleep patterns but she feels like she doing better now. Cassi asks her where her mind is at POrsche or Keith. Kalia doesn’t know she’s starting to think that maybe POV will be played. Kalia says she wants to vote with the house. Cassi does to, it doesn’t matter to her who gets sent home. Kalia mentions that Keith has been self destructing for the past couple days. Cassi: “As far as game I don’t care either way who goes home.. he’s kinda a black cloud but at least she (porsche) talks to people”. Kalai agrees says she really doesn’t appreciate what he did today. cassi jokes that she afraid he’ll kill her in her sleep… They talk about how dumb Keith reasoning was to hide his true profession. Kalia says he would of been the worlds worst matchmaker. Adam joins them

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Big Brother 13 – 5 deposed dictators and Omarosa find out what constant surveillance feels like on the receiving end

Mondays (January 31st) Daily Show had a joke about BIG BROTHER 13 and the recent overthrowing of African Dictators in Tunisia and Egypt. Damn Omarosa is mean…


Jon Stewart
“Its a chance to live in exile and compete in next seasons Big Brother…Big Brother Edition. hi jinx ensues when 5 deposed dictators and Omarosa find out what constant survalence feels like on the receiving end. You can even share a room with your neighbor Moammar kadafi….. opps kadafi hasn’t been overthrown…… yet”

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