Big Brother 14: Britney “You get rid of the guy with mastodon thighs…not the model chick”

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2:03am Frank, Kara and Jenn.

Frank is really talking it up.. telling the girls that the coaches are playing their own game and trying to get the new players to do what they want. They are “rallying us together”  Frank adds that “Mike” had it all figured out.

Kara tells him that her coach and his coach are making them a HUGE target because everyone seems to want to get rid of them. Frank understands and says that they need to remind the entire house that they are working for themselves they are playing their own game.

Kara: “you trust Boogie .. is he a good coach?”
Frank: “I don’t need to trust Boogie.. he doesn’t have a vote.. he’s just an adviser for us he can’t win HOH next week”

Frank: “his (Boogie)  fate is tied to mine my fate isn’t tied to his, They can’t win without us but we can win without them” Jen points out that the water is going to get hot with the coaches, 100K is a lot of money

Frank: “A coach is a bad name for it…  they are more an adviser because in  team scenario a coach will get us to do what they want us to do but in this scenario they just advise us”

Frank: “I’m telling YA they need us we don’t need them”
Jenn: “we’re the golden egg”

Frank leaves.

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