Steve “You’re promising me that you, Jackie & Meg are voting to evict Shelli tomorrow?” James “Yes!”

12am Comic room – Steve, Julia, Vanessa and Steve. Julia and Liz are quizzing Steve on the video clips. James joins them. Vanessa asks James would you tell me if I’m staying or going? Big Brother switches camera and then switches back after a minute. Vanessa says I went and told Becky that if I stay we could have a conversation if she wanted. Just to clear the air. I’m 32 years old this is a game. James says you’re fine. I’ll make sure on brass tacks. Vanessa says if I’m getting evicted just let me know. Please don’t let me get blind sided on national television. James says yeah, you’re not. The information that I have. If they blind side me that’s different but I doubt it. Julia tells Vanessa you have our votes.

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