“She turned around and was like Emily shut the f*** up or I’ll punch you in the face”

FYI – The feeds were down most of yesterday due to a party they had.. of course it was full of drama..
10:09am Jackie and Emily
Emily and Jackie agree Neda was rufe.
Emily – when she loses it she’s Mean.. mean hearted.. Like f***k

Bathroom Bruno, Karen and NEda
Bruno and Karen are talking about EMily sleeping in the have nots room

Emily, Bruno, Dillon and Kevin
Talking about how some players in the game think they are better than other people
Dillon – Neda’s mad at us
Kevin – she’ll get over it
Kevin – you slept in the cave by yourself f
Emily – ya
Emily explains what happened last night.. she was in the bed with Jackie on the bed beside them they were giggling/making noise with Dillon and Neda “F****G lost her sh1t”
Emily – She was swearing at me.. just go in the f****G bed with Dillon
EMily – I was like no .. no man I got morals my dad is watching.. she was like F*** your morals
Emily – I was like I got to get outta here before I freak out I just left.. I didn’t want to say something I regret.
Bruno – I would have given yo my bed
Emily – No no it was nice being alone..

Kevin starts talking about Ika and Demetres being the strongest pair and William and Dre being the other strong pair. He suggests it might be good idea for them to put up one from each side Like Ika and Dre.

10:47am Ika and Neda Bathroom
Neda telling her side of the story. Says that EMily and Dillon cuddle all the time why don’t they just share a bed instead of making noise all night across beds.

Emily and Dillon
Dillon – I would much rather have you laying beside me
Emily – it’s not going to happen you know that
Dillon – sucks that had to happen last night
Emily – ya
Emily – She turned around and was like EMily shut the f*** up or I’ll punch you in the face
Dillon – she said that
Emily – ya. before .. she was so butt hurt that I changed outfits because I didn’t want to wear that if it was going on the show .. She was mean about that.. Take my f***g shit off.
Dillon – A little dramatic
Emily – there’s been little jabs that have been done.. Last night I was like enough.. Chill out
Dillon – unnecessary .. maybe she’s a little jealous because her season she had somebody like we have.. (Feeds cut)

11:15am Bruno and Demetres Hot Tub
Demetres wonders if the person he picks to evict will be the opposite. Bruno doesn’t think so.
Demetres – it’s almost 50/50 anyways
Bruno says the votes they used to nominate were legit so if they were going to flip it the 2 players with the least votes would have been nominated.
Bruno says he was talking to Ika and Ika wants him to tell Emily and Dillon to put up Ika and Dre. This keeps Ika and Demetres off the block

11:51pm hot tub Neda and Demetres
Neda says Gary has a lot of fans and can win Competitions .. Says they need to get rid of Gary. (in a game with a lot of fan involvement this is important. Cassandra, Dallas and now Gary being sent out all have larger fan numbers than the newbs. The next two big vets are Kevin and Ika)
Neda goes over the drama that happened last night.
Neda says Emily was just trying to make people feel bad about her.

Jackie’s Cheat Sheet!

Sindy tells Ika Jackie will put up Dre and Ika not Ika and Demetres

Ika and Dre. Dre – you’re like in the bad girl club right now… dang! Ika – I know, I ripped up her thing. (Jackie’s cheat sheet – see below) Dre – I thought it was just a little rip, you completely ripped it up. Dre – she’s going to make another one. Ika – I’ll rip that one up too! Dre – she’s going to hide it now. Ika – She did hide it. She hid it under her mattress. I’ve been searching for days. I was Dora the Explorer for a few days b***H. Ika – she wants to come after me…. PLEASE COME AFTER ME! I’m a be petty the whole way! Dre – we have to win HOH. I have to stay and we have to win. Ika – Jackie just found herself a brand new enemy.

Ika ripping up the cheat sheet

Jackie uncovers her cheat sheet in ruins.

Ika and Gary
Ika – do you think something’s happening it’s been a bland day
Ika hasn’t seen Demetres in awhile.
GHary says Demetres has been in the Diary room a lot.
Ik a- doing what
Gary – I don’t know.. do you know where his heads at.. we had an amazing conversation
Ika says Demetres told her you brought up a lot of good points .
Ika says if she had the HOH she would keep Gary.
Gary – you and Karen are the only two people that would 100% keep me.. Demetres is like 90
Gary mentions Neda talked to Gary right after he did.
Ika about Neda – I can’t f***g stand her
Gary – If she gets into his head it’s over.. (Demetres head)

Demetres Karen Ika and Gary
talking about how there’s a weird vibe in the house.
Gary says it’s obvious the house is divided.. theres a big group of people.
Demetres says there’s pairs.
Karen – I see alliance within alliance within alliance

William and Jackie
Jackie crying.. says Ika is giving her dirty looks and being nasty.
Jackie – I want to have fun that is why I came here.. it’s so hard to have fun (because of how Ika is being towards her)

Neda – William is dangerous. He’s done way better in competitions than Dre has. Bruno – for sure. Neda – so like Dre first .. sure I don’t care but William has to go soon too. Bruno – people like that people just look past him. The problem is when they realize it, its too late. That’s why its got to be done before its a problem. Neda – what scares me about Jackie is she is so playing the game I did the first time around. She just sits and observes. Did you notice how she pretends that she hasn’t watched anything before. Bruno – I think she’s a superfan. I’ve caught her before.. she’s memorized scenes. She remembers when this happened and that happened. Neda – and she doesn’t remember who Sabrina is!? Right!? Just admit to it. Karen does and she’s not a bigger target because of it. Bruno – Karen that’s another one.. Neda – she’s going to go to the end of the game for sure. Bruno – we’re on track. I love working with you. Neda – me too. Anytime anything happens I’m like okay, I need to talk to Bruno. Bruno – when your immunity is up I’m fighting for you. Neda – I think it will be up soon.

10:52pm Ika and Demetres
Ika saying that Neda has gotten close with Emily and Dillon, Jackie is close to Emily and Dillon. She adds week 1 they should have gotten close with Cassnadra, William And dre and stayed there.

Ika – we are the number 1 targets in the house right now because of our alliance.. when Gary leaves we’re the targets.
Ika btings up Bruno saying that William and Dre are his targets.

Ika points out Bruno, Kevin, Neda etc have gotten so close to Emily and Dillon they won’t put them up if they win HOH actually they probably won’t even try to win HOH meaning Ika and Demetres are f***d.
Ika – Kevin has been throwing comps since we started .. they want 1 of us to leave they don’t like we’re so close.. Neda thinks if I leave she has you.
Ika says their decisions the last 2 weeks were not the best decisions for their. Dallas and Cassandra were not coming after them but EMily and Jackie are.
Ika – we’re working with a bunch of lying scumbags.
Ika says getting rid of Cassandra and Dallas were a mistake.
Demetres – it’s the past there’s nothing we can do about it.. it’s over.. (HAHAH I knew they would regret what they did)

Ika brings up how much Kevin has been lying.
Ika – when Neda won HOH and didn’t put Emily and Dillon on the block we should have known..
Demetres – why would she they’re not coming after her

Ika – F***G Kevin is a piece of sh1t
Ika says Dre wants to go after kevin and Bruno.. “Kevin has to f***G go he’s a f***G liar”
Demetres mentions if they can get rid of Kevin or Bruno Ika is closer to Sindy than Neda.
Demetres- Neda will be in limbo
Ika – People are starting to see her rotten dirty ass and nobody likes it
Ika – Keeping Dre is better for our game

Demetres – if its a knockout comp, anyone can win one of those. Ika – yeah, but we just don’t want Jackie or f**king… and they could easily win it. Demetres – sure, but so could you. Ika – I don’t know.. Dre kind of pissed me off .. she couldn’t even spell a 5 letter word. I could have spelled a 5 letter word with my eyes closed. I do feel like keeping Dre is better for our game. It keeps William on our side. William is in a great position because no one is going after him.. except for Bruno but that is bullsh*t. Neda now only wants to go after Emily because she’s scared of her influence on Dillon. Like Neda you’re a F**KING B***H! Demetres – yeah. Demetres – that would be perfect if the took out .. put up Kevin/Bruno .. because Neda would be off her .. stupid little f**king.. twist thing. I’m betting they have a big jury this year because Neda has that power. They couldn’t have a small jury and get her through three quarters of the f**king game. That’s Bullsh*t! HOpefully her alliance crumbles at the right time .. she’s going to be kissing our butts. Ika – I just don’t what to leave ourselves in this game with three people who are coming after us and can win things.

William says he has a crush on Kevin.

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33 thoughts on ““She turned around and was like Emily shut the f*** up or I’ll punch you in the face”

  1. Neda to Demetres: “Gary HAS A LOT OF FANS, so he needs to go”.
    Now… since Neda won the fan vote to get her special security until jury… should she like… NOT SAY STUFF LIKE THAT to a newbie? She’s basically saying “take Gary out now, and take me out as soon as you can!”.
    lol. She went from being described as a “mastermind” in her first season to being… well, sorry, but catty and vain. Maybe that special power derailed her? Got to her head? #SAD.

    Simon, your OBB Kraken Hour is epic!!

  2. Its sad how much I cant stand Neda now when she was my all time favourite player from all BBCAN seasons. Seems like the “fame” has gotten to her and she thinks she is above everything and everyone. It would have been smarter for her to stay lowkey until her immunity was up instead of making herself this obvious threat. Plus she doesn’t have someone who 100% has her back like she did last time with Jon so this guns blazing strategy is a no. Who will want to take someone like that to the end?

      1. The fact there are so many comments about how Neda is the worst person on the show and none about Ika is beyond me. I literally can’t think of a person that has ever played on Big Brother that I couldn’t stand as much as I can’t stand Ika and her constant rude eye rolls. I’m not saying Neda is my favourite on the show this season either, but Ika is on a whole new level for me. Everytime she rolls her eyes, I want to throw something at my screen!

  3. Neda is digging her own grave. They all seem to be aware of her entitled BS, so just wait until her free pass to jury is done, then we’ll all get to see her get the boot and whine about how everybody else made it far because of her, and how she should’ve won because she’s the best player in history. blah blah blah. Go newbies! I would LOVE to see Karen win, they keep downplaying her and probably secretly want to take her to final two for an easy win, she drives me nuts but I’m rooting for her, lol.

  4. Lol.
    I’m not a fan of Nedas… but I’ll have to agree with her that Emily needs to shut the fk up! :D lol

    1. I agree Truth hurts. 50% -Neda can be rude but the other 50% Emily deserves. Take Your cackling elsewhere. It seems very inconsiderate to be making noises when they are in a shared space. Emily acting like her behaviour with Dillon is beyond reproach is laughable. I’m sure his girlfriend does not appreciate the “friendliness “

  5. So BB is just going to ignore Dillion rubbing candies on his junk and serving them to Demetris. Nice.
    Video proof is on twitter’s hamsterwatch.

    1. I agree. That was totally uncalled for. I felt so bad for Demetres, he had no idea. I think they gave some to Kevin that had been in Emily’s mouth too. BB should have punished them.

      1. Just when you think the BBOTT cast are the worst, Dillon strolls onto the scene and gives Demetres some junk-seasoned candy. Wtf is wrong with people? Production should be dolling out some sort of punishment and I for one think they should allow Demetres to rest his sack on Dillons face while he’s sleeping. Just for a minute or two.

    2. If the Dillon “candy gate” thing is true… then he deserves to be booted out of the game!
      Come on production… this is your chance to keep Gary.

    3. Looks? like BB will ingore what Emily and Dillion did with the candies. They should have been punished for it.

  6. Honestly, I don’t see much difference in season 5 Neda and season 2 Neda. Oh, wait, there is one big difference: There isn’t a Sabrina that acts so much more outrageously that Neda looks good by comparison.
    With that said, I don’t like or hate Neda any more or any less than i did the first time around.

  7. Of course Neda waits until she knows the cameras aren’t live to be a bitch and show her true colors. Fucking coward hooker.

    1. She’s not writing anything. She’s using symbols for daily events. It’s a little sketch, but not an absolute rule break because she has no words written.
      It’s not like she’s using eyeliner and writing daily events on a water bottle like Dallas did last season. It wasn’t confiscated until he was evicted. No punishment.

  8. Referring to Simon & Dawg’s video “Jackie uncovers her cheat sheet in ruins” was Jackie called out by the camera shaking back & forth as if to say no. Good one on them if that was what was happening.

  9. Production was too funny! Nodding no with the camera then locking the pantry as she tries to Martha Stewart it! PRICELESS!!!

  10. Neda is actually a sociopath she’s narcissistic and has all the qualities of an evil witch!! For some reason the house is afraid of her and for some reason they cannot see she is the number one target in that house everyone should be gunning for Nadd for some reason the house is afraid of her and for some reason they cannot see she is the number one target in that house everyone should be gunning for neda!!!!!!!!

  11. Ika has kids ?? Those poor kids ! She has the mentality of a 13 year old and dresses like a cheap hooker ! Jackie should give her a taste of her own medicine and destroy something of hers , that would be great tv

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