Rachel and Kristen Big Brother Bikini Babes

Never one to pass up BBBB news on OBB. Big Brother reality stars Rachel Reilly and Kristen Bitting posed for Kasanova magazine in the “girls of reality” section of the May issue. If your into bikini girls go check Kasanova out, theres a couple picture of both Rachel and Kristen. They’ve supplied a short bio for each of these past Big Brother houseguest.

The bio explains Rachel as: “an American bikini model, actress, television personalty, burlesque dancer and sex symbol… ” They bring up Rachel’s time on BIG BROTHER 12 and her cameo appearances as Julie on the Bold and the Beautiful. Also she’s been in a featured film (??), on slice network Canada, and is in a national swimwear campaign. Finally they sum up why Rachel is so famous. “This bikini vixen has also won many titles and contests based on her vixen like curves and fun effervescent bubbly personalty. This young starlet has a fan base in the thousands and growing. it no wonder why…” (In the thousands holy shit!!!) I’m also surprised she didn’t bring Brendon up or their engagement and dream wedding plans.

Kristen bitting’s bio describes her taste in men: “big muscles, intelligence and open-mindedness” (NICK from BB8 fits that description) She doesn’t like ugly tattoos and ignorance and if she could have sex any where she would do it in the Colosseum in Rome. Kristen thinks being accepting, happy with yourself and life is what makes you sexy. She explains her goals “becoming a television host, a motivational speaker for woman and an author”

Big Brother Kristen Bitting Bikini

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HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA “motivational speaker for women” LOL, what is she motivating them to do- go on TV and act like an idiot?


I think the only reason Brandon got back into the house was because people wanted to see Rachel and him go up against each other. I don’t think she would be able to do anything for crying . They both have alot of growing up to do if they really are going to get married or she will be crying all the time.Anyway I hope they are both off soon I am sure people are as tired of them as I am.


Everyone has been and will be tired of Rachel and her child – CBS and Big Brother know that and still put them in – thinking hey its like a twist to aggravate viewers and people will watch to see them booted off – but then CBS / Big Brother find ways to bring them back ! – They are destroying their own show and loosing viewers – Now thats Funny and Sad at the same time. Wish someone would give me a chance to win 500,000 – and then again – so many out there in need and they give these losers second chances – very sad, Guess they are lost for creativity