Elena “I told Mark to throw pickle juice & hot sauce in Josh’s face. I honestly thought it was funny.”

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8pm Kitchen – Raven and Matt flirting..

8pm Backyard. Jason, Alex, Paul, Christmas and Kevin.
Jason says Josh is sleeping. Its because he crashed his own brain today. He overloaded it. Now he’s going to be like my family’s going to hate me because I over reacted. Alex – I wonder if the think he is right or if they’re like holy sh*t he’s losing his mind. You know what I mean, are they sitting there justifying it. Paul – I think he’s been babied his whole life and now that his mom isn’t here. Christmas – you can tell about how he puts his stuff away. Kevin – that’s the thing he doesn’t put his stuff away. Christmas – exactly. Kevin – his shoes are everywhere. I’ve tried to be nice to him and be like listen you can’t keep your shoes everywhere. You’re mothers not here to follow you around and pick your sh*t up.

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8:35pm Backyard – Kevin and Mark.
Kevin – a few people should be thankful now there’s Dom, Josh, Ramses, Jessica … She’s (Christmas) one of my favorites but she’s got a broken leg. I think they’ll have her back next year. That’s what I said. She can’t really compete. Mark – its a very interesting game. I just can’t put up with someone in my face all the time. Kevin – that’s why I don’t put up with it and I told him that. I didn’t put MM’s in your bed. I’m not in college. Jessica admitted it today. Everyone wants to kiss Paul’s a$$. I tell a joke and no one laughs and Paul tells the same joke. I was like how come they laugh at your joke? Oh right, because you’re the HOH. Kevin – its a done deal. Everyone should try and have 10 good days together. Or whoever wins HOH put him up. Put him (Josh) and Ramses. Mark – exactly. This is the situation. I was man enough to go up to you and apologize. Kevin – yeah you did, and he won’t accept it. If he was going to do something he would have did it. If you hit him in his face in front of his family why didn’t be do something right then. Mark – because he’s all talk. That’s what he’s embarrassed about. He’s embarrassed that you put pickle juice in his face. But there’s no sense yelling at girls. Although some of them can be pains in the a$$es. I’ll agree. Kevin – he’ll go home and then he’ll watch this on tv.

9:23pm Raven and Ramses saran wrap Paul’s bed.

10:10pm Mark – I was honestly expecting someone to be like oh no he didn’t! And no one did, it was dead silent. Did you really think I was going to drink it? Paul – no. Mark – I said being the man that I am, I’m a man of my word. Do you honestly think you beat me fair and square? Yes. Okay! I feel like I did the right thing. I gave him the chance to explain. I asked first!

10:20pm The house guests head to the bedroom to look at Paul’s bed. Paul thinks it was Josh who saran wrapped his bed. Paul – I’m going to piss in his bed. Paul starts to head out of the room and Ramses and Raven admit that they did it. Elena brings up how she told Mark to throw pickle juice and hot sauce in Josh’s face. Paul – so this is your fault. Mark – she did tell me 30 times not to do it. Elena – I honestly thought it was funny.

10:15pm – 11:25pm HOH room – Paul, Josh, Alex, Ramses and Jason.
Jason talks about how he’s been tested for chlamydia 7 times and had it 3 times.
Jason – every girl I humped had it. The campus medic was like really Jason?! Well they don’t tell you they’ve got it. Paul joins them. Paul – you guys feel good about this week. Jason – hell yeah. Paul to Josh – do you see how she tried to instigate you and I tried to calm you down? Josh – I noticed everything popped off after she approached me. Paul – She started nodding her head and saying yes, yes… That b***h! I’ve had it with her. Josh – but also Mark saying you want to talk about game .. continue to question me. And I said Mark I don’t want to go there. Paul – don’t let people instigate you. Squash that. Josh – yeah, I’ll squash that. Paul – we just need to win HOH. Is it safe to say that if one of us get it everyone here is safe. They all say yes. Paul leaves. Josh leave. Alex to Jason – we need to keep our social game strong. They start studying the days / events.

12am Bedroom – Josh and Dom.

Josh – like over the shower? I never did that! EVER! I swear to god I won’t say anything. I never did that! Ever! I don’t think Cody would make things up. Why would he say that?! I want to go home. Dom – no you’re not. Josh – that’s so sick who would say that?! Who would say something like that?! I never did that! I never even touched a girl in my life. All I think is that every girl is beautiful and I expressed that. I’m 23 years old. Dom – there’s nothing wrong with that. It goes back to not being concerned about what people say. Josh – its not about being concerned, Its one thing to not like somebody but that’s like calling someone a racist! And they’re not. Dom – MMMMMhhhhhmmm it is. Josh – I’ve never done that peeked over the shower. JOsh – I’m not even going to entertain that because I know its not true. And I would never do something like that. Dom and Josh hold hands and she prays for strength and protection for Josh and his family. Josh – this stuff is hurting my family. I mean they know me. Nobody in this house knows that hell that I have been through.

12:50am Matt and Raven make up under the covers…

1:50am Bathroom. Dom to Ramses – understand that no matter what you have done to me in this game.. when you came in you got mad respect from me. There are only two people that get mad respect from me and that’s you and Josh. Because not one person has decided to be honest with me this entire time. Just know that I do believe in you and you will go very far. Ramses hugs Dom and says thank you. Dom – I wanted to make my rounds before Thursday. Or the house could get turned upside down and I end up staying. I would be shocked if I didn’t get it based on they show what has happened. America’s going to see things and hopefully they’ll see it the right way because I was framed.

2:47am – 3am Mark is playing pool by himself. Dom asks him if he is okay. Mark – I’ll be okay. Are you okay? Dom – I have no other option than to be okay. I just had one of the best DR sessions I have ever had. Still feeling isolated. My number hasn’t changed. Do you want to talk? Mark – do you? I’ll be in, in a little bit. Dom goes back inside. Elena comes out. Mark – you’re not going to sleep? Elena – not just yet. I was talking to Kevin and Paul and then Dom came out of the DR and then came this way so I thought I would check into it. I heard she had the best DR of her LIFE! Mark – she wanted to see how I was doing. Elena – is she going to return to talk? Mark – I don’t know. Elena – so if I hadn’t come out would you have talked to her? Mark – probably not. Elena – why are you smiling? Mark – this is just a weird game. Do you know what its like to be isolated? Elena – no, not really. Why are you asking me? Because you feel bad for her and you think I’m heartless. Mark – do you not trust me? Elena – I didn’t say that.

3:20am All the house guests are sleeping…

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154 thoughts on “Elena “I told Mark to throw pickle juice & hot sauce in Josh’s face. I honestly thought it was funny.”

  1. Elena is so vapid. Every conversation she engages in somehow manages to loop back around to her, and when it isn’t about her…she’s looking at her reflection and barely listening. Paul is cut from the same cloth, no wonder they get along so well. The dude goes on self congratulating tours in the house after every “moment” that he has. Sick of him talking about the same moments over and over again. They are so annoying!

  2. Yo Whistlenut, none of us needed to know you tested + for clamidiya 3 effing times thats just nasty.

    Anyone else hoping for a Josh HOH cuz why not ?? Lolzz

    1. I think Jessica because she jumped into the argument when the cast was by the pool. Josh said he was a man of his word and she brought up him lying about his intention to vote for Jillian to stay and then voting her out.
      Paul brought it up to make sure Jessica remains a target. She’s easing back into the fold which could mean trouble for him later.

    2. My take on it was Dom.

      Josh & Mark were already in the dispute, but when Dom came out & sat by Josh she kept telling Josh to listen to Mark, but never the reverse & was bringing up her agenda and asking questions. The fight grew in intensity & her questions extended it beyond how long it needed to last.

      And, for as much as Josh was acting like a spoiled child, nothing he said about the others was untrue. Mark acted like a child just as much & why would he ever throw hot sauce in someone’s face. I’ve only seen Mark treat Josh & Ramses like that. Otherwise he’s in a corner either crying, cutting people up or making out. If any of the couples won next week he’d be right back with them being BFF’s.

      Most of them seem to want Matt & Elena out over Mark & Raven. The only one of those 4 I’d like to see stay/play is Matt especially if Raven was gone.

    3. Hey was talking about dom, bc she walked out there too josh and started egging on everything he was doing:

    1. Lol that’s why I love Jason he’s the only one in the house that doesn’t give a Damn what any of the other players or fans think of him

    2. I just love people on here that complain about what the house guests talk about. I love house guests that are real and are not AFRAID to be themselves. I get it that most people on here may be 12 years old or younger by the mentality of the comments but these house guests have lived their own lives and if they choose to share any information in that house….so be it.

      It is only people that live in fear that go around judging others for being themselves.

      1. ….”I get it that most people on here may be 12 years old or younger”…by saying this you must be …13. By the way, YOU are “judging” peoples’ comments, are you living in fear?

        1. So you call out someone for saying the comments on here are 12 year olds….and you automatically assume the poster is 13. Your comment is no different….lol

    3. it’s not the STDs so much as the fact he is admitting he has multiple partners without ever using condoms. which means multiple potential pregnancys, herpes, HIV and syphilis. sure chlamydia is easily treated and extremely common in the 14 to 21 year old age range, but by the time you are in college, do you really want to be pregnant or get someone pregnant, or be the dummy who can’t figure out condoms are good ideas?

  3. Josh is a product of todays environment. He’s one of these kids who was coddled and always told he was right about everything and never got spanked because it would damage his self esteem. Who was always given prasie even when he failed at something. He’s a 24 year old who acts like a 14 year old. He’s basically your average 24 year old. Paul is the same way. Remember when people use to act their age? Now it’s just a bunch of whiney little man children running around these days. It’s pathetic!

        1. You speak of entitled millennials and yet here you are believing other people should conform to “your” likes, I would say that is entitlement, so you just see in millennials what you see in yourself.

            1. The only people that use the term snowflake are those that are hyper sensitive and over controlling. When you call another person a snow flake, you obviously can’t see the perspective of others, your just a child yourself.

              1. You just used the term snowflake 3 times. Your entire comment is dripping with hypersensitivity and the need to control other people.

    1. Yes and no. You are correct in that unfortunately today’s younger generation is being coddled but I think Josh is just the typical Cuban/American guy and I can say this because I am also Cuban/American (except i’m a girl) from Miami like him. The Cuban mothers in particular tend to baby their boys to no end. Clean up after them and cook for them. Especially if the son still lives at home. It’s just typical of the culture. Don’t get me wrong there are some guys that still come out of this unaffected but obviously Josh is not one of them plus he is still very young. I feel for him really, not just because he is Cuban like me and I have to root for him but because I know how tight nit Cuban families are and I can imagine how hard it must be for him to be away from all his family and have people ganging up on him the way that Cody & Jessica did. I swear I started crying too when he broke down after that nasty fight with them. He obviously doesn’t handle things the right way and should probably shut up a bit more but I feel for him.

      1. So you watched the Bachelorette last night, appropriated the culture, then concocted this opinion of Cubans. Good one Yankee!

      2. Generations and for that matter individuals are all different. Cultures are all different from one another so compassion and understanding is what people need to realize that others didn’t come from the same upbringing as they did. That is what is so funny in todays world, so many people want others to conform to “their” way. It really is the sickness of todays world, trying to make people conform when in reality they have just as much power to ignore someone and move on….but their ego gets in the way and believe they know what is best. You can say that Nazi Germany was no different.

        1. Your statements are true for all systems of government of all cultures/people at all times.

      3. When I was 23, I was widowed with three little boys and had Crohn’s Disease. His immaturity is unacceptable, and is indicative of more than just being a coddled Millenial. He’s either developmentally delayed or mentally ill.

        1. Seriously? What degree do you have to diagnose someone with a mental illness? Someone differs from your definition of normal and they are mentally ill? Grow up and teach your children by example not to label others when you have no knowledge of the individual.

      4. I’m with you here. Jessica and Cody are of the same generation as Josh, and they are both mean, hypocritical, jealous jerks. Mark is violent and has no remorse. Maybe he apologized to Josh, but the way he talks to others, it’s obvious he doesn’t mean it. Nowhere did these three turn out alright.
        I wouldn’t call Josh coddled. He was well-taken care of. That’s why he loves his family, and his family loves him. He also stands up for himself. How is he supposed to react when someone throws hot sauce in his face? Is he supposed to be a good little boy and take that sh*t? Is he supposed to bow down to the white man and be a respectful little Cubano? Mark obviously didn’t learn how to control his tempter, but let’s criticize Josh for not liking to get assaulted! And maybe Jessica and Cody would be happier people if they had families who love them.

    2. Noticed how Josh Mark and Matt (all close in age) have to constantly confirm they are Men” every conversation they state “As a Man” blah blah they don’t know how to behave like a confident Man.

    3. That’s completely insulting to anyone in their 20s. Josh is mentally unstable and is not the average 20 something. Don’t insult parents who choose not to use violence on their kids either. That’s just ridiculous.

      1. no one is saying he is the average 20 something year old, only that his upbringing is not that unusual. his mom could have taught him to be self sufficient, but she didn’t do that, whether he was Armenian, Italian or Cuban, there are for sure Moms like her, and Dads that just let the mom do it all. as Paul said last year why would he move out, his mom even does his laundry.

    4. Josh is Baby Huey. I believe him when he said he’s never touched a girl in his life. When a grown man has to constantly insist to everyone around him that he’s a man, it means he doesn’t really believe it himself. What a horrific job his mommy did on him.

  4. I’m sorry, but raven with her hair like that actually looks sort of cute now. Too bad her personality still sucks though and she can’t change that……

    1. LOL – I was laughing to myself thinking that if I liked Raven, I’d be loving her hair. But, I can’t even have THAT with her because she has momentarily destroyed all appreciation of good hair for me. DAMN YOU!! *shakes fist at sky*.

  5. Mark’s such a dumb fool.
    Elena has turned him into a freaking bully.
    What is wrong with that girl to think it would be hilarious to have mark take a go at Josh in that manner?
    Some nasty shit going on in that girls heart.
    What does she say to herself at the end of the day? Play the game ,but you don’t have to be all over the top extra.
    It’s just not a good look.

    1. With Elena it’s all about the “top” of her clothing and Mark being “all over it” might be how she has so much influence over him. I think he is neither “dumb” nor a “bully,” but he is “foolish” at times and easily agitated.

    1. You’re calling out Kevin on the way he dresses? Kevin?!? Well, that’s irony for you, right there. :)
      Paul mostly wears tattoos and underwear and whatever else he pulls from Mr. Dress Up’s tickle truck that day.

    1. Population averages. African Americans are about 13% of the US population with non-Hispanic whites at around 60ish. Gotta skew to your population. It’s why shows on BET are almost all African American.

      1. i bet they figured that they had their POC quota filled what with the Asian and the Latin, not to mention Ramses is also black. that is almost one third of the house, unlikely they were going to go 50% non white.

    2. Ramses? Josh looks like he may be mixed background – Cuban maybe (?) There’s been quite a few HGs over the years who are multi-racial, which I think is quite representative of current culture.

      1. Ramses specifically stated in his bio that he’s not black, he’s Dominican. When I first saw his pic, I thought he was black, too.

    3. Well there are two A.A people this season unless you aren’t counting Ramses ? Guess your theory just took a shit on itself

      1. I can’t resist, I’m sorry. The Dominican Republic – and all countries around the Caribbean sea have people with dark-skinned “African” DNA due to wrecked slave ships and/or escaped slaves on the way to either the USA or British colonies such as Cuba, Panama, Belize, Barbados, et al. So, I apologize to Ramses because (as a poster mentioned), he prefers the identity of Dominican-American to “Black”.

    4. I agree mark just more minorities in general it makes the game different and better than seeing the “normal” so sad and you could guess who all the thumbs down people are! Lol

  6. Wow. Mark is really hitting a new low.
    I thought he was better than that. What a disappointing character. He had potential to play one of the very few good guys.

  7. I knew Elena was a witch/bitch. This just proves it. Can’t stand the chick. Can’t wait until she’s feeling the heat.

    1. Yes, and I wonder how SHE would have handled it if it had been throw in her face. Hot sauce is no joke in the eyes. She’s trash for egging Mark on to do it; too chicken to do it herself.

  8. Paul might as well have said the truth. Everyone there is safe except for Ramses cuz you know that is what he was thinking. Poor Ramses. Why does Paul hate him so much. Its not for the votes cuz Paul knows he had Kevin do that. Almost losing the veto was a bullsh!+ reason. So is there something I missed. This thing with Dom is a little much too. Especially since what she said was true. Paul is the snake. All of them laughing at him dressing like a snake are going to feel pretty stupid when they find out he was actually laughing in all of their faces by wearing it.

      1. I’m wondering if it’s because Ramses somewhat fills the Steve, Ian type role. Kind of nerdy. The nerdy ones would be my first target lol.

    1. The reason Paul doesn’t like Ramses is because he is the only person in the house NOT playing Paul’s game. I mean Ramses actually had the nerve try to win the veto when he was on the block!! Can you imagine?! All these mindless Paul groupies fall in line week after week and when someone like Ramses doesn’t do that, he feels very threatened, treats them like shit and throws them under the bus to anyone who will listen. Seriously when are these idiots gonna start connecting the dots!

  9. Paul stirs up everything, gets everyone suspicious of Dom, makes sure Dom is put on the block & essentially will be sent home, yet Dom is once again totally fine with Paul, however she thinks all of the sheep in her group are backstabbers.

    It’s amazing how this kid is not only controlling this game single handedly, but even after doing everyone’s dirty work he still walks away unscathed… unbelievable.

    These idiots better wake up soon or its gonna be much too little & FAR too late for any of them to do anything effective.

    Imagine how pissed their families must be watching Paul manipulate them so easily… lol

    1. If you heard one of Paul ‘a D. R. Session he said he was onto Dominique and her little hosting show that she was using it as a way to get information and read people. Paul targeted Dominique because she is smart .

  10. Why is Jessica sexually harassing the men.
    If one of the dudes pulled that shit. They’d be UP SHIT CREEK! For reals.

  11. I can’t get over how Elena looks like one of those sucker fish. The ones that feed on the slime in the fish tank.
    Is there one of those in the fish tank?
    If yes, that’s Elena.

      1. She says she had a breast reduction, they must have been hanging to her waist to be left with those floppy punching bags. You’re right a good bra is much needed.

    1. LOL now I will only see her as fish face. I am not sure when the swollen lip look became “sexy” maybe it all came at the same time = duck lips, trout pout, HUGE asses? Since day one her look reminded me of the Kartrashian look and they have millions of followers so I must bet the stupid one

    1. What’d he say? I don’t get the feeds, so just going on this post. Are you mixing up Jason (STD talk) with Kevin?

  12. I personally would like to see Dominique come back after eviction and start taking names and kicking some ass.
    She’s smart. She could do it if she set her mind to it.
    Paul’s just a smug little troll that got in her way.(chicken shit)
    C’mon girl! Beat him with that Bible if you have to! (Kidding)
    I hope she wins the buyback. I really do.
    Oh and one more thing…

    1. Paul has everyone in his back pocket. The only way Dom would be able to flip anything is by winning HOH. And I don’t think she’s very capable. That’s why I’m itching to see Cody come back. Someone who can actually win HOH and target Paul.

      1. Yeah but Cody said in his exit interviews that he wants to come back in and work with Paul, and the two of them can control the house.

  13. I’m at the point of the game where I can’t get behind anybody and everybody is annoying.
    This week Ramses annoyed me the least. Let him win HOH why the hell not?

  14. I haven’t been commenting as much as I used to, but rest assured, I’ve been #OBB4Lyfe and checking in multiple times per day — and, of course, getting the feeds through the OBB Link.

    Anyway, I have to say, this season has been fan-freaking-tastic so far, in my opinion — the best since BB12 or 13. The reason I say that is because even the people I’ve rooted for have been flawed in some way; meanwhile, the people I’ve rooted against (honestly, I’m just really rooting for drama/entertainment) have had redeeming qualities. For instance: Were I in the house, I would’ve been 100% on board with Cody to get Paul out. Cody was neither impressed nor beguiled by Paul’s return, and I’m shocked at how willingly others fell in line with Paul, especially those who say they watched last season.

    On the flip side, Paul has, in fact, beguiled the house, a la Dan in BB14. It’s not Paul’s fault that Production gave him a three-week #CHEVROLETPOWERSHIFT. He’s playing the hand he was dealt, and I believe he did it masterfully. Not to mention, the game would probably be pretty boring without him.

    As far as the rest of the cast, I really believe BB nailed it. You’ve got Kevin, who, on a personal level, is impossible not to like, with his wisdom and observations. He’s like if Artie Bucco from The Sopranos was on Big Brother. Alex, who is almost the perfect BB player, but may end up being thwarted by her own hubris. Then you have the beautiful idiots: Mark, Elena, Matt and Raven. Then, as an anti-Kevin, you have Josh. He’s basically what’s-his-name from a few seasons ago who thought he was a Native American. Both completely unaware that they’re the butt of the joke. TL;DR: sharkbait, people you love to hate. And Jason and Ramses as total wild cards. And I didn’t even mention Jessica, who is basically Helen of Troy.

    Nuances abound. I’m excited to see what happens next.

  15. Mark has all of the obvious symptoms of steroid use. My ex-husband was obsessed with steroids, so I learned what to look for: emotional roller-coaster can’t control angry one minute, crying the next), stretch marks from getting so big so fast, no endurance even though you appear to be in great shape, bitch tits, etc.
    Yes, Josh a big man baby, but I cannot believe production did not do anything about Mark throwing hot sauce in his eyes. What is big brother thinking?? . Do I think Josh has serious issues…yes, but for Raven to accuse him of falsely being a sexual predator just so Matt thinks another man finds her attractive is disgusting!,


  16. This is not Big Brother, this is Romper Room. Raven & Matt are SOOOO BORING!!
    I could go on and on but Point where I can’t root for anyone really because they’re also an interesting…yes Kevin is cheeky & cool but dull as dishwater. Where is the fire people? Alex and Christmas turned out to be major dissapointments. This Paul Shit Show has to go & basically this has been one of the worst & uninspired big brothers in a long time. Wake me up when Paul gets evicted.

    1. Hey hey don’t insult Romper Room like that. I was on it and 5 yr olds are way more entertaining than some of these ppl.. ;)

  17. I am rooting for Dom to come back, and take it all the way to the end. She is smart and beautiful. And, she does not deserve what Paul did to get get out. Maybe she can come back and break the ‘BB glass ceiling’ (first black woman to win BB) and restore CBS’s face in the world. God knows they (CBS) fell flat on their asses when Hillary didn’t.

  18. BB should give Elena a penalty. Hot sauce and pickle juice could have damaged his eyes, and create an allergic reaction. That’s against the rules!

    1. You mean Mark the person who actually threw it in his eyes. He is a pathetic big mammas boy with no self control. Should be kicked out for that. Most men would respond with a fist to nose…,then what big brother? Always have to take it one step further next time.

    2. Please read the article. Not only the title. Elena was joking in saying that. Mark said she did told him 30 time NOT to do it.

      Funny how poeple don’t read and then comments…

  19. I don’t even know what to say….This seems like the Paul show. Haven’t these people ever watched BB before, it doesn’t seem like they have. Even big, tough Alex followed along with Paul’s plan. I don’t really know who I am standing behind…..at this point I am just hoping Cody comes back into the game.

    I can’t believe I am going to say this, last year I was a huge fan of Victor and Paul…well mostly Victor but I did really like Paul and after Victor was evicted for the final time I was routing for Paul to win. But this year I can’t stand him in this game……he is so annoying and it is so annoying that everyone follows him around like a little puppy dog. I want him gone…….

  20. Why is race even being brought in this conversation?? Big brother is so diversed. We have an Asian host, all types of house guest from from cow boy to jock to stay at home dad( Kevin hehe) to dom to Alex. In the USA we have so many types of people. There is only a few house guest. If people are unhappy then go watch something else but don’t bring race in this when there is no race problem. If ones action makes you made it’s that one persons action ( they will probably get heat from it when out of the game) but it’s not Big brother. And if you watched it since season 1 they have had all sort of types of people.

  21. Elena is a nasty disgusting person. She needs to focus on her weight and how she make cows look skinny. Insecure, lack of education, perverted waste of time.

    1. If you don’t like Elena and want to call her a b****, say she’s insecure, mean, hateful, whatever – Fine. I don’t really care for her at all but, honestly, what does her not being a size 0 have to do with the game or anything??

      That being said, I’m finding it hard to get in anyone’s corner this season. Cannot deal with Josh or Jessica. Mark, Elena, Matt, and Raven have done literally nothing. Alex seemed to know what she was doing but now I think she’s just blindly riding the Paul train and coming up with any justification she can think of to defend herself for doing it. I didn’t like Paul last year or when he first showed up this year but you have to appreciate that he has manipulated pretty much the entire house into doing what he wants. Any vets in the game are usually at the top of everyone’s radar but I don’t think more than 1 or 2 of these people are even considering trying to take him out. The rest I don’t have much of an opinion on. Looking forward to the buyback. I couldn’t stand Cody and dread seeing him & Jessica together again but it will make for one major s*** storm…

      1. “… I don’t think more than 1 or 2 of these people are even considering trying to take him out.” In reference to this statement from above, it’s hard to take Paul out when he has been given three weeks of protection from eviction by production.

        1. Yeah, but his protection is done after this week and I still don’t think he’s on anyone’s radar for next week or the foreseeable future unless something happens, he gets caught in something, etc. He’s in with everyone and for some reason every single person in the DR and on feeds is like “I trust Paul 100%”. Idiots!

          1. Production knew exactly what they were doing. In the history of BB, have you ever known of a houseguest having THREE weeks exemption from eviction? Production knew that Paul would be given the temptation because he was the only houseguest viewers would know. So he was given three weeks to give him time to play his social game using his loud, bullying voice. This gives enough time for some houseguests to be intimidated by him, some who want to ride on his coat tails, and others who want to challenge him. I’d be willing to bet that the POV replacement temptation and the Hex from Eviction temptation will be used to Paul’s advantage. I said on my first post on this website a few weeks ago that production handed Paul a half million dollars when they handed him the first temptation. I still believe it.

  22. These people are so hard to like! Nobody is really growing on me. I do like Kevin…but even still, that’s just barely.

  23. It’s so hilarious that Alex is so obsessed with Kevin’s votes and distrusts him when she trusts Paul so much , the guy who told Kevin to vote that way.

    1. Josh talking to Dom on AD, after every word or sentence…. “ya get me?” “ya get me?” and for good measure throws in a “ya feel me?” I could only think NO!, NO! and HELL NO! Poor kid is clearly part of the whole generation snowflake who was taught he was unique and special and now the real world will slap him in the mouth. CBS better at least give this kid a participation trophy or all hell is going to break loose :)

      I have yet to add my congrats to the big Dawg for his addition of a little Dawg added to the Dawg pound (all special but if it is your first it is quite the amazing experience) Welcome back young man! I hope you gave her a cool name fitting of the future leader of OBB

    2. Alex really truly believed Kevin was her friend, team mate, alliance, confidante and now she knows he lied about something important. It hurt.

      Also, she was one of the “other side” until now and Paul acts like he’s on her side. She doesn’t know.

  24. coming soon Elena on botched for getting >1000cc boobs , all the fat sucked out an place in her butt and what they have left over in her lips (her lips are fantastic ) . Seriously when I first saw Josh and then heard him speak I really thought he was mentally challenged . That dude is not right on an emotional level . many in BB history have had what seemed to be the emotional state of a older teenager . Josh seems to be in the pre pubescent realm

    1. Umm…maybe you don’t like anyone going near your a**s, but if Jessica wants to stick her finger up mine….tell me when and where to bend over!

  25. I wanted to like these people…but why must we watch mean girls on tv? Elena could be a nice person but she just isn’t and her and Mark zzzzzzzzzzzzz so forgettable. They there’s Raven I seriously though when she came in she would be more of a Nicole but she just has a nasty personality. And where to begin on Christmas ugh she’s crazy! And don’t even get me started on Jessica! I don’t like Josh either but the way these people treat others is awful. I like Alex but she seems clueless in this game. Big Brother should just give the $500,000 to Paul now I don’t see any competition here all I see is whining classless catty characters and Paul controlling all of them!

  26. Matt, Mark and Alex are all so worried about Christmas being in the house. It makes me laugh because the girl can’t fight for herself for about 6 weeks at least. I know why Mark wants her out………because he is a liar and can’t look her in the face. Watch him around her and you can see it. I don’t think Paul (as long as he has any say in it) will let them evict her. She is a real ally for him, and will do what he wants, and as seen yesterday on the feeds, fight along side of him in arguments in the house. Unlike Kevin, she hasn’t cultivated alliances with anyone else. Alex said last night that when she gets better, Christmas can beat her in comps., but there are so many other people at this point worth taking out over a person who can’t put both feet on the floor.

    I also read the article on Raven, and found it very distressing. She is knowingly playing everyone in the house, and obviously very good. Mommy taught her well. Anyone who plays the emotional card to get favors or money from others leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  27. I never liked Dom. I’m religious BUT I don’t believe in all of this, hold my hand ” While I talk to Jesus for you ” and get you Votes Crap within the game stuff, she is playing. All the while she was isolated from the start with the exception of only talking to Mark and Ramses.
    I do however, like Mark but I think in order for his game to move forward he needs to cut ties with Elena. I always said Elena was a vile person from the beginning. I remember when her and Christmas would hang out at night the things that would come out of their mouths towards Mark for attention were vulgar.
    I liked seeing Mark and Kevin hang out tonight – if they can form an alliance they would be good moving forward together. Paul would never suspect it.
    If Mark can win HoH his best bet would be to put Christmas and Elena up on the block together with a possible backdoor of Josh, if one comes down !

  28. OMG………….yes read an article yesterday on another site regarding Raven, and am beyond annoyed about the fact that she has 2 dance studios and made hundreds of thousands of dollars off of caring people. Also states that she has purchased recently a brand new car ($40,000) FULLY loaded, and has all these fund raisers to help make money for her. To me this is like theft and fraud!!

    1. If all this ends up being true, than I’m pretty sure it IS fraud…unless there’s some hinky legal loopholes she’s using. Makes me wonder why she doesn’t expect to get caught eventually. If she IS worried about being caught, then why come on BB? Puzzling.

  29. I think both Mark and Josh are big ass babies, but Mark had no right to throw that mixture of pickle juice and hot sauce into Josh’s face. He could’ve seriously done some damage to Josh’s eye(s) and some of the HGs thought it was funny (Paul, Jessica, and especially Elena). We had one serious injury this year and we don’t need another one. As for Elena, I’m sure she wouldn’t like if someone threw a cup of pickle juice mixed with hot sauce into her face and have someone laugh. I really think the HGs need to grow the #$%@ up.

    1. What I don’t understand is why he threw it in the first place. It just seems a little bit out there. I mean, they were fighting over a pool game – it’s not like Josh was talking crap about his family. Seems like Mark overreacted. Could that be a side effect of steroids???

  30. cannot wait to see Cody return to the game …. gonna be a real kick in Paul’s behind … well, providing they do not start working together

    1. Cody has said in his exit interview that if he comes back he wants to work with Cody so I think until he flips on Paul we will see them work together. I don’t know what Mark’s problem is but that was way over the boundries throwing hot sauce in someones face. Of course I think Josh is also a baby and as soon as someone confronts him he whines like a baby forever about it.

      I still dislike Jason so much. I know he is a fan favorite but seriously I wish he would just go!!!

      1. The worst part is that Elena egged Mark on to throw the pickle juice at Josh, and he did it. Have a mind of your own and not do something so stupid to impress your girlfriend. And I really like Mark.

  31. There’s a lot of Shady people this season and Bye Felicias this season, I like Alex and Cody and BB NEEDs to do away with bring back another BB past player.

  32. Not really getting all the race talk on this board. Be colorblind and you will enjoy the show and life more. That is not a command but a suggestion.

    What I see is Alex thinking she has this mastermind plan to kiss Pauls ass till her “group” which consists of only Jason and even he he is wary of her bossy know it all play…she waiting till she has the numbers later or her fall back is ride Paul to final 2. Paul has 3 ppl on his radar for F2. Kevin, Xmas and Jessica. Not Alex.

    If Cody comes back Paul will be all over the “mutual respect” thing which Cody loves and will eat up. Then Paul has Cody and Jess locked solid.

    This is why Kevin is not totally ride or die with Alex cuz this chick thinks she knows it all. She talks fast and everyone soon will say lets gets this wanna be king pin out the door.

    U often hear Kevin say I will never vote against Paul Jason or Alex. Well Alex will be out of his loyalty soon. Btch you lied it’s a game. U lying to keep in good with Paul just like Kevin did.
    Only thing is Paul loyal to Kevin and not you rabbitt ears. Bye soon.

  33. Big Brother? @CBSBigBrother 3 hours ago

    The #BBLF will be down for longer than usual later this week, but it will be worth it! Tune in Friday at 8/7c for a special #BattleBack ep.

    1. Guessing they are filming the battle back comps and setting up the HoH comp for Friday. I’m betting it’s a similar format to last season the first time Victor returned. After the eviction Thursday, they’ll have that last comp between the evictee and the winner of the other comps and then the HoH starts on Friday.

      I’ve been wrong before though.

  34. Can no longer stand Jessica. She has a filthy mouth and talks all day about dicks and complaining that she couldn’t have sex in the hammock with Cody because they had to be on the lily pad. Does she know she’s on tv?!? I thought she could go far without Cody in the game and reintegrated well, but she has no conversation other than speaking about dicks in every sentence. At first it’s funny, and then it’s too much.

      1. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would pass on someone like that. Not many straight boys under the age of 16 perhaps, but a lot of other people.

  35. Kevin: “yeah it was a cheap shot he knew that josh wasnt going to jump on him.. that was assault and battery.. i dont know why they didnt call him in.”

    Everyone knows Mark crossed the line. This is something you do not to someone. It’s just as good as hitting someone.

    All respect has been lost for Mark.

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