“I’m the girl in the relationship, I dunno how to describe it.. I’m the weaker one” -McCrae

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa



Jessie alone in the kitchen.. She’s been cleaning for the past 20 minutes.

Up in the HOH is Spencer, Andy, Aaryn, McCrae and GM they are talking about when the Pandora’s box should happen. McCrae says it’s usually for the Wednesday show so if they do get a Pandora’s box it will be either Monday or Tuesday .

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


5:13pm Photobooth pictures

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5:24pm Hot tub Spencer and Jessie
Spencer doesn’t think Andy will use the Veto. Jessie knows he won’t use it but she still has to try. Spencer: “I think my Moving Company history has finally caught up to me”
Jessie says she will not campaign against Spencer but she will talk to Andy before tomorrow.
Jessie is sad that her and Spencer are in the same spot this week.
Spencer: ‘I would have thought Andy has a bit more of a spine than doing what he did”
Spencer asks her if she’s heard anything. Jessie says everyone is telling her they will vote with the house and they want the nominations to be the same.


5:44pm Storage room Elissa and Helen

Elissa says that Amanda just told her Jessie wants Andy to use the Veto to take out Amanda. Elissa: “I want to play with girls but she is just too unpredictable”
Helen says if Amanda goes home and Jessie wins HOH she will come after them. They need to keep Amanda in the game and get rid of Jessie. Elissa agrees.

MC joins them Elissa leaves

Helen is still on board with their 3 making a run to the end. (There’s a final 3 alliance between Andy, Helen and McCrae) She mentions they might have to cut Amanda when they get to 6 depending on how they HOH’s pan out. She points out if they get down to the 5 of them (Helen, Elissa, Amanda, McCrae, Amanda) and Amanda wins HOH they might be in trouble.
Helen: “If we get the opportunity we should just do it”
MC says he would rather cut Amanda at 5 but they can do 6 if they have to.
Helen: “I’ll tell you something but this cannot go anywhere..”
Helen is worried Aaryn is more loyal to Amanda she will try and back d*or McCrae if she wins the HOH next week.
Helen says next week if she is HOH she will backdoor Aaryn if needed. She would prefer to wait another week as her deal with Aaryn was for 2 weeks. McCrae says if he wins the HOH next week he hasn’t promised anything to Aaryn he can put her up with Spencer tell her she’s the pawn .
Helen just wants MC to know she’s thinking Aaryn is a dangerous target.
MC agrees wholeheartedly they need to get rid of Aaryn.
Aaryn comes in..
Helen brings up Jessie trying to get Andy to put up Jessie.
Helen: ‘Who is she going to backdoor next you me.. “
MC: “She’s such wild card”
Helen says if Spencer wins HOH next week they will force him to take out Ginamarie.
Aaryn thinks Spencer is the bigger threat than Jessie but if they want to take out Jessie she supports it.
Aaryn: Spencer is making me physically ill he’s so fake .. he’s a manipulator”

Aaryn leaves

Helen asks MC who Spencer will go after.
MC says Aaryn and GM
Helen says Aaryn will go after Elissa and MC
MC: ‘She will definitely want to keep Amanda over me “

MC leaves and Amanda enters

Helen: “What’s her(Jessie) problem.. she’s trying to flip the house.. “
Amanda: “It’s a personal thing”


5:59pm HOH MC and Andy
MC talking about a girl he liked back home. They didn’t leave on good terms but he still likes her. Andy asks about what will happen with Amanda when the show is over.
MC: “A part of me feel like she’s using me”
MC explains that with other showmances in the past there was one person that cared about the game and wanted to win and another that was just “scouted” to be on the show. He points out with Jeff/Jordan Jeff was recruited and with BRendon/Rachel it was BRendon. He feels with him and Amanda they both want to win it and they both care about the game.
MC thinks there are some trust issues between him and Amanda. Andy says he should 100% trust Amanda.
MC: “I don’t know what is going to happen after this week.. what she tells me is she’s totally in love with me.. we’re going to get married.. all this stuff”
Andy: “I think she legitimately likes you a lot based on little queues”
MC knows that but still thinks if she was a “Man Eater” she would be doing what she’s doing.
MC: ‘I’m the girl in the relationship.. I dunno.. I dunno how to describe it.. I’m the weaker one almost”
MC thinks Amanda knows it’s smart for her to take him as far as she can that might be where their relationships stands.
MC: ‘I don’t know what will happen after this.. she wants me to move to Florida.. recently she’s been saying she wants me to win and she will sacrifice herself for me to go further”
MC likes hearing that but he doesn’t think it’s the truth. Either way he’s sticking to their plan it’s the best option they all have.
MC goes into detail about his girl back home called Jessica that he thinks he has feelings for.
Talk moves to JUDD. Andy says that JUDD convinced him to vote out Howard and KAitlin both people that had his back.
MC says JUDD played too hard too fast
MC adds that Aaryn doesn’t want Jessie to go.. she’s planting seeds about how dangerous and bad Spencer is.

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6:42pm HOH Andy, Amanda, Jessie and McCrae
McCrae tells them there will be another double eviction maybe next week. They talk about last weeks. McCrae says if he had won the HOH he wouldn’t have put up JUDD.

Back by popular demand Jessie bottom pics from about two hours ago

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87 thoughts on ““I’m the girl in the relationship, I dunno how to describe it.. I’m the weaker one” -McCrae

  1. You’ve finally caught on to what we have all been seeing McCrae…just tell the, you think they should get Amanda out, it’ll be fun to watch you sell Amanda out, I’d be interested again. Then no one has anyone to run to and it’s an all out blood bath.

    1. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Spencer, Andy and Aaryn would team up and get rid of Helen, Amanda and McCrae. That would almost make this years BB worthwhile. I would laugh my butt off watching Helen, Amanda and McCrae get taken out one by one and wouldn’t care who won.

      1. Helen must be a robot JESSIE is now labeled the most dangerous player in the game ? Jessie is trying to flip the house can you all believe HELEN . HELEN wake up Helen please Amanda has a spell over you WAKE UP .

    2. Look at this…. is pizzaboy ready to cut loose from his master?

      It’s about time!

      From that first HOH win, we ALL were suspicious! This girl went and took you to the moon with handjobs, bjs, sex—it is a showmance that surpassed BB history fully loaded.

      And now, we finally see some serious gameplay talk. I am so happy to hear this. :-)

      Wow….talk about some serious backstabbing. If this goes down, this season can FINALLY redeem itself by a few points.

    3. Can someone explain this “scouted” thing to me.. Because kaitlin said many times big brother asked her to come be on the show, and that she had no idea what it was and had to watch a couple seasons in the months leading up to them entering the house. Now McCrae is saying Jeff and Brenden were scouted? Anyone know what’s up with that?!

        1. Kaitlin was neither a model nor an actor. She said they literally came into her bar. If u look for kaitlin modeling pics there are none. Doesn’t really make sense

          1. Rachel, Porche and Kaitlin are all HI STAKES HOSTESSES! Kaitlin mentioned that she makes $1,000 in a weekend in her regular job… Rachel mentioned on her season that she would fly to a BIG PARTY to be someone’s “DATE” FOR THE EVENING…. and she would be paid big dollars for this… her flight, room and clothes were paid for… and she would make big money for it….. she said sex was not part of the deal so it was not prostitution …. Porche did the same kind of job and both were found like this by production….

    4. Everyone on this blog seem to be a little down these last couple of days. Jessie is gone this week, but there is still someone in the house you can root for, Aaryn. Aaryn has that combination of beauty, brains and fire that you want in an underdog. Aaryn is the only house guest to realize that Andy is a fink. Howard, Candice, Judd, Jessie, Elissa and Helen have yet to figure that out. Aaryn can win comps something that Howard, Candice and Jessie can’t do. If you really want to see someone challenge Amanda and Helen its going to come from Aaryn. Aaryn has Gina, Jessie had no one. The perfect scenario is Gina wins HOH this week and keeps Aaryn, then Aaryn wins HOH the following week.

      1. OH Lord!!! As much as I do not like Aaryn at all, she is disgusting and I just can’t think of her winning. BUT, you make a great point to shake up the house and make it interesting again. In 3 weeks get rid of her and I agree with you, or let her make it to final 2 and no one vote for her. I really don’t like anyone in the house, maybe Ellisa just a little. Ellisa will use some of the money in her charities, where as Aaryn will use it for plastic surgery and partying!

    1. Thrilled that McRae is finally waking up and starting to play the game again (maybe he’s feeling dirty after being mounted ;-o ) BUT WHY is he telling Andy of his doubts about Amanda? Andy is THE biggest gossip in there and is going to ruin the plan!

      1. Good point, Wiggedout.

        I don’t know. For some reason, everyone just loves ANDY!

        Andy could no wrong in this house. Something must be in that water!

    1. Oh please. You guys complain when production intervenes in the show then begg them to interfere when things don’t go your way.

      Pullllll eeeeezeee.

      1. It’s not like we wanted to like Jessie. We just want ACTION in the house. You seem to be as much of a sheep as the house guests.

    2. Jessie I want to play a game with you. You are outnumbered 8 to 1. You are hated by all the girls for independent thought. Your task if you decide to accept it, is to figure out by Wednesday that you have no hope and truly live up to your name before you leave. Tell Amanda what you really think of her. Call out Andy for his duplicitous behavior. Tell Aaryn about Helen’s final four alliance. Jessie your time starts now.

    3. I honesty wouldn’t mind, it would be kinda like the “surprise” Pandora’s Box, that Julie never mentioned on the main show, that re-activated the duo twist saving Rachel and Jordon, but then again, they were not only vets, but also popular. Jessie don’t have the kind of appeal, we’re just slowing dying with boredom, we crave a big move, form ANY source.

  2. I really wish that Andy would have formed an alliance with Nick and Elissa. I don’t know they would have gone along with that, but it would have been really interesting, as Andy had Amanda and McCrae to play ‘buddies’ with, Nick with knowing about the Moving Company’s plans, and Elissa had Helen to play ‘friends’ with. They would have been the power trio in the game, as they could have controlled everything, and Elissa wouldn’t spill anything since she knew that she could make it to the final three with Andy and Nick.

    1. Do you really think GM would have let Nick out of her sight for 5 minutes so he could make that alliance? Even now McCrea has to wait until Demanda is in DR or sleeping to sneak away and speak with Andy.

    1. How about watching him lay in bed having a conversation with someone while Amanda picks his nose and wipes it on his shirt and he doesn’t even blink. Or the fact that he hasn’t showered for 2 days AFTER having sex with Demanda while she was on her period. And when she tells him he stinks she then starts to clean out his ear wax. Or maybe she would liked watching him pick the scabs on his legs and eat them.

      Just what every woman wants in a man.

      1. I thought I was the only one that noticed that he does all those gross things. For awhile I thought he didnt shower and picked his scabs and ate them to gross her out so she’s stop being all up on him all of the time…but it doesn’t work. That’s just gross. Sex with her on her period and not shower. Eww. I seen him picking his feet and toes…then puts his fingers in his mouth…he’s so gross. I think Amanda got the ringworm on her face from him.

    2. Wait, they still having a the wedding aren’t they? I don’t think McCrae is brave enough to break that off. I mean Amanda just confided her undying love for McCrae.

    3. A few things.

      1) DR is who is really trying to break MC & Amanda. He has been talking about how they keep
      questioning if he trusts her. I know everyone hates her but I think that sucks. I do not want to
      see a split just for the sake of keeping certain viewers happy. I want to see how the game would
      play out. (I know DR always interferes, just irks me a bit, feel like they are bowing to public pressure).

      2) MC and Amanda planned to create some distance as they got farther into the game, to ease the
      “couple” target. Possibly they are kicking that off (If you watch them together they are into each other,
      I don’t care what MC says).

      3) Amanda pushed for this MC, Andy, Helen F3 to form to keep Helen calm, if I recall correctly.
      Simon or Dawg, is that what is going on right now? Does Amanda know about the deal?
      Or is this actually something that formed and she is in the dark?

      1. OK regarding my #3-

        Never mind Simon and Dawg, MC and Amanda just answered my question.
        They are talking about the MC/Andy/Helen F3 together and how to figure out
        next weeks noms. TY anyway!

      2. If you watch the feeds from yesterday around 9pm, you can see McCrae telling Amanda that he was told by DR to say that he didn’t trust her to another house guest to create controversy for the show. It’s pretty clear that production is getting them to say things so they can use it in the network shows to fit the story they want to tell. Right after he said this, they got a “Amanda, McCrae, you are not allowed to talk about production” from BB.

  3. This is officially the worst. I am never quick to condemn a season but these people are complete morons.

    Production has no choice but to do a Pandora’s box at this point. The power in the house will rule the entire season otherwise. Jessie needs a Coup d’etat. She is the ONLY person trying to make a big more and change the game.

    GO JESSIE. That is all.

    1. You mean, GO LOSER GIRL, who never had any social game, is inconsistent, moody, and boy crazy, but totally lovable in a 3 legged dog sort if way!!!

      1. Even if what you said is true…she’s still the best in that house…sad but true. Elissa is the only one that might be more likable but she has don’t nothing.. she votes “with the house” and doesn’t when comps. At least Jessie has been trying to get these dummies to wake up and make a big move!

    2. I do not think it is going to be a Pandora’s Box. I think it may be Coup de ta power. Jessie or Spenser could change the game

      1. Winner? LOL She has no job to go back to. Students at her school want her expelled. The world sees her as a racist, jealous, spoiled c*ntrag and if she made it to F2, they would never vote to give her the 500k. You’re in denial ROFL. Sad, sad, denial.

  4. Could it possibly happen? This show would take a massive turn and I would actually have someone to root for if McRae took out Amanda. It might make this awful season worth it to see the look on her face when she realizes McRae turned on her.

  5. I wonder why they did not show tonight when gina said that “now Candice picture is the same color as her” when her pic went black and white. Will they show Amanda when she said “Candice is like annie but black,” she called her “blannie?” This show is disgusting!

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I guess they didn’t want to make GM look worse (Is that even possible?)

      Who knows? Production does their own thing with editing.

      Clearly, they should focus on doing a good job with this season.

  6. “Helen says if Amanda goes home and Jessie wins HOH she will come after them. They need to keep Amanda in the game and get rid of Jessie. Elissa agrees.”

    So much for production trying to spin it like Helen has some ball’s on tonight’s episode! Like usual, she has no spine, and no power, no change there.

  7. “MC goes into detail about his girl back home called Jessica that he thinks he has feelings for.”

    Wait til Amanda catches wind of this from the little rat they call Andy… Oh, and guess what, you’re not the “woman” in the relationship MacRae, you’re the little bitch who’s being manipulated by it’s puppet master. That’s got nothing to do with a woman’s role in a relationship.

  8. Yeah go McCrae if he’s being real dump Amanda. I think it’s awesome he has a girl back home however, he shouldn’t tell Amanda he loves her that’s kinda mean!

    1. McCrae can send Amanda to jury, BUT, HE CAN NOT DUMP HER YET.

      If he does…..we thought GM was crazy with Nick….well……

      ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE WITH AMANDA! Production and the HG may not be able to save him in time.

      I want to see pizzaboy live! Poor little guy…..I’m worried just thinking about it.

      :- /

      1. Ya know, I kinda wanted them to stick with it, I like the dynamic of them together….

        But when you put it like that, them breaking while both still IN the house could be
        pretty entertaining! (And MC has been grumpy lately, I would actually like to see
        him vent a little).

  9. If a penny was donated to feed ‘the hungry’ everytime the houseguests said the word “like”, there’d be no more starving people….like, like like…..where did these people get their education??

  10. The arrogance of these cast members is mind-numbing.

    I hate that Amanda attacks and ridicules anyone who has even a negative THOUGHT against her, when those are usually the people she was originally targeting. Does she really think she shouldn’t have to fight to stay, just like everyone else? I wish someone would lay the line down and tell her she IS bad for other people’s game; she isn’t amazing, she isn’t special; she should be considered (and, quite frankly, voted out) for certain players.

    Andy, everyone thinks there’s a final 4 deal BECAUSE THERE IS. And it’s obvious. When the same 4 people call the same shots with everyone in the house, people notice.

    Finally, if I have to hear another one of Helen’s pep talks, I’m going to vomit. The mute button comes in handy.

    1. I read up on effects of Adderall; short term use causes euphoria, enhances focus and performance, but withdrawals or long term use/abuse can result in paranoia, irritability and aggression, outbursts of words/sounds. Does this sound like anyone we know in the house? anyone? anyone? (Ferris Bueler ref there ;-)

    2. Helen should NEVER let her children watch BB 15. I don’t know how you explain to your children why Mommy had to lied to the people she called her friends to win some money.

      1. I think the worst part is knowing HOW she’s doing it. It’s one thing to lie to a person, make them think they’re safe to keep sanity in the house or keep things calm (imagine Amanda the target, here).

        It’s quite another when Helen builds that person up, tells them they’re going to win the game, that everyone loves them, and they’re incredible players who deserve to be there, when she’s the one who put them in that place and will make sure they’re voted out. That’s exactly why her kids shouldn’t watch. :-/

  11. I think it’s gonna come down to the person that gets rid of Amanda and can make it to F2 wins it. The jury except Amanda will respect that move and give them the money.

    1. Agreed! She’s much too smug for my liking and I hate the way she says “we’ll FORCE them to ….”. Also Helen, good luck with the Mrs USA pageant *eye roll*

  12. And Once again, it is next week for Helen {talking about taking out AAryn} she is so spineless.
    McCray better realize that Amanda cheated on the boyfriend back home, who she supposedly was in love with {and a lawyer}. that she will never be faithful to him, a lowly pizza boy. She is after the money, and the money only. Any one remember the young man who was crazy about the long black hair girl {I believe he was a fireman} he helped her get along in the game, she won the game and dump him immediately??? McCray that is your future,

  13. Jessie is definitely trying to win America’s vote with the back shots. Judd must have been talking about Aaryn being the one with the cellulite, because I can’t find any on Jesse. She may be a little plump, but that’s all.

  14. MC: she’s been saying she wants me to win and she will sacrifice herself for me to go further”

    Don’t believe that bullshit, she’s a man-eater, remember 200k per month lifestyle? the winnings won’t last you 5 months.

    Better cut her loose, before she does it to you. If she love’s him she’ll understand.

  15. I think nailer chewing pizza boy is realizing he has made a mistake with that crazy psycho cougar bitch. He and Nick are going to have to go into a witness protection progam.

  16. A GOOD HoH would have listened to Jessie’s pitch (about backd*oring Amanda) and KEPT HIS MOUTH SHUT. Instead, he runs and tattles to MC like a middle schooler… Now the whole house knows, and bye bye Jessie. Too bad, because she’s right – they have missed two opportunities and they have the numbers. The longer they wait, the harder it will be. Too bad.

    1. McCrea is plotting with Andy and Helen to back door Amanda. If McGross FINALLY does this it will be the big move this season. I find McCrea disgusting so can’t root for him but I would be less upset if he won instead of Demanda.

  17. Helen ‘Next Week’ needs to be backdoored! So that she can ‘Next Week’ all out of the house after being evicted.

  18. I have officially lost respect for McCrae. He lays back for the bulk of the season and lets amanda take all the heat which makes him look better to the house guests and for weeks has been faking having feelings for her. The girl honestly says that she loves him and she wants him to have the money and offers to buy him a car and set him up with an apartment even if they both lose and he plots against her and talks about a girl back home he really likes. Amanda isn’t using him he is using Amanda in more ways then one. I was really rooting for him but now I kind of hope that Amanda sees his true colors and plays a key role in taking him out. What a loser.

    1. Maybe Andy will run and tell Amanda about McCrea’s remarks and he will finally move to the number two spot. That would be his best game move and he would probably win then. But does he have the guts?

  19. I wish i could say MC would throw her under the bus but i just dont. Simply because he keeps talking to Andy and he knows thats going to reach amandas ears ASAP. Come on MC you of all people knows not to talk game play against amanda to Andy.

  20. Im sick of helen to but if she and ellisa leaves that means Aaryn, GM, Spencer or Amanda may win and i just couldnt live with that. please dont let that happen.

  21. As much as it pains me to say this everyone is playing the game. They are lying, cheating and manipulating their way to the end! I just can’t stomach to see a racist, bigoted or homophobic person win this game!

  22. Elissa is my second favorite to win if she wasnt like a child asking her mother helen for a cookie. she just keeps asking helen can i make a big move, can i make a big move and helen just keeps saying NO wait til later. AND guess what she just does it. Also does anyone besides me notice Aaryn,GM and andy are on a roll with wins and no one seems to be worried? not even helen or amanda.

  23. Jessie will not be saved with coup d’etat because it hasn’t been announced for us, the idiot voters of mvp , to vote to choose…so let’s stop begging for her to be saved by it. Won’t be happenin’ folks. If she had some sound game moves, but noooo. Bye Jessie. Sweet girl, but too obnoxious. Obnoxious, like Helen. And aaryn. And certainly gm. And Elissa. And Amanda. And……OK, all females in that house. Too damn obnoxious. I want Helen to get hers. . . You think instead of a coup d’etat, they can do a coup d’grace??? Just assassinate everyone? No? Too far? Enter Andy.

  24. I just watched the show. Boy oh boy, Helen is really stone cold. She has no emotions whatsoever and when she ” does” it is fake. Everyone was upset about Judd, even Amanda started to cry when sitting on the couch. Not Helen. I didn’t care for her smug vote with the jazz hands, but man when they just showed the emotions and Judd pleading, she was ice. WOW! That is not normal. I have been saying for weeks that McCrae was secretly hoping that the house would get rid of Amanda. He is over his head and doesn’t know how to get out of it.

  25. Please let Andy at least grow one and take the hint Mc is giving him. I would love to see all of them sing “Ding dong, the witch is dead” on Thursday.

  26. It will be more entertaining to watch just Candice and Judd in the jury house over what is (not) going on in the BB house……as Elissa and Jessie would say: “BORED”.

  27. People complain about it being predictable. . . Whoever wins hoh will make it unpredictable…and this is the best time to watch. Final 9. Ya trimmed the fat. Season 10 was my favorite, with Dan being ostracized, then getting in good graces and won the thing. He was so close to winning two BB seasons because he woulda taken Danielle and no one would have voted for her…that’s why Iran won it. Andy isn’t that much a rat. He is a titmouse. A sweet, scurrying titmouse. Love his play because now is when everyone will lie and coerce and he will know who does what when. My god. Help me. I check this site too much. If there isnt an update, I get pissed because I wanna know. bye bye Jessie. Next time don’t be so boy crazed you can ally with a girl to begin with or an old dude. Where did they go.

  28. Helen: “What’s her(Jessie) problem.. she’s trying to flip the house.. “

    Ummm she is trying to stay in the game you dumb bitch!

  29. The common theme for this season is “what the house wants”. What about you the individual? Sooner or later it will come down to what do you want…people need to start thinking about the end game ($500k) and less about making the jury ($13k). Andy needs to think twice about his final three deal with Amanda and McRae – it will be two on one (the numbers are not in his favor). I think Spencer holds the title for most nominations (he’s currently at five and counting). By the way, Gina Marie’s comment about Candice’s mother was sickening and cruel…I was waiting for someone to speak up and scold GM for her comments but everyone sat there and watched. What we permit, we promote…

  30. Look MC is only telling Andy that so that him and Amanda can tell if they can trust him. They are trying to find out if he’s going to tell Helen and then Helen will go tell Amanda and that will tell them if he’s a rat.

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