Nikki “I felt really sorry for her when Ramsey left & then 20 minutes later she was on to Phil”

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV April 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: Ramsey and Maddy
Current Nominations: Tim and Maddy
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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9am – 10:25am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Jared, Kelsey and Cassandra head out to the hot tub room. Tim says the problem with them (Brothers) is if you’re doing anything remotely fun in the HOH room, they want to be involved in it. Yesterday, Phil was cooking dinner and I asked if I could work out in the HOH room and then he said he wanted to join. Jared and Kelsey head inside. Tim says once Maddy goes there will be more stability in the house. We’ve taken out the reckless people like Loveita and Dallas. I think a lot of the people left are pawns. They don’t think for themselves. Cass says people say he’s the new born Emmett. He’s not. I don’t think people really like him. Tim says I don’t know who Canada would like. Cass says they would like me, you, the brothers, Joel. There’s no way Kelsey deservers to win over anyone in this house.

10:45am – 12pm Hot Tub room – Tim says I’m not going to say I won’t ever do another reality tv show again. Like I’m not going to chase it but if they come asking, I might. Kelsey makes a slop breakfast for her and Cassandra. Cass asks why are you so nice to me. Kelsey says because you’ve got a great a$$. Kelsey hops up on the bar and eats hers off Jared’s butt. Tim talks about how when he came to Canada he had to fly back to Australia for 1 day. It was the stupidest 3 days of my life. Jered asks why? Tim says for an event. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they come back, Tim is talking about his birthday coming up. Tim says when he was younger he pretended to have appendicitis so he could get 2 weeks off from school. Tim starts talking about wanting an o*gy. Big Brother puts the house guests on an indoor lock down.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-19 08-08-22-488

2:30pm – 2:50pm In the bathroom – Cassanda, Cassandra, Kelsey, Jared and Tim. Nikki says I felt really sorry for her when Ramsey left and then 20 minutes later she was on to Phil. I hope Ramsey wasn’t watching.

3:20pm At the kitchen table – Phil, Joel Nikki and Nick are teaching Maddy french.

3:40pm In the havenot room – Tim and Cassandra are making a flower headband for her. Cass asks Tim about his situation back home with a girl. Tim says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Kelsey comments about her ex and how they’ve been broken up but still hook up every once in a while.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-19 11-55-06-700

4pm Joel comes into the havenot room and Kelsey and Cass ask him how his manscaping went? Kelsey and Cass tell him to go get in the shower so they can check it out. Joel leaves to head upstairs. Kelsey and Cass laugh that they don’t want to see his weiner. Kelsey says no matter what we have to go like WOW! Even if its a different looking weiner. Kelsey tells Jared she’s going to go look at Joel’s weiner. Jared says nice have fun! Cass and Kelsey asks Joel if he’s ready. They’re laughing. Nikki then gabs the door handle and opens the shower door. Big Brother then cut the feeds.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-19 13-05-17-784

4:25pm In the HOH room – Kelsey tells Phil that she saw Joel’s weiner. Phil asks how big was it? Kelsey says big. She says that Joel was upset that Nikki opened the door. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back Phil asks did Nikki say sorry? Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

5:30pm – 5:40pm In the havenot room – Cassandra tells Phil if Jared is sitting in final 2 he wins. Phil agrees. I see what you are saying and I would support that decision. Cassandra says that it’s you, me, Joel and Tim. Nikki is with Tim. Then there is Jared and Kelsey. Cassandra says do you think Jared should be the target next week? Phil says it’s not my HOH. Tell me what’s best for the group and I’d support it. Phil says I don’t think I can beat Jared in the final 2. Cassandra says I don’t either. They shake on taking a Canadian to the final 2.

Watch the Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds anywhere in the world with HideMyAss VPN.

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24 thoughts on “Nikki “I felt really sorry for her when Ramsey left & then 20 minutes later she was on to Phil”

  1. I know about the Brother’s plan to boot out Tim this week but it seems they do not have the 3 votes to get it done. Have they talked to Joel yet about taking out Tim?

    1. @Frenchie, one of the plot lines is how much influence Cass has over other HGs, when we see from feeds and recaps here that usually the person she is shown talking to has already come up with the idea themselves, or already had decided to do whatever she is seen talking to them about. In DR, it looks like they have convinced her that they are taking her advice, not the other way around lol.

      however, i still like her in the game, she, Tim and Joel really do seem to be the only people actually playing the game, rather than the popularity contest the other HGs are playing. i can hardly wait for the brothers to be evicted to have both Sarah and Peter Brown look at them like they are complete idiots for spending so much time puppy dogging behind (well phil, not nick) Jared to get Jared’s approval. That is some kind of mad man crush Phil is carrying.

      @Bohratom i have not seen the brothers mention getting tim out to anyone so far. i don’t watch all the vids, i do watch the After Dark, but other than talking to each other about the idea before nominations, nothing yet so far. they might be sneaking up to it when i saw phil talking to his bro crush Jared and Kelsey and saying how he doesn’t really care (as in which one goes home). he won’t have the votes, i can’t see nikki choosing maddy over tim. she might have chosen anyone else over maddy, and could be swayed for another HG, but doubt it about tim. on the other hand tim is still adamant, against cass’s wishes’ about keeping nikki out of any kind of alliance talk with him and cass (and joel?), which might end up working against him. saying yes costs nothing, saying no might cost him a needed vote. it already has

      1. lil Timmy got put up by the bros to backdoor him. The bros likely have ZERO votes on Thursday. The brothers have bigger problems next HOH as they are the likely targets. Timmy might take a shot at Kelsey/Jared specifically Jared as it’s getting late and Timmy/Cass/Joel/Nikki would have numbers In fact next HOH(7 left) 3 can take out 4. HOH and 2 noms don’t vote thus you could have a 2 – 2 tie and HOH breaks it.
        Cass is productions mouth piece. Where did the Kelsey can’t win thing come from other wise? Perfect way to keep productions pet in the game. Perfect F2 b/c Kelsey can’t win, what trash Either production interfered or Cassie poo just dropped a dumb azz turd!!!

      1. Had Maddy not behaved like such a turd the entire game, this would be the perfect chance to flip the script on Tim and send him packing this week. I think it’d be a great move on Kelsey/Jared’s part to try and secretly align with Maddy since she’s a lone-wolf now and they’ve been mortal enemies for the whole game.

        But Cass, Nikki, and Joel are all much closer to Tim and none of them trust Maddy…. no way one of them flips. Were Maddy better socially, one more vote wouldn’t be such a tall order. Her “it’s not a numbers game” nonsense from a couple of days back was the most ridiculous BB strategy talk I’ve ever heard.

  2. Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the videos, allows us to catch up on the important stuff! :)
    You’ve got a video of Maddy’s crying in the HOH room after Jared called her out ca. 36 hours ago, but not the actual calling out. It’s good stuff and they’re likely gonna talk about it a lot, so for who didn’t see it then, here it is:
    “Maddy melts down after Jared calls her out”
    Interesting that Maddy claims she doesn’t understand why Jared wouldn’t like the fact that she repeated several times that evening that she’d vote for him if he made F2. LOL.
    And about “I’d never do that to Ramsey” (cozy up to Phil right after Ramsey left), well she did it to her boyfriend watching from home… with 2 guys! And she told Nikki a while ago in the High Roller room that she’s “doing what she needs to do with Ramsey to stay in this house”, implying she didn’t have true romantic feelings for him.
    I wonder if BB will show her telling Ramsey “I don’t think we should keep working together, it’s just not working out for me” before noms, when he dared to imply that maybe Tim isn’t as trustworthy as she thinks. She was yet again lashing out at anyone and everyone around her, even the one that had her back. But I guess that would go against BB’s planned storyline, eh? ;p

  3. If I’ve missed any of the currently mentioned plans please correct me.
    The brothers want Maddy to expose Tim and possibly Cassandra’s game to the house. Even if Maddy goes, It will put the target on to someone other than the brothers. If Maddy stays it will give them a back pocket person in their corner while weakening Cassandra’s ability to play everyone against each other. They aren’t going to say anything to anyone until Maddy campaigns.
    Kelsey and Jared have mentioned Tim and Cass or Tim and the brothers in two separate conversations. Meaning they want Maddy gone of course, but Tim is next but anyone can leave next as long as it isn’t them. They think they have a “useless” Joel in their pocket.
    Tim whispered to Cassandra that production is probably going to want them to keep the brothers around now. Stop talking about production ensued. In last night’s plans they along with Joel decided two pawns with Jared backdoored (backdoor actually means putting up someone that wasn’t an initial nominee and also didn’t get to play in the veto, therefore completely powerless to save themselves, with seven left next week that’s hoping for a lot of coincidences). Either Jared out in an instant, or Jared as a renom. They scoop up a “useless” Kelsey. They plan on really going for it for HOH (as opposed to? since Cass says she’s yet to throw and Joel only threw week two).
    Brothers have said if one of the broken wheel goes, they scoop up the final. Especially if it’s a “useless” Kelsey.
    Have I missed anyone’s plans? Looks like Kelsey and Joel are everyone’s drag alongs in no fear of leaving so far. Looks like nobody will actually be after the brothers immediately as of this morning.
    What would Nikki do at this point if she won hoh? Oh right, immediately demand her ipod.

  4. This is definitely gonna get a lot of dislikes from the Nikki fans but anyways..How come when Tom opens the shower door on Alec in BBCAN1 for the live feeders to possibly see, he is hated, but Nikki can do it to Nick and Phil, Joel and not even one thing is said. No one even cares and Nikki laughing with a smile on her face. Is it because she is loved by fans no matter what she does? Would it be funny if someone opened the door on her? Watching this season, I just feel like Nikki gets away with stuff that other people wouldn’t.

    1. None of us are bitching about it cause it’s no big frickin deal. I never got mad when Tom did it either. She’s just trying to do things to make the house a little more interesting. Someone has to make up for the other 7 boring houseguests that do absolutely nothing. (Except Tim too I guess)

      1. Having your genitalia exposed on a feed where so many live feeders are watching and potentially recording is kind of a big deal.

    2. Agreed. But I feel that mostly people vilify the actions of those players they do not like. They did the same thing with Jared calling out Maddy on her actions. I did not think that what Jared did was so horrible. He told her to her face what everyone else is thinking. Here you have Nikki and so many of the live feeders agreeing with those sentiments behind her back and that’s okay. But god forbid someone points it out to her face and all of a sudden, they are bullies. If it were me, I would rather someone tell me to my face how my actions are being perceived, especially if so many people are talking about it behind my back.

  5. I can’t stand maddy that breakdown was so fake.

    Jared is annoying as all hell with his nasily ass voice. And Kelsey and her crazy eyes. Ugh, why must the Canadian players be so dull.

    Btw anyone know if Gary was fired from the after show? Ugh can’t stand that twit so replaced him.

  6. If Maddy campaigns (still a big IF, since she didn’t campaign well for herself last time she was on the block, and only campaigned to the brothers to stay off the block feeling that she had them wrapped around her finger as she has been saying since week one, first to Sharry), what actually happens?
    If she exposes Tim wanted a deal with her and Ramsey excluding Cassandra? If she exposes that Cassandra wanted a final four deal with Ramsey, Maddy, Tim? If she exposes it was Tim’s idea to get Maddy to push for first Jared, then Cass to be the renom?
    What are the actual ramifications?
    The brothers can expose Cassandra wants everyone to target Jared next week. The brothers can expose to everyone “who doesn’t have a final two and I’ll help you win” deal with Tim. The brothers can expose that Maddy did push for Cass after Ramsey left and Tim spent time with Maddy. Remind Cass and Joel that Tim voted against her week three and set up the Loveita Joel convo in the pink room before eviction. Many people in the house know how that situation that originally had Loveita pegged a bully actually happened now. They talked about it with the brothers present during Joel’s HOH.
    Does this change this weeks vote or does it just set up a shake up in the house dynamic with Tim and Cassandra becoming targets of everyone else, with the brothers becoming the target of Tim and Cassandra?
    This vote: Nikki never votes out Tim. Cass would have to see Tim as more of a threat than Maddy. Joel would need to know he isn’t the only one with a Tim deal since he has deals with Cass and the brothers as well as with Jared and Kelsey. Jared would need to feel more threatened by Tim than Maddy. Jared would have to convince Kelsey. Chances of three of those four people altering their perceptions on Maddy as a comp threat as less detrimental than Tim as a social threat… not very high. For some reason this season the social manipulators are not as big a threat as the comp winners even when their manipulations are exposed. It’s the flip side of the keep the bigger threat in the house phenomena that has swept this season.

  7. For the fifth time this week Cass and Tim have been whispering about “Do you think Canada really loves the brothers?”
    My answer: no. But watching your egos deflate makes beavis and butthead’s HOH train wreck almost worth it.

  8. Nikki is the new Caleb of BBCAN with her creepy and stalking fascination with Tim. Just look how she want’s Cass out of the game before anyone else no matter how much it hurt’s her numbers in the game… If I were Tim i would not get within 10K miles of Nikki outside the game.

  9. I wonder what the ramifications would be on maddy turning against her alliance? I think she could have recovered but what got her is how she handled her hoh telling everyone they were even and targets, wanting everyone to sweat. Well now she is a wild card, nobody trusts her and nobody knows where or what she will do. This is going to bite the brothers too. They got lucky twice with Ramsey leaving and Canada voting them, not because we love them but because we wanted them to play. Where does Phil think he is a leader or Derek!!!

  10. Watched every season of BBCAN and BBUS, I’ve never seen a group so full of hypocrites. Apparently, only certain people are allowed to cuddle with the boys, boyfriend or not. Only certain people are allowed to lie, cheat & be mean. If the others do it, then OMG they’re the worst and must be ostrasized. Not ONE person in that house has been truthful nor honest cause its a game! Can’t wait until certain ones fall off their high horses and lose, as they deserve. I only root for those willing to risk it all with big moves and a fearless attitude. Only one person fits that bill cause everyone else is hiding behind another. Chicken sh*ts. Hoping we get a slightly more mature group next year.

    1. Yeah. YAY Nikki!
      She moved all the way from the bathroom to the kitchen under her own power. Talk about big moves!

    2. I too have never missed watching any BB US or BB CDA until this season. Don’t know what it is about this batch or these kids – I LOATHE ALL OF THEM !!! – with the exception of Joel, who is knowledgeable, well-read, able to articulate his thoughts, be a good listener and has a balanced personality.
      Kelsey is the most vapid, empty and shallow person with absolutely no personality whatsoever and her little boy toy and hyena boy not far behind her. If either one of them were capable of an original thought, the earth would stop revolving.
      Most hated cast ever.

  11. lol, if Maddy leaves to jury, who will she cling to there. Both boys are not interested in girls.
    It’s going to be a boring week for her lol.

  12. Jared drives me nuts he’s such a wimp. The muscles and hair are trying to make up for serious insecurities he has about himself. He talks trash about the brothers and wants to kick them out and calls them idiots for not wanting to work with him. If Kelsey goes he’s doomed because she is doing all the work for him. I can’t stand watching him anymore its beyond boring. They really need to put more older guests in the house who have a bit more depth to themselves and actually want to play the game not be on a dating show. Makes for a far better game!

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