Dre – “That will only leave Neda, Sindy, Jackie and Kevin”… “Just Four” – Karen

William and Kevin
William tries to talk Kevin into using the veto so Jackie can go up. He’s really going to put Bruno up.

Dre – lets not tell anybody… we can tell Demetres .. you can tell Demetres but you better make sure to tell him when nooooo…one is around. Ika – yeah I won’t even tell him.. lets keep it between us for right now. Dre – lets keep it between us and think about it. Right now we’re a group, its not an individual idea. We’re a team, we’re thinking for the team. I’m not trying to push my agenda. I think actually that Bruno is better for all of us right now. William – for sure. Ika – this is a good idea but you would have to know that Emily and Dillon will not betray us. And Jackie .. leave me the F**K ALONE. Jackie will go with Emily & Dillon. Dre – the first part is to see if Emily and Dillon are on board with this plan. If they’re on board, then we follow through. If Dillon is up with it, I actually think this is a great thing to do.

William – I’m sorry Bruno … take a seat.
Ika – then after that one of us win HOH. William – please win it now.. don’t be eliminated on the first question. Ika – it was the second one boo boo! No one got out on the first one.. don’t try me! Dre laughs. Ika – I was so embarrassed. That was my most embarrassing comp to date.

Kevin & William are studying the days / events of the season. Dre joins them and asks to speak to William alone. Dre and William start speaking French. Emily joins them. Dre tells William – you know how I’ve been telling you, you need to make Kevin use the pov? William – MMmHHmm. Dre tells Emily to tell William the plan. Emily – Kevin is sketchy. Kevin is f**king sketchy and I was working with him. If you can convince him to use the veto on me and I come off the block and then its Dillon and a replacement nominee and you make it known that, that is your target and that person goes home. Me and Dillon both stay and US f**king 6 work together. Scoop up Karen and we are f**king 7 people. Dre – do you think its like .. we would put up Jackie? Emily – yeah, it has to be Jackie. We’re going to try and backdoor somebody. That would be huge, that would be F**KING HUGE! Dre – we need to convince Kevin to use the pov. Right outside Ika was talking to Emily so we just came in and explained everything that just happened. Dre – does Kevin look like he wants to use the pov? William – I think he is going to do what I want. He trusts me. Emily – we can’t let him know the plan though obviously. William – no, no, no. Emily – he can’t know anything .. just say you’re going to put up Jackie, if he asks.. and then put up whoever the F**k you want. Dre – do you think Bruno is going to convince Kevin not to use the veto. William – I’m going to rub his back, I’m going to kiss his a$$. I’m going to do what he wants. Dre – I’ve been here like he has to use it!!

William and Kevin are studying the days/events of the season.

Ika, Dre and William. Ika – don’t do it. Dre – she is just stressed for no reason. Ika is laughing telling William to abort, abort. Ika leaves and Dre & Wlliam start speaking french.

Dillon and Dre

12:25am Kevin and William
Kevin – On my side of the house no one trusts Jackie. You’re good with everyone if we do this right? William – MMmmHmmm. Kevin – Then I’m good with Dillon & Emily. On your side of the house would Ika & Demetres be mad at you? William – I don’t think so. She doesn’t like Jackie anyways. Kevin – Karen, she doesn’t like Jackie… so you’re good with everyone and I’m good with people too. This is so good for us! William – okay. Why didn’t you say that to me before? Kevin – because I didn’t want to rock the boat. I like it, we should do it. Jackie is going to be very blindsided. William – I know. Kevin – If I use it Bruno will be able to control Dillon. I like it. I don’t like Jackie. William – that looks like Big Brother, I like this.

Kevin says likes the plan to use the veto on Dillon so William can put jackie up.
Kevin – I’m really excited..
kevin jumps up and down.. “I Like it.. i’ll sleep on it but I like it”

(If Kevin uses the the veto he’s dumber than poop)

Kevin – should we tell people before? William – I don’t know, so you think we should? Kevin – I don’t know because if we tell people, we have to tell everyone. Kevin – to be honest, I don’t know because everyone thinks I’m not using it. William – yeah. Oh because you’re scared people will be like ..oh you lied or … I can say that was me. Because you said you were going to do what I want so I changed my mind like you said. Kevin – we should just tell people.. I think because even if it gets to Jackie… William – she isn’t going to do anything. Kevin – so Dre knows … I’ll tell Bruno. I’m just really happy though…

12:37am Dre, Emily and Dillon
Dre says if Kevin uses the veto they might backdoor Bruno if Kevin doesn’t use the veto Dillon is going home.
Dillon – that’s OK

1:00am Karen and Dre
Dre – we basically told Emily that Kevin and Bruno are the ones that f**ked them over. And we told Emily that Bruno in the room was trying to get her to go… which is true because they wanted to have control over Dillon. And that Bruno is the one that wants you gone because they want to keep Dillon and we said we want to keep you. So we were …well Ika was trying to see if we could work with her. And you were right .. she looked like she was PISSED at Kevin. And I think she would be willing to work with us. Karen – did my name come up? Dre – no. But what is happening … you can’t get mad .. I think that Kevin is going to use the power of veto and I think that William wants to put Bruno on the block so that we can evict Bruno. Do you think its a good idea? Karen – YES! FANTASTIC.

Dre tells her about the possibility that Kevin will use the veto thinking Jackie will go up then they’ll put up Bruno and vote him out.
Karen says she’s down (Like a boss) for it She’ll vote out Bruno.
Dre – William knows that Kevin is playing him. I don’t know if this is going to work but if it does we can backdoor Bruno and Emily and Dillon are going to be loyal to us because we kept them. Karen – are you sure Emily isn’t targeting against us. Dre – I’m sure 97%, Emily loves you. She thought she was going to be alone in this game. Karen – does she think I’m with you now? Dre – no she doesn’t. Karen – so she knows I went and told you what she wanted me to tell you? Dre – no. Your name never came up in our conversation. Since William is trying to convince Kevin to use the POV. William is saying I am going to put Jackie up on the block and Kevin is buying it because I don’t like Jackie. Karen – but do we have the numbers?

Dre – we can pull in Dillon and Emily.
Dre – Dillon is going to vote to keep Emily, I’m going to vote to keep Emily, you’re going to vote to keep Emily, Ika’s going to vote to keep Emily, Demetres is going to vote to keep Emily… that’s 5!
Dre – we only needs 4
Dre – that will only leave Neda, Sindy, Jackie and Kevin
Karen – that’s just 4 (HAHAHAH Vets get killed)
Dre – we have to make sure next week we win HOH … but we already had to win HOH except this time they’re going to see that something happened obviously but they’re 4 against all of us. Karen – will Dillon stay loyal to us?

1:07am Karen in her corner
karen – I don’t think Emily is it.. Too Sneaky.. this is why I miss Gary

Karen – I just have a really bad sinus headache.. it’s terrible (It’s a karen blog)
Neda- goodnight Karen
Karen – goodnight Nedz

The Greek and Ika
Ika – if we win HOH who do we put up
Greek – Jackie
Ika – and who else
Greek says they need to get Jackie on their side.

Late night Ika and the greek

Ika tells Neda that William wants Kevin to use POV so they can pull Dillon and Emily onto their side.

This Morning Neda fills Kevin into the plan they were trying to get Kevin to use the veto so they can get Bruno up.

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lol Ika and the Greek. Sounds like a cover band that plays all 90’s pop hits at wedding receptions.


Bubbles Latrine and her Educated Sheepdog!!!

another name
another name

So by the sounds of it, Demetres seems to think they should pull in everyone to their upstart alliance… except Dillon. He thinks they should keep Karen and Will and Dre, pull in Emily (who they don’t have the votes to save unless the veto is used), and now pull in Jackie. So… all the newbies. to go after the four vets. And thanks to Ika, the chances of getting Jackie are zero, the chances of keeping Emily are zero (without the use of the veto). Oh. all right. And thanks to Ika’s personality disorder, Sindy isn’t a probable vote for them anymore. Anyone else thinking people spend more of their own games trying to clean up after Ika than actually playing Big Brother? Demetres sure does.
Possibility that Kevin will use the veto if nobody talks him out of it? Not bad considering that this is the guy that made the fortress alliance symbol in d/r for weeks not realizing it was a fake alliance. Possibility of Kevin using the veto if Bruno or Neda get to him: zero. Possibility of him using the veto if Demetres gets to him: slightly above zero, but not a lock. Chances of Kevin going rogue thinking he’s doing a good deed that will get everyone to stop targeting him while at the same time getting the adulation of his whole alliance: slightly better than zero, but not enough to get your hopes up about (part of me wants to be wrong).
Yeah, mostly this is a scenario that seems to have erupted out of a fever dream you’d expect Karen to have (without the little green men using space voodoo to cause the entire house to want to back door her). But at least it made for fun feeds on a Sunday night. I’m not going to hold my breath that a major game shift is going to happen during the pov ceremony. It seems too much like a get the viewer’s hopes up plan, only to have one of Ika’s personalities squash it so that she can change her mind after the deed is done and run around crying like a fool and screaming about how everything and everyone is unfair: And here i thought Karen was the bathrobe dingbat that needed sedation.


I am so READY for Bruno’s ass to go home!!


Sooooo fukn ready. I just hope ika the noncommittal flipper doesnt ruin this for all of us. Viewers need this as retribution for Gary. If they pull this off, i wont b able to sleep till “live” show.


She did.


I know it was just bruno’s birthday…

But it’s my Birthday on Thursday! And seeing his ass leave the house would be the ultimate birthday present! BUH-BYE.

sunny dee
sunny dee

except ika just told neda, and neda told kevin, so no blindside. which sucks.

on the other hand, why would ika even entertain the idea of having bruno go when he is pretty solid on board with keeping her around for a long time.. never made much sense


I don’t know what you are all bitching and crabbing about Bruno. He is playing a good game up to this point. Yes, Bruno lies. Big deal. He has a hell of a long way to go before he reaches the standards of the rest of them in the house, and I put Ika/Demetres at the top of that list. He isn’t ruffling feathers, treats the others with respect, and is staying in the background at this point as much as possible. Its only week 5 people. I get that he isn’t the most exciting player, but watching Ika and Dre on the HOH bed today jumping up and down like two chimps. stabbing the bed with imaginary knives isn’t exciting neither. Personally Ika is playing on my last nerve running around causing problems for everyone with her elaborate plans and then not following through on any of them. She is all talk, no action and I can’t wait for her to get caught. She drags that powderpuff around the house by the balls, making him look equally if not more moronic than she does.

sunny dee
sunny dee

bruno is so much better this time around it isn’t even funny. he’s loyal to kevin, obviously, but he isn’t saying ‘girlz are evilz and must goez’ all the time, he’s actually working with some and showing a heckuva lot more respect this time around, so i’m ok with him. if he and kev go to the end with ika i’d have zero problem with that right now.

so going in i was pro neda, pro cindy with an S, and anti bruno and anti IKA, but that’s flipped around.


First Season watching BBCan Hard To Find Anyone Likable. Doesn’t seem like anyone is playing the game just having the newbies get picked off one by one. 8 Vets is Crazy!


Doesn’t matter a mite to me who gets blindsided. The more gobsmacked the better. This is all about entertainment, and now I’m entertained. Who knew William had it in him?
Playing Kevin at his own game… Excellent. Blindsiding Kevin, Neda AND Bruno at the same time… PRICELESS!


I’ll be snatched if they pull this off. The votes are in their favour if they get Bruno up – but William is risking losing everything he’s worked for with Kevin (though, Kevin is more under William’s spell at this point than the other way around so it’s a bit funny). The thing is, they (Ika / Dre / The Greek) NEED to pull out the HOH during the double or one of them is gone for sure… and the odds aren’t exactly in their favour. Hopefully Emily / Dillon will consider keeping them safe after they pull this.

Ika has the most to lose here, I think. As soon as Bruno goes up it may come back on her and The Greek / their relationship with The French Connection. The good thing is that Dem is a comp beast so he could pull it out. If they get Bruno / Neda gone in the double, the entire game will be changed up.


Also, Karen is so entertaining. I love how she believes her name is being thrown out everywhere as if she’s some massive threat. Bless her heart. She’s playing so hard. I’m genuinely glad to see someone her age getting the chance to be a real part of the game – we all thought she’d be first out, and at this point she isn’t even on anyone’s radar. The fact that she’ll make it to jury is amazing because you KNOW she thinks she’s super persuasive.


Let the games begin if they could pull this one off


I think Ika would love to dump the six in favor of the dysfunctional side of the house but I don’t think she will do it. If Bruno were to go:

newbie side – Dre, William, Karen, Emily, xDillon. (Ika Demetres)

“vet” side – Neda, Kevin, Sindy and Jackie.

If Emily goes
newbie side – Dre, William, Karen, xDillon.

“vet” side – Neda, Kevin, Bruno, Sindy, (Ika Demetres)

Demetres will not be in an alliance with Dillon.

So, Ika and Demetres can choose to be in an alliance with:

1) Bruno, Kevin, Sindy, and Neda


2) Dre, William, Karen, Emily (Dillon)

If Ika and Demetres betray the six Ika and Demetres will be first on the block if Neda, Kevin, Sindy or Jackie win an HoH and they could do it. Emily and Dillon can’t be trusted.

If Ika and Demetres betray William and Dre they would probably still go after Neda and Kevin first. Ika knows she can’t control Dre or William. She had hoped they would take her lead but they aren’t. Going with the newbies would leave all three of Ika’s enemies in the house. Emily, Dillon and Jackie.

I don’t see Ika and Demetres flipping now when they failed to flip for Dallas, Cass and Gary.


Here comes Ika the snake ruining another week. When will “the other side” of the house realize she is nothing but a snitch.


Good morning fans I just have one question what kind of game is Ika playing I have never seen someone play like her I dont even know what to call it lol .

Sign confused normal fan who really wants to know

Axel Foley
Axel Foley

I don’t understand why its not okay for Kevin to use his sexuality on William but its okay for William to do it to Kevin? If you have to flirt with someone in the house to get what you need, whats the harm? I actually think he likes the kid on personal level but he still has to play the game. Its hard to believe that Kevin was even serious about using the veto.

I do like that Karen has made it this far also and good if she makes jury. BUT, for me the only entertaining thing about her right now is her crankiness being in there lols. Other wise, shes just like kind of there asking about her name and not really doing anything for people to even be talking about her. Which is good but she has to stop asking about it.

Sindy right now is sitting pretty. I actually cant believe it…

” I got thrown out of a window! What’s the f*ckin’ charge for getting pushed out of a moving car, huh? Jaywalking? “