Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo Learns to Fly a Plane, Enzo: “It smells like ass over here.. ohh sh!t is that me.. no”

2:46pm Kitchen Lane, Brit and Enzo There asking Lane if he could land a 747 if it’s pilot couldn’t. Lane thinks it would be pretty tough since he only flies little planes like Cessnas but he’s sure he would have a better chance then some regular person. Lane explains to them how the large planes have a lot of automatic features. Britney tells them a story about a pilot that told her they don’t let you use cell phones during take off and landings because they want people to pay attention of whats going on. Enzo wants to be detracted if the plane goes south, Enzo: “If I die I don’t want to know that I’m dead”. For the last 30 minutes Lane has been giving Enzo flying lessons. Lane tells Enzo that after the flying lesson Lane just gave him enzo has a good foundation to learn how to fly all he needs to do is take a course. Enzo agrees list off a bunch of new terms he learnt during Lanes lession, “taxi, wind speed, yaw, pitch”.. Live Feeds flip to Trivia.

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