Cody “I just want out, so don’t use the hex.” Jess “What about us? Cody “Figure it out after the show”

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2:15pm Bedroom – Jessica & Cody.
Jessica – I am sorry if I let you down. Cody – you don’t have to be sorry for anything. Jessica – that wasn’t my intention. I am sorry if you felt unsupported at any time. Cody – you’ve been nothing but loyal to me and I recognize that and I could never repay you for that. I think you’re amazing. Jessica – I am hoping you have time to calm down and realize you’ll come back around. Just know that I am here to talk or if you need anything. Cody – I just want out, so don’t use the hex. Jessica – And what about us? Cody – figure it out after the show. Jessica – I think that life will get easier outside of the house and I hope that you still feel the same way. Jessica kisses his forehead and leaves the room.

2:43pm – 3pm Paul tells Mark and Elena that if there is ever going to be a time it is now. Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven and Paul meet in the HOH room. Paul explains the plan how Jessica agrees to not use the hex so they can vote out Cody in exchange for 2 weeks of safety and that they will vote out Alex next. Matt – Cody’s been the only one protecting her (Alex). So you have everyone up here plus Christmas Joy .. that none of us have a problem with you. Jessica – If I am going to not use this hex to allow you guys to vote out Cody, the one person I want out of this game is Alex. Paul – done! Jessica – so if I am giving you guys this, I want her out. Mark – deal. She is the worst person for me in this game. Matt – she beats me in every single comp. Everyone agrees to get Alex out next. Christmas joins them. Jessica – I think this is something that needs to be said … I know that some of you have had a hard time living with Cody and he makes you feel uncomfortable .. and I get that. You also have to remember that he is a marine. He went to war and our government conditioned him a certain way. He was over seas with a bunch of people that he trusted with his life and he there was nothing but loyalty, comradery and trust.. now coping with post war and now this is the circumstance is the exact opposite. This game thrives off of stabbing each other in the back and lying. And he is not the type of person that takes those things easily so when he gets defensive.. absolutely not. I am not defending that. No one should get in someone’s face however I adore him and I will defend him till the end of the moon. As a vet no one should shut their doors to someone who has fought for our freedom. And I will continue to stand by him and support him… so please if you see me with him understand that is not game, that is real life. Paul – we do not want you to abandon Cody .. that is not what this conversation is about and I would never want you to do that. And what you just said further shows that I don’t think this environment and game is right for him because it only gets harder .. worse. And in the jury confining .. its not a good environment for Cody. This is day 40 and its only going to get worse. Its only going to get weirder, harder and more f**ked. Jessica – just please be sensitive about what you say .. I don’t want this to affect him on the outside. Jessica – if the DR tells me no to the question that I asked then you need to … big brother blocks the feels. When the feeds come back – Jessica – they told me they would tell me before veto (Ceremony). Big Brother blocks the feeds.

3:15pm HOH room. Elena tells Paul and Christmas – you two are the only ones that know that he (Mark) and I have separated. Elena leaves the HOH room. Paul tells Christmas – so this is what’s going to happen, y’all better strap on your big boy pants and win the HOH. Did you see how she worded that .. the next two evictions.. if there is a double eviction we need to put up Alex as a pawn and Mark or Elena. Christmas – Mark is lower on my totem pole. She is a great game player. Paul – then lets take her out. We could fool her (Jess) once with it. Lets not get ahead of ourselves.. you pump her up. Christmas – last time I was telling her to not leave Cody and now I am. Let me be clear he is not good for your game. Did you come here for a boyfriend or 500K? Paul – if we pull this off some of us are sociopaths. And good move. Christmas – some of us are sociopaths.

4pm Jessica and Cody making out..

4:10pm Jessica and Cody.
Jessica – The hex said that I can use it at any time during the live eviction. So I wanted to know (from production) if during the live eviction .. if I was evicted if I could stop it and use it. (She can’t she has to do it before the votes are cast.) Cody – no way they would allow that to happen. Jessica – they told me they would get back to me. Cody – oh damn Jessica. That would be crazy. Cody and Jess head out to the backyard.

4:40pm HOH room. Paul and Raven
Raven – what Alex said she was going to do was if she or Jason win HOH they would put up Jessica. Make her use the hex and then put up Elena and Mark. Paul – perfect. Raven – what I was thinking is I would volunteer to go up next to Jessica and convince her to use it right off the bat. Paul – smart. But she will definitely have people in her ear not to use it until eviction day. Raven leaves the HOH room and goes to the lounge room with Matt. Raven tells Matt her plan to volunteer to go up with Jess if Alex wins.

5:30pm – 6:30pm The house has quieted down. Cody and Jessica suntanning. Christmas doing the dishes. Jason telling stories to Christmas, Josh, Raven and Paul.

6:30pm – 6:40pm Bathroom. Jessica and Cody.
Jessica is telling Cody about what Paul said about Cody keeping Alex and Jason to take her out and how Matt said he wasn’t participating in this. Cody – He said I said it the first week. You know how much was said in the first week!? oh my gosh. I thought he was saying I made a deal with them to keep them and sh*t. Jessica – no. Cody – the first week I was calling you the babes and saying lets string them along and then cut them off. I thought I told you that a million times. Jessica – you did but did but you didn’t say that you expected Jason and Alex to come after us. Cody – you know how many billion different conversations about who would be taken along? Jessica – so you’re saying it could have been said? Cody – possibly but the only deal I made with Jason and Alex was to keep everyone safe. Jessica – if they didn’t use it on the show already .. it will be a flashback
now. Cody – if they can find that. (LOL) The amount of different stories there were .. there is now way.

7pm – 7:20pm Bedroom. Jessica and Paul.
Jessica tells Paul that she can’t use the hex until just before voting. So if I am still on the block… Paul – okay no one knows that. Only I know that, so that can be burned down buried right here and this information goes no where and Cody goes home. Jessica – I don’t know if I can trust that. Paul – nobody is not voting Cody out. Jessica – people will vote out someone with a power. Paul – People have the understanding that you can use it after voting. I am telling you don’t repeat that. Jessica – if you use the veto and pull me off then I don’t have to use the hex. Paul – people would be suspicious. Jessica – then if they put me on the block in the next two evictions then I am just going to use the hex. I’ve been promised a lot of things in this game and its fallen through. Paul – I don’t want you, I want Cody out that dies right here. Jessica – also on a side note I am not trying to make you feel like I’m making you do something .. but if your veto speech is attacking Cody… I don’t know if it is or not but if it is very negative I will get defensive. Paul – I’m not going to say anything negative against Cody except for one comment which I am just going to make tv.. I am not trying to get a rise out of him. The whole point is to uplift you.. Jessica – I don’t need to be uplifted..

Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they come back.. Jessica – you guys are asking me to stab somebody in the back right now that I do not feel comfortable doing. Paul – we’re not asking you to stab him in the back.. we’re asking you to make a game move. You can still use that hex but just know what the downside of that is. This is the best thing for your game as much as it is for everyone elses game. What you asked of me and I already did .. its going to be me that rallied things up.. Its going to be me not you. Also putting a target on my back .. if I don’t pull Jason off .. that side that we left in the dark today is going to start asking me questions. They don’t know exactly what your temptation is. Jessica – If I feel on Thursday that I am in danger I will use the hex. Paul – the last thing I want to do is poke and prod a bear. Jess – the last thing I want is for him to get upset. Paul – okay, I won’t say it. But you need to promise me that what you just said to me doesn’t leave this room and let me continue making things less obvious. Moving forward I upheld my part .. do we need to talk again? Jessica – I hope not. Paul – people were already going to put her up (Alex) so don’t let your paranoia get the best of you. It is not in my benefit to have you gone.

7:50pm Bathroom – Jess and Mark.
Jessica – I already told Paul is you go off on Cody in the veto ceremony I will use the hex. If anyone else was HOH it would be easier for me to not use the hex. I don’t like that Paul is getting Cody out due to their rivalry. Mark – I respect the way you are playing this game. Elena is backing away from me because of how I reacted to another man yelling at me for 30 minutes banging pots and pans. Jess – If i use the hex this week and you win HOH will you promise me that you will not put Cody or I up? Mark – I am a man of my word. You wont be a target or a pawn. Jess – god I love you. Mark – it would be fun to mess with people. Jess – I need to talk to Cody and if he is not okay to stay in the game I will not do it. He got called into the DR today and told to cool it. Mark – I have your back. If he is in here I have his back too.

8:10pm Kevin and Mark playing pool.

8:25pm Cody, Jess and Mark.
Jess – I think if her (Elena) life was different she would play a riskier game. Because she doesn’t have a job she wants to stay in the game as long as possible. Mark – I get it but I dont see how she doesn’t make it to jury. Mark talks about how Elena needs space from him because of how he reacted to Josh. He says that it pisses him off that since then she’s been hanging off of and talking to Josh.

8:30pm – 9pm Hammock – Cody and Jessica.
Cody – a relationship doesn’t work if there isn’t trust. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work. Its miserable, I hate it. Might as well cut it off. Jessica – it was never a trust question… it was a now I have to kill you because now I have to deal with this. Jessica starts talking about her friends. Big Brother switches to Alex, Matt and Raven in the hot tub. Matt says his sleeve tattoo took 40 hours. (lol I highly doubt that. Even Paul said ALL of his tattoos took about 90 hours.)

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157 thoughts on “Cody “I just want out, so don’t use the hex.” Jess “What about us? Cody “Figure it out after the show”

    1. There is no way in hell BB will give it to Paul that easy, cause be real once Cody is gone, Paul has no more competition! You just know that production will have something up its sleeve! As everyone knows Kevin and Jason are now talking about getting Paul out, so once Kevin gets wind of their plan, he will tell Jess they are scamming her!

      1. Very interesting thought. If Jess does go through with their plan I see the house fracturing with possibly Kevin, Jess, Jason, and Alex teaming up. Once Alex gets wind of them even lying saying they were going to send her packing hopefully she’ll escape Paul’s mist.

          1. I can see Kevin, Jason, Mark, Elena Alex and Jessica targeting Paul. Alex and Jessica would be like the Soviets and the US in WWII, neither liking or trusting the other but willing to grind Germany into the dust before going for the other’s throat.

    2. Jess is the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Paul and the house lies to her over and over and she keeps believing them and then she gets blindsided. Dude you shouldn’t worry what your mom thinks of Cody you should worry what she thinks of you!

  1. Jessica is a fool if she think Cody’s behavior has anything to do with being on the show. He said it himself he is that way in real life.. Well shell find out sooner or later. Even Mark look like he turn into Hulk when he gets angry. Big Brother brings out part of your personality.

    1. Oh please… Are you even watching the same BB everyone else is? What the hell did Cody that was so bad? Stand up to Paul? If you watching the same show, I hate to see what you think Josh was doing… Cody is a stoic, structured, and focused Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Get over it, and your hate for the guy. I’m so sick of everyone putting down Cody for stepping up to the little Gnome, and more than that, I’m sick of people attacking his Marine demeanor. I know hundreds of Marines that are just like Cody and I bet if a war broke out in the good ole’ USA, you would want someone just like Cody, to be on that front line. I know I would!

      1. Cody is just fine. It is the molly-coddled generation that sees him as abnormal. He has done nothing in the house to be ashamed of and has tried to play the game like a competitor instead of a backstabbing whiny crybaby. Josh is the perfect example of the anti-Cody. A spoiled little mama’s boy ten years behind in emotional maturity.

        1. I didn’t have an issue with Cody until he started with the transphobic comments. Completely inappropriate for him to have said what he said about the “0.0001% of the fucking trannie population and their psychological cause” (his words NOT mine) and that IS something he should be ASHAMED OF. I am a strain woman who was born female and will always be female and I refuse to support that shit or anyone who thinks that way. And my Marine husband Brian agrees. When Cody was serving our country transgender servicepeople were also serving and providing liberty and justice FOR ALL – not just for all EXCEPT transgender Americans. He should go back to not speaking before he loses his job in the real world which happened to multiple houseguests in season 15 after their homophobic and racist remarks. I hope his daughter Paisley never learns what disgusting remarks he made… I wonder what he would say if his daughter was a lesbian or wanted gender reassignment surgery. Hmmm…..

          1. Wait… You have a problem with what he said, but you can turn a blind eye to what Jason (a married man with a child), said about Jessica and the Porcupine comparison? Are you seriously going to take what one person said, one time in the house and turn it into a lynching of his character? It’s amazing how people can focus on one thing that someone said and use it to destroy their character. It is his GOD given right to believe whatever he wants to beleive. Maybe you and your, “Marine” husband Brian need to focus on what other’s are saying in the house and not just what Cody said one time. Give me a break lady!

            1. Who has turned a blind eye to what Jason said?? They should BOTH be ashamed of themselves as well as many of the other houseguests (especially Josh and Paul!!) for what they have said. People have the right to believe what they wish but when you are in a house with numerous cameras and are being viewed by Millions of people, that was inappropriate and he should be ashamed of what he said as he offended more than just another houseguest. There was no need for it whatsoever.

            2. The difference is the pin coushin for celebrities is true. She’s a gold digging whore who spreads it trying to get a sugar daddy to pay her rent and buy her shoes. U think Cody gonna buy her 1500$ heels. She doesn’t make enough to buy Louboutins so who bought them for her. Obviously a drug dealer or celebrity who she met at her club that’s she sucked off. Wake up. It’s the truth. She’s basically a hooker

          2. The military is no place for anyone not 100% emotionally or physically fit. It is not a right to serve and many are turned away for many reasons.

          3. Am so sick of everyone wanting people to accept their feelings and beliefs but don’t want to accept other people’s feelings. In 50 yrs beastiality will be acceptable, pedophiles would be acceptable etc. Are all these things wrong or right is not the issue but let people have their feelings. Why should someone be shamed or lose their jobs because they don’t accept trans people? I swear I hate this world. As long as everyone stays in their own lane there should be no issues. Personally I will never accept a lot of things that are acceptable now. In public I will be politically correct but once I get into my home I will take a shower and go on my knees and pray for God’s protection as the world is going down the tubes fast. So when you see me in public I will smile and say all the right things but in my heart it’s a different story. In the privacy of my home I will hug my children, teach them and pray for them. I think people like me scare these people. We say the right things in public so they are not able to shame us with titles or threats but in our hearts we don’t accept their bs. Cody should have kept his opinion private and in his private life do what he wants. A friend of mine just had a hysterectomy to prevent having children to make sure certain things never happens. A lot of people are now choosing to adopt or not have kids. Am sure my comment will get thumbs down or replies from people calling me names or trying to shame me into seeing things their way but please save your breath. I don’t care. My family and I have chosen God. God said to love everyone but not to accept certain things.

            1. I support you one hundred percent, that is your right, and should be as sacred as another’s. People fall for anything, and stand for nothing, now. Just as Jason and Kevin said, talking and walking in back yard, story consisted of > The worlds gotten crazy, like..say if a man got on FB/social media/whatever, and said ‘ ya know. I just wanna be me, I really like to sniff horse crap, and people are making fun of me, all I want to do is be myself, sniff this horsepoo, worship it, but they are criticizing me’, the next day, they’d be an outrage and a group would be started, news stories would go out, people would donate money, fresh, hot, loads of horse rap, a place to do this ritual, etc. and before you know it, hundreds would be there, knee deep, talking about how great it was! ” that is how twisted the world has become, what is right, is wrong, the world has gone crazy, man.< This a a summary of that conversation, pretty close without the cuss words used. I was shaking my head, thinking yep.. so true!
              Sadly, God or kindness has gone out of fashion now, but in times of trouble, most will be trembling, uttering His name, begging wanting His help. Hmm, just like in conflicts, or when things get crazy, they look to our servicemen to protect them, yet spit on them otherwise. Funny thing, that.

        2. I didn’t have an issue with Cody until he started with the transphobic comments. Completely inappropriate for him to have said what he said about the “0.0001% of the fucking trannie population and their psychological cause” (his words NOT mine) and that IS something he should be ASHAMED OF. I am a straight woman who was born female and will always be female and I refuse to support that shit or anyone who thinks that way. And my Marine husband Brian agrees. When Cody was serving our country, transgender servicepeople were also serving and providing liberty and justice FOR ALL – not just for all EXCEPT transgender or LGBT Americans. He should go back to not speaking before he loses his job in the real world which happened to multiple houseguests in season 15 after their homophobic and racist remarks. I hope his daughter Paisley never learns what disgusting remarks he made… I wonder what he would say if his daughter was a lesbian or wanted gender reassignment surgery. Hmmm…..

              1. Oh calm down Jennifer Marie, it’s a game. The world doesnt care if you take a dump next to a dude in a dress. No one cares about your bathroom politics, c*nt.

                1. I remember when this site’s comments were about the show and what happened on the feeds. Now we have people like this guy calling a woman a c@nt in his profile name. Simon &Dawg, thanks for the posts I’ll continue to support but the comments are becoming a dumpster fire

                  1. I concur with Another Anonymous. The comments should not include a guy calling a woman a c@nt or any other name for that matter. Comments should be about the feeds/show/housemates, not each other in my opinion.

      2. AMEN! While Cody was protecting this country, Paul was playing dress up and getting tattoos and growing that ugly beard.

      3. I agree. Cody has not done anything bad. Evil Dick did worst things and everyone loved him.
        Josh has showed to be a more “dangerous” person in the house than anyone else.

        1. Banging pots and pans and calling people meatballs is “dangerous”? I don’t think Big Brother is the show for you. Seriously. People do crazy, stupid things every season. Every single season people are on here screaming bulllllyyyy! Lol.

          Btw in Evel’s season people were crying that he was a “bully” too. Only after the show people claimed he was awesome and “loved” for the most part. Some still call him a bully, but he was WAYYYYY meaner than Josh ever was. Either you forget, or you never really watched him.

      4. So. True.

        Cody is very loyal, smart, and tough. That’s why they want him out, because he can definitely win this thing if he gets people on his side. Everyone knows he’ll beat them though so instead of joining him they want to take him out and they’re basicslly bullying him out. It’s a game but I cringe at how big of backstabbers and liars they are.

        1. “hot head”, “Zero Character”… So I guess running around putting Vaseline on a coffee pot and switching out coffee, is so much maturer? Ordering people not to talk to certain people and telling his little bitch, Josh, to cause havoc.. Oh Wow, that takes great game play and maturity! Paul has had an obsession with Cody from DAY ONE… He is so obsessed with Cody, so much so, that every conversation he has with anyone in the house, seems to revert back to Cody. Cody is more of a man, than that little bitch with a beard that looks like someone hot-glued pubic hair on, will ever be!

          1. The only thing apparent is that YOU are obsessed with Paul. Paul is kicking Codys butt in this game.

          2. Yes, ZERO character. I have no idea why casting would even pick him for a show. He’s like watching paint dry. Lol

      5. My son is a Marine and he is also loyal and would do the same thing Cody did to Paul if he felt like someone was attacking his girlfriend. They are trained to have each other’s back so when they are betrayed it goes deep. With that said this game brings out the absolute worse in people and when get a Marine to that point it’s not good. Production needs to step in and hopefully next week we finally see Paul having to fight for his life in this game when everyone here starts to turn on him.

        1. Are Marines trained to call women dogs too, keep secrets from their team members and go rogue like Cody did week 1? Are they trained to berate and treat other human beings like trash the way he did Josh? Are they trained to let a woman do their thinking like he’s letting Jess do? Cody is hardly a representation of a Marine I want representating America.

      6. Thank you for someone FINALLY STANDING up for Cody. NO ONE in that house has been to war like he has. And yes Marines are taught to NOT wear their emotions on their faces. He is constantly having to watch his back. But I bet they would all want a Marine to be there if they NEEDED HELP. He was fine till Paul came in. He knows Paul’s a LIAR & a schemer. Most of them are too dumb too see him.

        1. OH COME NOW, Cody has already admitted he has no one outside the house, barely family members included. He lacks people skills period. He defended Jess, while calling other women dogs, including the mother of his daughter ( which will also become a women one day). At what age will you consider your daughter a dog. You can’t pitch Cody’s lack of personality on his tour of duty to our country & no one is downing that service about him at all. He volunteered to come into a closed environment to play this game knowing his short fuse & his low tolerance of people. Practical jokes have been a humorous part of bb from the get go. Cody & Mark just don’t have the personality to go with the flow. He was sure glowing when he thought he was going to be top ‘dog’ this season, wasn’t he.

          1. Hold on… If we are going to start keeping score on name calling, you have at least 8 other house guest that FAR surpassed Cody in that department! So don’t start talking about what Cody has said, which has been at worst, “G” rated. Shut up and get your facts straight or turn your selective hearing off!

          2. Oh my god, enough about the comment he made about his exes are all dogs..oeople have to realize there are cameras 24/7 on these people..:you’re telling me you never said anything bad about an ex? Like come on..just because someone says something about exes doesn’t mean they treat women like shit..

        2. Cody can wrap himself in the flag and suck a bag o dicks. This is not about a uniform. This is Big Brother. If he wants props for serving, which I do give him, then he needs to join a parade in his honor, which by the way, there are several. Raven’s “sickness,” and his service are not reasons to win the game. If they were, then just let them split the prize. He is a megalomaniac with a persecution complex. Again, thanks for your service, but this game is not a love letter for your service. Now man the fuck up and play, or just go the fuck away.

        3. Improvise, adapt, overcome…that is the unofficial slogan of many units. Cody isn’t improvising, he’s said he’s refusing to adapt, and he’s not going to overcome. I think once Cody got in the game, he realized he just couldn’t stand all the people and he’s more than happy to walk away from the game because he can’t stand being in that house. Not just because he botched his HoH but because he can’t connect with anyone other than Jessica. He doesn’t want to. He doesn’t like them but he’s not just going to quit.

      7. It seems you are not watching the same show!! People are not bashing Cody because he went after Paul.. that was actually a good move on his part!! but that is the problem, it was “Only” his move and his move alone!! He took the entire beginning of the game to build a team, a strong team at that, told them all that we will work together and decided to go rouge and go after Paul when his entire team said it was too soon!! They suggested instead to go after Alex and all agreed… well, though they thought. Unkown to “his team”, Cody didnt want to do that as he wanted Alex to stay (despite even Jess wanting her gone as well) and decided to not tell anyone he was backdooring Paul. That’s all on him. Cant build a team of trust if you are going to immediately go against your team. He had the right idea about going after the top guy in Paul.. just went about in the worst way he possible could for this game!!

        1. Jody’s fans don’t seem to remember the facts. Cody made a big mistake & he’s rightfully paying for it & he can’t handle it.

        2. Two things are true if you’re going to backdoor Paul: (1) Don’t tell anyone you’re going to do it because Paul will find out and have time to get himself out of it; and (2) Do it as soon as you can before he has time to gather his bitches. Paul was his fourth nominee. First, Jillian and Megan. Megan left, so he put up Alex, just as everyone wanted. Alex won POV, so he backdoored Paul. When Paul said he won the temptation and couldn’t be put up, Cody had no opportunity to speak with his alliance because he had to immediately put up someone and choose Christmas. It didn’t take long for Paul to flip that vote from Christmas to Jillian. Cody’s hand was forced to backdoor Paul when he did because he had already nominated three people.

          1. I feel like “ensure you have the numbers if you nominate someone in your alliance” should have been a step.

          2. Ok so the point is he took a swing at Paul, then took a swing at another one of their numbers. When he had several other people to nominate. THAT is why everyone turned on him.

            Would you want to be aligned with someone that went rogue and nominated 2 members of your group and numbers? He could easily do it to them too. Stupid gameplay.

      8. ” stoic, structured, and focused Marine”… Are you even serious writing it? this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read! the guy is a complete lunatic. He is nasty, volatile and the minute he doesn’t gets what he wants he becomes a bully and physical treat.

      9. your problem is that you think that aggressiveness is a good feature. Pls you are calling someone a Gnome, WOW classy!

      10. Ad a Marine your comments are offensive. Like Paul or not he is playinf a game that Cody isnt good at. As a Marine my brothers will tell you Cody isnt representing what we are. Not to mention Marines dont transfer to the Air Force!!

        1. He transferred from the Air Force to the Marines not marine to Air Force. Top of his class and part of the elite 8.

      11. Yeah, I’m already regretting some things I’ve said about Cody. Not a psychiatrist, and even they can’t diagnose without one on one examination. He served our country; he said in his bio he doesn’t lie in real life; just because he’s not cut out to play this game doesn’t make him bad in real life. None of us can judge that about him or most of the others. Josh? No words.

      12. He was a bully and made several comments about him and Jess being Superior to others. He gives the term ‘mean girls’ a whole other meaning……

      13. I like that lol the little gnome. It finally came to me today that his looks and attitude reminds me of Fidel Castro and the fact that the minions are scared of him

        1. i noticed Paul also walking through after siccing Josh onto Cody last night, again.. Paul walking more upright, with left arm folded straight over his lower back, like Napoleon. I bet in front the right arm was folded over his midsection,(probably above a tutu), though I could not see the front. It made me lol! He is terrified to face Cody or Jess, but especially Cody in the game, or otherwise. Paul wants him not to just leave, but to lose it, strike out..he is ‘going to assure he does this by any means that he can’, ( and using the entire cast -sans Jessica) and ‘if possible, get him to strike at him, or any one of them,’ says Paul–‘then I’m going to scream and cut a fit, get him OUT, or, I will not come back or participate In any of this ,unless he is out,never to return. Cody won’t even be a part of the BB family, no promotions, gatherings, nothing’ ..
          Wow, now is that jealousy or what? Paul is personal, and disgraceful. I think Cody has carried himself extremely well under the circumstances in this house. ??And on a further note, I’m very thankful for his service to our country, in both branches of the military he served honorably and I would feel safe with him on watch anytime.

      14. No one is attacking Cody because he’s a marine, but he was surrounded by at 8 toto 10 people, and he blew it. Not only did he blindside paul, but the whole house as well. shame on him

  2. Having watched ” BB After Dark” every night for 2 to 3 hours since it began this summer, I have become so emotionally invested in BB 19. I wish I had the feeds, but I don’t think I can get them here in Canada where I live. I hope Jessica does what is the best for her in real life and Cody gets some help with his anger issues. All of these people including Jessica and Cody, Paul and his minions have showed areas of their character that have been revolting to see. But, I just can’t seem to not watch BB, whether on CBS or After Dark. Looking at this website is also high on my list of things to do. If Jessica can’t win the whole thing, then I hope Jason can win it. Jason and Kevin have to take Paul out at some point. All the money in the world would not make me act the way that some of these people on BB 19 have acted. Worst final two scenario would be Paul and Raven.

    Marc – BB fan from Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

      1. Cody admired himself in the feeds that he calls people Losers almost daily, and gets confrontational with lots of people outside the house, has nothing to do with him being a Marine. He was probably like that before that’s why he went into the Military. Every American is grateful for those that serve and defend our freedom, but we have become a society that blames instead of taken responsibility for our own actions. Any issues he has as a result of his service, he should seek professional help to fit back into society, not call
        people losers and go into rages because he doesn’t like what they do or say and use the excuse that it’s ok, he’s just as much a bully as some of the rest of them in the house. Seems one of the only cast members that had any morels was DOM and once Paul found out she was in to him he made sure she was the next target, too bad as I think she could have shed some light with the rest had been given more time, who knows, most seem starstruck for sure.

      1. I asked Simon awhile back and he told me he uses Hide My Ass which you can either search the name or do what I did and click on the add here on the homepage! Works great for people in Canada! Good Luck!

  3. Cody got a second chance to be in the house to just give up? Fuck that! Cody needs to stick it out and kick the douchebag out the house.

    1. I gotta feeling Jess is playing a role. I could be wrong. If not…When that hex comes out Thursday. The users and abusers will be shell shocked. But the big dog Cody will know its time to eat. His competitive instinct will resurface. His moral will have a resurgence. And it will feel similar to combat boots pounding the earth after grappling down from a blackhawk in a hot AO. Semper fi

  4. Paul’s fans are so delusional, all I have to say is keep fooling yourself if you think Paul is a masterful player, he is just playing with a bunch of effing idiots who are only there to slide to jury. Paul is not masterful and his die hard fans can keep dreaming especially that fool who has crush on him on twitter who only has 300 measly followers but obsessively tweets like Paul is some godlike idol. Jesus, so pathetic and sad really.

    1. This year the BB casting call was specifically calling for jury members also known as “apostles”. CBS wanted to create a “Jesus”, so they brought in Paul, a 2017 version of a bearded Jesus. The cast was slated to “follow” Jesus, but one apostle will betray Jesus towards the last dinner of slop. This apostle hides in a grey wool sweater and only takes $100s in white envelopes.

  5. Love Jessica or hate her, I feel her speech on Cody’s military conditioning was right on point. It explains why he did not reveal his plan in his first HOH. In the military you are told what to do and when to do it. There is no questioning the reasons or the possible outcome. He has spend a good number of his adult years living by those rules so to adjust to any other thinking is not his norm. This alone did not make him a good choice for this game. ( IMHO production/casting error) RESPECT to Cody and his service. Respect to Jessica for understanding and trying to explain his actions. Will the sheep and the sheep herder hear it and get it. Likely not. Let the mob mentality continue and the chaos resume.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Thanks for writing that! I have a lot of respect for Cody and even Jessica for sticking by him. I really hope Paul gets what is coming to him. It’s pretty clear that Paul is jealous of Cody and seems to be anti military.

      1. I don’t know if I’d say Paul was anti military BUT I do think he is scared of Cody. The reason he is so hell bent on getting Cody out is because Cody is the ONLY one in the house who figured out the best move is to get out the vet. We would be having a different conversation if Paul wasn’t safe for 3 weeks and Cody’s plan worked……

    2. Fully agree! 2017 seems like a world of doctors and know it all’s that seem to diagnose everyone with mental issues, more like how about people are just different from you, had different life experiences and no experience is alike. Most people labelling Cody all these things have only ever been on the Call Of Duty battlefield. For myself to actually think not only Cody, but my grandfather and countless others walking on a battlefield knowing they could die at any moment, it bravery at its finest.

    1. ENOUGH with the bully BS. Find your safe space, call in the shelter dogs for comfort, turn on some CNN and R-E-L-A-X. Maybe once you compose yourself you can start a petition to revamp the show?
      1) change the SEXIST, MYSOGYNISTIC name from Big Brother to? Big PEOPLE?
      2) 90 some odd days of singing together holding hands “We are the world”
      3) split all prize money EQUALLY so it is fair for everyone
      4) like Noah’s ark 2 each to represent race, religion, gender, sex, political view
      5) EVERYONE gets a participation trophy!

      Until then FO and stop bullying us into thinking everyone is a bully, you bully!!!

      1. Angry Dan. Take your own advice. Relax.
        In the real world, you may feel marginalized, and bullied, but this is just a show, and we like to comment on the show.

  6. Is Jessica’s request for Alex to be evicted next still based on personal feelings or actual gameplay this time?

    1. I think a little of both. She didn’t like Alex because of Cody but Alex has also nominated her and lied to her about voting out Josh and paul is untouchable so alex is a good move for her.

  7. Marine or not Cody is a big baby when he don’t get his way. Facts are Facts. He made a multiple bad game moves WEEK 1including being disloyal to his own alliance. Jessica attempted to get him to settle down, but he set in his ways, he was never trying to win 500k. Let him go & let Jessica salvage her game to get at far as possible until they take her out.

  8. I respect Cody’s service but has different social skills that don’t work in this situation. Maybe he has realized that and will accept being voted out rather than just quitting.

  9. In life you play the hand you’re dealt. In BB you create a reality. I say use the hex, play the game and hope for the best. If you are going to win this game you have to play the hand you’re dealt create a reality and hope you get to the next round.

  10. it did not take Jess long to get back on her back! Cody should be happy, she usually charges by the hour/evening

    1. Jessica is obviously WAYYYYYY out of your league A$$hat. I can see why you are angry, though. She speaks her mind, and that frightens a little man like yourself. Don’t be scared, Snowflake. It’ll be OK.

      1. First off I am female not male! I respect Jess being so open and direct, I just do not see the necessity to speak sown about people that I personally know nothing about! So Snowflake, I am more than OK, it is you who needs to evaluate your moral compass!

  11. I love Jessica and Cody. And I want Jessica to win it all. As much as Cody is a ally, I think she would make it far without Cody in the house. And as much I love watching Cody shirtless I think would be better if he goes, because if he does not goes this week I get a bad feeling that Jessica will end up getting evicted before him.

  12. When you have a cast that does not have the mentality of the “town’s village idiot”, this is what you get for game play. This cast is BLAH!! BB10 had some of the best arguments I have ever witnessed, but they never got to the point where it made the viewer uncomfortable, (the thing with Jerry calling Dan was close however) this season has made me cringe……….I don’t watch…….I come here to find out what is going on. I miss BB, but I don’t miss this garbage!

  13. Jessica catches Cody in a lie, he continues to lie, then throws a tantrum so that SHE will feel bad and apologize to HIM. Gaslighting 101. What a douche.

  14. I read an old article from 2011. Cody’s brother Dillon died here in US, while Cody was in Afghanistan. I’m sure some of you will ignore the obvious effect that would have on someone. And yes, we all go through hard times, but since everyone loves to pyschoanalyze him, that might be a factor of his personality. Waiting on the haters…

    1. Cody is actually from my Hometown. A small town in Iowa of about 2,000 people. The nearest big town(35,000) is a 45 minute drive. Paul and Josh are the exact opposite of people in a small rural town. Everybody know everybody and your word means everything, combine that with being a Marine. No one has the guts to stand up to Paul but Cody! Go Cody!

    2. Then he does not belong in this game. Obviously he has deep rooted mental issues. This may be from childhood, his years of service or PTSD. I believe he is mentally unstable, just look at his eyes.

      The best thing that almost happened was Jess breaking up with him. She will get hurt even more if she gets further in this relationship. She should have gone with her gut because he is not going to change. I can see them out, someone making a comment to her and him physically attacking someone. This guy is bad news. Isolating yourself is not normal either and that will never work long term with Jessica.

  15. Yeah they are totally disgusting to me. I do feel that Cody should go home because bb environment is not where he needs to be. My heart goes out to Cody who i have been rooting for since day one. He has a real trooper by his side.

  16. What the ?? I really hope jess keeps Cody or the house could sent her out the door behind Cody they have done nothing to show her support Come on girl keep your man around and show Paul it’s not his game

  17. The real question is why didn’t Jessica tell Cody about what transpired with Paul? And her defense of Cody (if you want to call it that) was not really a defense. We should have sympathy for the damaged, antisocial Marine isn’t a ringing endorsement. I think Jessica is doing what she thinks is best for Jessica. Six weeks in the jury house is a long time. It’s too bad, because her and Cody’ s loyalty to each other and resistance to the little dictator were the only things making this season watchable.

  18. Correct me if I am wrong please, but Paul told Jess he was going to take Jason off the block with the veto! Well then she does not use hex, and stays on the block! Since they already plan to punk her would it not be more adventagious (sp) for them to just take her and her hex out this week and Cody next?

    1. No, because they (by which I mean Paul) recognize that Cody is a bigger comp threat, despite what they say. More importantly, the little dictator’ s ego was bruised by Cody, the unpardonable sin this season.

  19. I think cody, a marine or not is a crazy person. He has anger issues and needs to leave the game. What Jessica said his life is bs. She’s talking out her ass. It’s a game and Paul is playing that he knows he can with the people in it. Don’t hate on him cause people fall for his shit. It’s a game were you can lie all you want and if that wins you the game then good for you. Don’t like it Don’t watch

  20. This isn’t my first bb rodeo? Please tell me you all arnt falling for this? Cody isnt going anywhere Thurs… Jessica is playing Paul n all of them like they played her on her hoh… she will use the hex thurs you watch!!! Production is doing all this for entertainment n build up of excitement to have ppl buy feeds n watch n see

    1. Here is what I would like to see on Thursday. Jess stands up to do her “speech” and while giving the speech she reveals everything that Paul and group have offered her…. and then use the Halting Hex!! That would have people scrambling!

    2. Yep, it is BB doing the big build up! There is no way BB would allow Cody to leave yet, he has a storyline yet to play!lol Every year they have a few key hgs, and Cody is one this year along with Jess and Pau! Not only will he be safe this week! I bet he is HOH next week! Either Kevin or Mark will tell Jess about the screw job, and she will use the hex!

  21. Watching many seasons of Big Brother I have come to the conclusion that, whatever bad traits/habits a houseguest has, those bad traits/habits get exacerbated while he/she is in Big Brother

  22. I liked Jessica’s speech on Cody very well stated I respect what he’s done for the Military, but in BB I don’t like him He wants that Role Paul has on the house right now and I have a feeling he went into this house thinking that the 500k was gonna a easy task and probably didn’t expect in this game you have to whatever it takes to get to the end . Production did fuck him over with that Pendant Protection Paul got because he would’ve been gone in week 2 (granted if he let his allies on the plan ) , and Frankly if Paul indeed wins Production Wins also because without Production Paul Would’ve been gone and we would be having a whole different discussion right now.

  23. Coty stand up to your Enemy Paul. Don’t let him bully you. He knows that you are the strongest male in the game. He is intimidated by you. Please don’t let him win this round again. Jessica, what are you doing? Going to let Paul win again. Ahh! Frustrating.

  24. Am I missing something? Instead of trying to get Jessica not to use her hex I don’t understand why Paul doesn’t just take Jessica down and tell her that he is going to 100% put her up next week that way if she’s smart she won’t use it on Cody and will save it for herself next week. The only way I can see it not working to his advantage would be if Jessica wins HOH next week but even if she does these people seem to do everything Paul wants them to so it’s more likely than not he would be safe regardless.

    1. What I think Paul is doing is convincing Jessica not to use it by telling her they really want to take out Cody. I bet once he got assume from her they will vote her out. Cody is going to throw a fit, punch Paul and he is out. Kill 2 birds with one stone. LOL.

      1. I think that is why she wants to know if she can use her hex after votes are revealed during evictiob, before the veto ceremony. If not she needs to demand Paul take her down or no deal.

  25. Are you serious Jessica!? How many blindside till you realize that these people have lied straight to your face even when you had the power!!!! Come on!!!!$

    1. Exactly. Last week I was happy that Jess and Cody would finally realize to trust no one. Apparently too dumb.

  26. I’ve got a king snake around my house that has more personality than Cody! Since this seems like this site has turned into the whiners page I think I’m done with it. There’s a lot better groups out there that’s not full of a bunch people whining about stuff you have no control over.

  27. So sorry NOT, Paul you and your LOYAL minions have just been PLAYED! What a GREAT “Blindside” this will be……….So long Gnome King………………………see you again……….NEVER!!! Please go home and cry you despicable __________________________________ (fill in the blank with your own description of the Gnome King).

  28. If Paul was a genius mastermind he will orders his sheeps to get Jess and her hex this week like this Cody would loose it and self-evict or crack… Kevin is the only one who can take it out or they can already write the check to him… Paul when God will meet you… Its gonna hurt! Ps: shellie, janelle and Gina Marie taking Paul défense on Twitter… What a joke… Janelle 4 Times playing never won… What a joke!

  29. Disgusting… Paula is literally POISON to the house. Causing rifts & indifference with the followers… stupid, lame worship slaves. Hopefully Raven Youtubes herself & sees her scam expose video & realizes she’s as bad as Hilary Clinton (she probably supports the fraud).

    Can’t stand this house… pathetic bunch of slavss. BrokenLegmas, Trashlex, Kevfart, and Jashit.

  30. Here is what I would like to see on Thursday. Jessica stands up to give her speech to stay… instead she reveals to all the deal that was offered to her by Paul and all his worshippers. Then proceed to say, ” by the way, I’m using the Halting Hex and this eviction is not going to happen tonight!” That should stir things up a bit!!

  31. I hope Jessica is playing Paul. I really do not want to see her get blindsided AGAIN!! As for Cody, I really like him. I don’t think he has anger issues and I don’t think he is crazy……….But I do kind of think that this environment is not the right place for him. As much as I hate saying that because I really don’t want Cody to leave……

    Also…..I really HATE it when Paul and his minions say “It’s just a Game” or “it’s nothing personal”…..That is such BS…..The way he talks about people, he says such horrible things, they all do, so of course it personal when you personally attack others.

  32. Jessica is gonna use the hex. End of story. The rest is just noise until Thursday. I wish it was Thursday.

  33. Watching last nights BBAD, Kevin and Paul’s conversation making fun of Cody for hunting. Then making fun of hunting in general saying hunters are pu$$y’s because the animal can’t fight back and the animal should get a gun……

    I already didn’t like Paul, but now Kevin gets added to the ever lengthening list. IF, Kevin and Paul were vegetarians etc. this statement wouldn’t get me irritated so bad. But seeing as they eat meat, the hypocrisy is beyond me. And I DO NOT HUNT. Killing and eating your own meat is more honorable than buying it at the grocery store.

    1. I disagree. It’s disgusting. Only crazy people get a kick out of hunting down innocent animals and killing them. And idc who thumbs me down.

      1. This is about as bad as the woman that proclaimed on the news that people shouldn’t hunt for meat, they should just buy it from the grocery store where its made. LOL SMH.

      2. You’re right! I forgot the slaughter houses are obviously better. Where do you think meat comes from?

  34. It definitely isn’t that I wouldn’t like Cody as a person if I was to meet him but he did come off as a bit of a bully. Veteran or not, it’s not okay to make others feel like “outsiders” because they aren’t as pretty, sexy or good looking as someone else. He has changed his gameplay a bit since coming back in though so I will give him that.

  35. If the productions team has any sense about their rating, they should have convinced jessica to use the hex, otherwise there is no point to watch the show next week. If she use it somehow, next week will be very interesting. Jessica, if yo are smart Enough, you should use it now. Otherwise it would be the whole house against you in the next 2 weeks. If it is used this week, there is a chance you can team up with mark Elena Cody to win hoh next week and kick Paul’s hairy ass out

  36. I honestly think people have forgotten that the majority of viewers hated Paul this time last season. Why? Because he tried to take out the favorite players (the veterans, namely James).

    Cody did the same thing. So yeah, he said some things he shouldn’t have and his first week as HOH was unfair (at least it wasn’t like Chima’s!) but the bottom line is people didn’t like Cody because he tried to make a move on the veteran too soon just like Paul did last season, well more like Paul tried. He could definitely redeem himself though, if he could handle it long enough and not throw another fit for Jessica not to use the hex.

    I wish this season was more exciting. I feel even if Paul wasn’t in there creating the little friction he has (and I mean very little), this group just didn’t have the potential to create an interesting season.

  37. Someone very pro Cody passes its precious time upvoting every pro Cody comments and downvoting any comments against him. Some people are really fanatics.

    1. At least the Jody fans aren’t as bad as the catpeople for Jeff & Jordon holy hell, they were vicious. BB fans are wild in general. Paul is playing a masterful game with a bunch of followers. Cody should’ve been loyal to his original alliance, but he chose to blindsided his alliance so they blindsided him. If he would’ve trusted them with his plans, explaining to them why he wanted to take Paul out, things would’ve been different.

  38. Jessica would be stupid not to use the hex. She has been played twice now, time for her to play Paul. Halt the week, Cody or Jess win HOH and they are good for another week. They need to start socializing and telling these people that by following Paul they will not win the game. Jessica is smart and could possibly flip people if Cody would just listen. Cody leaving would be best for Jessica’s game, but I would love to see the hex used to shock the house.

  39. If Jess was to use Hex and one of them won the HOH, I still don’t think they would have the votes to take out Paul. Whats the point of putting him up there if you can’t get him out. I think Alex, Jason and Raven would be at the top of their list along with Josh.

  40. Man the Cody boot lickers are out in force but it’s too bad that clothing designer and beard model to making the bug bad marine look weak. Paul’s in the game to win it at all cost. Cody’s spends his time talking about getting married and having kids with someone he’s only known for 40 days. He and Jessica complain about loyalty and being lied to tells me that neither know very much about this game because or they would know you can’t trust anyone. Cody especially should know this since the only reason he wanted to keep Alex is so she could take out the Jessica and the girls when he didn’t need them anymore.

  41. Cody’s momentary tantrum and bout of pouting may have cost him and Jess jury and maybe the game. First, NO WAY he does not compete in that temp competition. He said that he could have won it easily — if so, he was safe this week. Then, without studying, he almost wins the veto. If he had studied, then he probably win that too and uses this to take Jess off the block. Both are safe this week and the temp is preserved. Stay in the fuc&ing game Cody!!

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