Ethan OUT Kyle IN Big Brother Canada 9 continues where BBCAN 8 left off

Big Brother Canada 9 is continuing in the tradition of problematic casting. Kasssssssssting gunna cast. Today Ethan Quance was removed from the show and a replacement dude Kyle Moore came forward to fill the place.

Global’s statment came via a tweet:

So what exactly are the “significant …. unproven concerns” that made them pull Ethan from the show? Essentially a bunch of people came forward that knew Ethan from his glory hole days in high school. What they say doesn’t show Ethan to be a good person. Sexual assault, Harassment, racist words, saying fa***ot, Almost punching a girl. “and that’s not even half of it” said classmate @__jonastark. While none of this is proven it’s still unsettling. Global decided enough people have come forth that it’s worth it for them to pull the plug and avoid another possible BBCAN8 situation.

Some tidbits:

1) Saying F*****ot

2) Allegations of him saying the N-word with the R

3) Sexual Assualt and Harassment

Kyra from Big Brother Canada 7 is going to do a sit-down with one of Ethan’s accusers. “This person is an incredibly reliable and honest person and I believe he is a credible source” Might be worth a listen. lol


The new guy

Name: Kyle Moore
Age: 26
Hometown: Red Deer, Alta.
Occupation: Unemployed Hockey Coach
Relationship Status: Single

What is your strategy going into the house?
My strategy is to be likable and develop connections with everyone in the house. I want to find that one ride-or-die houseguest and stay true to that alliance. I also want to dominate in the competitions.

Why do you think you were selected to be on BBCAN9?
I think I was chosen because I am a charismatic and athletic guy, who loves taking risks and has lived an interesting life.

What part of the Big Brother Canada experience do you think will be the hardest for you?
The hardest part for me will definitely be the paranoia of not knowing who to trust.

How do you want people to remember you as a player on BBCAN?
The player who made big moves and stirred things up, while staying true to myself.

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another name

REACTION (real time)

oh good. season 7’s schlumpy eeyore is on the case. They’re gonna podcast one of the sources.
sideye. But… waitadamnminute…but..
But didn’t eeyore:
specifically target and disparage the other lgbt members of the cast in order to attempt to get all fanvote from that base;
have serious problems with taking no for an answer from at least one fellow cast member; plot to get a cast member drunk so they’d be too out of it to say no?
(all from eeyore’s own lips on feeds during season 7).
oh. great. Yeah, I’m gonna skip that podcast.

So now to do the lowdown check on the six degrees of bigbrothercanada… one second…there we go.
Continuing in the long tradition of “it’s bbcan and of course every canadian knows every other canadian”: NewKyle (hopefully the 3.0 Kyle is better than Kyle 1 and 2 at bigbrothering) has the whole hockey connection with season 7’s Damien (they’ve followed each other on social media for a decently long period of time). Whoever is handling Breydon’s social media is commenting like they know NewKyle. Another grain of salt… because in the time you read that, that’s how deep a search i did.
And I’m off to sleep before the next social media discovery on another cast member starts.

bb canada celeb

shoukld have seemwhat he wrote


I am a huge BB fan and have been a dedicated fan to this site for many seasons. This is my first comment and I am commenting because Kyle is my cousin and he is sincerely one of the nicest people I know. One of my favorite cousins for sure!


Of course! Kyle is amazing. Family is big for us and every Christmas (given what’s going on, not this year) we have a huge family meal with all Aunts/Uncles, cousins and our grandma. Kyle is one of my only cousins that makes a point of going to everyone, giving them a hug, and genuinely wanting to know what’s happened in your life since the last time you’d talked. His bio is 100% him. He is a big goofball and the life of the party. You are guaranteed to have a good time if Kyle is there.


It’s interesting that BBCan acted so quickly on removing Ethan. Scary to think if he or anyone had committed serious felonies away from high school and was convicted as a young offender, BB would never know unless somebody talked. It’s not like they could investigate the claims and get his or her or their criminal record.